Cesc: Ozil took my Arsenal place


Cesc Fabregas has confirmed he held talks with Arsene Wenger about a return to the Emirates only to be told that Mesut Ozil had taken his place.

The Spanish international completed a move to Chelsea *spit* on Thursday after Barcelona made it clear he was surplus to requirements at the Camp Nou.

As has been well documented the Gunners, despite having a first option on the Spanish international, opted not to indulge in a reunion with a player who made his debut for the club over 10 years ago.

“We talked with Wenger,” Fabregas told the BBC, “but he said he’d find it hard to make a place for me on the pitch as Mesut Ozil had my position covered.”

Arsenal fans can only hope the decision doesn’t come back to bite the manager in the arse. Knowing our luck Mesut Ozil will be eaten by Amazonian piranhas at the World Cup.

In other news, Joel Campbell will join up with the Arsenal first team for pre-season.

Talking to The Times (paywalled) in the aftermath of the Costa Rican international’s man of the match performance against Uruguay, Arsene Wenger confirmed the 21-year-old will train with the first team when he’s done in Brazil.

“He will definitely come back to us for pre-season,” the boss said. “He is maturing well.”

Quizzed about his future yesterday, Campbell corroborated that his short-term future is in London. “Of course I have to go back because I have a contract with Arsenal but the most important thing just now is my country and the World Cup.”


    • I don’t hate him for going to Chelsea though, and don’t understand people who do. It looks as if Chelsea were the only realistic option open to him, and Barcelona were forcing him out. What else is he meant to do?

      Good luck to him, but I hope his team never win anything ever again and Mourinho dies by the hand of his sith apprentice.

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      • Typically, in a World Cup year, most business is done after the final. If that is the case this year, then there may well have been plenty of opportunities for Fabregas to find a team. Me thinks it has more to do with him not being a first choice starter for Spain so this World Cup is hardly a showcase for him. It will be interesting to see if he gets a start in Spain’s next game. If he doesn’t, what does that say?

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      • Agree. He wanted to come back to England and we wouldn’t have him back, so where could a player of his stature go? United, City, Chelsea. I think I would’ve rather liked to see him at United, but with no Champions League for them next season I can see why he passed on their (potential) interest. Which leaves City and Chelsea and I’m not sure which is better.

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      • I don’t hate him either, as he has made a move that is good for him professionally. What saddens me is that all his words while at the club now seem hollow. He said them only to please the fans and never meant any of them.

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      • If Wenger was sitting on a deck chair on Copacabana beach with a cigar at the ready, having already signed a good striker and full back I don’t think we would be getting so worked up about the Cesc situation.

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    • The guy is dick head.
      I find it seriously painful as he is hands down my favourite Arsenal player ever, but as Bloggs pointed out recently, Cesc is where is right now due to the choices he made.

      HE forced a move to Barca when he still had 3 years left on his deal at Arsenal,. We all loved him here, he was our talisman, and I’m sure Arsene loved him as well, and I’m sure he would of explained to him that the grass isn’t always greener,.. but ‘hey’ .. there you go, he’s total fucked it, and it was all his own doing.

      The silly c*nt.

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      • “Ozil took my Arsenal place”

        Well he took your place because you left and he took it 3 years after you left so, it seems Arsenal waited for your return as well. Now when Arsenal moved on, you come back and say Arsenal turned me down.

        Not great to join the direct local rivals of the club you always said to love.

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  1. Cesc is a snake… ‘blah blah I tried to come back..’ well he went to one of our most hated teams & managers…he could have gone to a different country…

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  2. Still think we could of had them both what an amazing midfield we would of had. Would of been worth it just so he didn’t go to Chelsea. Also Campbell looked very good last night think he could be a great option for us next season

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  3. I don’t hate him, but I don’t like him much now.
    It pisses me off that, we are the least cuntish of the football clubs that I can think of.
    Yet our players and captains sign for our rivals without hesitance.
    Fuck this shit.

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  4. I’m more in interested in Joel Campbell tbh. Do you think We’ll play with a 2 striker system to accomodate him like City’s 4-2-2-2 formation?

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    • He’s a promising player, but I doubt Wenger will see him as being ready to start regularly yet, let alone altering the system wholesale to play to his strengths!

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      • Why the hell not? He’s been playing Sanogo, who has yet to even score. Meanwhile Campbell is terrorising defences and putting in man-of-the-match performances. I fail to see how we would need to alter the system to accommodate him either. We need pace in the side and depth in the squad. He would provide both.

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        • Sanogo has had something to offer even without having the least bit of attacking potential, it’s really amazing. His pace and strength helped hold up the ball and keep Arsenal on the attacking side against Hull in the FA cup Final. Mind you then, it was Hull….

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        • Campbell seems comfortable floating from centre, right and left and is therefore a much better option than say Theo Wallcott upfront (plus when it comes to physicality and an ability to shoot from a distance….attributes we have missed for far too long, he has it all)

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  5. Mesut Ozil left Real Madrid to play for Arsenal, Cesc left Arsenal as a captain and paid from his own pocket to play for Barcelona, I think i said enough

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    • Thank you. I was pretty conflicted about this whole ordeal, but everything sort of came together once I read that.

      Building your team around the players who show loyalty, who’ve showed they’re willing to forsake bigger clubs because they want to build something makes alot more sense than building your team around people who’ve already shown they’ll leave when something better comes along.. especially when the former are damn good footballers.

      This Arsenal team has shown talent, remarkable spirit and we’ve never been this close to joining the ranks of truly amazing teams. I really, really fucking look forward to the end of this transfer window, assessing the squad we have then and getting to see them play again.

      Fuck, I’m even going to put money on Ramsey winning ‘worlds best player’ award. He most certainly was for a few months at the start of last season.

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      • Ramsey could score 50 goals and create 50 goals throughout the year mate and the award would still go to Messi or Ronaldo.

        As for Cesc playing for them cunts just disgusts me.

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        • but i think ramseys pure charm and likeable nature would see him scoop it ahead of the self centred ronaldo and the genetically engineered messi.


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      • And looking at Özil contra Cesc in La Liga, Özil was allways a way better player. Even this season the worst in Özils career, he still created alot more chances in 26 appearances for Arsenal than Çesc did in 36 games for Barca. Cesc created 58 chances in 36 games this season. Özil created 78 in 26 games for us in his worst season to date.

        Even in the worst season of his career he created more chances than anyone in premier league Per minute played except David Silva. Difference is Silva had a good season, Özil a crap one compared to his usual standards.

        The only reason he did not get more assists out of all the chances he created is because we lacked end product in our team and scored few goals.

        Besides like you Said, Özil left a Mega club who can guarantee trophies to get a central role in Arsenal and help us challenge for some trophies ourselves. While Cesc payed out of his own pocket to get away from Arsenal. I would take Özil any day of the week Ahead of Fabregas.

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      • Ozil also stated that he really enjoys being the focal point of this Arsenal team. And (apparently, always take things with a pinch of salt) he said he is enjoying his time and football with the Gunners more than he did at Real Madrid, so hopefully we have a keeper!

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  6. Hey. Fabregas just pointed out why we shouldnt care about him.
    We have a player called Mesut Özil. Not a bad no. 10 last time I checked.
    Lets put faith in our Özil and show him some love.

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    • Serves him right. Even at Chavs he should be wary. If Maureen can bench Oscar who I think is just as good as Cesc, what makes Cesc so sure of succeeding there? Cesc can’t defend, cant run for 90 Minutes like Sneidjer when he was at Inter nor take those hard shots like Lampard used to. he’s a gamble and may just turn out to be a Torres.

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  7. Honestly I don’t see why we are mulling over this decision by wenger not to sign cesc, that 30 million can be spent elsewhere, positions where we actually NEED players and where we actually NEED depth but of course don’t get me wrong he’s a quality player just don’t think we need him, so let’s stop pondering over what could have been and look to the quality players wenger will sign! COYG!

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  8. Ozil over fabregas any day for me.

    i may be wrong but fabregas seems to be an early bloomer. He hasnt been anything to write home about for Barcelona and no matter how distateful his move to chelsea im happy we’re going with Ozil.

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  9. What’s done is done, no use dwelling over it. Let’s just hope Arsene has some good stuff in store for us !

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    • Striker: Mario Balotelli
      Left Winger: Antoine Griezeman or Marco Reus
      Defensive Midfielder: Paul Pogba
      Rightback: Serge Aurier

      It’s (going to be) fucking excellent.

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  10. And was the end of the conversation? I wonder if Cesc just said “OK” or “But boss I can change, please don’t do this :(“

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  11. Fine. Done. Makes sense. 2 to three signings can make this a wistfull thing to discuss over a pint. Who cares what chelsea do? They will sign big players every window. If ozil improves on his numbers from last season he’ll probably out perform cesc anyway.

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  12. £27 million to buy him back and then roughly £7 million per year for his wages.

    Wenger made the right choice.

    He shouldn’t have fucking left in the first place.

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  13. I will always feel bad about it. He’s at fuckin Chelsea ….. playing for some cunt and I still have his shirt with his name and number 15!

    that’s how much it hurts

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      • If i remember right, we won the best pitch award last season and chelshit had a potato garden sometime back when ronaldinho schooled them. Cescs (suks) to play for whore-rino!

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    • If i remember right, we won the best pitch award last season and chelshit had a potato garden sometime back when ronaldinho schooled them. Cescs (suks) to play for whore-rimo!

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  14. That’s how I imagined it went – you break up with a girl for a prettier one, get dumped and go back to her, but find her in bed with Channing Tatum. (Or Andrea Pirlo.)

    I would have liked him back, but there is some satisfaction with blowing him off with a £43M replacement, silverware in hand.

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  15. The thing Cesc does not realise is that we are not that sad that he did not join us. What hurts is that he went to Chelsea, our most hated rivals. It is probably worse than him joining Spuds as lets face it, they are a joke. But he strengthens a real rival significantly.
    And Mourinho is a cunt. And don’t even get me started on John fucking Terry

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  16. At the end of the day it’s time we stopped living in the past, it’s all about building for the future, cesc is part of that past and tbh what did we win with cesc??, ozil, wilshere etc is where it’s at.

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  17. I’m coming to terms with it, but I wish so much we signed him. There’s fucking room for him in any squad, and to see him line up against us for them lot who are currently better than us anyway is going to be a real sickened and could really bite us hard.

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  18. I don’t know if Arsene is right or wrong.Only time will tell that. But I do not support this decision. Just an opinion.

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  19. Hey blogs,

    I have been reading it elsewhere but there is no article on your site. Have we signed a new fitness coach who is like the Pires of fitness coaches????

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  20. Mourinho is probably telling cesc to bring this up repeatedly to the media to die discontent among us gunners. Let’s just trust that wenger knows what he’s doing and save or judgments for when the transfer window closes.

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    • Good call.
      Personally I can’t wait to see Cesc playing as Mourinhos 5th choice defensive midfielder I n one of the not very special ones many bus parking games…..

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  21. Campbell can play out wide or through the middle. Got great experience on loan last year and with a good pre-season will be a great option. Fuck fabregas now anyway he’s the past lets look to the future

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  22. Cesc : Arsenal were obviously first choice, cause of contractual reasons.

    There, he’s burned all bridges.

    Stop moaning about Cesc and back the men in red and white.

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        • Its not like Chelsea were the only team he had offers from, he said so himself he had received a few offers and felt this was the best option for him. I’d have rather him played for fucking spuds than call maureen a “World Class” manager, the bastard.

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        • When both teams you supposedly love don’t want you, you’re kinda allowed to say “ah, fuck it” and do what’s best for you for practical reasons. And no one should really blame you. It’s his life and career we’re talking about.

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  23. Chelsea have Hazard & Oscar but can still find room for Cesc! I just hope these reports of Santi’s wife being unsettled are rubbish otherwise even more reason to have bought Fanregas back. I know we need players in other positions more but I’m still gutted as I always thought he’d be back as he was our best midfielder since Vieira & he’s only 27! Still we have to move on as it’s not going to change!

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    • They are rubbish, just like they were rubbish last year. Apparently she’s only unhappy during the summer but she can tolerate English winters as they are more comparable to Spain.

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  24. Rumours say mourinho’s after Song as well. Hope he gets all the ex arses, including ‘you guys’ vein popping van persie, together and ensure a soid 4th spot for many years to come

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  25. Wenger one day said he will never be a prisoner of prayers.And Arsenal isn’t a dumping place,to me Wenger took a right decision.

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  26. Not that fussed we didn’t sign him, but fucking Chelsea? Thought he had more about him than that. In the words of a real Arsenal legend Tony Adams, it’s disappointing.

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  27. Its bullshit. We had a chance to improve even if cesc would have to fight for a place. We also had a chance to stop our rivals improving but we bottled it.

    We all KNOW next season we’ll have injuries and an experienced midfielder would be useful. Not diaby or kalstrom. Cesc freakin fabregas.

    There’s gooners out there sayin ‘its ok hes over the hill now’ how? Since when is a spain international from Barcelona a shit signing? Even if he was we have the manager who gets the best out of him.

    ‘Oh but we needed to save money for other positions’ we got 150 mil off puma. 40 mil off cl qualification. Fa cup money. We never spent in January and st prices goin up’ fabregas is also a puma player loved by our fans. Perfect marketing wise.

    Wtf were they they thinking?

    This is THE summer to make a statement and weve made ourselves look weak yet again.

    Oh well lets just hope chelsea see us as so little of a threat that theyre willing to sell us lukaku. Because of course theyve already strengthened in that position.

    Argh. #coyg

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    • It’s getting fucking ridiculous. First of all, Cesc left Arsenal for Barcelona. The whole team was built around him, he was the captain and he decided to leave. He forced a move out and even paid part of his transfer fee. He doesn’t “love Arsenal”. He is a professional who makes decisions that he thinks are best for him. Arsene made a decision that he thinks is best for the club. We don’t need Fabregas, especially for 30M plus wages. You don’t spend that amount of money on back ups. Secondly, in his position, we have Ozil, Santi, Rambo, Jack, Rosicky and even Arteta and the Ox can play there if needed. I’m more excited about seeing Jack improve in that position and maybe Zelalem, Eisfeld or any other youngster get promoted than in Cesc coming back. Our midfield is fantastic and we don’t need him.

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      • I think a lot of readers have got it wrong, lets face it if you were going to buy a secondhand car which the owners was asking offers above £5000 would you offer 5500,6000,6800 no you would offer a small amount above the asking price.
        As far as Griezzman and Khedira are concerned a number of clubs are intrested as
        are Arsenal not all of them can buy them only one can,and for your intrest I believe that AW as some agreement with Sociead relating to the buy ouy clause for Vela.

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    • That Fabregas money Wenger saved is for Marco Reus. He’s German, Puma sponsored, a quality left winger that we need, he’s direct with pace, can pass and shoot, and he’s injured at the moment. That’s all the boxes ticked. Sign him up Arsene!

      Aside from that, Joel Campbell looked impressive yesterday night. It’ll be interesting next season with him, Gnabry and possibly the Ox competing for a place on the wing! Exciting times ahead.

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      • Dortmund are Reus’ boyhood club, and he’s said the only club he’d ever leave them for are Barca (**vomits**). Plus there’s no way Dortmund would sell after losing Lewandowski for nothing.. He would be dynamite in the red and white though. But he’s NOT the striker we need

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  28. That’s a really classless, divisive and assholic thing to say. Seems designed to sow discontent and ensure that whenever Ozil as a quiet game people will talk about Cesc. I lost a lot of respect for Cesc reading this.

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    • Agreed and it also seems to be designed to spur discontent amongst Arsenal fans, to turn us against ourselves over whether we should have taken him back or not – and it seems to be working in some quarters. We can’t fall for that bullshit.

      Arsene as usual takes the high road and stays quiet on the issue, even when directly asked while Cesc keeps attempting to absolve himself of guilt and throw it all on Wenger. I doubt it was as easy and straightforward as Cesc is making it seem.

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      • You are in my head sir, think Mou might have even put hm up to this and fabregas being the snubbed little unwanted barca/arsenal boy is playing to his mindgames

        We’ve got Ozzzzzzzilllllll!

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  29. its unbelievable that fans still thinks AW refused because of “no place”. The only reason cesc agreed to be sold from barca is he is guaranted higher salary. he is sick of playing high number of games jn barca while paid much lower than the others. he wanted a new contract. barca refused. he wanted back to arsenal in hope of higher salary. AW is still a tight arse. so he moves to a place where the manager “conviced” him very very quickly. a place where salary number doesnt matter. face it. gerrad n messi wont stay if their salary demand were satisfied.

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  30. I agree with ‘East Gooner’s comment. I’m not really bothered that we didnt re-sign cesc. I’m just REALLY pissed off that he has gone to fucking Chelsea. Seriously of all the teams in the fucking world, the self confessed “Always a gooner” had to go play for that cunt Mourhino. We hate Mourhino & Chelsea. HE fucking hated them at arsenal and as recently as last seasons champions league campaign whilst playing for Barca. I am genuinely confused by his decision to go there….

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  31. Which sucks given how he was an Arsenal legen. Now he’ll be playing with a point to prove to Barca and Arsenal. Shame really. At the end of the day Cesc just has to blame himself. He was a god at Arsenal

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  32. I’d rather take song back than cesc. Holding mid fielder is more needed. As well as the other obvious positions. I’d love Alexis Sanchez

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  33. yup. that’s what happens. you can’t go home again x2. he was once my favorite player, now he plays for the enemy, so fuck him! now let’s get Pogba and push on

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  34. Cess made his own bed. I support WENGER 100%. Now Ozil needs to prove him right too. Cesc is a traitor. He left, Arsene had nothing to do with it.

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  35. I do like the fact that we got almost £6m from this deal though. Makes it less horrible that it might’ve been.

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    • In fact you are not correct we got Cesc for free or very little as a 16 year old, we had 9 years out of him , sold to Barca for £ 35 million then got the extra 6 mill so in total £ 41 million plus 9years sounds like AW had a good deal.

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  36. Hope cambell turns out to play as well as anelka did as a kid ….not sure why some said hes not ready I mean he performed against utd champs league same in world cup the two highest stages he would get far better supply playing for us and he does it against the big teams no fear ….as for cesc its sad he is ending up with regrets like helb but it was his decision to leave so fuck him he can hug terry every weekend.

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      • Joel hasn’t just had two great performances, he has had a great season for Olympiakos … check out some of the assists and goals in this!

        Enough Cesc talk, tired of it. He is history, time to plan for the future and make Joel feel welcome at the Emirates, the lad has talent!

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        • Not too impressed by someone making it big in Greece. A swede called Marcus Berg was the top scorer in Greece this season and he’s not good enough to tie Girouds shoelaces

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        • Yep. He’s had a great season as Olympiakos. He can finish, he can run, he can dribble, he can pass.

          And I think most importantly of all, he’s got that same confidence-bordering-on-but-not-quite-spilling-over-into-arrogance that Henry had, which is what turned him from a merely great player into the world’s best striker in his prime.

          Whether Campbell can really deliver or not I don’t think anyone can say at this stage, but he appears to have all the tools.

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  37. Wenger logic, wouldn’t surprise me if this great manager decides to let Santi go to Atletico and we will be one player short in that very position. That would be an reason for him to bring in an much cheaper alternative from France.

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  38. I have been sick of Arseblog continually calling on Wenger to sign Fabregas in the weeks that eventually lead to him joining Chelsea.
    Why should Arsenal spend 30 mill and 8 mill+ in wages on someone who forced a move out of the club and one which left Arsenal poorly compensated because of his pigheadedness in joining only Barcelona.
    I for one, never bought his whole Arsenal fan act, it is easy to say things to a tabloid or in an interview but to actually live up to it. Here is to hoping that Diaby gives him a kung ft kick to his face.

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    • Nah, he’s a fan, he actually watches every game or at least he did while in Barcelona. He talked from a fan’s perspective in most interviews I read.

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    • Why? Because he’s a fantastic player who would improve our hance of winning trophies. That’s the only good reason to sign anyone.

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  39. I think poor Cesc’s ego has taken a bit of a bruising lately. He’s been told twice by his boyhood club that he’s surplus to requirements. And, now, the club that made him the player he is tells him the same. That’s a tough pill to swallow. It will be interesting to see how he responds, especially playing for someone like Mourihno, who isn’t averse to freezing out a player (Casillas, Mata) for whatever reason.

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  40. When Özil signed he said that the reason for coming to Arsenal was that he was going to get something he didn’t get at Madrid: complete faith from the boss. I think this shows Arsene’s otherworldly amount of class. He promised his star player he would give him complete faith and he’s done it. I hope (and think) that Özil will repay him on the pitch for a long time.

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    • If you look at the faith Arsene placed on Rambo and how that’s turned out, I have every confidence that Ozil will make the step up in his second season with us. Rambo got choked up after the FA Cup win and dedicated it to Arsene for standing by him through all the stick and said he hoped he was starting to repay back that faith…the manager’s faith obviously plays a huge role in player’s psyches and I think thats especially true for a player like Mesut.

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      • From an Arsenal point of view i’m glad Ramsey’s not at the WC however watching the game last night makes me sad we’ll never see him on this stage. If he was born 14 miles east of Cardiff he might of been tearing Italy and Pirlo a new one last night.

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  41. I wonder if deep down, Cesc regrets leaving arsenal. So he won a Copa del rey and la liga but no one will remember him as a key component of those wins. He really has had a bad time at barca and it must be so painful when the fans blame you for the team’s failure and then even the club says you weren’t good enough after shoving you out of the door (especially after all the bullshit they did to get him). Now he has to go play for chelski and moureen, who he has a checkered history with and a club that is known to be the ultiamate graveyard for attacking talent not called Drogba or Lampard (I’m not even going to start listing attacking midfielders and strikers whose careers came to a grinding halt at that shitty club). From an arsenal viewpoint and with the benefit of hindsight, I blame him for taking us backwards with his deparure because I am convinced that had he stayed, RVP would have also stayed and we would have been even further ahead than we currently are. But anyway, I wish him and his new club absolutely the worst, most rotten luck imaginable, I didn’t think I could hate chelshit any more than I already did…..I was wrong. Anymore, on a more positive note, Joel Campbell looked awesome last night, serge aurier would be a great signing, Balotelli or Jackson Martinez and Schneiderlin and I’d be really happy. Also, what is this I hear about manure being after Vermaelen…that would really cross the line if arsenal did that deal after cashley, nasri, clichy, rvp, song, cesc and sagna.

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  42. I’m gutted but can see it from his point of view. He tried to come back to us but failing that wanted a London club because of his mrs and kid. Barcelona must be crazy after all the kidnapping, hostage DNA bollocks. Hope he is happy and has a terrible footballing time with the cunts.

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  43. Personally would love to see the money not spent on cesc being put towards buying Ross Barkley. What a player he’s gonna be for the next 10 years. Anything near the 30 million mark will be too good for Everton to turn down. Get a striker and a right back in aswell and we’re all good. Dm can wait til next year still have arteta and flamini and fingers crossed diaby to play there.

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  44. People have forgotten Darren Dean’s ever role in selling Arsenal players.
    Cesc is no fool. He might have noticed discontent coming out with his move to Chavski so apparently
    coached by Darren Dein to say what he’s saying.

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    • If that performance is anything to go by, we’ll struggle immensely to sign him. I’d prefer us to go for Balotelli, he’s slightly younger, looks to have calmed down, and probably has just as much ability as Benzema.

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      • Balotelli is the better player already. Unfortunately, he seems virtually impossible to tame. He could be the next Zlatan (who was also unruly in his youth) or the next Bendtner. It’s up to him to make the best of it really.

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    • I am surprised by all the compliments the French team is getting. They played against the worst team in the entire tournament and did next to nothing until they got a penalty. I have to say I find both Griezmann and Benzema overrated – Vela is better than Griezmann, has been all season. Why people are so crazy about Griezmann is beyond me. Vela creates more, has more assists and scores a similar amount of goals. Just look up the stats. There’s no way Griezmann is worth the insane price we’d have to pay vs buying Vela for next to nothing.

      As for Benzema: He may be marginally better than Giroud, but he’s certainly not worth the fortune Real Madrid would sell him for. I was actually a bit surprised to see him start ahead of Giroud, as Giroud has played better than him recently for the French team.

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  45. I really don’t understand this Cesc loving by Blogs and some gooners. If I may ask, are you Arsenal-first fans or Cesc-first fans? If you love the Arsenal, you don’t start by already stirring other fans just because your favourite prodigal son is not being welcome anymore. He said fuck us, we said so too. I stand with the manager in this one, the Arsenal is bigger than any other player. Unless he was prepared to play second fiddle to the current midfield partnership, we are stooping down to suck anything!

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  46. I hope/think (mostly hope) cesc isnt going to have a great season next year. He basically got rejected by the two teams he says he “loves” and I think he didnt want to leave barça. So I hope he is gutted and doesnt feel comfortable at Chelsea. Sorry for the (possible) mistakes Im not from England

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  47. Seems to me that Cesc is one of many Gunners who move on and ultimately regret it. How’s it going over there Alex Song ?

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  48. Cesc wanted to move back to London. So if it wasn’t to us then it was always going to be Chelsea. Or West Ham.

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    • I’m probably (definitely) getting carried away here but if Arsene Wenger spunked £60m for him I wouldn’t even be upset, the guy’s amazing

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  49. “Cesc: Ozil took my Arsenal place.”

    No, Cesc: you decided that you didn’t want to play for us and so took a pay cut to join Barcelona. That’s why Wenger decided to buy a player like Ozil to replace you. And now we don’t need you. Tough.

    To be honest, fuck Fabregas -he wanted out. He’s made his bed now he’ll have to lie in it. Like others on this page I’ve got a feeling that it’s all gonna turn sour for him at Chelsea. Maureen loves his players to be runners and tacklers, and that’s something which Farbrgas isn’t. Look at the brutal way that the Portuguese treated Juan Mata. And Cese has a strong, stubborn personality: I can see a massive clash of egos with The Special One. My bet is that the young Catalan will be gone within two years maximum – probably to a side like Athletico Madrid. If he’d stayed at Arsenal he would have been a legend: now he’ll be remembered as another Ashley Cole.

    As far as Campbell is concerned, Wenger would be a stupid cunt if he doesn’t bring him into the squad this season. We are desperately short of quality in those forward positions, and this guy looks like the real deal. And he’s free. But we still need to sign a top striker.

    Thumb up 40 Thumb down 2

    • Not sure why you have to say Arsene would be a stupid c*nt to make the point that is already confirmed in the article.. Joel Campbell will play for Arsenal next season, and our manager is certainly not a stupid c*nt

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      • oh darn – you’re right!
        Apologies all (and thanks for putting me right)

        I cant count.

        and the numbers were still small enough for the fingers on one hand…


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  50. I don’t get the love affair with Cesc! This is the same guy that single handedly distsbilized arsenal for 2 years until he got his wish. Sorry I’m not that forgiving

    Thumb up 25 Thumb down 1

    • Sure, but it’s also the guy who single handidly dragged us over the finish line to get Champions League football several years in a row, despite losing trophy after trophy due to incompitent players like Almunia and Eboue. He played his ass of for us and is no more a traitor than Henry or Vieira.

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  51. Feels bad for Cesc, he got the abilities to become club legend but his loser mentality got the best of him. No wonder Arsenal won f*ck all with the team built around him.

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  52. We should’ve seen this coming.


    Nominative Determinism innit?

    I man, we’ve got Arsene, and erm… Giroud means “rifle butt” in French (I think) and erm…

    Look, it just is ok.

    Shoulda seen it coming, that’s all…

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  53. I’d rather have Cesc than Ozil, any day. Ozil has an iffy season next year and he’ll fuck off…Cesc would have been for life.

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    • No Ozil won’t fuck off.

      Cesc FUCKED OFF!

      Ozil came to us from Real Madrid and cesc the cunt is the one who fucked off to barca and now to Chelsea

      Even as an arsenal fan you have to admit that real Madrid is the biggest football club in history and ozil left them to join us.
      hes not a cunt like cesc

      fuck cesc hes can go fck wid mouhrino and terry

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    • Like he was before he paid out of his own pocket to secure his transfer to Barcelona? You along with the rest of the ‘Cesc’ apologists sicken me. Have some fucking pride.

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  54. Congrats to Aaron Ramsey on the wedding day.

    Guess Theo was in attendance…any other Gunners on hand?

    Can’t wait to see Ozil – Ramsey – Walcott back in action again at the same time.

    Add Campbell (almost like a new signing…jk!) to Ox and Gnabry and Sanogo as youngsters to watch…and the Arsenal set up is already a nice mix of youth and experience.

    And that’s without…ahem…any new signings that are in the works.

    In the meantime I’m enjoying this most excellent World Cup (which is already serving as a vindication of sorts for Wenger’s eye for talent)…where, btw, if Podolski scores he will have scored in three separate World Cups. Good luck Lukas and here’s hoping all current and future Gunners have a great, injury-free WC.

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  55. Barca had alcantara, iniesta, xavi, Messi and still bought fabregas. That’s why they can fight on four fronts and win most of the time. That’s why they are a big club and players want to go there and win.

    Until we stop having the mentality that we can’t have two world class players for one position we will never run with the big boys of Bayern, Madrid and Barca. And now even city and psg, Chelsea. Who have hazard, oscar and Willian all in ‘cesc’s’ position..

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    • We have Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky, Ox and Wilshere already in that position, all international class. We have ONE international level striker. Where would you put 30 million pounds?

      Thumb up 21 Thumb down 1

      • It’s not like there is just 30mil to spend… Apparently we have over $100mil and Joel Campbell coming back.

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  56. Wenger always bought the great Drench players and is supposed to be an expert in the French market.

    How is it we don’t have any of these great young French players in our team atm. Griezman, pogba, matuidi, varane..

    Thought we should be getting in on some of this talent, our manager used to be unrivaled and finding the best of the French, he’s slipping I fear.

    I’d happily taking any or all of the above mentioned

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  57. My gooner friends,

    Life is too short for bitterness, IMHO let go and move, as we have done with RVP, Nasri and all the others who thought they would fare better on the ‘grass being greener on the other side’, and yet although their argument may be true to some extent ( league titles, etc..) you can’t forsake or buy a great club setup and values like the great Arsenal, and my friends, let it be heard ” our time will come soon, as champions !!!”

    Now C’mon Arsene, great speech over, time to deliver the KO punch.

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  58. Am certainly looking forward to Joel Campbell getting a chance next season. Giroud, Campbell, Sanogo and another striker who is ideally the finished article would be quite a strong frontline. A raw frontline, but one with a hell of a lot of potential. I just hope Wenger doesn’t sign an up-and-comer and forks out a bit for someone who will push Giroud and get us 20+ goals

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  59. *Although I should say I really like Campbell for depth, but he won’t be a world beater for us*

    I remember people saying things like that about Aaron Ramsey and now look it him!
    Give Joel a chance, he hasn’t even played a game for us yet and some people are saying he won’t be good enough!

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  60. I’d have taken Cesc back in a heartbeat. Arteta and Rosicky are not going to last forever. We could have made space for the guy.

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  61. We sure change our tune easily. I still like Cesc. Not like how I used to since be signed for Chelsea. But I understand he was forced out of barca and we rejected him. For him there is nothing else to play for but money and Chelsea can provide that.

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  62. I can see it now. Media will run a story on Ozil to Barca or Bayern to stir the pot. That being said, if Ozil does leave, where does that leave us? As much as i can rationalize wenger’s decision, having both would have been the best option. We have been crying out for squad depth for years and that really would have been a signal of ambition. Yes i know its £30m+ but, we DO have the money to still get the players we need.

    Really hope wenger pulls something out of his magic hat.

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    • Luckily, Ozil and Ramsey are never injured. It’s not like we just lost the league title to that or anything.

      Now, if we buy a super star striker, I won’t mind this whole Fabregas thing too much. However, if we rely on Sanogo and Campbell to fill that spot, I will be somewhat frustrated.

      Basically, what I’m saying is this: The excuse “hard to find quality players” won’t cut it after we rejected Fabregas. It just won’t.

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  63. Has no one thought of an alternative reason.. probably the real reason…
    Cesc HAD to return to London.. he has a baby girl with that Lebanese lady, and she lives in london with her other 2 kids so not easy for her and them to move to barcelona… If he cares about his baby girl which i thnk he clearly does… then he had to get a move back or miss her growing up.
    Im not saying we should give the doting father sympathy… far from it… but with that in mind… Its a pity he couldnt wait – if he loved arsenal as much as he said he did, he wouldve come to us on a free in 2 years time or very cheap next year… and certainly not signed for chelsea. then again with the facts above.. its just a job to him, a means to an end…

    Bearing in mind that he had “no choice” i think it was better for him to do it before the WC so it can be lost in the press and overshadowed – imagine had it happened last day of transfer window.. it wouldve been main news until xmas.. now everyone will forget about it until we play Chelsea and lets see.. if he is a true gooner, hell feign injury and not play or a Henry.. run off to the corner and play badly ..a TRUE GOONER Foreveer.. im afraid Cesc is now consigned to the histroy books, good player, crap legacy.

    Bring on a new right back, a proper striker – I hear Balotelli’s sponsor is Puma and theyre willing to pay half his wages… that could be fun.. having psyco Balo on our side… i say go for it..

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  65. People forget that Cesc is s lifelong Barca fan and he even has Barca DNA…. If that bullshit was true and he really DID just love the Cuntalans, surely he’d be happy enough representing his boyhood club even in just a bit part role? I know if I were in his situation at Arsenal that would be my outlook. Ok so maybe not 40+ games a season but I’d play my hheart out in the 20 or so I did feature in. So maybe Cesc has followed the 21st century footballers trend and lied through his teeth? Would be nice to hear him admit he made a mistake. But I can’t see that happening so watching Ozil put him on his arse next season will have to suffice

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  66. Guys don’t slag Febregas as he was and still is a brilliant player. Yes he made a choice to join Chelsea which we as gooner find it hard to accept but think he’s a professional and he has to play. He did try to come back to arsenal but there’s no place for him, now shall he stop playing football as arsenal refused to buy him? Wish him luck and success, as he had the decency to try to come back home, unlike RVP and co. Özil is out star now just get behind him and enjoy the football.

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  67. This is not really Arsenal news. As Wenger said (as reported here on Arseblog, my only source for Arsenal news), every day a number of footballers want to join Arsenal and are rejected.

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  68. I like many others thought Cesc was great at Arsenal, but 3 years down the line is he the same player I think not otherwise he would have had a dozen offers , it seems only Chelsea wanted him or should I say Mourhino want to get him to stop other sides getting him ,little realising Barca` had no takers

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