Arsenal reject chance to re-sign Cesc


According to the BBC’s David Ornstein, Arsenal have informed Barcelona that they are not interested in signing Cesc Fabregas this summer.

Arseblog News can also confirm that Arsenal rejected the chance to bring the midfielder back to the club after being made aware of his availability by the Catalan giants.

The Gunners insisted in the inclusion of a first refusal clause when they sold the Spaniard to the Nou Camp outfit three years ago but with a plethora of attacking midfield options at his disposal Arsene Wenger has decided not to spend £30 million bringing home his former captain.

Barcelona, for whatever reason, want to get rid of the 27-year-old in the coming months and while Cesc is known to be keen on a return to the Emirates it looks as if his future may lie elsewhere – even somewhere as despicable as Chelsea.

Last night Ivan Gazidis spoke about Arsenal being ‘deep’ in transfer talks with potential targets with the boss thought to be eyeing reinforcements at right-back, goalkeeper, striker, defensive midfielder, programme seller and tea lady.

Basically, anywhere but attacking midfield…for the first time ever. How unfortunate. Let’s hope interest from elsewhere prevents the nightmare scenario of him ending up at Stamford Bridge.



      • I’m beyond tired of reading the dramatics on this feed. Get fucking real – everyone.

        We need a striker. We need a solid DM. We need a right back. We need a back up keeper.

        Stop with the sentimental bull-shit and get real. We have OZIL. We don’t need Cesc.

        Fans need to stop being such bitches and look at the squad and see where it needs strengthening, not fucking whining about our former captain who might i add decided to LEAVE US in the fucking first place.

        Who cares if he signs for someone else. Focus on ARSENAL and our team.

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        • Exfuckingactly. I pretty much said this a few days ago and got slated for it.

          If Cesc loves Arsenal so much he wouldn’t have been a brat about leaving. He can also decide not to agree terms with Chelsea.

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        • I don’t think its really about players we need. Obviously we don’t *need* Cesc back but he was absolutely phenomenal for us 7 years.

          He was our leader, our talisman and people may disagree but I don’t think we’ve played anywhere as good football since he left.

          A lot of people have a lot of love for him

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        • true. cesc is not absolved of blame here. but what can he do if Barca say ‘please leave’ and arsenal ‘no. no not you’. he can only go to 3 or 4 other clubs in the world and utd, chelsea are two of them.

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        • well said! he decided to leave a team built around him… it should not be that we are so desperate that we take him back 2 years on. We actually are not that desperately in need of his services and we are not man city that buy players for the same of preventing others. Who expected him to be on sale a few years on considering how much of the Barca DNA they all claimed he had then?

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        • He is a world class player which had 15 goals and 13 assists for us during 09/10 season. A typical season for Arsenal means we will have at least 2 attacking midfielders out injured at any time. Why not buy him when we will surely need him, either as an attacking midfielder, central midfielder or in a 4-6-0 system? He wants to join us, and we could get him cheaper than anyone else. If he joins Chelsea (which propably will happen if we don’t get him) that will give them a perfect replacement for Mata and I fear they will do exactly the same thing ManUtd did when we sold them Van Persie: WIN THE LEAGUE instead of us.

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        • Maybe people are focusing on Arsenal. Like on its midfield’s struggles to create in big games last season, and indeed even in small games – the two ties v. United spring to mind.

          Maybe people are focusing on the possibility of injuries to midfielders (remote though that obviously is as demonstrated by our history over the past decade and the strange vulnerability of our players to mishaps amply illustrated by a couple of them limping off yesterday night).

          Maybe people are focusing on what we’ve got in the bank given the 92m from the Premier League, the 20m if we qualify for the CL, the transfer surplus built up over years of selling our best players, the new sponsorship deals. Maybe people have taken Gazidis’s word for it when he said last summer that we could compete with almost anyone in the transfer market. Maybe they’ve listened to him again this summer taling about the ‘deep conversations’ we’re having about players.

          Shame those deep conversations weren’t with Barca, who’d have had to sell us Cesc at the bargain price of around 20m minus the 9m they already owe us. Shame they’re not likely to be with anyone much – except between Gazidis and Wenger, the former trying to encourage the latter to build a serious squad so the club’s revenues keep roling in. Shame the best we can probably hope for is some sort of cut-price striker plus replacements for some of the players who are leaving or ageing (in the unlikely event we can find even them at a price Wenger is wiling to pay).

          We don’t need Cesc, not even at a knock-down price, at less than half what we paid for Oezil? Well, nor do Chelsea, but sadly the difference between them and us is that they want him and, since they want to compete with the best, they systematically set about assembling the best squad they can get. This why they don’t get injuries like we do; it’s why their best players don’t move when a more successful club comes calling; it’s why Chelsea win serious trophies like CL.

          How is thinking of these things NOT thinking of Arsenal? How can anyone think about Arsenal without recalling our previous performances in the transfer windows? Too little too late just about sums them up. Always short, always something letting us down – first the keepers, then the defence, then the strikers. And next season? With Arteta, Flam and Cazorla running out of legs, with Wilshere, Ox, Ramsey and Walcott all demonstrably injury-prone – that’s right, chances are, it’ll be the turn of the midfield.

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        • Wait, how do even even know if this is true?

          I’m genuinely asking, by the way

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        • I can understand Arsene not opting to buy Cesc because our immediate priorities lie elsewhere.

          But if we opt out of this deal – i.e. opt-out of signing a once in a generation no. 10 the best that I’ve ever seen play at Arsenal – Arsene better make sure he makes the right purchases elsewhere and some!

          Not there was any excuse for not strengthening this summer, but any failure to secure the right super quality additions now will throw into relief our refusal to sign Cesc and I hope for our sake and Arsene’s sake that he’s made the right call.

          I agree that we have not played the beautiful game anywhere near as well as before Cesc’s departure. Even with Ozil last season we attacked efficiently without showing an abundance of creativity and I’ve no doubt that we’d become a truly creative machine if Cesc came home.

          If Chelsea buy Cesc, they’ll have bought arguably the best no 9 and no 10 in the world. Even if we get the necessary additions, a Chelsea team with Costa and Fabregas will tear up the league.

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        • Cesc is a totally different player to Özil FFS. We struggled to create chances when Ramsey and Özil were injured.

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        • Ya know what. I’ve been thinking. i don’t care how many attacking midfielders we have, I’d sign him and stick him in goal if it meant he won’t go to the bloody chavs and that specialist in cuntishness or even them mancs….

          But more realistically, and as I start to see the inevitability that he’ll join some annoying rivals, it becomes clearer. The fact is Cesc left us when we needed him the most. To go home. To win trophies and all that. He even took a pay cut and said he’ll be back some day.

          He left a great and he knew we’d give anything to have him back then. Well, much as he may want to return, or much as we dream of the return of that great player. Turns out he can come back now because his ‘home’ doesn’t want him there any more and well… his room’s taken. Whose bloody fault is that?

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        • It sounds to me that you are putting sentimental feelings into the decision in the opposite direction. You seem to hold a grudge that he left. Let’s imagine this was not Cesc but was just some random player that never played for Arsenal. This random guy currently plays for Barca, is 27 yrs old, has proven himself in the EPL, and basically averages 15 goals and 20 assists a year. Oh, and this man actually WANTS to leave Barca for Arsenal. Now, if this man was just some random guy, even though we need a Striker more than a Midfielder, virtually all of us would think Arsene is crazy for passing up on this player. So, removing sentimentality, it seems the logical decision is to sign him up. No?

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        • Who cares if he signs for someone else? A quality player helping our rivals win the league when he should have been with us like RVP and his title winning goals for Utd for example. Nah, why would anyone care about that?

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        • Aye. Never quite got the Cesc love in. Some say Henry did the same thing so why no negativity towards him too?

          Totally different. Henry was knocking 30. He had been showing signs of losing his pace and was struggling with a back problem. He’d won us loads of trophies. Arsenal got an offer from Barca and were willing to sell. He may have won a CL at Barca, but it’s not unfair to say his best days were behind him and Wenger knew it.

          Cesc was different. The club offered him a long term contract making him our highest paid player. He took it. Arsene then built a team around Cesc. Then, in the middle of this he buggered off (and made sure we knew he wanted out).

          Wenger was devastated. Without Cesc, we almost fell apart as a club. Thanks to Wenger, we stayed in the top 4 whilst we paid off our debts.

          Lessons learned?

          Cesc probably thought that if things didn’t work out at Barca he could easily come back to Arsenal. Wrong! We’ve signed Ozil and already have a plethora of attacking midfielders. I’m not against Cesc returning, depth is a good thing, but Man City we aint! We’ve got a few quid, but we can’t blow half our transfer fund on an attacking midfielder. We need players in different positions more urgently.

          Still, seeing Cesc at Chelsea would make me want to vomit, but signing him just to stop that image would be a bit much. If Cesc actually goes and signs for Maureen, he will become a bit of a hated figure for gooners in my opinion.

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        • i don’t mid waiting for another year to get more competitive in EPL…
          but please bring back home CESC FABREGAS…

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        • Yes we’ve got Ozil. Yes we’ve got Rambo. Yes we’ve got Wilshire. Yes we’ve got the Ox. Now add up the collective time lost from injuries by just that quartet last season.

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        • Here’s my rebuttal to the “let’s not be emotional” argument:

          If Gotze or Iniesta were available at a cut rate price for Arsenal and Arsenal only, we would be having this exact same discussion. Some would say it would be stupid not to sign him, while others would argue we don’t need them. At the end of the day it’s just good business to bring these guys in cheap to vastly improve our squad as a whole.

          Also, are we discussing “emotions” or memories of how fucking good this guy is? It’s not emotional to want a player because you know first hand that he will light up the league with you team..

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      • Torturer: Painful death or The image of a Terry-Cesc-Mourinho 3 man huddle? What will it be?

        Me: Death.

        Torturer: *hesitant stare*

        Me: Well? What are you waiting for man! Make it quick!

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      • Moreover, if Cesc goes to Chelsea, or any other Premier League team for that matter, he should be the one getting stick, not the club. He dumped us, and now that we won’t take him back, the club gets stick? That makes no sense.

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      • I would say that Cesc is the better than any of our injury prone midfielders, one of our greatest players ever, maybe Arsene knows something we don’t, why are Barc desperate to sell??

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    • Cesc has suffered at Barca and im glad he has atleast after his “i want to return home” gaffe. has never been offered a pay rise; same as at Arsenal and fans hate his guts for some reason.

      He is not needed at this precise moment but to prevent him from Chelsea we should take him back, as this sort of transfer could be something of a chain reaction meaning Sagna who has initially resisted City will fucking sign for them. he will he like “fucken loyalty what?”


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      • No, we don’t NEED Cesc. We don’t NEED anyone. Jenkinson is OK at right back and Bellerin will be excellent soon. Akpom’s coming on; Martinez and Macey could be second- and third-choice in goal; Arteta’s got another season left in him, etc., etc.

        Question is, do we WANT to improve and start competing with Europe’s best? We’ve got the means to do so right now, but if we don’t use our money wisely and invest in the squad we won’t have that means for much longer. Sponsorship and revenue aren’t available in perpetuity, irrespective of performance. You’ve got to compete and keep the brand up to scratch. Winning is what generates revenue, so does playing in the CL beyond the last 16. Chelsea generated 50m recently from being successful in Europe. That makes it easy for them to spend 27m on Cesc, a player they don’t actually ‘need’ but who at that price is likely to pay for himself.

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    • da fuck is this. uggghhhhh. why would we let him go somewhere else? f**king hate Barca that much more. I wish them the worst.

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    • Can’t he just take a gap year from football and sign for us next year? Or in January, by which time we’ll have half of our midfield injured, so there will definitely be a need then!

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      • How about buying him now and loaning him to Real Madrid for 6 months just to rub salt in Barca’s wounds???

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    • He’ll go join one of our rivals and win the premier league with them.

      We’ll end up with Vela plus some unknown young player and be nearly men again.

      Feel so sick right now.

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    • It will be truly a dark day for Arsenal if he signs for Chelsea.

      It blows my mind that we have turned down the opportunity to resign him.
      The feel good factor around the club will be destroyed the moment he pens a deal for those scum bags.

      It just proves that all of this noise we’ve been hearing about ‘Oh.. we can compete with big transfers,’ .. ‘We have the ability to compete financially’.. is just a load of Horse.

      Cesc Fabregas for that price!! and we aren’t signing him! so what if he’s not what we needed, he is a top class player. and it blows my mind we’re letting him go, most likely to one of our rivals.
      Any team he joins he will make them 300% better. Chelsea don’t even need him. Yet even Maureen knows how much he can bring to the team that he is willing to make a total bellend of himself by announcing his ‘new found love’ for Cesc.

      I mean yeh we don’t necessarily need him as much as we used to but come one,.. he is world class.
      We’ve always fallen short of winning the League in recent times due to the lack of quality in squad & its depth. So come February/March next season when the rest of the squad are all blowing out of their arse cheeks because they’re all so shagged from playing so many games.. and we spaff another 10 point lead at the top of the table due to key players in key positions being injured .. Only then will people realise what a stupid mistake it was not resigning him.

      Shocking decision from the Arsenal board not to resign him.
      Bunch of f*cking clowns

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    • You’ll never guess what just happened to me. For a moment I thought someone said we’d turned our noses up at signing Cesc FUCKING Fabregas on the FUCKING CHEAP. Ha ha imagine, a world class player with fight and passion, perfect for the PL and proven at Arsenal (which increases his chances at being successful at, well, Arsenal) and who’d love to come. I’m obviously loosing it. Next I’ll be hearing voices telling me he’s going to…I can’t even say it.

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      • It would’ve made too much sense to sign him. I tried to write down on a piece of paper some reasons why this is a good decision. I ended up burning the paper.

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    • The only argument I’ve any time for against signing Cesc Fàbregas is the one that says we don’t really need another creative midfielder. The same argument that could have been used (some did!) after we signed Özil last September. Good argument?

      Now we’ve got Ozil, has the situation changed? Not really: Arteta, Rosicky and Cazorla are (like everyone else, of course) a year older, Diaby is in the last year of his contract. We obviously needed to sign a creative midfielder in January (we ended up with an injured Källström and had to overplay other MFs). Do we not need one now? That was a reaction to problems with injuries and players in the red-zone. What’s wrong with being proactive for once? Are we really so rich in midfield that we don’t need arguably the best central midfielder I’ve seen at Arsenal in 40 years of supporting the club?

      Gooners whose opinions I respect, like Tim Payton, say that Arsene is right to reject Cesc, but I can’t see it.

      Some say we have higher priorities, more critical needs. Yes, I agree this may be so. If we sign a striker who will score/create more goals than Fàbregas, I’ll be delighted. It would be good to sign a top quality RB to replace Bac, but how critical a need is that? And do these preclude also signing a top-quality goal-scoring creative midfielder for what must be seen as a realistic, even bargain price?

      Would the money really run out if we signed Fàbregas, and prevent us from signing a more important target? Well, if we don’t sign him, we’ll see whether the money has been wisely spent elsewhere, won’t we?

      Note that I’m trying to be objective here, and not to play the emotional card.

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    • Not to worry, at least we know Mourinho’s got too much class to twist the knife when Cesc lights up the league again.

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    • I wanted him back too but to be honest I realise it was an emotional decision rather than a logical one. In a way I’m glad to see Arsene being logical about the matter and with “the boss thought to be eyeing reinforcements at right-back, goalkeeper, striker, defensive midfielder” it seems like we’re on the right path to getting exactly what we need to compete in all competitions. Lets be honest until Fabregas was said to be available if anyone said we were gonna sign an attacking midfielder to compete for a place with Wilshere Ramsey Ozil Cazorla etc everyone would’ve been on here absolutely furious at Arsene for ignoring what we need.

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      • “Lets be honest until Fabregas was said to be available if anyone said we were gonna sign an attacking midfielder to compete for a place with Wilshere Ramsey Ozil Cazorla etc everyone would’ve been on here absolutely furious at Arsene for ignoring what we need.”

        Exactly this!!

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        • Sell Oezil to Barca. Pep’s determined to downsize Bayern’s squad – in height terms, I mean – so all parties would be well suited – us especially as the huge fee Bayern would pay would buy us a top-class striker. Cesc’s more of a winner than Oezil. Pep can have the laid-back skill so dear to his heart; we’ll have the fighter.

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        • You all prefer Oezil to Cesc? Seriously? On what grounds? Cesc is as good passer and he scores penalties with a broken leg.

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      • There is no logic to turning down one of the greatest midfielders in the game. What would be wrong with adding cesc to what we have and being able to comfortably rotate with no loss in quality? Is the “logical” option really to play ramsey and ozil and arteta in virtually every game until they burnout/get injured and our results/performances drop then go oh look at how unlucky we are! If we had fabregas last season do you think we’d’ve missed wilshire and ramsey to the same extent? Do you think a clearly tired arteta would be forced to play in every game? Fabregas has the talent to play any midfield role excellently! So please, explain to me the logic behind this. Oh ofc diaby’s coming back right! No need to worry then he’s definitely reliable. Or are we keeping kim kallstrom? Who needs cesc when you’ve got kim! Certainly not arsenal! The club that has so much quality in depth we don’t want the best the world has to offer. Woe betide us if we suffer next season due to lack of squad depth while whoever cesc joins go on to win the champions league.

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        • Just an example

          1st Choice midfield – New DM, Ramsey Ozil
          2nd Choice midfield – Flamini Wilshere Cazorla
          3rd Choice midfield – Arteta Rosicky Oxlade

          That is just an example not necessarily in order of who gets priority to play and thats not even including diaby because he cant be relied on but he’s a bonus and definately an option if fit. Theres plenty of room for rotation there. It is illogical to spend 30 million pounds on someone when we have other areas where we are clearly short on players. Despite what you read in the papers we aren’t PSG, we aren’t Chelsea and we aren’t City, we can’t just spend money for the sake of spending money. Madness.

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        • We have Cazorla, Ozil, Rosicky, Wilshere, Ramsey and Oxlade-Chamberlain. Those are the attacking midfielders we have. And you want Cesc on top of that? 6 players for about 3 attacking midfield positions if you count a winger and a DM as different roles. Rosicky is undoubtedly back-up, given his age, but Cazorla is in his prime, Ozil is nearing it, Wilshere, Ramsey and the Ox all need time to develop. Not to mention Zelalem coming through the youth system. Bringing Cesc back on top of all that just reduces game time for our young ‘uns, and said young ‘uns also provide competition for Ozil and Cazorla. We really, truly don’t need Cesc. I’d much rather the money for Cesc go toward Lars Bender or some other top defensive midfielder.

          Cesc coming back was always about nostalgia.

          Also, if he actually goes to Chelsea, I will laugh. Mourinho’s bus requires a work-rate that Cesc just doesn’t have. Plus, Cesc hates Mourinho. Plus, Cesc plays better where Oscar plays, who has become Mourinho’s first choice CAM. Cesc to Chelsea will be a spectacular failure if it actually happens.

          If he goes to ManU, on the other hand… Well, here’s hoping Van Gaal shoves his balls in Cesc’s face or something. I’d rather Cesc took his chances with Bayern or Juve… even though neither of them have been linked with him. Can’t blame a guy for hoping.

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        • In response to both of you: if our midfield was good enough to carry us through a season, it would have last season! If either of you are suggesting to me that we can field a team without ramsey and ozil and still be able to take on…let’s say bayern, or liverpool, or chelsea or even everton in one of those hellish weeks where we play teams of that calibre every few days. You think the ox will carry us in those games? For all the talent in that midfield, you are lying to yourself if you think they are on cescs level. That’s not to say they aren’t good or won’t be that good at some point, but at this point in time cesc is tried and tested excellence. He can win games of any magnitude! A player that can only improve us, why pass up on that?? This narrative that ozil is here so cesc can’t be here is lunacy. Ozil came from real madrid, look at the calibre of player there, look at the calibre of player at cuntalona, look at bayern, look at shitty, look at any club that competes at the very highest level and count for yourself the number of game winning world class players each has, then count ours. You think it’s a coincidence we regularly stumble against these teams? I’m not saying wr must do as they do and throw stupid money around, but this isn’t even close to doing that! This is getting in world class talent for a bargain price, a player that wants more than anything to come to us, to succeed with us and who will raise the level of this team in the same way ozil did.

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        • Goonero, yes, Real Madrid and Barcelona and all the other European big shots have a number of top level players. But those top level players rarely play in the same position. If we’re going for a top level signing, then I’d rather see a winger like Di Maria. A striker like Benzema. A DM like Gundogan. I’m not saying these are necessarily feasible, but I’d like our world class players to all be on the pitch together, and all be playing in their favourite positions. Bringing Cesc back robs either him or Ozil of the chance to play behind the striker. Playing Cesc deeper isn’t advisable for two reasons: 1. His ineffectiveness there is why Uefalona are selling him, and 2. Cesc doesn’t have the defensive ability we need to partner with Ramsey. Turning Cesc into another Arteta is a waste of his talent, and he still won’t be as good at it as a someone more naturally suited to the role like Lars Bender.

          And when I was saying our midfield was good, I was talking more about the CAM/CM aspects of it. Personally, I’d much rather a good winger (Griezmann, Di Maria) was signed over Cesc. We have enough players that are strong in the centre to last us a season. What we don’t have are direct players looking to get in behind the defenders. We have a top surgeon in Ozil, but he doesn’t always have the tools available for him to tear a team apart. Sign Griezmann and all of a sudden we have 2 quick players ready for the first XI in Walcott and Griezmann. We also have two players to come off the bench/rotate with them in the Ox and Gnabry. A lot of our problems this season were caused by the fact that we didn’t have enough of an attacking threat to force strong teams to sit back. The difference between the 6-3 at City and the matches at Liverpool and Chelsea? At City we had a counter-attacking threat in Walcott. Until Koscielny (at 2-1) was injured in that game, we were hitting back on the break. Once he left, our defence fell apart, but we were at least able to keep fighting throughout the game. That’s what we need this season: More players like Walcott. Signing Cesc just overloads an already packed area of the squad.

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      • Hate to admit it but you’re right about the emotional stuff. Cesc back to Arsenal has been everyone’s dream since the day he left but eventually we must all ditch the emo and get real.
        But until then, can we play Cesc at right-back?

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        • Is it emotional or is it the stuff of dreams to have Ozil, Fab, and Ramsey in the same midfield? I’m a strong proponent of the 4-6-0: Walcott and Podolski are strikers anyway so with them on the wings and Fabregas in the false 9 role, you think we can go wrong?

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      • To everyone saying it’s not out top priority, you’re right. But man, wouldn’t it have been nice to have another quality midfielder sometime around Feb when everybody was hurt? And how many times in the last, oh, six seasons have we not been decimated by injuries in late winter.

        I make zero by my count.

        And isn’t this the time we’ve been waiting for as fans? The time where we have the money to build up squad depth so that our entire season doesn’t go down the shitter with the four or five injuries we can bank on?

        Is a creative CM our top need? Nope. Do you turn down one of the best creative midfielders when you can get him for below market value? Nope. Or at least you shouldn’t. Only Wenger could do that and have people rush to his defense.

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      • No one is suggesting that Arsene should ignore what we need.

        I have yet to be convinced that signing a RB to replace Bac, a DM to understudy Flamini/Arteta, and a top quality striker, would prevent or should otherwise distract us from bringing back a player who can only enhance our squad, qualifies as (indeed, is) a home-grown member of the squad, and who would have been welcomed back a year ago.

        To concentrate on one objective, and by doing so miss out on another, would be a serious misjudgment. We have (had?) an option to resign Cesc. Business could be done. Bird in the hand…? Gift horse…? How many more proverbial clichés apply?

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    • Piss off.

      It’s probably harder to say no to Cesc for Wenger than Arsenal fans.

      Wenger-Cesc have had a father son-ish relationship. Wenger would only say no if he truly thought it would be better for Arsenal if we didn’t sign back Cesc.

      So yes, piss off.

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      • I think it’s very telling that Ivan Gazidis said yesterday, “the manager is not scared to spend, has the experience, but as always will have to juggle a set budget” – probably in the knowledge that fans were going to be blowing up about Cesc.

        I would imagine Wenger, more than anyone, wants bring Cesc back but has to work within certain financial constraints. It’s GOT to hurt him to say no to Cesc.

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      • Must say I agree with you. Fans who say ‘don’t get sentimental’ are missing the point; being a fan of one club is sentiment itself, isn’t it? But, in my eyes, it’s not just getting a great player (which he truly is) for less money. If Ibrahimovic were available for free right now, I wouldn’t want to sign him. I didn’t want to re-sign Vieira after Juventus got relgated, because we had Cesc. This is a different Arsenal than the one Cesc was built around, and I like it. We need to improve it and look forward to a new age of success and legends, and as much as I like Cesc I don’t feel that we need to rearrange everything to fit him in just because he’s an old favourite (he certainly was mine back then). You don’t buy a player like him to add depth, he would have to be the pivotal player, and I wouldn’t pay 30 million for one player just to add depth. If we didn’t have Ozil, I’d say sign him right now, but we do, and I don’t think we need him. I’m sure we have a lot of money to spend this summer, but not as much as City or Chelsea, so keep that money and put it into players that make this Team better collectively. That said, if he wants to come back to Arsenal after Cazorla, Rosicky and Arteta are gone, I would love it. But to me, it just isn’t neccessary.

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        • That does NOT mean I wish anybody to ‘piss off’, by the way. I don’t agree with that part, let’s all be friends except for John Terry.

          Thumb up 12 Thumb down 1

    • Have an upvote, friend.

      So far, I see nothing that makes me think anything has changed. Our rivals are strengthening while we are “in talks”.

      Haven’t brought back Vela. Why the fuck not? Absolut no brainer. Wilfred bony for 20m or vela for 7 or whatever.

      Fannying about with Serge Aurier.

      Jesus fucking Christ, this club.

      Thumb up 31 Thumb down 32

      • Yeah, maybe you should support another club, if this one upsets you so much. We’ve won the FA Cup, no clubs of note have signed any players of note. We have a good team.

        Also, you don’t have the foggiest idea what is really going on with any of the players you mention.

        Your comment was pretty rubbish, in summary – a lot like your “support” for your club.

        Thumb up 23 Thumb down 32

        • Sorry, I automatically thumbs down whenever I get a hint of anything along the lines of your first sentence.

          Thumb up 8 Thumb down 7

  1. I don’t mind so long as we get our prime targets for the positions that need addressing the most (eg. striker, right back etc.). Sure it may hurt like a bitch seeing Fabregas play for another club but, seeing as we have creative midfielders a plenty, it shouldn’t be a priority. Just so long as it isn’t Chelsea….

    Thumb up 78 Thumb down 3

    • That would be true, but it’s Arsenal we’re talking about here. We’ll faff about all summer with a million supposed targets, cock all of them up and end up with no real signings come next season. So it would be a major improvement to spend some money on bringing Cesc back and THEN trying to sign some other people, because you know we’re going to get a ton of injuries in the attacking midfield position next season because we always do.

      Thumb up 31 Thumb down 7

    • It wouldn’t take huge sums of money for us to win the title I’d probably take Remy for 10m, Debuchy 10m Luis Gustavo 20-25m/ Lars Bender 20m and we’d win the league regardless of who got Fabregas or anyone else. I think Remy would do so well in our team with the players we have in the midfield. He got 14 goals at a really poor newcastle team who sold their best/only real creative player in January. Although I wouldn’t be complaining if we splashed 25m on a striker like Jackson Martinez or Balotelli or someone (as long as they have pace).

      Thumb up 8 Thumb down 9

      • Sorry to say, l reckon Cesc would run the show for Chel…(yuk) them. It’d be so much more than they deserve, gift wrapped by us.

        Thumb up 4 Thumb down 2

    • A friend of mine just reminded me of another point that it seems everyone is forgetting.

      IF we go and sign Cesc just so Chelsea can’t have and ignore our midfield getting overloaded, what does Chelsea do? They’re not going to just sit around, they’ll go for another midfield player. Now of course the player might not be as good as Cesc but he could fit their system better, someone like say Koke.

      So they get Koke, and are as strong off, we get Cesc and have an overloaded midfield with at least 1 player like Jacky who’s about to end up being demotivated cause he won’t receive game time if Ramsey and Cesc stay fit, and on top of that we’re down 30m from our budget to spend on other targets.

      Thumb up 33 Thumb down 8

    • WTF is wrong with you guys. You never, NEVER pass up on an opportunity to sign a proven world class player. No matter how much potential you may feel our youngsters have, when you have an opportunity to sign one of the best players in the world, you take it. All the other sentimental stuff is just secondary. Us signing Ozil was absolutely the right call. One of the premier players in the world. When a class player is available and they WANT to joiin you, there’s VERY VERY few exceptions to not taking that up. Just sign the player and make it work.

      In the NBA draft that’s what the GM’s have learnt over the years. Always sign talent, not need.

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    • It’s going to be daily bullshit all summer. I doubt this is the “final word.” He’ll stay at Barca, go to PSG, come to us and play right-back or reserve keeper, or whatever.

      It’s true that we don’t really need him. And if the budget is set, we probably can’t afford him. He would be nice to have around though.

      If you think about it, Chelsea don’t really need him either–they just sold Cesc’s original replacement (Mata) because they thought they didn’t need HIM.

      This is agent bullshit. See last summer.

      Thumb up 24 Thumb down 1

      • I think the way it works is that Barca has to accept a bid, and only then inform us about Cesc’s availability. The fact that we “officially” turned down the chance to bring him would imply that it’s not just agent talk.

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  2. Fuck this. It’ll be a million times worse seeing Cesc play for Chelsea than it was seeing RVP play for Utd. Don’t think I’m ever gonna watch a Chelsea match again.

    Thumb up 104 Thumb down 3

  3. Chelsea refuse to sell us bloody DEMBA BA for fear of strengthening us last summer, meanwhile we stand aside for them to sign Cesc. Chelsea are going to end up with Costa and Cesc for Luiz and petty cash. Fuck me.

    This just leaves me feeling like there is even less likelihood that we’re going to go out and get the players we need.

    Thumb up 143 Thumb down 12

    • I don’t think we can afford to spend 30 million pounds just so Chelsea face some sort of retribution. They deserve it, but no point screwing ourselves over.

      Keep the faith. It’s not just the “transfer-listed” players who are constantly in the media that we will necessarily end up signing. There was little serious chatter about Ozil at all going to ANY club until the last few days of the transfer window, and look how that turned out for us.

      Thumb up 28 Thumb down 12

      • Not to mention Chelsea can just go and get another player, albeit not one of Cesc’s class but still a good player that will fit their system.

        If they do that, they’ll be better off than before, while we will have Cesc yes, but we’ll also be 30m down in our budget to spend on other targets+have an overloaded midfield.

        Thumb up 6 Thumb down 7

    • Totally agree. Wenger’s approach to the transfer market is as myopic as his approach to playing away at top four teams.

      Thumb up 25 Thumb down 15

    • I completely agree – there are three aspects to this issue in my opinion:

      The first is that the Cesc love story is something that has touched all Arsenal fans, every Gooner has great affetion for this fantastic player.
      The second is that the situation we are in by having a buy back clause and then choosing to pass on Cesc, all the while knowing that he may most likely end up at another PL club who is fighting for the title, is handing them an incredible advantage in the fact that they will have CESC FABREGAS on their team.
      Thirdly, even if we are admittedly a bit stocked up in midfield we are choosing not to add strength in depth in the way our PL and CL rivals have with like for like great player replacements.
      I know this is silly season times and very unpredicatable but I can’t help getting upset at the fact that Fabregas will strengthen any team he goes to and it looks like it won’t be The Arsenal. Imagine the Chelsea fans chanting “We’ve got Cesc Fabregas” …. heinous

      Thumb up 53 Thumb down 3

      • It would only be giving rivals a huge advantage if we do not go out and strengthen ourselves. If we buy the top players we need, Cesc will look like an afterthought.

        Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

    • Easy to say that about any Arsenal player that leaves but he left pretty amicably in the end to his childhood club. Its us that have rejected the move for him.. It will be bloody difficult watching him play for Chelsea but no point smearing the great things he did for us before.

      Thumb up 9 Thumb down 0

      • If by amicably, he spoke well of us after he left then yes. If by amicably he went on strike as the captain, then no.

        Sorry, but if you refuse to train in pre season and force a move, then its not amicable.

        Thumb up 17 Thumb down 1

    • Every player has a boyhood club, not all force moves to get back. This issue is all about a defective DNA, we dont need damaged goods. He chose to walk away when arsenal needed him most, but despite his presence alongside pursestrings and nasrat, we won absolutely nothing. our team has evolved beyond Cesc whether we want to acknowledge that or not, we have Rambo now in his role, we have Ozil to ramp up the assists and we WILL get us a decent striker with pace and a world class DM. We have moved on, lets not go back to our vomit. he is an EX and should stay so

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  4. this simply CANNOT be true.
    the day he signs for another premier league side will be the day i choose to shut out reality and be living in a dream world. can somebody official please please please come out and call it a bad joke? bring him home!!

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  5. Anyone but Chelsea.
    Anyone but Chelsea.
    Anyone but Chelsea.
    Anyone but Chelsea.
    Anyone but Chelsea.

    Thumb up 127 Thumb down 5

    • Cesc Fabregas would strengthen any rival – except Chelsea
      Mourinho plays destructive anti football while cesc is a disciple of wenger a pure footballer who focusses on his own game rather than breaking an opponent

      It makes no sense for him or chelsea to sign him.
      He will break on the same rocks that Mata, Hazard, Oscar perish –

      Fabregas probably cant come back to us either – he left a superstar in a team built around him – a team that won nothing – and would return to a team he doesn’t recognize where there are new superstars and men where he left boys. a team where he has to break into a settled and prolific midfield (which is where he found himself and barca, and failed) i can’t see him commanding a place in the side ahead of santi, ozil, ramsay. and so he competes on the bench with wilshire, rosicky, ox etc

      his inclusion in the squad kills gnabry and zelalem – which is something wenger simply wont do.
      bringing him back would also send a message to ramsay and wilshire that says – “Leave and comeback if it doesnt work out”

      Cesc oozes class and would make any of the top 6 into title challengers – except Chelsea and Arsenal.

      He’d restore Man U, he’d make city untouchable, he’d make spurs title ready and he’d even make everton better than 5th,

      I hope he stays at Barca, or goes to italy, germany or psg… but if he comes to london and not to us then i hope its chelsea.

      Mourihno is a cunt
      and so are people he signs.

      Thumb up 46 Thumb down 6

      • I completely agree. Mata and Cesc are pretty similar… why would the Moaner want a similar player again? I saw headlines about Cesc being the Lampard replacement. I don’t see that, they have Matic I would think. Enough about the Blues, it makes me sick that I would have to watch him in Blue. We better be so spot on with our transfers this summer. No more dicking around. Grab some unhappy Bayern Munich boys and sprinkle a few Frenchies, and top it off with a South American!

        Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

    • So Chelsea signing Costa, Felipe Luis, and maybe even our beloved Cesc Fabregas.

      I viewed the website, only to find a slideshow of the pitch renovation at Emirates Stadium.

      Just saying…

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  6. I’m fuming. Barca owe us around 15 million so that means we’re rejecting the chance of signing him for around the same fee. Whoever says we don’t need him has lost the plot. We always get midfield injuries, last year if he was in our squad I dare say we would have had a good shot at the title. And don’t even get me started on Chelsea. God forbid if he goes there. Can’t bear to watch MU coz of RvP, Man City coz of every fucking ex arsenal player and now this.This will cost us a good shot at winning next year regardless of who we sign, because it will make one of our rivals significantly more formidable. This is pathetic Arsenal FC, a new low.

    Sort your act out and be fucking decisive in the window and go sign some world class players, you have some massive making up to do.

    Thumb up 66 Thumb down 7

    • We do get MF injuries, yes. Doesn’t mean we sign a 30m bonanza to keep on the bench. I want Cesc back as much as the next gooner, but to spend that much money on another MF when we desperately need a striker, RB, two CBs and a back up GK is ludicrous. Be ready to see him in a blue shirt.

      Thumb up 10 Thumb down 21

      • I couldn’t disagree more.

        We have a reported 100 million + in the bank (what are those extensive cash funds for by the way?)… we also have Rosicky, Flamini, and Arteta the wrong side of 30….. and we have one of the worlds best midfielders available for 30 mill.

        The thing about cesc is that he’s intelligent & adaptable enough to play the DM role and break up the play.. In addition he has pedigree to play behind the striker and provide goals & assists.

        Over the next 18 months when Arsenal go shopping for another midfielder to replace the ageing ones in the squad I suspect we’re all going to look back on this moment with the most sobering realisation.

        Thumb up 23 Thumb down 3

        • so he’s some kind of 30million pound flamini?
          to cover for Arteta Flamini at DM and Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky at 10?
          Bit pricey for a jack of all trades.

          Not sure he’s cut out to play dm – he can probably play AM, RM and 10

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  7. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

    Poorly-rated Thumb up 9 Thumb down 87

    • “This man was the reason I chose arsenal ahead of Man City when choosing who to support for life. ”


      Thumb up 30 Thumb down 3

    • Keep the sharp objects away from this one, friends. I share your disappointment, but when choosing a club “for life” (and I can’t get this image of someone sitting at a desk, weighing pros and cons out of my head) you need to expect some ups and downs. This seems like a post better suited to a fictional “We lost the FA Cup final again” news piece than to this one. I have a small piece of advice: If ever again, you’re choosing your club “for life,” choose one that doesn’t have a history of being agonizingly deliberate in the transfer market. I really do hate to see you in such pain.

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  8. I don’t know which one is worse…rvp to MU or this. I just hate chelsea with my whole heart and how on earth Wenger have a lot of patient and let one of his protege play under the stupid, headless, arrogant and insulting manager (I just can’t describe how much I hate Mou as a person). This is ridiculous

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  9. So the squad with the “plethora” of midfield options still needed patching up with Kim Källström last season. Cesc isn’t any patch – he’s a legitimate world class player – and we’re not keen?

    Not keen despite the fact that Wenger said himself that he believes Cesc will play for Arsenal again. Not keen despite the fact that he’d walk straight into any midfield in the world, no matter who was in it, and make it better.

    Not keen despite the fact that it’s Cesc…?

    Transfer windows. Ugh…

    Thumb up 42 Thumb down 2

  10. Well the business we do better be fucking good now. I mean FUCKING good – good enough to undo the megasuperturbo unpleasantness of seeing Cesc playing for Chelscum or Man U.

    Thumb up 68 Thumb down 1

  11. I see a lot of talk around the web about not making an “emotional decision” as well as concerns about what signing Cesc would do to the development of Ox and Jack, or playing time for Santi. Honestly, that’s an emotional concern. They are professionals, they either step up and compete for spots or they don’t. I love Jack, but Cesc is a better player than he is right now. Bring in Cesc and a striker, plus the needed RB and back up GK and we will win more titles. We are going to regret this.

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  12. Mourinho hates lazy players,don’t see him at chelsea!as for manchester teams”you so good in buying off cuts”

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  13. AW usually sign former players! Though I wish he made an exception this time, I wonder what would have been if we had signed Suarez instead of Ozil.

    We still may not have won the league last year but would have bought Cesc back this year and given ourself a good chance at the title in the coming season.

    Here is to hoping that we bring a classy forward, as we have decided to pass up on a classy midfielder.

    Btw, couldn’t Cesc gone one a 1 yr loan originally – in hindsight (!) everyone would have been satisfied – Cesc wanted to play for Pep before he left Barca!

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  14. It would be very easy to get wound up about this but,
    there is one big thing about this in our favour – Fab’s still represented by Darren Dein who has caused no end of troubles for our squad, we would be better off with Cesc in the squad but far, far worse off with that parasite of an agent sniffing around the rest of our players

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  15. Would fabregas have made a difference when ramsey, õzil, ox was out? Yes. Can we afford him? Yes. Does the player want to sign for us? Yes. Do we sign him? No. Arsenal Logic

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  16. I’d rather face the Mountain in a trial by combat than watch him play under that thundercunt at Chelsea.

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  17. According to talkSPORT Cesc has just signed for Chelsea.

    Arsenal are dead right in not exercising their option to buy back Fabregas. He is a fantastic, wonderful player, but he’s just not the man we need right now. It’s gonna be hard to watch him in a blue shirt next season but everything that’s happened is his own fault. He decided to jump ship and join Barcelona. Shame for him that it didn’t work out.

    Now it’s time for Gazidis to put his money where his mouth is and make Wenger spend money on the players that we do need, i.e. two strikers, a defensive midfielder, a centre-half, a reserve keeper and a right-back.

    And not at the last fucking minute.

    Thumb up 96 Thumb down 23

    • Yep, like i’ve been saying, let’s wait until the end of the window to assess this decision.
      Hopefully Wenger has something special up his sleeve that will soften the blow.

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

    • So with our injury plagued campaigns over the season what makes you think cesc wont be needed. Arsenal midfielders find it hard to be all fit at the same with Arteta rosicky flamini approaching twilight years. fabregas would be perfect. All this you will see come January 2015. i bet wenger will be looking at replacements for the aforementioned.

      sign FAB!

      Thumb up 15 Thumb down 1

      • Look at it this way: the injury bug doesn’t seem to strike the same area two years in a row. Off the top of my head, in the last 3-4 seasons we have had a striker crisis (Arshavin played there for a game or two), a fullback crisis that saw us deploy all four of our centre backs, a centre back crisis that led to Sol Campbell being brought in from Notts County, a couple GK crisis that saw third-choice keepers Mannone and Jens Lehmann playing, and then last season’s midfield crisis.

        If you look at our team in each area, the one position where we have the best squad depth by a considerable margin is in players that can play the #10 position and play it well. Ozil and Cazorla in the past two seasons, but Wilshere, Rosicky, and the Ox have all had cracks at it.

        Whereas we lack depth in every other area of the pitch: strikers, wingers, right fullbacks, centre backs, and goalkeepers. If the injury bug hits in those places, as it stands, we are woefully unprepared.

        So that’s why I agree with Fats, I’d rather spend in those areas. Bring in a first-choice striker, first-choice RB, and first-choice holding midfielder, and a back-up goalkeeper. Then we’ll have depth in every area of the squad plus we will have improved the starting XI.

        I don’t see how buying Cesc addresses the holes in our squad in terms of both depth and improving our first-choice XI.

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    • In this mark it’s almost impossbile to sign a player of his quality for the cheap fee that we could have. Luiz for 50m, Ozil for 42m and Cesc was available for 30….

      We’ll end up signing Sanago mk II for free.

      Liverpool and Chelsea are moving quickly in the transfer market and Arsenal have signed…..


      And let a world cup winner, 2 times Euro winner, scored a penalty against his home team with a broken leg, scored a hat trick vs Spurs Off the bench player go to Chelsea, one of our biggest rivals…….


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      • I know right, we should have all of our business done by now. Its only 2 weeks after the season, and 4 weeks till the window opens, but Arsene is once again dithering in the market, for a player we want to come home. Never mind that as captain he treated the club with disdain (Striking),and we need at least 4 other players for depth in Defense and Attack, Wenger should stop those, because Cesc is available.


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    • I’m agreeing with Fatgooner! Will wonders never cease. Kidding aside, You’re right on this one.

      Thumb up 4 Thumb down 3

    • I’ve been one of your major critics over the years, but credit where credit is due. You’ve hit the nail on the head.

      “He is a fantastic, wonderful player, but he’s just not the man we need right now.”

      Spot on. While I would absolutely LOVE to see him back in the red and white, we have more pressing needs right now.

      Just … please don’t let it be fucking Chelsea! Please let it be Talkshit talking their usual shit.

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  18. I just want to share my view about this. I know majority will disagree but still.
    I think Fabregas is a great player but I still think that there is no need to bring him back. If this was a year ago I would be well up for it, but not any more. Last year 42.5m (+wages) were spent on Ozil to replace him! At that point a lot of fans were saying (and I read the same line in the blog) that we needed a striker but got an AM.
    This year, when we have the same squad + Ozil people are angry for not buying another AM. He would command a big wage + high transfer fee.
    I also feel that if this was player X (and not Fabregas) that people would find it weird if were being linked with him (another AM). One of the things that really gets to people (including me) is the prospect that he could play for another English club.
    Yes, he could play in a deeper role as well and all that but at the end of the day, I don’t think we would finish much higher up on the table (or win any of the 3 away games we got spanked in) if he was in our team. Just my view of things and why I feel we did the right thing not to bring him back. Without Ozil, the improved Ramsey, Jack etc in a heartbeat…I guess only time will tell.

    Thumb up 15 Thumb down 5

    • PSG have enough midfielders. Monaco on the other hand..
      I mean Henry could convince Cesc to join in as well.

      Thumb up 17 Thumb down 1

      • I think it was 50 million pounds. Chelsea sure do seem to get a boatload of money for their players in the transfer market (Luiz, De Bruyne, Mata, etc.).

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  19. This will of course be the same AW who denied he was buying the lego-haired one mere hours before signing him up.

    I hope this will be as effective and joyous a troll as that.


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  20. Question: Do we need him at that price?
    Answer: No
    Question: Is 30m better spend in other positions
    Answer: Yes.

    Conclusion: It’s not a train wreck. Life goes on.

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  21. Think practically guys. We don’t need him. Signing him will be spending 30m on a player we don’t need instead of that going towards buying someone we actually need.

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  22. Had we not signed Ozil last season, we would have definitely bought Cesc. Had we not signed Ozil last season, we might not have had the urge to win a cup too. Had we not won the cup, the trophy-less monkey would have still been on our back. Had we had that monkey the whole scenario would have been different. Shit its too complicated!

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  23. Arsenal have 6 positions that need filling right now. GK, RB, CB, ST, as well as DM, and LW. I would rather sort them out, than bring in another attacking midfielder.

    Plus i don’t want a player who would rather go on strike, than wear the shirt, no matter who it is.

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  24. Honestly Cesc is one of the best attacking midfielders in the world. But quite frankly right now we have 2 of the best midfielders in the world also.

    New deals included I doubt Arsenal is already at that point where the club can chuck a spare £30m impromptu on a position we weren’t looking to strengthen when the market opened.

    And these talk about how we lost Ramsey and Ozil last season, hence we need Cesc. We lost all full backs in 2012, we didn’t suddenly add 2 extra full backs just to make sure in 2013 did we?

    Arsenal has positions to strengthen, it will be wise for the club for face those as priority. Which hopefully they do. And leave the emotional what nots to the fans.

    And if we were even to get emotional, what does it say about the player that he’ll feel it will somehow be alright as a professed Arsenal fan do go and play for Chelsea and MoaningHo. Why not do FOR us, what he did TO us: make it so impossible to go anywhere else Barca will have no choice but to lowball the price so much we can pick him up without fuss.

    If Cesc aint coming home, it’s because he moved out of his own volition and our new love moved in.

    Thumb up 37 Thumb down 8

    • I’m gutted by the prospect of Cesc going elsewhere (and the fact that I’m going to have to kill my younger brother, who despite being a Chelsea fan I’m generally quite fond of), but this is a good, balanced response. Fully agree with your take on it.

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  25. This is sad news indeed, those £100m+ who was gonna be spent looks to be more like £30-40m, lol..

    Loïc Rémy, Serge Aurier, David Ospina are most likely our targets for the summer. £8m – Loïc and £8m – Aurier and £5m – Ospina?

    Nice ambitions shown from the board. The only people spending money at arsenal are the fans….

    Thumb up 18 Thumb down 6

    • Aurier seems more unlikely by the day too. Meanwhile repulsive Chelski are just a couple of talks aways from bagging Cesc and Costa. I fucking HATE transfer windows.

      Thumb up 21 Thumb down 0

    • I see your a glass half empty type of guy. We get those 3 and we’ll defo challenge til the end. We get those 3 and a DM we’ll win it within the next 2 seasons guarenteed.

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  26. How we ever gonna win the champions league with the squad we have. Every top club has plentiful options in midfield. If we are aiming big then bringing back Cesc should be a no brainer. Guess at 27+ he got no resale value.

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 4

    • Have you looked at our roster? WE have plentiful options in midfield too. It’s the other areas that need strengthening.

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 3

  27. blogs turnaround the day after calling for cesc’s return pretty much confirmed for me that the club had let him know it would not happen

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  28. It’s clear Cesc coming back divided opinion among Gooners – there are many who didn’t want him back. I wanted him back and don’t like the thought of him playing for Chelsea or anyone else against us. BUT, for fans to use this as another excuse to criticise Wenger is pathetic. Let’s be honest – if his biggest signing of the summer was ‘another’ attacking midfielder and not a Centre Forward or any of our other weak positions, then people would be saying Wenger had got it all wrong. But because it’s Cesc people are saying it doesn’t matter. Sorry. You can’t have it both ways. We have reportedly 100mill in the bank and can afford decent wages but we need 4 players at least and AM isn’t a necessity. So I can understand the disappointment, but can also understand that if AW has his irons in other fires that will use up his transfer kitty then so be it.

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  29. We better have one helluva transfer window if this is true.

    If he goes to Chelsea, I hope he gets the harshest ever reception by the Emirates crowd, after the “only Barcelona” shit that forced him out for a far too low fee.

    Thumb up 26 Thumb down 5

  30. Puts a LOT of pressure on him to sign a world class striker at least.

    Because if we go into the season without one having let Cesc go elsewhere, I am afraid, his position will be untenable.

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    • He already bought his “world class” striker in Loïc Remy and Campbell will be #LANS. This lack of ambitions are absolutely disgusting, I blame the board and Wenger.. Build up expectations for the fans at heights of the Eiffel Tower just to destroy the dream later on, they must really like to troll the supporters.

      This summer has started as a fucking nightmare, we are not getting a world class striker and if you believe we are please inform me which “one” we could realistically get. Don’t say “Mario Mandzukic, Loïc Rémy, Carlos Vela” because these players are not gonna offering us anything we don’t already have. I am disgusted.

      Thumb up 6 Thumb down 13

  31. Gonna hope this is one time that arseblog news hasn’t got its facts straight…what the fuck could possess us to turn down cesc?? And now we may have to see him in bed with the enemy ?? What evil is this?

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 6

  32. I’ve been positive the entire season that we would get our transfer shit together this year. But if Cesc end up at Manure or Chelski, it goes all out the window. We’ll end up with a couple 4-5 million pound bargains as usual and all the hard work been done to turn the club around will be for nothing. Fuck it I’ve already lost the positivity. Hopefully Everton gets raided so we’ll have a chance at ending up fourth next season…

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 6

  33. Gutting, I can’t believe this is happening. He meant so much to us all, this is gonna hurt even more than the Dutch Skunk. We’ll need some big news sharpish to counter-act this if Fab joins FC Chelski.

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 2

  34. Watching him play for another club would be like seeing your ex girlfriend who you are still madly in love with hold hands and kissing John Terry. We can give Arteta a rest and play Cesc. Or Ramsey. Or because we always get half a team injured. Countless reasons why we should sign him.

    Thumb up 19 Thumb down 1

  35. he left. he made the conscious decision to leave. no one forced him. so we’re not getting him back. end of.
    as long as we fecking strengthen where we need to on quality players i don’t give a stuff where Cesc plays or ends up.

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 4

  36. Why does this ordeal have to take place this summer? We’ve just won the FA cup and should collectively be looking forward to some good signings, and yet we have this to contend with. IMO Cesc should be playing in the famous R&W again next season.. whether that happens or not is beyond our control as fans. Let’s just focus on the Arsenal and que sera, sera

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  37. It’s such a shame. I worry that as wonderful a talent as he is, Mesut Ozil might not stay for long before he’s lured away. Had Cesc returned, we could have relied upon his certain talents for another 7 seasons.

    I do trust in Arsene, though.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 8

    • There’s a lot of miles covered in those legs already. I doubt you’d get another 7 seasons out of him.

      Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

  38. Some ppl need a reality check. He’s not on a free it’s £30 million. Need to spend big elsewhere in the team, not midfield. Sorry Cesc, wrong time to try and engineer a move “home”.

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 4

  39. This is just the most sickening thing Ive ever read. I have never lost faith in Wenger and he is someone I have always idolised but this is just utter bollocks. Makes no sense to me at all.

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 6

  40. The boy wants to come, and we are saying no? Cesc or no Cesc… I have little confidence we would fill all those “priority” positions. The season is yet to start but we already have an injured player in midfield~i.e. Ox. Lord help us when the injury crisies begin. I am expecting wenger to be gunning for the epl and champions league. You need solid depth for that to happen.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0

    • We have no depth. We are 3 injuries away from playing Martinez, Bellerin, Per, Miquel, Gibbs as a backline. But that will ok because we signed Cesc?

      We are 2 injuries away from having Sanogo as our lead striker. Will That be ok because we signed Cesc?

      We have no Left Winger, but is that ok because we signed Cesc?

      Im sorry but the way he treated the club when he left (As Captain no less), he does not deserve to wear the shirt…

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  41. The only way I can get over this is if there’s serious investment in the region of £60m into this squad. Even then.

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  42. Hehe Flamini 30’s rosicky 30’s Arteta 30’s Santi 30 december. Fabregas would have been perfect.

    When we will need replacements earliest January 2015 you will see wenger.

    “we lack quality in the market. we try,”

    hindsight Fabregas lights up league with chelse. i cannot take it! prevent this Arsene!

    Thumb up 29 Thumb down 3

  43. “Barcelona, for whatever reason, want to get rid of the 27-year-old.”

    In other words, they would rather have £30m than have Cesc contracted to them, which is exactly the situation we’ve declared ourselves to be in.

    It’s an odd thought. We signed Özil because it’s rare to have the opportunity to sign such a player. Due to this, we are passing on Cesc. It doesn’t make a great deal of sense. Wenger’s always noted the importance of having the best available creative players, and Cesc is the best we have had in recent years, and the price mentioned is completely fair and affordable. Moreover, if we owned Cesc, and he had no desire to leave, we’d turn down that offer without question. I just don’t understand it.

    Cesc is versatile and would easily warrant a place in the first team; he’d easily significantly improve us. I get the feeling that any striker that we might sign would not necessarily go straight ahead of Giroud in the team, but rather be rotated with Giroud. In which case, I’ll stick my neck out and say that I don’t believe we’ll sign a striker in the £30m price bracket that would improve the team as much as Cesc would. This is without mentioning that any preferred targets (striker or “DM”…) are likely to not sign, as happens routinely each year. Cesc would surely sign.

    I think this is a great opportunity wasted.

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  44. Gadamn! At the very least Arsene should have blocked a Chelsea move. Why waste a chance to shove the middle finger up Mour’s face?

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 1

  45. Haha, the first two paragraphs say basically the same thing. But anyway I can’t see the sense in barca letting cesc, the alleged replacement for xavi, leave when xavi is now in need of being replaced. If he does leave though it would make even less fucking sense that he’d go to Chelsea: he hates Maureen and he hates Chelsea. With passion. Arsenal could convert him into a dm likee they did with arteta.. I dunno just don’t let him end up in fucking Chelsea!

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  46. So we can have players like diaby and kim kalstrom in the midfield,but can’t find a place for cesc.What a joke yh lets just watch another rival get stronger while we just sit around waiting for more kims.Absloute joke Arsenal.

    Thumb up 18 Thumb down 2

  47. So long as AW remains in charge, we Arsenal fans should be prepared for anything. He is ruthless when it comes to fans feelings, but obviously he is kind to the board’s bank accounts.

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  48. I became a proper fan a couple months before Henry left. I fell in love with Fabregas on first site. In the first live Arsenal game I saw (Sparta Prague 0-2 Arsenal), Cesc Fabregas scored the first ever Arsenal goal I saw. In 2011 I cried when he left us. My best friend is a Chelsea fan….. Please don’t sign for Chelsea.

    How the FUCK do we pass up on him?? We have £100m to spend, we better sign some major fucking players now. This hurts so much. My joy of watching football is completely gone now

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  49. Cesc don’t do it. Think of sharing a changing room with a sweaty John Terry. Think of driving to work to get shouted at by Mourinho. You’re better than that man, have some respect for yourself and don’t go to the first club that’s flashing you a bit of cash.

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  50. Last summer, we didn’t “need” Ozil as we had so many attacking midfielders already, and many people were at least concerned that we weren’t addressing our needs, and you want to do that AGAIN?

    I love Cesc, but he opted to leave, the club rightfully and predictably has replaced him (and more!) and now has needs in other areas. It’s not disloyal to say that we simply don’t need him anymore.

    We need to spend our transfer money with our heads and not our hearts.

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  51. It’s about time they sorted out the Tea section at club level. The free tea and coffee is a nightmare – I have frequently risked 2nd degree burns in the half time scramble. Each week they use a different layout so we never get used to the system and one particularly frosty night, it came close to fisticuffs.

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  52. If nothing else Cesc should be seen as a quality improvement on the fantastic but ageing Tom Rosicky, 33.
    If we want to win Premier Leagues and Champion Leagues, signing someone like Cesc is a no brainer.

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    • Except Rosicky is usually not in the first XI, and we have Cazorla, the Ox, and to a lesser extent Wilshere who play the same position that Rosicky does.

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      • And Cesc is a lot better than all of the players you have mentioned so if we take sentiment completely out of the equation, bring Cesc in and recoup some of the transfer fee by selling someone. Barcelona still owe us a portion of the fee and with the funds generated by selling a player it won’t impact on our transfer budget and we’ve improved the squad.

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  53. On the surface it may seem a bad decision but one that was thought long and hard about (I hope). Essentially we would be buying him back to prevent anyone else in the league getting him. He doesn’t like being on the bench and it looks like his attitude stinks, and that’s at his boyhood club which he loves so dearly. Does it not ring alarm bells with anyone that Barca want rid of him right at the supposed peak age and with Xavi & Co in their 30’s? The only thing really annoying me is the fact that Chelsea look to have signed two big players now BEFORE the WC, while we are in ‘deep discussions’!! NEWS FLASH Ivan & Arsene, you CAN sign players before the World Cup!!

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  54. Cesc at Chelsea would hurt, but it won’t happen. They’re too negative, the complete opposite of cesc’s game

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  55. Man if he goes to Chelsea that would heartbreaking… but I really hope us Arsenal fans would not boo him upon his return… I am sure if he had to choose he would pick playing for us rather than any other team. It is not his fault AW does not want to sign him back.

    I think we need to do one of those petitions stating that us fans want Fab back at the club and not plying his trade for one of our direct rivals… I’m sure if we got like 25K signatures the board would have to hopefully listen. I know we have a lot of depth in Midfield,… but we lost Rambo for 4 months or so, Jack was out a while, Ozil was out or didnt look interested in alot of games… OX could potentially be banjaxed after last night… Theo still on the table getting his knee put back together.. Getting Fab back shows desire to strengthen and would do wonders for morale!!

    But like others have said if we have a weak summer in the market and dont sign several world class players in the positions we need I think I will commit seppuku,

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  56. Lets be fair to the players we have. I mean I loved Cesc like anyone but when the going got tough he went to Barcelona. He also went there on the premise that he was “going home” and we obliged and sold him relatively cheap too so as to placate his wishes. Now this is really a bite in the Arse as he may end up with one of our rivals…But…. We have to give the players we have the chance they deserve. I personally would take him back if the price was nearer £15m but £30m when we need a RB a couple of strikers (one world class) a back up CB a DM and possibly an Winger……£30m is alot for nostagia

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  57. And fuck Chelsea fuck Mourinho, they are the biggest cunts in all of football. I can’t believe Wenger has let Mourinho walk all over him in his career. The 6-0 in his 1000th game was bad but surely he has a plan if he’s gonna let that cunt Mourinho sign Cesc. Surely We are going to get ALL of our targets, right?????

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  58. How is Arteta better than Cesc? He is more the an attacking midfielder and anyone who watched him play against Barcelona would appreciate his defensive qualities. To turn him down must mean we are after a top player so I will reserve my judgement until after the summer window. If the marquee signings dont happen I think the prof will not last his contract because missing Cesc is like a huge statement that a world class player is imminent. Strange fat gooner is happy about this but i always thought he sounded suspiciously like a chelski fan

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  59. I don’t understand why all this yelling about. At Arsenal we have a lot of good players able in Cesc position. Who do you think will Cesc substitute? Aaron? not worthy, Ozil? far from common sense or Carzola? not a fair decision. Fabregas do not have a first place in our team unless he agrees to be a backup.

    By the way, the lad left at the time we needed him the most, the time we valued him the highest. He insisted to leave the gunner gates even if it meant our collapse. not royal mmh? I will always remember him for the contribution to the squad but seeing him in a gunner shirt will piss me off. let him go on with the path he choose.

    I remember telling my friend that Cesc was destined for a hero but a switch to Barca will distract him big time and trust me he will end it without a song.

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  60. Didn’t everyone say how smart wenger was for putting g ttbe clause and sell fabregas for cheap.2 years later. Ale ws sold for 85 for example .and that arsena was a genius.dumb move then and dumb move now.wenger has no clue.

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  61. The window after Cesc left I remember him asking why AFC would want to sign another creative midfielder when we have two of the most promising in the country ready to step up (Rambo, Super Jack).

    The irony being that now I think AW agrees with that same line of thinking – but this completely neglects the critical issue of squad depth!

    If only there was a talented 17-year old creative midfielder coming through the ranks, ready to pull on the boots next season! #Zelalem

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  62. This is my worst nightmare. One of my favourite ever players and one of the reasons I thought there was a soul left in football. Up there with Spuds winning the Champions League. I understand the reasons behind not re-signing him (head over heart), but seriously you know if he goes to a rival he will score and assist against us for fun, such is Wenger’s luck. Arsene brings so much pressure on himself sometimes, because if this happens, plus we get injuries (as always) and we don’t spend some hefty sums on other players, the fans and media will be up his arse again. The sight of a smug Maureen is almost too much to bear, the fucking twatbasket.

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  63. What did you expect ? Wenger just signed a contract worth 8 million a year. He doesn’t give a shit, that one trophy after 9 years is not justification for his huge salary (especially since we’re trying to be financially responsible – therefore I don’t know why we insist on giving him a raise – besides did that idiot mourinho ever get that much ? Or red nose ? Even klopp ?). Every year he will take a huge chunk out of that Puma sponsorship money for his salary instead of using it for buying world class players and to pay their wages.

    We will end up with a bunch of cheap buys, and ozil will become disappointed because most of the players are not world class, and his performances will again drop, especially without the extra competition Fabregas will bring, since we’re bound to get hit with injuries(why was kallstrom brought in in midfield ? Oh yeah – injuries) again.

    I dread the day when we get hit with injuries and I will remember this transfer window when people were saying we didn’t need Fabregas.

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  64. If Cesc goes to Chelsea (or any other Premier League club for that matter) then I’m giving up on football and becoming a Tibetan monk. No TV, no internet, no newspapers – I don’t ever want to see Cesc in a Chelsea shirt.

    RvP in a Man U shirt was terrible but Cesc in a Chelsea shirt would be ten times worse, as RvP’s a cunt who wanted to leave and Cesc’s a legend and a cool guy who wanted to return.


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  65. I think we should get Cesc. Wasn’t depth of squad and injuries one of our problems last season when Ramsey was injured. I will not forgive wenger for thid one specially if Cesc joins fucking chelsea of all clubs.

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  66. He shouldn’t have left in the first place. Feeding us with that barca DNA nonsense. Now his so called DNA have rejected him. He was captain for one of the biggest and most exciting club in the world and it wasn’t enough for him. I think nature should take it’s course on this one.

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  67. Can’t believe our fans getting so wound up about this. Do people not remember how he behaved before he left, every bit as bad as RVP in my book? And I really don’t think we need him, not when we have Ozil, Ramsey, The Ox, Theo and Wilshere. Plus from what I’ve seen when he’s playing for Barca his petulance has got even worse. The whinging and crying is pretty pathetic to be fair. People need to get a grip. He’s not Bergkamp, Adams or Vieira, he’s just a half decent player who decided he didn’t want to play for us anymore, end of.

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  68. Bayern had Muller and Kroos but they still went out and got Gotze.. you can never have too many world class players.

    Thumb up 16 Thumb down 1

    • And now Muller and Kroos’s futures are in doubt, the first due to playing time, the second due to contract negotiations.

      Of course, “you can never have too many world class players,” who would disagree with that, but every team has a finite budget. Bringing in Cesc and paying his wages would mean not bringing in someone else that arguably our squad needs more at the current moment.

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  69. Now arsenal fans can properly hate him. Make no mistake about his departure – he faked his injury and refused to train when arsenal needed him the most. He remains my pick of c***s that left.

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  70. If he goes to any other UK club I’ll go mad!

    To be the best you need the best! The more you have the better, fresher sides you can put out and the higher the chance of winning.

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  71. If we brought back Cesc now I am 100% sure he would be with us for the rest of his career. How can Arsene reject this opportunity AAAAGH FUCKKKK

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  72. We’ll just miss out on most (90%) of our targets as usual, so why not sign Cesc if he wants to come.
    And btw. I am not expecting any official announcements regarding transfers from anyone, until after the World Cup.

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  73. He really should have just joined us last year. He chose to stick it out for another season over, ended up potless, and now wanted to come back.

    I’m sorry Cesc, I really am, but you left to clean Xavi and Iniesta’s boots, now you’ll end up playing as a 6th CB for Mourinho.

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  74. Not sure you can argue we should buy cesc to prevent him making our opponents stronger. On that reasoning we should buy every transfer target of the top four or five in the premier league.

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    • That’s not really the point though is it?

      The player in question wanted to come to us, we know he has world class qualities, but we declined anyway.

      Not to mention that mythical clause of yore.

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  75. This Summer hasn’t really lived up to expectations thus far… Sagna off to Manc, Fabregas off to Chelski, and we’re still sitting on our £70m warchest. As chuffed as I am to see us lift the cup, we could do with getting our arses in gear, and making sure the same happens in seasons to come.

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  76. An excuse for Wenger for not winning a trophy next season. We’re going to trawl the markets looking for bargain bin replacements, Sign a nobody 15 year old ‘upcoming star’ (For City and Chelsea to sign in 4 season’s time), half of our team will be injured by Feb next year, Next summer Ozil leaves.

    Whether people like it or not – Had we’d not made a big stink of not signing decent players last year, Gazidis and Wenger would NOT have signed Ozil. Ozil was a last minute bargain and a lucky one. Bought, only to shut the fans.

    Shame it’s us fans who face the brunt of rubbish decisions. Really depressing to see him wearing Blue or Red (for Man U) feeding that cunting Dutch-man with a little boy in his arse.

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  77. I am not sure I believe this story, as the words “according to David Ornstein” is red flag number 1.
    The 2nd flag is to say that Arsenal told him this.
    Since when has Arsenal ever told anybody, except those that need to know what their transfer plans are?
    Everyone take a deep breath, repeat x 10 and relax, its going to a be long summer………………………..

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    • Actually, I find David Ornstein to be much more of an actual journalist who reports things that actually happen than those page hit whores over at just about every publication in your fine cuntry.

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  78. I can’t believe this. For the first time in years we’ve got a chance to sign an absolute world class, a match winner, game changing, fan loving player to have on the bench or rotate with, we turn it down. We got him for free, sold him for 35m and now we can sign him for 30m while makin 5m profit, I just dont get it. we could have cazorla on the bench or on right if Theo’s not playin, Ozil on the left and cesc attackin mid. 100% I would rather have cesc and remy for 40 odd mil than an absolute world class striker for the same or near enough the same price.

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  79. Do we still have 50% of his sales ? because we gonna have an another 15M more for getting a nodody…

    And Barça owe us lot of money 15M for this one and i think they still owe us 15M for fabregas and song transfers.

    In fact this is really disapointing and if we miss aurier i think we should riot

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  80. I’d ship any current midfielder for Cesc except Welsh Jesus; if this is an actual decision, it’s idiotic IMHO.

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  81. This thread is a great resource for populating my list of people who should on no account ever consider being involved in decision making at a real football club.

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  82. I dont care what happens later just sign cesc. I’d rather see cesc in an arsenal shirt than win the fa cup again..if cesc signs for chelsea i want wenger out!

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  83. Massively missing a trick, I’m gutted. A world class playmaker, who loves our club and is acclimuw with EPL. Fucking hell, sign him up.

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  84. If Chelsea get both Costa and Cesc it’s pretty much a wrap. Season over. Their team is just too strong then. Maybe City and their billion pound squad can compete, but the rest certainly can’t.

    Ah well, we can always win the league again after Cesc, Costa and Hazard retire or something.

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    • See, it’s that kind of mentality (“how can we ever beat all these big names?”) that leads our team to lose 6-0 to those assholes.

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  85. I love Cesc Fabregas as a player, he embodies exactly what an Arsenal player should be. All this billshit above makes me tear my hair out, I don’t care about signing a defensive midfielder if we sign Cesc back. The guy had to put up with a team containing a keeper of Almunia, defense of Silvestre and Bendtner up front. Now we have a good team again and I can guarantee he would come home before Chelsea. For once, a real world class superstar isn’t interested in money, he wants to come back to arsenal.
    I’m well aware we won’t sign him because the summer for arsenal fans is all about being treated like a ginger child.
    But trust me, we’ll regret this

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  86. Fuck that!!!! Soccer is a purely about emotions!!!!! And I will be emotionally wrecked if he goes to Chelski and plays under Boringho. Arsene must bring back his son!!!!!

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  87. Pretty sure all the whining and stress isn’t going to bring cesc back. Enjoy the World Cup and comeback on transfer deadline day when we will eventually sign someone

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  88. If Barcelona want to sell Fabregas it means only one thing to me: Cesc is no longer the player he was. Nobody in their right mind would let a player of Cesc’s calibre leave for £30 million with Iniesta and Xavi heading towards retirement unless he really is clearly in decline.

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    • Please check the stats before running your mouth off. He has had the highest assists in la liga over the last two seasons. He has 151 caps for Barcelona and has scored 42 goals and has 48 assists. Add to that a world cup, european cup, la liga title, copa del ray, super cup and world club cup. He is a winner and thats exactly the type of player you need to add to your squad to kick on. Doesnt seem like a player in decline to me. The only reason Barcelona are selling him is because their idiot fans dont apprreciate him and the fact that they had to pay 35million for a guy who came through their ranks leaves a bad taste in their mouth.

      I have always been a strong supporter of wenger but this is a huge mistake. Not even taking into account how by signing cesc you would be preventing a rival from strengthening, last year showed how important squad depth is and the fact that rosicky,arteta and flamini are pushing on and diaby’s struggles means there is definately room for cesc. We dont need a defensive mid. Play jack behind cesc and ramsey. I feel wenger is signing his own death warrant with this because next year if they fall away like this year it will turn alot of fans against him me included.

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  89. Isn’t cesc sponsored buy puma who happen to be our new kit suppliers. Surely it makes economical sense to marry the two.

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    he used to be our captain, our best player, Arsene’s prodigal son, he’s won the world cup, HE’S WON THE WORLD CUP.


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  91. I would sell Ozil to bring back Fabregas if that’s what it took. It shouldn’t be this way; we have Arteta, Rosicky, Flamini – all getting on in age plus Diaby who really can’t be counted on.

    Let the Prodigal Son return!!!

    Letting Fabregas go to an EPL contender will be a big mistake.

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    • The fact that everyone is soo worried about other clubs just makes it seem like nobody SUPPORTS arsenal anymore. Who the fuck cares if Chelsea or man u have fabregas, or messi, or any other person. If we strengthen our team properly, without emotion, then it doesn’t matter who our opponents are. Think of arsenal first, and everybody else never.

      Granted, the window hasn’t even opened yet people. Anything can happen, but if Wenger does choose to pass on fabregas, it’s a decision I totally support. It’s like what Klinnsmann did to Donovan. If you want to take a fuggin personal sobatical, or go dick around in Barcelona for personal reasons, and leave your club high and dry during the bad times, then you have no right to be there during the good times. Fabregas wants to come back the season after we actually win something. Fuck off, we did it without you, and we’ll do it again.

      Arsenal til I die

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    • oh no, this is the first time people haven’t agreed with me on Arseblog…I feel dirty.

      I love this site!!!

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  92. Do you think if any of our rivals were in this kind of position with this quality of player they would turn him down and allow him to go to arsenal?. NOT A CHANCE!!!! Could anyone imagine a team where Cesc is supplying rvp or Costa or Saurez or aguero we simply cannot allow this to happen. Only an FA cup finally ended the pain of a Six nil drubbing to them chav twats and now Cesc in there squad aswell. I fucking despair!!!!!!

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    • I think Chelsea and Man City are in that exact same position about 6-8 times each year. Why didn’t Man City block Chelsea’s move for Oscar by offering him more money and his club a bigger fee? Why didn’t Chelsea block Man City’s move for Fernandinho when they obviously needed reinforcements in that position (see Matic in the January window)?

      Don’t get me wrong, Fabregas is a wonderful player, but if we bought him, then Chelsea (if they are even the ones who are moving for him) would just spend the money on someone else of that caliber. It’s true that there are very few in world football that fit that bill, but with all that oil money, they are all potentially available.

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  93. Maybe this is a masterful ploy by Wenger. I reckon we have all but agreed the Cesc deal, but we are waiting to announce it so that cunt of a man Mourinho spends and wastes most of his summer trying to buy him. Wenger developing minds games….? Footballs a funny game, so why ever not? I have dreamed of the moment when Wenger makes Mourinho shit the bed.

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  94. Signing Cesc and re-enforcing what is, already, a pretty formidable squad of out-and-out attacking midfield players was never the priority. There are other areas of the squad that need much more attention and re-enforcing.

    And, it’s not about where Cesc, or any other fucker, goes next, IT’S ABOUT WHO WE SIGN.

    Cesc is, and has been, a great player. If he comes back the PL then I hope, without malice, that those days are behind him.

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  95. So So disappointing. Surely we cant have enough creative players considering we are the Arsenal and there are bound to be a number of casualties over the season. It’s like what Blogs said. What may seem logical to us never seems to be logical to Arsene. Why insert a first refusal clause if you don’t intend to use it when the opportunity presents itself? And it wouldn’t have cost us that much either. If he ends up in Manure or Chelski I’d be absolutely sick to my stomach. It’s hard enough bearing the sight of one of our former captains playing for the scum that is manure. If you think that is bad, this is going to look ten times worse. Or even playing for that cunt Mourinho. Please be it that you are trolling Arsene!

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    • He would have used the buy-back clause last summer, no doubt in my mind. The emergence of Ramsey and the capture of Ozil have changed the dynamics.

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  96. Jeeez guys, anyone would think the transfer window closed tomorrow. We have 2.5 months to play “the waiting game” sit back, be patient, make a coffee and try to relax/enjoy the transfer window….

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  97. A lot of people are questioning the logic to not sign Cesc.. Maybe our so called war-chest suggested by the media isn’t really £100 million or such a ludicrous amount.. Maybe, and most likely it’s a lot less, which, if we did opt to buy Cesc would surely only hinder our chances of getting the world class striker (and seeing to other positions like RB and DM) that everyone is crying out for. It really is early days in the transfer window (especially the way Arsenal operate on deadline day). I say let’s wait and see what Wenger&Co have in store for us and make judgements then. If we don’t strengthen in this window, than not signing Cesc was a bad decision. If we sign a solid DM, RB and a world class striker (which we actually need), surely that’s better business. COYG

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    • Dude, this is what people have been telling us for 8 years, our stadium costed £550m to build and during this 8 years have we not been going 0-0 every season? Surely the ticket prices has been one of the most expensive in modern football. We must have paid that debt by now.. Stop excusing lack of ambitions with explanations about lack of money, because if there is one thing they don’t lack, it is money.

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      • I’m not excusing a lack of ambition because of money, I’m excusing what I consider a relatively redundant purchase because of priority, whilst factoring in reality. It’s not football manager. £30million on Cesc leaves us in what position to strengthen in other areas? Areas that actually need to be strengthened. I would love to have Cesc back, but not at the cost of neglecting other areas of the team that genuinely require it; that’s from a pure footballing perspective.

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        • We’re not really gonna be signing anyone who will strengthen us in other areas though.. 🙂 You can argue that Rémy might do a good job at arsenal but I for one realise that this player is not gonna make us much better. Hence why I find it depressing when we miss out on a player which would definetly have made us better. The only thing Arsene seems to be in the market for are more depth and cheap players.

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        • Surely it’s a contradiction to suggest he’s after depth and yet not sign Cesc? Cesc would have added exactly that, depth. What we need however, is genuine strengthening in other areas. Depth is a luxury in actual fact – When our squad is adequate in all areas, than I’ll consider it unwise to sign someone for the price Cesc would cost. I know we’ve been fed the same stories year after year, but something tells me it’s different this time. This is all on the back of real möney being spent (I needn’t elabörate), a trophy being won (FA Cup), and no players being sold (the Bacary situation is different). Have faith buddy, we support the Arsenal for better or for worse.

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    When we r looking for world class players they will generally prefer to go to clubs who pay them more and we lose out. This is one situation where a world class player wants to come to us and we are not up for it!
    We have lots of attacking midfielders but none of them are as good as cesc. His arsenal stats are better than any of them!
    He was our captain for fuck sake and for me one of our best ever players under wenger with thierry, Pires and Vieira. He works hard, hes got passion. Two things ozil doesnt have. Hes a big game player too and hes 27 years old!
    With respect to Wilshere, hes nowhere near cesc’s level


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  99. I can clearly see both sides of the argument, I and I’m leaning towards having him than not. Having said that, my wish is for fans on both sides to respect Arsene’s decision in any case. Would hate for us to be divided because of this issue.

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  100. If we truly have the 100m why can’t we do this?

    Remy (14 league goals last season in 26 app): FW (8-10m),

    Aurier: RB (7m),

    Greizmann (insane talent!!!): LF(18m)

    GK: Fabianski pays.

    Cesc: AM, CM, DM, RF, LF, False FW (25m or less, 100k/week, Barca still owes us/we’ve got shares on him). World class player, totally controls the team, automatically becomes our best player if he joins!

    Total spend: 60m’ish…..Can still add a 30m striker even!

    Are we seriously contenders next season, or pretenders? Costa just completed his medicals at Chelski, and you wanna aid them with Cesc?

    United and Le Spuds wanna get into the top 4 next season and we’r talking about Wilshere or whoever-shere’s growth? How about those we’ve groomed who’ve deserted us?

    Given our injury worries I don’t see how anyone’s growth’s gon’ be inhibited, rather it affords the likes of Wilshere to learn from the best, Jack. Rosicky, Song and Flamini were at their best when Cesc was with us…they all learned from him, though it got into Song’s head.

    Ramsey and Ozil were out last season for a chunk, and that ruined our title challenge.

    4 competitions y’all! 4 comps!

    And if we would be facing the Madrids, Barcas and Bayerns of this world, a quality fighter like Cesc comes first on my team sheet ahead of any other midfielder we’ve got.

    Need I need to mention, the likes of Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, probably even Santi got 1 or 2 more seasons to go tops….there goes 4 quality midfielders.

    And the only reason the board won’t be signing Fab would be, they can’t let go off their cut in that Fab money.

    We’ve played cheap for far too long, it’s time to manthefxckup! More successes brings more dough.

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  101. If we have 30 mil to spend AFTER buying a first-choice RB, backup GK, first team DM, wide forward, and striker, then buying Cesc is a no-brainer.

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  102. I said Cesc was not coming back here a few days ago and I was shouted down. He’ll go to Chelsea. My offer to hand out tissues to disappointed Gooners still stands by the way.

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  103. Unbelievable! Though I really feel like sobbing my heart out, I’ve convinced myself that I’ll reserve my judgement until the end of the transfer window. If you’re going to turn down Cesc, it has to be to make use of that money elsewhere.

    Hasn’t it?


    The rest of this transfer window better fucking deliver.

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  104. The bit that gets me the most, the fact that he will most likely end up at Chelsea which is bad enough on its own let alone the fact they’ve all but signed Costa & will most likely add more people that…… Fabregas supplying the likes of Hazard & Costa is going to strengthen them ridiculously.

    The optimism for this summer is quickly evaporating. As well as we did last season we were mileeeees behind City & Chelsea individually (6-0, 6-3 ICYMI -_-) so the need to strengthen is massive! I’m just not sure Wenger has it in him to bridge that gap with the quality we need. I really really really really want Wenger to make me eat my words but I suppose we will see come September 1st!


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  105. @kiggeman,

    Not buying Cesc doesn’t demonstrate a lack of ambition. He doesn’t fit the plans so they are not bringing him in. Barca is selling him, does that demonstrate a lack of ambition on their part?

    I never saw the need for him. If it was last summer, I’ll be 100% on board. He had his chance to leave last year but he decided to stay at his dream club. Good luck to him wherever he goes but I’m not the least bothered it won’t be at arsenal

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  106. Need to strenghten the team where it is needed first if we want to challenge for trophies. Had this happened last summer im sure we would have signed him up, but we bought Özil and got a number of players capable of filling the Cam role, so prority should ofcourse be to strenghten where we need it most.

    If thomking with your head and not your heart, then i think we all can Agree we have more important areas to strenghten before attacking midfield 🙂

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  107. reported £200mill a week for Cesc at Chelsea. Managed by the guy who poked Vilanova in the eye. Hmm.

    Wish I could believe that the £30mill would be better spent on a world class striker. It won’t be. It’ll be someone mediocre like Remy.

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  108. It will all be happy days until Cesc comes home from training and John Terry has his woman bent over the sink

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  109. Too much sentiment is involved when mentioning Cesc… people forget he went on strike and paid 5mil out of his own pocket to force his move to Barca back in the day.
    I like Cesc and I think he’s world class, but seeing as our transfer budget is 100 mil (supposedly), not 300, and as we’re all familiar with Wenger’s way of (not) spending, spending 30 mil pounds for Cesc would probably mean we can forget about strengthening the areas we really need – which are CF, DM, RB, goalie and I dare say even a left winger should come before another playmaker.
    Thanks for the memories but it’s time to move on. Am hardly a Wenger fan but I support him fully for choosing not to buy back Cesc, great decision (if we get the players we NEED).
    Getting a strong team should come before getting a strong squad, right now our first 11 aren’t good enough to challenge for the title, so we shouldn’t be looking at “depth” signing such as Cesc. There’s a reason we paid 42.5 mil for Ozil, don’t forget that.

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  110. re is a possibility that Cesc himself is not very keen on a move back to Arsenal. He can’t have any assurance as a regular starter now and that would kill his chances with national team. Given his relationship with Wenger, I will not be surprised to learn that they had a discussion over this already. Let’s hope Psg can save us.

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    • He shouldn’t have any assurance of starting either at Chelsea either–Mourinho would probably have Oscar and Willian ahead of him on the depth chart.

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  111. I am too far down the list for anybody to notice so I am unlikely to get flamed!

    I would love to have Cesc back, but where would he play? Le’s be realistic. We don’t have the money – and that £100 million won’t go far – to buy player because of emotion, and that’s what it is where Cesc is concerned. We NEED a DM and Striker, we all know that, they are the priority. As I say, I would love him to come back. I just don’t think it is the best option for us.

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  112. Stupid decision. Cazorla is 30. Wilshere has gone poo so really we have ozil and Ramsey. Plus Cesc can play up front plus its Cesc for fucks sake. And for all those who plan to boo him wtf do you want him to do. Barca want rid and Wenger the tit has said no. Should he just retire. Its a stupid decision because A) he can play many positions B) because he’s got 5 or 6 years ahead of him whereas a lot of our midfield is aging Arteta, Flamini, Cazorla and C) because I said so

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  113. I’m tired of all this..I mean we are talking about FRANCESC for God’s sake. A midfielder that guarantees average of 15 goals and 20 assists every season,he’s an upgrade on every midfielders we have,only 27,and at the peak of his powers,he still has at least 5 years at the top. those that want him to join the likes of matic,mikel,van ginkel,ramires,Oscar,hazard,willian,salah,schurle at Chelsea are just plain silly especially when their point of view is our perceived “depth” in midfield. He can easily replace the likes of rosicky,arteta and flamini. He’s Top 5 best in d world in players you can deploy in CM,AMC,False 9. There is no sense in allowing our former captain,who is at the peak in his development(not some 30-something have-been ) to play for chelshit aka our worst enemy

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  114. But if Barca still owes us £15m for the original Cesc and Song transfers, doesn’t that mean we’d only be paying £15m for Fabregas? If he goes somewhere else, all that will happen is that Barca will pay us the £15m back which won’t be enough to buy a player of Cesc’s calibre. Let’s not forget both Ozil and Ramsey were injured at the same time this season and it cost us when if we’d had a Fabregas we could have pushed on. With our luck, it will happen again.

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    • No, it still costs £30 million. £15 million up front for the player and £15 million of payments from Barca that’s taken out of our budget later. Basic accounting really.

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  115. This is fucking heart breaking. Sell Rosicky & Arteta at around 2 million a piece, Add the 9 million they owe and it’s totally do-able without sacrificing additions in other areas.

    “We love Cesc Fabregas” Ahem “Fuck you Cesc Fabregas” ?

    Lemon sandwich,anyone ?….I’m feeling really bitter about this one.

    Off to scream into a towel for a few hours.

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    • Sell Arteta.

      The last thing we need is unfamiliarity in CDM ahead of a defense particularly with Sagna leaving and a new man in at RB.

      Stability is key unless you are Spuds in disguise.

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      • No Spud here. No need to get twatty.

        You will struggle to find anything that will provide greater stability than numbers in the squad.

        As for Arteta. We have both Wilshere & Flamini that can play that role. Both being less likely to “Do the crab-man”. That drove me mad last season.

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  116. Ironic that if we’d been more decisive and/or ambitious earlier in the market last summer we’d have added Higuain or Suarez instead of the last ditch fan appeasement of Ozil, meaning Wenger would have welcomed back Cesc this summer with open arms and a huge paternal grin.

    So if the unplanned purchase of Ozil now means we not only miss out on Cesc but watch him play for a PL rival next season, two things better happen. Firstly, we must now sign the world class striker to complement Giroud that we spent most of last summer unsuccessfully pursuing. And secondly, Ozil, much as I’m delighted he’s an Arsenal player, must improve on his first season and show the kind of passion, commitment and consistent, top-level, game-changing quality that Cesc gave us during his time here. Otherwise it’s all arse about face and we’ve fucked up in two consecutive summer windows.

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    • We would not have added higuain or Suarez last season even if we were more’decisive’ early in the season.

      1) Suarez situation was misread. Liverpool had no intention of selling

      2) Higuain situation depended on napoli’s appetite. they got him for 35m but had pockets to chase price upwards

      3) Our situation complicated by Ozil possibility at the end. Nothing happens in a vaccum except for in footy fans heads. Wenger knew Madrid would sell a prize asset and had to reserve money for Ozil at the end. They had to wait the sale of bale. Thereby there was an impact on our striker budget bc we needed to reserve at least 45m at back end of market. Which is why wenger was reluctant to go beyond 40m +2 for Suarez (and likely Higuain). That Napoli got Higuain for 35m does not mean they would not have pushed pricing to 45m mark.

      It is important to understand market dynamics and the fact that we have a finite budget even with new found financial muscle.

      we cannot compete say against Chelsea for Costa which is why they get him in at 32m. If we enter the fray, they can easily increase and follow price to 50m ++ where we cannot afford to do so having also other priorities to fill in various positions this summer. Also enterting a direct bidding war against someone with bigger and deeper pockets would be foolish as they may reciprocate in kind blocking on our bids for other positions.

      Where I do agree we can enter the fray earlier this season is in our pursuit of GK back up, CB and RB.

      particularly RB and possibly CB but all this depends on availability and what is going on ahead of us.

      The striker position where we SHOULD play for the big name will be more complicated and we may have to await other movement by clubs with bigger deeper pockets before entering the fray.

      Again it may be dependent on madrid’s actions should they decide to stock up with a new striker like say Suarez. In which case one of Morata or preferably benzema may come available and we may cash in on hopefully good relations from our last purchase with them.

      Also to watch Falcao who is a bit under the radar. if several fickle rich clubs forget his qualities bc he is injured and won’t be at the world cup to showcase them, Wenger may have opportunity to swoop in if those clubs have commited their money elsewhere and we can beat off the riff raff.

      So it it is perfectly natural to be patient and watch market dynamics. Plunging in head first in some of these deals is one of the worse things you could do.;)

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  117. Here’s the bottomline: Wenger had better have some TOP QUALITY signings lined up, for him to be passing out on Fabregas.

    If not, i’m pretty excited for that stretch when Ozil, Wilshere and Ramsey are all injured this season (yes, you know it’s happening), and we have to play Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

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  118. Wenger is always saying how there is a lack of quality players for sale, and that’s why we’ve had such lame summers in recent years, the Ozil signing (which was more luck than judgement I think) being the exception. So now there is a quality player for sale, one that we have first refusal on, we’re not going to buy! Don’t get it. Yes, there are other areas that need strengthening more than midfield, but this seems like a great opportunity to help fill the squad with proven quality, and we’re passing on it. Seems daft. But IAWT.

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  119. I cannot believe people are saying we shouldn’t bring cesc back,

    All this “he acted awful before he left” is absolute bollocks, he was offered the chance to play for the greatest team in the world at that time for more money and which happened to be the team he had grown up watching – what do you expect?

    Cesc has remained clearly an arsenal fan ever since he has left tweeting or saying nothing but praise for wenger and the arsenal team.

    AND can I just remind you all of the extreme 6-0 loss to Chelsea arsenal endured by the lack of players due to injury last season. Do you want that to be 7-0, 8-0? Because with cesc there and injuries again at arsenal that would be nothing but a surprise to me.

    Bring him back for gods sake.

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  120. “Esto no es bueno” – Santi Cazorla

    But in all seriousness, we have more pressing needs at the moment. Ozil is going to come good next season, why spend another 30m+ massive wages when we got a guy for more than that last year at the same position?

    I’d rather see Balotelli, Remy, DM (no clue who we’re after), Aurier/Uchida. Maybe toss in a youngster or two from the lower leagues as well.

    The depth argument is pretty valid when you compare it to this past season, however it’s unlikely the timing of injuries will be quite so unfortunate next year. *knock-on-wood*

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  121. Have any of you ever thought that maybe this is just a ruse to potentially derail Chelsea’s Summer plans? Maybe we will end up signing, something I’m not too big a supporter of myself. Why, you ask?

    Arsene will have about £80 million to spend, and that include player’s wages. Suppose we spend around 18-20 (Barca owe us about 12 million) to bring in Cesc, then pay him around 150k/week, that would leave us with just about £55 million to spend on a Striker, backup GK, RB, and possibly LW. Ask yourself: Will that be enough to bring in the quality Arsenal fans have been clamoring about?

    This isn’t a matter of whether Wenger wants to bring in Cesc or not (He loves the kid ffs), but rather a matter of, “Is he worth sacrificing the balance of the team and ignore what we need?” Arsene would jump at this possibility like a starved vulture if he had the means. Sadly, he doesn’t; therefore, he mustn’t. Unless, of course, he’s granted more £ and doesn’t mind sacrificing Arteta and defensive stability.

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  122. We clearly dont ‘need’ him, but boy wouldnt it be special to have him back? I dont mind if we dont sign him, but if the transfer window shuts, and we have spent our customary 3% of the transfer budget just to allow more dividends to the board and i have to see Cesc turn out for Chelski and kiss their badge, I wont be a happy man and Cesc will be dead to me.

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    • I don’t know how this falsehood keeps getting repeated, but can you show me where Arsenal FC has in the past several years ever paid dividends to their board members? Their financial books are open for anyone to analyze, so if they did, you would see them in the ledgers.

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  123. Wenger’s illogical decisions have begun again! We needed Cesc because our midfielders always get injured (see The Ox) and you can never have too many great players. Now we have to suffer the shame of watching him play against us for a rival. Do we not have enough money for a tactical buy and still be able to afford the players in the lacking areas. Somedays ita an absolute bitch being and Arsenal fan…

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    • Wenger fans will always defend his every decision and try to find logic in the decisions where there is none.

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      • We have place for Kim Källström and Abou Diaby in our midfield but not for Cesc who could even play at several positions? That logic….

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        • kallstrom is a loan.

          Diaby is a legacy who may yet contribute.

          Where would fabregas play and who will he displace. What impact will that be on natural organic growth of younger players?

          Why would we pay 30m ++ when we have polenty of midfielders.

          Highly illogical there.

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        • Spending just under half of our available transfer budget on a player who would be a luxury but not a necessity is something we can’t afford to do. I would of loved him back at the club, but it wouldn’t of stopped fans complaining come September, “oh we got another attacking mid that we didn’t need but no wc striker that we were in deperater need of, wenger out”.

          Wenger clearly feels money can be spent better else where, and I’d much prefer a top quality striker as well as strengthening in other key positions then a player who is similar to what we have and no wc talent added elsewhere.

          I’ve seen some of the most ridiculous comments today, such as “I would happily give back the fa cup if it meant we could have Fab”, or I’d be willing to sell Ozil and Rambo to have Cesc”.

          The window has barely just begun, we won’t be getting Cesc as Wenger clearly feels he isn’t a necessity, I trust Wenger will be making the right decision. Judge this window on being successful at the end of the season, not the start of June.

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        • We’re not gonna get any world class striker though, we are getting Loïc Remy, not exactly world class, lol. Who would Fabregas replace? No-one, he could play on the wing and as a Central Midfielder. He could rotate between different positions without any problems.

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  124. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
    Im gonna have to get drunk now….damnit, i was saving that for tomorrow!

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    • There are plenty of options in market for midfield additions even if this is really at best an opportunity buy as it is low priority this summer.

      We frankly may need someone out wide left wing who can add a bit of guile.

      Cabella is a possibility as is Greizzman or Konoplyanka who can cover across midfield. even Grenier who nominally plays centrally could play out wide and add something.

      All these options are WAAAAAY cheaper than Fabregas.

      and it is not an urgent addition.

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      • Yeah because a club of arsenal’s status should obviously be looking for cheap “bargains” above quality. You mention these players as cheaper? As far as I know Griezmann got a buy-out clause of £26m, which has been activated by PSG. He’ll definetly go there, Cabella is untested as fuck, I’d not like him to sign. Konoplyanka is most likely gonna go to Liverpool… So I mean it’s pretty much not a situation about “logic” in this decisions. It’s lack of ambitions. Nobody can honestly expect us to win the title next season with only Loïc Remy and Serge Aurier and a Reservee keeper..

        Wake the fuck up, this club is being runned by a bunch of greedy idiots.

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      • Also Barcelona still owes us money so it would have been more like a £15-20m transfer.. And we turned it down..

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  125. not surprising.

    1) 30m ++ before bidding war

    2) We have a surfeit in midfield

    3) We have other priorities at CB, Rb and GK not to mention striker. A deal like this will distract away from these priorities.

    what is illogical are fans who hark toward nostalgia and irrational ideas that history will repeat itself.

    We were hit in midfield this season but tit does not mean we will be hit again when everyone is back.

    We were hit in Cback a couple of seasons ago but have stayed relatively fresh injury wise at the back, up top and at CDM this season. this alone should dispell the myth of our injury prone nature.

    Pound for pound if you put our squad next to City, we have as many if not more midfielders.

    how would you accomodate the organic growth of younger players (think Ramsey) alongside players returning from injury (think Walcott, and eventually Chamberlain too)???

    2 of the 3 departures in the squad this season after all are bc of lack of playing time.

    I’m glad footy fans do not make decisions in the market. Most are simply use to buying things at fixed prices in the stores and have no knowledge of haggling.

    Our priorities remain consistent :


    And if last season has taught us anything (which to some it clearly has not) too much change is not necessarily a good thing (see Spurs)

    Do the necessary business first.

    Midfield additions (and DM) is frankly low priority this summer. They can await refreshing next summer.

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    • Santori you keep posting about the transfer window as if it’s FiFA 14 Career mode and i’ll keep harking about nostalgia. Nostalgia is what makes this club so fucking special to support but maybe this is lost on the Sky sports news, FiFa 14 modern day football fan.

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    • Buy Cesc.

      How long more will Arteta and Rosicky feature as contenders? Both need to have a replacement lined up oe in place by the end of this year.

      Buy Cesc.

      Arsene needs to look beyond ‘immediate priorities’ and look down the road a bit. We need Cesc, we need his experience, and we need his love of Arsenal.

      Buy Cesc.

      I just hope we don’t wake up to that fact when we see him playing for Manchester United or Chelsea.

      Buy Cesc.

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  126. Riddle me this, why are Barca letting him go (at a footballer’s prime) after courting him in such nauseating fashion a few years ago?

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    • Because they’ll have a two-window transfer ban starting in January 2015, and desperately need to raise funds this summer to address the areas in their squad that really need addressing?

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  127. @Omer,

    Don’t be fooled, Cesc didn’t pay 5m out of his own pocket. Barca probably paid another 20m to Cesc’s father’s company to make up for that 5m cesc supposedly paid. The whole Neymar transfer fraud is not the first time Barca has done it. It’s just the first time they were caught.

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  128. Wenger you ruthless ruthless man.

    How have you become so ruthless. A year ago wenger wily have jumped at the chance to sign cesc.

    But I agree with wenger.

    MY HEART WANTS CESC but my brain yes my brains says nooooo

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  129. Say what you like about maureen but at least he is in the market buying and selling. we get the same sound bites from AW and ivan blah blah bkah busy summer we can compete etc etc.
    We know what we need and maybe cesc wasnt the priority but we will not spend the 60/70 m we need to spend to push on and compete for the league. chelsea have improved either we step up or lose ground. AW better have an ace or two up his sleeve prior to august. tick tick tick.

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  130. Buy the right players and next season we can tear Chelsea a new one and if they have Cesc playing for them when we do, so much the better.

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  131. Surely we should buy, him even if we don’t need a attacking midfielder, we could sell him on next year for a big profit…

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  132. The transfer market doesn’t end until August 31. We are still in June. Close to 90 days to go. Get off the ledge people

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  133. I wouldn’t believe David Ornstein if he told me it would rain in England. Remember him spouting bullshit last summer that was allegedly 100% and nought came of any of it.

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  134. Make no mistake. WE WILL FUCKING REGRET THIS. We had £100m BEFORE PUMA AND EXTRA EMIRATES MONEY. We can afford Cesc & transfer targets, to think it is one or the other is rubbish. What happened last night? 2 injury prone players out YET AGAIN. We should not have gone through the no money shit for this bollocks. Lets do this and get the lot. BRING CESC HOME NOW!! FFS….

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  135. We cant let him go there. It will hurt like hell, fab is my fav ever player, been supporting the club for years.

    Fab always tried – for me ozil isnt in the same class – its an attitude/aplication thing. They both have the talent.

    I would rather him go to any other team on the planet including spurs. Chelsea are a horrible team, managed by a disgrace whom delights in attacking arsenal and Wenger.
    He should have served some time for that assault in Spain where he poked a rival coach in the eye.

    If my most beloved played goes to that club I will find it very hard to forgive Wenger.

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  136. In light of this, the expectations are now going to be pretty fucking massive on at least a couple of serious signings being made. They MUST deliver now.

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  137. I would love to see Cesc Fabregas back in Arsenal but in one part we don’t need him. We need to fill in others areas. And if he decides to join Chelshit just because he wants to play in Premier League again, he’s being fucking disrespectful. They are non-English clubs that want him, like PSG and Bayern Munich. In one point, he fucked off when we needed him the most. So please stop being so sentimental, so emotional and start being logical. There is still time to sigh. So just chill!

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 2

    • And what makes you think you’re going to get those other areas filled?

      History? Tradition? What?

      As for him going to another club? You stop telling Cesc who and who not he can play for (after we reject him) and I’ll stop telling you where you can go and where you can put it.

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      • You’re being to emotional towards Fabregas. He loves us so much that he decided to stay with us right? Oh wait…No! And Ozil decided to join us when we needed him the most. Spot the difference.

        Thumb up 7 Thumb down 2

        • Sure, I’ve an emotional attachment towards Cesc – I have an emotional attachment towards lots of our players – they’re constituent parts of the club I love.

          But it’s the arrogance of people taking a moral stance on players’ movements that I object to here. You claim Cesc would be ‘disrespectful’ if he signed for Chelsea. You also claim he ‘fucked off’ when he left us.

          Perhaps you’re being a bit too emotional and a tad too hypocritical because leaving one place of work for another is something we all do in our lives without major ethical dilemmas and doubtless you have no moral problem with someone fucking off from another club and coming to us.

          Or maybe I’m wrong and you really do equate these situations.

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  138. It will be horrible watching him play for Chelsea, but personally I think it’s the right call, we have a key summer ahead wanting to kick on after ending the trophy drought and we need to make our transfer decisions based on cool hard logic, not emotion.
    The fact is, our squad is full of attacking creative players, but to compete next season needs another forward, a DM, a RB and back up keeper, I think we also need to add a winger with pace – (we really missed Theo) Cesc was a great player for us and it would have been nice to see him back, but were we to buy, I suspect it would have been at the expense of getting in a player we really do need.

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  139. Cesc is a class better than Özil, it will bite us when Cesc scores 15 and assists 15, while Özil sulks when it isn’t going for him.

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  140. Its up for the fans to take action. Get tube meet tomorrow at 6pm outside the museum and protest. Believe me if we all get together and ask friends to come at least the message will be heard as the bbc will be there. Time to make a stand if you care one hour lets hit the emirates and protest that one of our kings is being sold to chelsea cunts. At least we can make a point. Just one hour it will take to make headlines so come on support the demo tomorrow and make news. We want cesc fabregas!

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  141. Everyone defending Wenger still?

    This won’t be quite the fucking travesty it seems if we make some quality signings. I hope I’m wrong but I’m expecting a couple of nobody’s from ligue1 or 2.

    Even though it’s the same shit every year it stills feels like a kick in the dick.

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  142. I haven’t felt this sick since we let van cunt join manure. And Cesc is on a completely different level. Tell me it ain’t true. We can’t be letting any of our rivals get hold of our Cesc. No Fuckn way!!!!

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  143. I think there are two names that make this a big story. One is “Fabregas,” the other is “Chelsea.” I, like most of you, was thrilled at the prospect of Cesc’s return, but at the end of the day, it really doesn’t make a lot of sense. While Wenger’s agonizingly slow and meticulous approach to the transfer market is maddening, the man simply doesn’t make emotional decisions like this. Let’s assume the war chest is 100M. He will not spend nearly a third of it on one player to provide depth in an area where we already have it. I would like to see an upgrade to that depth as well, but not at that price. That would leave too little for the areas where we truly lack it, at striker, GK, RB, DM, and CB. He will not sign a player just to spite a rival. In doing so, he would be acting like another cunty, petulant little man who I’ll just call JM. I know this is frustrating, but do we want him to become that guy? Do we want to support that club? I don’t. Arsenal is about dignity, class, competency, and professionalism. It is for these reasons that Wenger won’t sign him and shouldn’t have. I know we’d all love to dust off the old Fabregas jerseys and stick it up JM’s ass in the process, but Wenger just doesn’t do things that way, and I for one, am glad he doesn’t.

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    • We had a goalkeeper and a RB before Wenger let them go on a free. Sagna was an important player to Arsenal, and his contract should not have been allowed to expire, which it clearly was. Flappy also turned out to be good, and clearly shouldn’t have been let go on a free. Wenger appears to struggle with signings and players contracts ever since David Dein left. We need someone of Deins quality to manage signings, Wenger does not appear to be able to manage them on his own.

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    This cannot be allowed to happen! How can we not need Fabregas

    Arsene and the board – you must be f*cking stupid to an unbelievable level

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  145. Reading some of the stuff on here you’d think the transfer window had shut already. It doesn’t even open till jully 1st.

    Its exactly this kind of reactionary bs that sickens me in modern football, just because chelski and PSG are blowing their load this early on doesn’t mean anything as far as we’re concerned.

    Because Chelsea and PSG can afford to offer crazy wages and signing on fees to agents doesn’t mean we should be similarly held to random to pay over the odds for every tom dick and Harry who is “available”.

    We will make our own signings in our own time without getting drawn into a pointless bidding war with the mega rich, so calm your horses lads, it’s not even July, we can start worrying on deadline day.

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    • We have first rights to sign a world class player. Arsene said no. Why? You tell me. Is this the first time Arsene jsut refused to do what just makes plain sense? Nope. Are we sick to death of it? Yep.

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  146. People who want Cesc back are a majority….period. How about Puma contributing as he is one of their players? With half our midfielders prone to injury and 3 nearing retirement age I do not accept Cesc could not play a major role.

    If you believe the rumours Wenger is already looking at the bargain bucket anyway…he nearly always does.

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  147. What the fuck are half you lot saying?? You are talking about a player that took a penalty with a broken leg for us against them, and scored and mated his fucking heart out week in week out for us ALWAYS!! The guy is totally class in all ways!
    Wake up and get a grip you negative counts out there!!’ This is Cesc Fabregas we are talking about!! I have prayed for this to happen since he left!! I have supported ARSENAL for 41 years!!
    It is implausible to think of him anywhere else!!! Especially no where near that fucking cunt of a cunt M…. CUNT….O

    I rest!!!!

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  148. Great now Cesc will be playing against us every season. It’s like watching your wife in bed with John Terry.

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 1

    • Your ex-wife, who divorced with her 2nd husband, who had his DNA in her, with John Terry, who doesn’t really care about any Joe’s DNA as he is always eager to get with the mix.

      Yeah the whole thing is dirty soap opera, but it is in someone else’s backyard now.

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  149. I can’t believe this – Mourinho did everything he could to block any Chelski player coming to us and now we’re handing an Arsenal legend to him on a plate? Any feel good factor that’s been hanging around since the FA cup will instantly vapourise should this ever be allowed to happen. That man does not belong and does not want to be at Scumford bridge, having watched him dig us out of trouble time after time, and celebrate with the fans at the clock end when he did. Wenger and the board, for once grow a pair and bring him home, we’ve already paid for him in the increased season ticket price.

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  150. Sooo many emotional fans here its sad. People are trash talking Ozil but you guys forget that all these players such as Cesc, RVP… etc LEFT US BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO! Ozil is the first one to want to come to us and you guys are bashing him and saying he’s shit.

    Fabregas said this himself: No hay nadie mejor que Özil de mediapunta

    Meaning: There is no better playmaker (No. 10) than Ozil. (meaning Ozil is better than him)

    So just because you guys have fond memories of Cesc doesn’t mean he’s better when he himself said Ozil is the best.

    Give Ozil a chance at least geez it was his first year, most of you are a sorry bunch it makes me ashamed to be an Arsenal fan. We all know Cesc is great but don’t be so blind about it. Cesc was playing with RVP, Adebayor, Henry, etc…. Ozil plays with Giroud and Sanogo and no forwards really, wilshere, santi, rosicky who are all no 10s as well.

    Say good things about Cesc but attacking Ozil is just stupid. Hes the one who came to us! Imagine Ozil reading people saying crap and saying to sell him to get a player that left Arsenal cz he wanted to is just sad.

    Anyways my opinion on this is that if we did have money left over after signing vital players that we should have signed cesc but seems its not going to happen anymore.

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  151. Wow – this one really hurt. Always had a soft spot for Fab. He played with so much passion for our club and that is so damn rare these days. Pretty gutted I have to admit :o(

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  152. Incredible how many people want to flog Mesut to bring back our ex captain who forced through a transfer leaving us completely desparate to fill the void left by him for years.
    £30+m for sentimental reasons even though he showed us no sentiment. He forced a transfer through so he watch the best players in the world.

    Nasri get’s abused (rightly so)
    Van Persie also
    Cesc, because he screwed us over to return to a club who had let him go once before and now have let him go again is deified. Cesc can say no to Chelsea, but will he?
    We didn’t need this position before we saw Barca wanted to sell Cesc, so why would we now?
    There is no room for sentiment in professional football as Nasri, Van Persie and Cesc have all shown us especially when you have to blow half the transfer budget on it in a crucial transfer window.

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  153. ” Arsene how much of a relief with it be not to see the headline, ‘9 years without a trophy again’ ?”

    Arsene: ” it’s just means that they will have to be a little more creative ”

    1 month later: fabregas for sale!!!! Arsenal not exercising buy back option!!!!!!! Wenger outttttt.

    I won’t believe any of this bullshit untill it’s set in stone, I recommend everybody do the same. The media know what will get hits.

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  154. Last year we also needed a striker and instead brought in Ozil. And I think we are a better team because of it.
    fact is, Cesc is a world class talent that will make any team he plays for better. And people also say we have Ramsey, Ozil, Wilshere, etc. But most of our midfielders missed an awful lot of games last season. Let’s face it, if we had Cesc to step in when Ramsey was injured and Ozil lost form, we could have been battling for the title rather than for 4th place again. Simply put, Cesc will make us better, so I’d easily be willing to spend the 30m or so to sign him.

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    • Always trade for talent, not need. That’s the mantra among NBA GM’s. When a world class player is available and WANTS to join you, you don’t say no. You just don’t. I’m going to jump off a bride now thanks.

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  155. If we are going to push for full honours next season then we’re going to play a lot of games. We need all the strength in depth we can get. Especially given our injury history and the fact it’s a world cup season and players will no doubt be fatigued come Christmas.

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  156. Here’s a question: If Wenger doesn’t think we need another attacking mid then why on earth did he bid for Draxler in January?

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  157. The sad truth is that, when Wenger goes, a cloud will be lifted over our club in regard to transfers. Now, before you attack the thumbs down button, I support Wenger. I want him to stay as long as he wants. However, it is unfathomable that the man who brought us Pires, Henry, Vieira, Ljungberg, Lauren, Lehmann, Toure, C*le, et al has brought a culture of stinginess and miserliness to this club. Yes, we have been on a budget, but even so, last year it took right until the last minute to get the Wizard of Öz and I believe that deal could have gone either way.

    Now, to the issue at hand. Other clubs clearly are going for shit in the transfer window already. But not us. Not a peep. Just a very frustrating statement from Gazdidis about juggling a budget, something that really goes against our current financial situation. When Wenger goes, I can’t imagine a new manager being half as stingy as he appears to be. Ever since I started watching football, transfers have excited me. I remember when Shearer went to Newcastle. They knew what they wanted and they went for it. I remember Man United pulling their finger out for Ferdinand and even Rooney. Not to mention Italian clubs; Batistuta and players like that. It’s exciting; it lifts the club and makes us watch football. Arsenal is anti all of that. And it just perpetually sucks. I wish it would end. I wish Arsene would pair his supreme intellect with a bit of cash splashing, and gung ho-ness.

    I’ve already talked about why we need Fabregas. He’s proven in the Premiership … FOR US. He’d slot right back in. We nearly won the league with him and Flamini playing last time. I rate him better than every player on our team. All title and CL-winning sides have an abundance of WC players; you can’t have enough. Ozil, Cesc and Ramsey, not to mention our other talented players, would be perhaps the best midfield in the world. Guaranteed 15 goals and 20+ assists a season. Only just turned 27. We always have boatloads of injures — look at Chamberlain already. I could go on and on.

    I actually want to assume that I have been wrongly criticising Arsene in this post for a second. I am emotional about this, as you can see. Because, I cannot fathom that Arsene who spotted and developed Cesc — one of his most loved players — wouldn’t buy him back ESPECIALLY after inserting a buy-back clause, and spending £40m on Özil. I remember seeing Fabregas’ first senior game pretty much in the Charity Shield against Man U while we were ironically wearing blue shirts against Manchester United. Alongside Vieira he was by MILES the best player on the pitch. It were as if his boots were laser sighted and he had telekinetic powers to move the ball where he wanted. The little passes; the simple things; the drive forward – I have never seen such a precocious talent at Arsenal football club. So, to say again, I cannot believe Arsene would willingly deny his passage back into Arsenal.

    Emotion aside; I have come to the conclusion that the reason Fabregas may not be coming to Arsenal is Darren Dein. We currently have no players managed by him. That is surely not a coincidence, considering tons of our ex-players were; and most of those players we wanted to keep. I feel that Arsene and/or Arsenal has a ban on all players managed by Dein.

    What do you think?

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    • I agree with pretty much everything you have said.

      If Fabregas is desperate to come back to Arsenal he better be giving David Dein his P45!!

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  158. Torn on this one. If we can afford Cesc and still get our main targets then go for it. If after our main targets we’ve not got the dough then we’ll need to pass. We need the likes of Javi Martinez (or similar) and a top striker first. Oh, and a right back and back up keeper. Perhaps another CB too. Maybe a left winger? Then, we can see what’s left. Hopefully, we can get Cesc to hang on a bit before he decides to go to chelsea (they don’t deserve a capital letter).

    Still, I don’t think I could stand seeing him at chelsea. The thought of chelsea fans singing ”We’ve got Cesc Fabregas” at us actually makes me feel ill.

    If he does go to chelsea, the Cesc love in will be over for ever the minute he celebrates a goal/victory with Maureen and John Terry (shudder). For me, the sight of him in that blue shirt will be enough to erase all good memories of Cesc as a coping mechanism.

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  159. What are you doing Arsene. Please, at least explain your thinking. You cannot seriously be thinking we don’t need him because.. what? Because of Wilshere? Because of Arteta? Flamini?

    This is the same fucking logic that made us pass over Yaya Toure. Arsene explained because ‘we already had Vieira’. WTF!? Your job is to stockpile talent, do what’s good for the team! Not worry about the individual progression of a player. Nobody is going to give you a medal for maximising the talents of someone like Alex Song, who should never have been given so many opportunities in teh first place.

    Your stubborness and fixation of maximising talent, at the expense of team success is what will ultimately spell your legacy. SOmeone who was too stubborn to change. If you don’t win the EPL next season, that’s your legacy Arsene.

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  160. We don’t know the truth, this story could be BS. If Arsenal don’t want Cesc back it’s coz they know something we don’t. Maybe the guy is carrying a serious injury or squad chemistry would be affected. We don’t know the truth. Has Cesc come out and said he wants to return? Maybe he can’t agree terms with Wenger? We simply don’t know so let’s stop soiling our collective knickers!

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    • nonsense. we aren’t privy about cesc’s secret heart murmur or something. chelsea are the worst in every way but they do their due diligence. arsenal are simply allowing, nay, encouraging chelsea to buy him. awful, awful stuff.

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  161. It seemed like a no-brainer. He’s world-class and Arsene always says about bringing in world-class quality if its available. Why put the buy back clause in if you arent going to exercise it? All it did was raise fan expectation of a Cesc return.

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  162. One of the absolutely worst, shittiest aspects of Cesc possibly going to another Premiership club is completely overlooked – he will count as a home-grown player for one of the oil-oligarch toy clubs. This will be increasingly important under FFP, especially as Man City had their squad size cut. It is strengthening our rivals in TWO different ways.
    Not only will a direct rival get a world-class player at a halfway reasonable price, but we alleviate their squad UEFA concerns – he is much more valuable to any club in England. The same argument applies to a much lesser extent (for a decent not world-class player) to Vela.
    I think fans are pretty united in exactly what we need this summer, and our priorities are elsewhere. BUT given the lack of available “world-class” strikers relative to demand, I would be happy to instead spend on a younger unpolished gem like Morata for Wenger to perfect, and/or a proven Premier striker like Bony or Remy. Not great, but good, and I think the attempted loan of Demba Ba last year indicates that is the way the club is thinking.
    So if our “marquee” signing this summer isn’t a striker, it was likely to be DM or wide midfield (say, Bender or Draxler). But given that Rosicky, Arteta, Flamini and Cazorla will be 34, 33, 31, and 30 next season, I would be prepared to sacrifice the much-needed DM signing for ANY chance of getting Cesc back. He has the discipline and positional sense to play DM Arteta-style, and could provide rotation for Santi (whose form seems to dip when overplayed), Ramsey (overplaying causes injury) and Ozil. And I think Jack and Ox both need a *full* injury-free season before being counted as reliable starters.
    So I’d say FFS bring Cesc home at ALL cost, exercise the cheap Vela option (cover on both wings and striker, not going to World Cup), do the RB/GK housekeeping, and then sign one or two strikers. Top-level DM can wait a year, and there simply aren’t a lot of truly great strikers available, so it’s more about squad depth, and variety of options up front in terms of style.

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  163. Fuck it. Cesc was my favourite player since Bergkamp and is only going to improve us whether or not we already have a lot who play his position. I hope he rejects Chelsea. Would he really want to play for fucking Maureen? I hope he doesn’t come back to England, it would be like watching your girlfriend fucking someone else.

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  164. So I take it then that if Messi suddenly became available for 30 mil, we would say No to him too because we have too many creative midfielders !!?

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  165. Some say we’ve got 150m to spend. Some say 100m. Saome say 80m. I don’t know how much is being made available to Wenger and I’m happy about that. Last season we had Gazidis blabbing on about how much we’ve got available. It’s best not to let other clubs know (although they know we aren’t paupers anymore).

    Honestly? I think Wenger may have around 100m to spend if he wants to, but I doubt he’ll spend that much. My hunch is that he wants to keep the squad together and he’ll refuse Vermaelen’s request for a move if he asks. Same for Poldi. And I want him to do just that. Other clubs are holding players to contracts (Saurez was kept by Liverpool even though we did activate his release clause). We can moan and bitch about it, but I say good on Liverpool. We need to start showing the same cojones. If we don’t want a player to leave and he’s under contract then keep him. And this crap about ‘it’s not a good idea to keep an unhappy player’ is absolute nonsense. Good for whom? Certainly not the club. Players that are refused a move usually sulk a bit and then realise that they have a short career and may as well get on with it and do their best until a move becomes possible. Many times such players sign new contracts and want to stay (Rooney for example).

    Nope. I reckon Wenger will spend around 50m. Remember we only had a net spend of 30m or so last season. I just can’t see Arsene blowing all of our ‘savings’ in one window. It’s just not his style. It is a risk, just look at Spurs. Why do I think this?

    Well, if reports are true that Cesc isn’t coming back as we don’t want him, it tells me we aren’t spending 150m. Or even 100m.

    My prediction?

    Javi Martinez 30m
    Aurier 8m
    Remy 10m
    A keeper on a free or very cheap (no idea who that will be)

    If we did have 150m, can you see Wenger not signing Cesc? It would be a no brainer. For 150m he could buy those players mentioned above and still have change for a 30m striker, 25m left winger and Cesc. I admit that I would love it to happen, but it won’t. Sorry.

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  166. It’s not just about weather we need him in current set up. It is also about Arsene Wenger philosophy and Youth policy our board backed for all those frustrating years. Already selling RVPurse thing to UTD, Nasri, City to City has shown flaws in it. Fabregas was ultimate example of trust in Youth, the icon. If he goes to Chelsea what legacy left to pass on for likes ok Ramsey and Wilshere.

    It was board’s and manager’s chance to make a statement showing look we have made Fabregas who he is now and we won’t let our rivals to dwell on our hard works.

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  167. Is it me or does this feel a bit like revenge? Even though I love Cesc, he left and he did leave under a cloud. He didn’t cover himself in glory with his antics. Now, he’s not wanted and wants to come back. He wouldn’t come anywhere near us if Barca still wanted him.

    It feels a bit like your beautiful girlfriend leaving you after you paid for her Uni Education. You are devasted for years. Then, when your life is back on track and looking good, back she comes begging to have you back.

    It’s like the ex has been told ”No thanks, I’ve got someone else and I’m happy.”

    It does feel a little sweet, I have to admit (although I’ll vomit if he pulls on a chelsea shirt (they don’t deserve a capital letter, can we make that a rule?)

    Remember, she would not leave her ex if he hadn’t told her she’s ugly and wants to finish with her. We’ve had some plastic surgery, a penis extension and a massive payrise and the poontang is all over us. If you get my drift.

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  168. I feel l like crying.

    Seriously can’t we sign Cesc for the future as well?

    In 1-2 years we’ll need to replace arteta, rosicky, flamini and maybe carzola.

    Wouldn’t it be nice not to stress out about this next summer by already having one of the best midfielder on the planet?

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  169. Two possible scenarios.

    1. Wenger would like Cesc (at face value who wouldn’t, personally I would sell a player to be able to afford him if needed), but he knows he doesn’t need to pay 30m and is playing a negotiating game with Barca, knowing Cesc wants to come back. Wenger took Flamini back after supposedly a much worse split, for free, great business Mr Wenger.

    2. Wenger doesn’t want Cesc because Barca don’t want Cesc, i.e. they both know more than we do!

    I prefer the first.

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  170. Fab is a world class player according to many here. Just wondering why barca don’t seem to think that way. Clubs dont usually put their WC players on the shop window like this. I think that if arsene strenghtens the glaring areas of weakness – CB, DM, FB & ST, I think we will be okay without cesc. Something fantastic is developing in the squad and common sense demands that we allow that to continue. I dont care what cesc does in another club (rival or not). He had his chance but chose to throw all that back at arsene and the club. What has happened to the DNA? This man took a pay cut to join barca! What more humiliation do you want? Gunners, have some pride. We can achieve our goals without cesc please.

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  171. I’m heartbroken. I can’t believe we’ve turned down the chance to sign one of the best players in the world at a fairly reasonable price (compared to what other clubs are paying for players like Lallana). Cesc has been my favorite Arsenal player after DB10 and Henry. Of course for me, emotions are involved here. I love Cesc and want to see him play for us. But even if you look at it with cold and objective logic, this decision to not sign a great player on the cheap does not make sense. I am outraged and angry and I fervently hope the boss has a very good reason for taking this decision. Even the thought of him playing for Chelsea under Mourinho makes my stomach churn. I will continue to hope for a miracle till a decision on Cesc’s future is announced.

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  172. We need a right back , keeper (maybe two?) and a top top (Wenger trade mark) striker. How much do you think that will cost in fees and wages? Do you think Arsenal all of a sudden have enough money to throw 30m on a player who is going to spend most of the time on the bench? No wonder Britain is in economic trouble, people can’t add. We are not Man City!!

    What did we win when he was with us to get the tag world class? he is slow and injury prone one thing we need in midfield is pace, thats why I love it when Rocky comes on with twenty minutes to go. He acted like a brat when he came to us, then he acted like a brat and went back to Barcelona, I remember us losing games and he was posting pictures of himself at the Spanish GP and at the beach with the Barcelona boys when they were on winter break, your the captain of Arsenal you should be with us!! Nasri never acted the way Fabregas did to get a move but Nasri is the pantomime villain. Where was he in the Carling cup final? but he was fit for the next game where he was the worse player on the pitch. Fab is not good enough for Barca and never was, they would never of let Messi go at that age no matter how much he kicked and screamed, I watch him in the Barca games and he is not quick or strong enough. If he goes to Chelsea I say that could be a good thing, Hazard would go to PSG, and to me Hazard is a much better player. Let me qualify that last line, the Arsenal defence do not suffer from passing Cesc style, BGF and Kos have got that covered, we suffer when people come at us with pace thats why we have always found teams like Villa tricky with their quick front three.

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  173. Is it possible that Arsenal has said “no” because it’s strategically daft to say “we’re going to exercise the buy-back clause”? The clause doesn’t kick in until a club actually makes a formal bid, as far as I understand, so why would it be in Arsenal’s interest to show its hand and drive that initial bid price up? I’m not saying Arsenal will sign him (who knows), but it seems reasonable that Arsenal should (no matter what the plan) publicly say “Cesc who?” until someone makes a formal bid.

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    • it’s so difficult to sort through the contract-speak, and i think it’s incredibly irresponsible for the guardian and the bbc to have reported what they have. no sources, just rumors delivered with certainty. it’s obviously very possible the chelsea deal happens, but barca would be daft to go for the first buyer.

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  174. Seriously, since when emotional purchases were part of football transfers? In his last 2 years with us, Cesc tried everything possible to force a move to Barca, which resulted us selling him far less than his actual value. He pretended he’s injured, missed a lot of games, went on strike, didn’t come out to defend the cannon when his “oh so awesome best mates playing for his boyhood club” were taunting Arsenal in hourly basis.

    For me, he’s the same as Samir Nasty and Robin van Cunt Persie. The only difference is that Cesc has a good PR, which the rest don’t have. They all fucked off to Cuntish clubs because they felt they’re too good for Arsenal.

    I don’t really care if he ends up at Chelsea or Spurs. There’s a good reason why his boyhood club is getting rid of him anyway.

    Yes, he was my favourite player. I liked Nasri too. But I can’t forget that 8-2 trashing at OT right after they jumped the fucking ship.

    Cesc = Van Persie = Samir Nasri.

    This club is not a prostitute where you can leave whenever you want and come back whenever you want.

    We have priorities. We need WC striker, right back, defensive midfielder, goalkeeper and probably a pacy winger.

    If Cesc has enough class he would distance himself from Jose Mourinho anyway.

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  175. I know for a fact that Nick Hornby (for those of you that don’t know, he wrote Fever Pitch) is very close friends with Ivan Gazidis, asked Gazidis about the Fabregas situation, and his reply was “What and play Ozil as Defensive Midfielder”, it is astounding how this man who is cleary clueless when it comes to football is running our club, how he can even mention them together is incredible when you consider Ozil is virtually a shadow striker and Fabregas is an out and Centre Mid although admittedly slightly more attacking than most, but we have had Arteta as our CDM for the last 3 years and for me Fabregas is more mobile than an ageing Arteta and slightly better defennsively, Ramsey would naturally hold slightly more anyway.
    It makes me so frustrated that we have now for the second time in three years, virtually handed the title to one of our rivals when it could so easily be us winning major honours. Fabregas is without doubt in the top three midfielders in the world and some may argue even the best.
    With Wenger turning him down he has shown us he truly believes Fabregas would not improve our team, which for me just shows Wenger is even more out of touch when it comes to the transfer window than we first thought. I love Wenger and he will go down in football history as one of the greats but enough is enough, we need someone more in tune with the modern game who is just as innovative as Wenger once was when he first took over otherwise as a club we will just continue to stagnate, and with the most expensive tickets on the planet this just isn’t good enough. We have been a club in transition for the last 9 years and this window is nour chance to finally move out of transition and start competing for the very best trophies once again.
    In conclusion, I can see we need players in other positions more than Fabregas but we have, or maybe i should say had the oppurtunity to bring in one of the worlds finest players who would walk into every club in the worlds starting team, for frankly peanuts and in doing so have handed the Premier league title to the Chavs of Chelsea.


    One very angry gooner

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  176. On a certain level, you can’t love Corporal Jenkinson for his passion for playing for his boyhood team and take Cesc behind the shed for doing the same–and his actions only seem the same as RVP or Nasri if you revise the history a bit. Closing the door on one of the world’s best midfielders only because you feel jilted is cutting off your nose to spite your face.

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  177. The (inevitable) pain of this can definitely be relieved by Arsenals dealings in the remainder of the window. Its a huge blow and it will hurt to see cesc walk out in the blue of chelsea. But signing him would be telling jack he won;t be starting league games for another 3-4 years. we have moved on from cesc since he left and now have a fantastic midfield.

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    • If Cesc has enough class he won’t sign for Chelsea. For Mourinho, the guy who publicly abused both Barca and Arsenal and poked Tito Vilonova’s eye.

      In other if Cesc ends up at Chelsea, he should be vilified and crucified like RVP because it’s his fucking fault to leave Arsenal in the first place.

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  178. Another inexcusable transfer tragedy from the Arsenal board.. tigers don’t change their stripes

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  179. It will be a kick in the A-ss if he joins Chelsea and they win the league.

    Arsene, sign him up and i am sure the club has an extra 30m.

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  180. If Cesc is a Chelsea player next season it says a lot about him and the club.

    Maureen is the kind of guy who finger bashes some twerps missus right in front of them and we’re that twerp. We get pushed around all season and someone comes in and takes our Cesc away WITH our consent. No. Not on. Fuck that.

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  181. Cesc to chelsea? That small ‘c’ was deliberate btw.

    If I only had the choice of playing for chelsea for 100k per week or nothing, I would take nothing. I would rather wallow in my own crapulence and urine in a shop doorway with matted hair and have crack injected into my eyeballs for the rest of my life than play for Maureen.

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  182. We are the Arsenal…. we ain’t signing any top quality player until after the Champions league playoff/qualifier is done & dusted.

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  183. Arsene is a manager. A great one. Why couldn’t he change the shape of the team a bit to make fab that much more relevant. I find it hard to believe he can’t get Cesc on the field with Ramsay and Ozil in an effective way.

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  184. Truth is that a lot of us are just venting our frustraion at Cesc going to some other club club in England. And yes, there are arguments for head over heart and vice versa.

    Doesn’t change the fact that when he comes to the Emirates with whatever team that is, we are all going tp feel prety awful. And i mean whatever we do; either booing or cheering, its still going to stick like a knife.

    For me Wenger passing up on our homegrown boy, just used up all the goodwill from the FA Cup win. He better have a fucking good explanation for this come the end of next season. Premier League or Chjampions League only plausible reasons acceptable.

    Last season, tactical blunders in key areas on and off the field really had me thinking just how sharp he is for the job mentally (The masterclass stratergy at Stamford, The January transfer window blunders) and this move looks to be in the same vein of genius(not)

    Passing up on Cesc, whatever the reason is wrong. Passing up cause of money is even worse.(we splashed on Ozil when we needed a striker so nuff said about it being a money issue) Passing up cause of Ozil’s playing position is just dumb; cause nothing like a world class player waiting in the wings to get the
    best out of another world class player.

    This move is going to blow up in our face big time if those twits(Wenger and Gazidis) dont wise up.

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  185. P.S I would bet my bottom dollar that Jose Mourinho is all for this deal cause he knows that its really going to hurt us emotionally. That’s exactly the kind of man he is. So for those of us talking out the side of our asses, think on that when saying we shouldnt be bothered. Its a bullet aimed directly at us he fans.

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  186. NO need for Cesc.

    No need to be nostalgic and irrational.

    1) Cesc cost 30m ++ before bidding. It will distract us from our critical replenishment in other areas of the squad. Price will also likely be driven upwards. We have a finite budget.

    2) We have enough in midfield. Do not expect the same injury crisis to happen again. We have other areas in the squad which are thin.

    3) We need to spend the big money on the striker this season. Buying Cesc would take possible money away from that purchase.

    Fans need to think with their heads.

    Buying players is not like going to a store and buying something off the shelf fixed price.

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  187. If he signs for chelski, Just like the little Dutch boy inside did with manure, he will remove himself from our mind’s Gooner Legends history book.

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  188. Fabregas is top drawer, end of.

    He’s better than anything we’ve currently got.

    Ramsey is our best midfielder by far and Cesc is better.

    Wilshere – the jury is out, Arteta and Rosicky – coming to the end of their careers, Ozil and Cazorla – very good players but could do with more grit, the Oz – great potential, Diaby – if he’s ever fit, Flamini – great squad player.

    If we don’t sign him and one of our rivals do this will be a MASSIVE mistake.

    But what the fuck do I know?

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