Arsenal’s Champions League earnings drop


UEFA have revealed that the 32 teams who competed in the Champions League received a total €904 million in payments, of which Arsenal scooped €27.2 million.

The Gunners portion of the pie is down €4.2 million on that received for participation in 2012/13 and the lowest total since the 2008/09 competition when we actually reached the semi-finals before being knocked out by Manchester United.

All clubs reaching the group stages earned a standard €8.6 million participation bonus from UEFA. Arsenal received a further ‘performance bonus’ of €4 million for progression to the knockout stages, €3.5 million for the unsuccessful double-header against Bayern Munich as well as an €11.1 million Premier League market share.

It’s this final figure where the Gunners suffered compared to their domestic rivals. The Premier League’s market pool was a total €71.5 million with distribution dictated by the club’s league position in the previous year and how far they went in this year’s Champions League.

Manchester United reached the quarter-finals and having been reigning Premier League champions took €23.7 million of the pot. Chelsea (who reached the semis) and Manchester City* secured €18.4 million and €18.3 million respectively – over €7 million more than Arsenal’s 15.5% share.

Real Madrid pocketed an enormous €57.4 million on the way to their tenth triumph while Paris Saint Germain (bolstered by the fact they took a huge proportion of France’s market share) were second in the listings with €54.4 million**.

To put the Champions League figures in context only six group stage sides (Shakhtar Donetsk, Anderlecht, Viktoria Plzen, Basel, Austria Wien, Porto***) earned less than eventual Europa League winners Sevilla who bagged €14.6m.

For what it’s worth, Sp*rs only earned €5.9m from their own European ‘exploits’.

Arsenal Champions League revenue 2007-2014

2013/14 – €27.2m

2012/13 – €31.4m 

2011/12 – €28.2m

2010/11 – €29.9m

2009/10 – €33.7m

2008/09 – €26.7m

2007/08 – €23.2m

2006/07 – €19.2m

Since Arsenal reached the final of the Champions League in 2006, the total payments to participating clubs has more than doubled (graph here). In 2005/06 the figure stood at €437.1 million.

*Manchester City will have some funds withheld due to their infringement of the FFP rules.

**PSG will have some funds withheld due to their infringement of the FFP rules.

*** Four of those sides Vikotia Plzen, Shakhtar Donetsk, Porto and Basel did earn further cash when they dropped into the Europa League.

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It’s almost criminal that you did not include the revenue of 2006, when we made it to the final.


I´m glad that we´ve got enough money on the bank to spend this summer. I am sure we are not dependent on those extra millions. UUgh..That sounds weird! COYG

Finsbury Park Gooner

What is “spend”?


That`s a good question indeed Mr Finsbury Park Gooner. Well, I hope we add some serious quality to our already good team. I am hungry for more trophies!!

Rambling Pete

Sometimes I worry that we’re too obsessed with the financial side of the game. There’s no denying that it’s important but the minute you lose sight of what makes something great, blinded by cold hard cash, there’s only one way things will end up. Back in the day I had a wonderful business with my pal Winston. We’d take flowers from Afghanistan and bring them to the markets around the country. Oh boy did we make a killing and we were both such devoted horticulturalists that it wasn’t so much a job as a pleasure to do what we did. Then Winston discovered that other people would buy those flowers for a much higher price but those people were quite sinister and dodgy. I implored him to stick to our roots but he followed the money. I can still remember the last time I saw him, in his beige car, his bald head, and fulsome goatee, going off for a ‘meeting’ with a conglomerate who were looking to import hundreds of thousands of poppies. ‘Why do you have a massive machine gun set up in the back of your car?’ I asked, but he never answered. He just gave me a wink, handed me a book with the word ‘Recipe’ on the front and left. I’ve never been able to look inside that tome. I assume it’s his takes on favourites like cottage pie and bangers and mash but there are days food still tastes bitter without him.


A legend Pete.


So ‘Rambling Pete’ was not just a clever name I see.

I actually enjoyed reading that by the way


It’s frustrating the vicious cycle of top top spending clubs.
They spend the most and get the most back, therefore the cycle continues.

The even more infuriating thing is…
City, PSG ‘punished’ for not adhering to financial restrictions by.. BEING FINED.

Yep.. punish the snowman by making him sit in the freezer… fucking idiots



That was meant to be a new comment not a reply.. oh well


…Winston is no longer with us? How sad. I love this blog.


Brilliant story Pete.

remember the invincibles
remember the invincibles

The para- Manchester United reached the quarter-finals (further than any other English club) and having been reigning Premier League champions took €23.7 million of the pot. Chelsea and Manchester City* secured €18.4 million and €18.3 million respectively – over €7 million more than Arsenal’s 15.5% share.

Athletico beat Chelsea in the semis.


Atletico*. You correct yourself too. No one corrects blogs, no one.


my biggest worry is the fact we’ve failed to top a group for a long time despite being the top seeded side.
That has led to meetings with Barcelona, twice I think, and Bayern twice. who knows if we had met them later perhaps with a second leg at home.


yup. once we’re near qualification we easy off and get punished. and then punished again in the next round.


It’ll be different this year. Promise.


Too much money for the spuds


After expenses maybe it actually costs them to go traipsing from dump to dump. Perhaps not, but I’m deeply fond of the idea.


Quite enjoyable last August, when they came round this blog to brag about their £100m spending.


Chelsea reached the semi finals


fuck chelsea.


Atletico beat Barca in the semi final


“Manchester United reached the quarter-finals (further than any other English club) and having been reigning Premier League champions took €23.7 million of the pot. Chelsea and Manchester City* secured €18.4 million and €18.3 million respectively – over €7 million more than Arsenal’s 15.5% share.”

Chelsea reached semis.


“English” club, they’re Russian 😉

palace gunner

Good maths

ramsey's spirit

I wonder when were likely to get a swiss ramble take on our finances for this coming season


More money in the bank… we bring in a few on a free


Haven’t read a good ramble from rambling Pete for a long time…welcome back mate.


Someone with the means and the time should go back through Arseblog’s history and collect all of Pete’s rambles, and publish them in a book. Bestseller.


…crikey, better sell some players and disengage from all transfer activity to make up the deficit.





Spend some fucking money


Wenger will hit the transfer market pretty soon….and you all better be ready to get a transfer suprise just like the ozil transfer…i for one am waiting in all anticipation 🙂


Just hopefully before the season starts this time 🙂


So if we add this to the 100m we already have, its 150m for transfers alone…..

Paul S

Carry the one and we have £1150m for transfers, and I for one will be calling for Wenger’s head unless every penny of that is spent.


Which means we can now afford Messi

Arseblog's Royal Falcon
Arseblog's Royal Falcon

In other news, Arsenal continue to “eye” potential recruits while other teams just swoop for theirs.


Wenger looks relaxed playing beach volleyball in Brazil…I know it’s his personal time but boy I hope he’s got a trick up his sleeve, time is ticking


Lawro’s a cunt. Alexis Sanchez please Mr Wenger. We’re going to win the league (repeat ad infinitum)


Got a sneaky feeling we’ll pip United here this season, though.