Gazidis: club deep in transfer conversations


Ivan Gazidis has assured Arsenal fans that the money available to the manager this summer will be used to boost the squad and that they’re already discussing potential moves with other clubs.

Speaking to a supporters Q&A meeting last night, the Arsenal Chief Executive said that winning the FA Cup was a taste of success and that everyone wanted more.

“We are all really pleased with securing Champions League qualification again,” he said. “Last season was a great experience for players to win the FA Cup and now we want more.

“Transfers are obviously important and we are deep in conversations already. I am confident we will add what we need this summer

“The manager is not scared to spend, has the experience, but as always will have to juggle a set budget.”

How deep those conversations are is anyone’s guess and let’s hope he’s talking about the kind of deep that means we’re in negotiation territory not the kind of profound deep you get when you smoke some good grass and try and figure out your place in the universe.



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