Academy keeper set for Belgium move

Deyan Iliev Arsene Wenger

Arsenal’s 19-year-old goalkeeper Deyan Iliev looks set to leave the club this summer with reports claiming he’s sealed a three-year contract with KV Mechelen.

The Macedonian under-21 international, who signed for the Gunners two-years ago from homeland side FK Belasica, made eight starts in the UEFA Youth League campaign this season but has yet to be included in a first team squad by Arsene Wenger.

Seemingly lured by the opportunity to play first team football, Iliev will move to the former Cup Winners’ Cup and Super Cup winners in the coming weeks leaving Arsenal desperately short of ‘keeper options.

After the departure of Vito Mannone last summer, Lukasz Fabianski’s recent switch to Swansea and Emiliano Viviano’s likely return to Italy the Gunners keeper roster includes only Wojciech Szczesny, inexperienced Argentine Damien Martinez (recently loaned to Sheffield Wednesday) and 20-year-old Academy prospect Matt Macey.


  1. first fab and now Iliev?? What kind of ‘big summer’ is this? When will our stars stop leaving us?

    On a side note, Am I the only one still buzzing about the FA cup?? screw everyone who said it’s a nothing trophy. I’m so happy the monkey is off our back now, hell it’s off our back and had it’s bananas stolen…and then raped multiple times. On to the future, I’ve got a great feeling about this team + a few additions.

    P.S rape is not funny guys..don’t try it, don’t joke about it.. unless John Terry is getting raped then it’s all cool

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    • In other news, I can’t get enough of this:

      “In Immobile we are getting a flexible and dynamic attacker”

      BREAKING, Dortmund spend big on an immobile striker.

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      • We already had our own immobile in handsome Giroud,having two immobile ll leave the whole squad heskeyed

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  2. I’ll raise the scenario of Craig Gordon to replace Fabianski… Free transfer, had serious knee injury, sounds perfect. On a serious note, I would imagine he would be happy to be back up at a club like Arsenal, and I would be happy trusting him as a second choice keeper
    shades of Seaman vs Sheff Utd?

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    • Actually, that’s an interesting idea. He was pretty good for Sunderland, and he’d be cheap enough. : ) I think a slightly older, established ‘keeper would be good for Chez, since he can get a little complacent without somebody breathing down his neck for the No.1 shirt, as much as I like him.

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    • The Remy links are picking up momentum (even Sky Radio – about as reliable as they come, which admittedly isn’t really saying much haha 🙂 )

      We’ll see what happens. COYG!!!

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  3. This is the move that’ll push through the Falcao deal. Arsenal are said to be sniffing around David Ospina, who currently plays between the sticks for Nice, approx 30 minutes drive from Monaco. He must, therefore, live near Falcao, who, being a fellow Colombian, is surely a close friend. Puma will help to fund the move for Falcao, who is a Puma endorsement, and who is happy to move to Arsenal, as long as he has a compatriot to help him settle in – hence David Ospina.

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how easy it is to churn out BS for a red top.

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  4. When we release a player, or sell one, there is a few writings and debates about “Should we have kept him” or “Should we have let him go sooner” etc. I think we have to look at what side gets the player when we let him go, and realize either they were JUST short, Not Good Enough, or we shouldn’t have sold him.

    While Keeper options are very light, the fact that he is going to a club in Belgium, says all you need to know right now. I remember when we let Bartley and Lansbury go, and people were up in arms. Bartley is now a reserve at Swansea, and Lansbury plays in the upper Championship. Then look at Mr. Dench himself. And JET.

    If the players are good enough, then they will play. May have been a good keeper, but not for now.

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      • Running a restaurant in Spain according to Wikipedia. I almost feel sorry for him.

        Tottenham paid £17 million for him by the way, absolutely hilarious.

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        • they did pay handsomely for him, and even better, we got a fat chunk of the money they wasted through a sell-on clause. couldn’t really have been more perfect.

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  5. What’s Martinez actually like? Is there any chance he might be promoted to Szcz’s back-up, given the view, advanced by Blogs and others, that we might not go for an experienced option?

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  6. I believe David Icke is available on a free transfer. It would be eminently sensible to have the rainbow reptilian reincarnation of the Son of Christ as backup to Szczesny.

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  7. We had Graham Stack as the back up to Jens Lehmann. But I see why people keep saying we need a new GK, just to keep Szczesny on his toes. Someone experienced in his mid-30s would do nicely.

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  8. I couldn’t bare the thought of seeing Cescy in another club than Arsenal in the BPL. Wenger get him home to any price! 🙂 Hope the rumours about Sagna to city isn’t true either.

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  9. Wasn’t this guy our deadline day signing or something that summer? I remember thinking “What? Is that it?” when he signed but then we had already signed Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla that summer. Looking back on it, those were some great additions!

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  10. Shows how much we’ve improved that most sensible fans wouldn’t welcome cesc back. There’s just no way to fit him in now without unbalancing the squad.

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  11. Only way I would have him back at arsenal is dropping ozil an I wouldnt want to do that. It’s a weird one because I used to dream of his return but I think it upsets things. It forces players we have to not break through an others to feel less special. It could greatly upset the harmony in the squad which I believe looks the best it has done for many years.

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  12. Wasn’t Cesc a little injury prone ? Would love him back but not sure if he would last, maybe that is reason Barca want him out ?

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  13. He made his bed! I hope he finds a home but this could have been avoided. This is what you get when you think the grass is greener.

    It’s like when you leave your girlfriend for another chic and you want to come back when the other chic dumps you.

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  14. I’d love to have Cesc back. Can’t blame him for going to his home club which happened to be the best in the world.

    He’s Arsenal. He’s class.

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  15. The Guardian is reporting that Arsenal have stated they will not re-sign Cesc–anyone know the source of this?

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    • Yeah, my balls!

      Don’t don’t believe anything unless it comes out of Gunnersaurus Rex’s maw.

      But seriously, I can’t see AW turning down the opportunity to have him back.

      One of the main reasons I would want him back is so that he doesn’t go to a competitor.

      Hopefully he wouldn’t want to go to another club…similarly like how shit rumors were out that Real Madrid had some kind of chance in hell in signing Cesc when he was pouting before leaving. He never would have signed for the arch enemy of Barca, so why would he do it the club he has now obviously come to realize is his true home. I think in this case, Nurture beat out Nature. Maybe he can go to Italy or Germany.

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  16. Sorry but I don’t understand all these concerns about arsenal re-signing Cesc Fabregas, FFS he was our Captain for a while and an really incredible player. Yes, he left to join Barcelona but he is a very good player. And like this club. I don’t understand how people can reason that this signing would be bad for the other players currently at the club. We need to strengthen this squad and not with players like “Curtis Davies”, “Bolasie” etc.

    Cesc Fabregas is good enough quality to come in here and make us better, I’d be pissed off if we didn’t even give it a try. I mean if I had to choose between Morgan Schneiderlin and Fabregas it would be an extremly easy choice to me. Think twice before saying “Nah, we don’t want Cesc back.” We’re not likely to get Di Maria, Cavani or Martinez so stop hoping for that and realise bringing back Cesc might be the best signing possible this window.

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    • Also I might add if he goes to Manchester United, City, Chelsea he would make them much better.. We don’t want that to happend do we?

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  17. So Cesc is a replacement for Arteta and or Rosicky. That’s making progress, not standing in it’s way

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  18. Lest we forget ” it’s Barca or Arsenal for me, nothing else” if he signs for Chelsea/City I’ll be fucking livid

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  19. I cannot believe the anti-Cesc feeling on here. Tomas & mikkel are near the end, Cesc has 8 years left in the tank. He is world class and some are turning their noses up…? Fuck’s sake, get a grip!

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  20. Christ on a bike, there is so much Cesc bullshit out there, and it’s only 2 June.

    Anyone seen the Aurier “confirmation” that he’s coming to Arsenal? The best thing about it is that there’s a girl in the background shouting out: “KALOU!” Someone in the world is still screaming for Kalou…

    Hopefully it will die down after the WC starts, I don’t think I can take a whole summer of this.

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  21. Sorry Shitbird! Prepared to be bombarded with Cesc is going to every club in Europe this summer. Come to think of it, we’ve only have 2 summers in the past 6 years without a Cesc fabragas transfer drama. Good job Darren Dein, way to manage your client’s career into irrelevance.

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  22. To arsenal fans still obsessing about cesc coming home, he isn’t coming back to Arsenal. The sooner you accept that fact the easier you’ll be able to get over the sight of him playing for Bus FC or worse, Seeing him in sp*rs shirt. That would be a punch in the balls with a brass knuckle

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  23. I would love to see cesc play with ozil instead of cazorla . I think they can swap position during the game from wing to central. Cazorla loss the ball too easily too many times in my opinion

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    • Rémy/Giroud
      Cazorla – Özil – Fabregas
      Ramsey – Wilshere
      Gibbs – Koscielny – Mertesacker – Aurier

      That would to me be the best midfield in the PL and also a pretty decent defense, attack. I think that team would be very competitive in Europe.

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  24. I know Cesc left us in quite dire circumstances but if you offered him back I would take him back in an instant. Our midfield is packed as it is can still accomodate him. Arteta isnt getting any younger and if you’d recall Cesc started out as a deep lying midfielder. Rambo could swap positions too. Please make it happen if he is available Arsene. I cant stand the sight of him playing for the likes of Manure or City or Chelsea. Seeing that Dutch Skunk is bad enough.

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  25. We already had our own immobile in handsome Giroud,having two immobile ll leave the whole squad heskeyed

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  26. Kiggeman, you do realize that part of the problem last season was the lack of pace once Feo was injured for the year? Your potential midfield has absolutely no pace and it would not work

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  27. In relation to the cesc comments, he would be the ideal replacement for arteta, imagine a midfeild of cesc, Ramsey, wilshere, Ozil and cazorla

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