Santi clueless on Cesc future


Santi Cazorla is the first Arsenal player to touch on the rumours linking Cesc Fabregas with a return to the Premier League admitting he’d welcome the 27-year-old midfielder back to the Emirates with open arms.

The duo, who are set to play alongside each other for Spain at the World Cup in Brazil this summer, confided in each other before Santi’s switch to the Gunners in 2012 but despite their friendship the current Gunner says he’s in the dark over Cesc’s future.

As it stands there’s little to suggest Arsene Wenger will take up his first refusal option on his former captain, however, with Chelsea and Manchester United also said to interested in a possible deal Cazorla believes it’s obvious Fabregas is more cherised in England than Spain.

“I’ve read that he could go to Chelsea but I’d prefer him to come to Arsenal because he’s a great player and they really love him there,” said Santi.

“I don’t know what his future is, but I hope that he will be happy and enjoys the team wherever he is.

“I don’t think there’s a big difference between Cesc’s performances in the Premier League and La Liga.

“His statistics are great at Barcelona but he’s not valued the same as in England. There’s no difference in his numbers, he’s adapted perfectly to both leagues.”

Arseblog News can’t really be arsed to speculate on where Fabregas might end up (if indeed he leaves Barcelona at all) because we’re almost certain this saga is going to run and run all summer.

Quite frankly we’d rather spend a few more weeks toasting the FA Cup final before turning our attention to the World Cup with beer and burger in hand. We’ll panic about the rest on deadline day.*


*Don’t hold us to this.





    • I genuinely cant fathom how horrifically angry I will become if he signs for someone else in the Premier League.
      We have to do what ever it takes to bring him home.

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    • I’m at the point where I’d see him as a backup keeper if he signed back.

      And it’s a long time to August… I need to calm it and just watch his gloriousness in Brazil.

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      • He’d easily go straight in to the midfield or the wing. He is a player of the Özil status. Bring Cesc Fabregas home, and bring Loic Remy and Samuel Eto’o in as well as Aurier. That would be a great transfer summer to me.

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        • I’d sell Santi to get Cesc. Not because he is a bad player or anything. But I thing Cesc would have more impact on a match more consistently than Santi would.

          Having said that why should we chose one over the other. Lets have them both as we know that we cant sustain a full squad over a full season anyway without suffering from injuries, mostly in the same area. Last year it was in attack. The year before it was fullbacks and the year before that was central defense.

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      • Santi’s close to 30, if he’s not there already (not sure when his b’day is), so I think he’ll start to expect less game time anyway. And I’m pretty sure he’s realised that if Cesc comes back, he’ll (Santi) will be the one who misses out, and Rosicky will be reduced to making the odd cameo during the annual injury crisis. I’m fairly sure that if Cesc comes back, we’ll end up looking like this:
        RB, Per (C??), Kosc, Gibbs
        Arteta/DM, Ramsey
        Walcott Cesc Ozil

        Bench: Ox, Wilshere, Vermaelen, Giroud/striker, Cazorla, Monreal, Keeper

        Personally, I’d still prioritize a DM over Cesc, but I would also hate to see him at City, or god forbid, Chelsea.

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      • How many months in total were any of those combination of players injured?

        Wilshere, Ramsey and Flamini have a history of dealing with niggles.

        You can’t build your team based on the assumption everybody will be fit at all times; this is why City are winning the league – they have class players to step in when the class players are out.

        Across 4 competitions there is ~60 games. On top of this we will have a couple more with the UCL qualifiers and the Community Shield.

        If we don’t take advantage of the First Option Clause it will be a disgusting waste.

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      • We do not need to sell anyone, jheeez. We got space for all of them, a big club like arsenal should be in the market for players like this. He’d be a welcome addition that would make us way stronger.

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    • People suggesting we don’t need him….yet in the same breath bemoan the loss of Ozil and Ramsey to injury last season and our lack of depth.

      Cesc is like Ozil with a higher workrate, coupled with Ramsey’s goal scoring.

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      • We haven’t seen the best of Özil yet! There is more to come from this lad :3 Cesc would be a great addition.

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    • I agree! this whole transfer saga is making me sicker then when he was about to leave us…. I couldn’t bare the thought of seeing our Cesc… our El Capitan in another premier league Jersey.

      Isn’t there some way Blogs that you can get in touch with powers that be at Arsenal and say US FANS will start a fund raiser and raise atleast half of his transfer fee? I don’t think theres a gooner out there that wouldn’t pitch in…. the other half would surely be paid for in the first 2 weeks in Shirt Sales!!! WHY ARENT PUMA FORCING THIS ON WENGER!!

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  1. Some seem to be not be too keen on us signing him. I say sign him and we have the best midfield in the goddam motherfuckin world.

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      • Lol, I consider our Wilshere way above Gonalons anyway :3

        And Cesc can play on both central midfield and on the wing. He can play fucking anywhere almost, except defensive position. He’d be a great addition and make us better. Besides he did an excellent job as arsenal captain.

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  2. Cesc would be a great addition to the squad. With a couple of key injuries we’d still be strong enough to challenge on all fronts.

    30 million on Cesc + 30 to 40 on a striker + 30 million on defensive options (including a keeper) = a very happy Gooner.

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    • Completely agree with you. Splashing 100-120 mill would basically put us 100 miles ahead of the rest of the league. Had we done this last summer, or even half way there in Jan, we’d have won the double…easily.

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    • I’m on the bring him back home – side. Anyone who says otherwise clearly hasn’t noticed the absence of Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere this season. That’s quite the accomplishment.

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    • The transfer budget covers both transfer fees and wages. Even 100k a week comes up to over 5m a year, and 20m over the course of a contract.

      In today’s market, that effectively halves the budget for buying players.

      Geez…some people need to wake up.

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      • Yeah, but it’s not nearly what you’re suggesting either. Player fees are amortized over the length of the contract. 30m for Cesc on a 5 year contract at 150k/week would cost Arsenal approx 13.5m / year. 6m per year on the fee and 7.5m in wages.
        Very doable with Arsenals budget.

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    • It’s not about the money we spend but about the player we sign. We need to sign players who make us better, not players of not so good quality. Sadly those players costs quite a lot of money and are not very often for sale. And if they are for sale there is often plenty of clubs who wants to bring em in. So what I am trying to say here is that everything isn’t as simple as people might believe. I think Wenger actually tried to bring in an striker last summer etc. But the truth is the competition is big in the market.

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    • Anyone else a bit nervous that Santi acknowledged that he might go to Chelsea? Heresay and all, but a little startling nonetheless

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      • He READ it. Read the same garbage hack rumors we’ve all seen. At least I hope that’s all he’s going on. Then again with the Barca or us for his departure you just don’t know if this is a fellow Spaniard trying to help make something work..

        Cesc wants to come back to the club that made him a Man Arsene! Take Note!

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    • I seem to remember Barca getting him on the cheap because he said he had no desire to play anywhere but Arsenal or Barca and wouldn’t even consider Real. I figure going to Chelsea would be a lot like going to Real instead of Barca. It isn’t going to happen. Maybe he can do the whole “it’s Arsenal or nobody” thing to Barca and we can get him on the cheap too. Some say we don’t “need” him. And that might be so, however it really depends on your perspective. How can any team not “need” a player that would make any team in the world better. Having other needs does not mean we should ignore him if he is available to us at a price we can afford. Frankly I don’t see him going anywhere at all. Why would Barca get him to take over for Xavi only to get rid of him when Xavi is about to hang up the boots? Just because of some imbecile Barca fans can’t recognize his brilliance? Even Barca’s management can’t be THAT stupid… can they?!

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      • I should also add that I don’t see Luis Enrique deciding his first influence on his team to be getting rid of such an amazing all around footballer. Especially considering he tends to prefer a slightly more direct style than the tiki-taka. Seems like Cesc is the perfect type of player for him to transition this team to a slightly more direct style then.

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  3. How could he possibly go to Chelsea and play under a man who has publicly insulted arsene wenger in such a disgusting, arrogant way. Even if wenger doesn’t exercise the option to sign him, cesc owes it to himself to not join Chelsea and play under that cunt Mourinho. Arsene wenger made him the player he is and I imagine he would feel a deep sense of betrayal if cesc were to go to Chelsea. Fucking hate Mourinho so much.

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    • I think I hate Mourinho more than any other player or person in all of world football. I’m with you.

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      • Pity SAF retired, because it would have been a dead heat between those two over who I detest more. And I hate seeing Mou win anything.

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      • I would gladly chop off the little finger on my non-dominant hand for the chance to poke Mourinho in the eye with a meat cleaver.

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    • Its also worth mentioning that Cesc has been pretty uncomplimentary about Mourinho over the years; almost as if he doesn’t like the guy (cannot imagine why 😉 ).

      In return, considering the way Mourinho runs things, its a train-wreck in waiting if (God forbid) Cesc ever went there, .

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    • Cesc also once told Maureen to ‘shut up’ when the twat was at real. Just doesn’t seem very realistic at all.

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    • I think the few thumbs down here was Mourinho who hired Terry and Ivanovic to click on things that critisize him. That’s Lampard’s job now, which is why he seemed to leave Chelsea. There’s a lot of clicks to click on the internet, it’s takes a lot of time.

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    • Perhaps. We don’t need him desperately so there’s no point in bidding unless someone else does.

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    • All of the media shit about Cesc says Arsenal are not interested because we are not doing the: ‘look at me; look at me’ performance to get his attention.

      They forget that we don’t need to chase him because of the buyback, and he already know and loves where he would be going.

      I could almost see this being decided at a quiet dinner in Brazil sometime in the next month. A chat between a man and his mentor, bypassing 27 levels of: agents, managers, hangers-on and the like.

      It would technically be tapping up I guess, but considering Barca’s actions in 2009-11; fuck’em.

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      • Anyone have any facts about this ‘buyback’ clause?

        Is it real and enforceable? Does anyone know how much it’s for?

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  4. If only Nacho was on Spain’s squad… Santi and Nacho could bundle an Arsenal top back on Cesc like Pique and Puyol did to him last WC.. Unfortunately I don’t think Santi is big enough to do it on his own 🙁
    Bring him home Arsene!

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  5. He’s going to go to whomever pays him the most money. That won’t be us. Get over it. He left us, he’s not coming back. We need a striker.

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    • You know he took a pay cut to go to Barca don’t you. If Barca do want him out (which would be an immensely stupid thing to do) then if Arsene wants him he will get him.

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  6. I want Charlie Adam to shove his veiny penis down the throats of all the fake ITKs (especially Tancredi Palmeri) who keep reporting that Fabregas is set to move to any other English club but Arsenal. Hope they choke on it, too.

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    • Pedro, you’ll never get my vote as long as you keep talking about that fucking Scot Shinner’s willy. I agree with the distaste for agents, however.

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    • Of all the world’s penises to be obsessed with, you pick Charlie Adams’? You need to see the world, my friend.

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  7. I’ve had to throw out two jerseys with Van Persie on the back….don’t make me throw out my Cesc Mug.
    That means a lot to me

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  8. After his comments post Manchester City v Barcelona, you’d think he disliked Mourinho. I don’t understand how these journalists get their jobs, a hobo could probably do better than them.

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  9. someone please set up an online petition to get cesc back to arsenal,,, i dont know how… i want to see how many gooners worldwide will sign it

    come home cesc

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  10. Love Cesc, but our midfield is a bit heavy on smaller technical and creative players allready. I think the money would be better spent on someone like Vieira. A big midfield general with drive to complement our smaller technical and creative midfielders. Someone like Pogba or Toure. Ofcourse, Diaby could be that player if he stay fit.

    But i will not be dissapointed if Cesc Returns though. However we look at it, he would strenghten the team. Just under a Budget, im not sure he is what we are lacking in midfield, and the money might be better put towards a different type of player that we dont currently have like Vieira.

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    • Just keep in mind that anyone “like” Viera, will still never be Viera. Also, Cesc isn’t exactly a pushover. He can hold his own in midfield. It’s not like he is Cazorla or Arshavin’s size. And people seem to forget that Cesc can basically play any position in the midfield. He is incredibly versatile. He is not limited to a #10 role by any means.

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  11. £30m for a player who posts the numbers he does is a fucking steal. The fact its Cesc just makes he a million times better.

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    • Cheaper to us. We have a buy-back option of 20-25m (I forget what exactly) and Barca owe us around 9m which I’m sure they’d be glad to write off.

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      • And if we could somehow activate the percentage sell-on clause to our benefit and further subsidise the signing…haha…just kidding.

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  12. We were your home but you followed your heart. They are breaking your heart, now just come back home… #bringceschome

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  13. The difference in class between the so called biggest club in the world “Barca” and the best footballing club in the world Arsenal. They have been chasing Cesc and destablising him for years and then finally get to treat him like this. I think it all has to do with when he first left Barca for Arsenal. They wanted to show him that they are more powerfull than anybody by really destroying his career. On the contrast Arsenal and mostly Arsene allowing Fabianski to really showcase his talents to other suitors despite him turning down a new deal to stay.
    Barca are run by a classless bunch of peasants. And their supports are a bunch of cunts too.

    Come back home Cesc. Your family will always forgive you and welcome you back with open arms.

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    • In what way did they destroy his career? As far as I can tell, the move was beneficial to Cesc. The way they went about buying him, and now apparently wanting to sell him three years later, makes them cunts. But in no way did they destroy his career. He wanted this, he got what he left us for, which is trophies … and not playing with Bendtner, Song, Denilson, etc. I won’t begrudge him if he were to return, but to think that he was just an innocent bystander is just stupid.

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      • Are you drunk? Fabregas has been playing with Song in Barca for a while. He would definitely have loved to have Bendtner and Denilson in the team.

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    • I’d say it was not only about the clubs, but also the fans. Its almost like they have never forgiven him for leaving and he’s been the magnet for protest/unrest ever since he came back.

      I’m not saying we have not had our scapegoats over the years, but Ramsey highlights the difference. Put in the effort, play well, and it turns things around.

      Cesc has played well for them, and he still doesn’t seem to have turned them around. (I guess how they react to him possibly leaving will tell for sure).

      If he returns, hopefully our reaction will show the gulf in class.

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  14. Let the campaign begins #BringBackOurCesc…Will love to see him back,considering the fact that Arteta,Flamini and Rosicky are not getting younger.

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    • The papers NEVER print anything good involving Arsenal they have too much of a love affair with other teams. Look at the way they hammered Ozil all season he would walk on water to them if he played for ushited but he chose the Arsenal and hate him for it.

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  15. I just can’t believe they’re getting rid of him! Some very weird stuff going on in this window already…£40m+ for David Luis? Mental!

    I’d take a good £30m striker plus a powerhouse midfielder and a defender over Cesc. For our attack, with Gnabry kicking on, Ozil fully adapted to the league and with Rambo and Jack I’m not sure we need much more than someone to partner Giroud upfront.

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    • With a false nine, you need a bunch of players who make runs from midfield to score. Which is pretty much what we’ve been missing this season (except Ramsey).

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    • False nines a load of bollocks mate. The Germans are going barmy with Ozil about his performances but they are playing the false nine game and it certainly doesn’t suit him.

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  16. Arsenal will surely get injuries throughout the season. Wilshere & Walcott are givens and diaby will probably play only one game.
    Ozil is only a 60 minute player at most, Flamini will get suspended, whilst Arteta is sure to lose form at some stage. In addition Rambo could suffer from burn out.
    So anyone who think that cesc is not needed think again.

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    • Ozil is top class indeed like you said, he makes a difference even when he’s not putting in man-of-the-match performances. He’ll be a top performer coming season, keep the faith.

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    • That’s loony rich. You’re trusting too many papers to provide your opinion on Ozil. Watch for yourself and stop reading the narrative those bumwipes are printing. He led the team in assists and tied for fourth highest scorer in his first year with the club, all while starting to acclimatize to the English game (repeated kickings) and the negative scrutiny of the press and some of the supporters- not sure which is worse at times.

      Let’s have both!

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    • Yessir, that price tag is definitely more pressure than playing for fucking Real Madrid in CL fixtures and title-deciding matches, no sirree, FA Cup is definitely leagues above La Liga.

      Jesus Christ.

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  18. When he left in 2011 I think I remember reading something about Arsenal getting 40 or 50% of any future transfer fee. Is there any truth to that?

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  19. I love all the comments saying we don’t need cesc and we’ve got plenty of his type in midfield….. where were they all when our title challenge crumbled away?? Injured nothing wrong with having quality in the depth of our squad!! We play that many games that everyone should be happy with their game time

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  20. Just bring him home. I don’t care how. He’s one of my favourite players of all time. It would make me sick to see him at any other English club. He’s too classy for them.

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  21. Just put red and white on him if you win the WC. Oh wait, we’re the Arsenal, not some classless bunch.

    This story will show Cesc’s true DNA after all and I still believe it involves North London.

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  22. Wenger said he always considers rvp an arsenal player even after what he did…..I’m certain he’d jump at the opportunity to take someone like Cesc back, even if he had to make adjustments to his formation. I think ozil pulled a little behind to join Ramsey and wilshere for company with fabregas and giroud in front would be a great formation, especially with Walcott making those runs…..

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  23. This type of attacking formation would especially be helpful if we fall 1-0 down. Except the fa cup final, I don’t recall any match arsenal was able to win last season after falling 1-0 down….

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  24. What wenger should do is wait until mourinho has bid, agreed terms, made plans for cesc in his team and maybe even let other targets go in his arrogant certainty of getting his man.

    Then, pull the plug on their deal at the last minute by activating the buy-back clause.

    For me, to fuck that cunt over in such a deliciously sordid way would be right up there with having sex with my wife in the early days back when we used to shag like a couple from Pornhub.

    It truly would be a special one.

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  25. This is going to go back and forth all summer.

    You have to take him if he’s available. Let’s win the league playing 4-6-0 next year!

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  26. At the risk of pissing ppl off, and maybe devising a coping mechanism for his move to chelsbollocks, maybe fab doesn’t deserve to come back? He turned his back on Wenger an the club when they needed him the most.

    Also, I wonder how he would face his idol pep whilst being mourinho’s bitch.

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  27. The thought of Cesc ending up at any other club other than Arsenal is sickening. The current gossip (please God let it be bullshit) linking him with Chelsea is sickening x 1000.

    So surely we have to find room for him in our squad and act on the buy back clause.

    Some will argue that we’re will stocked in the middle but injuries will occur, and don’t we just know about that, and in my opinion we simply have to buy him back, if he is indeed to leave Barcelona.

    With Walcott fit again I would prefer to nab someone like Remy as opposed to a Cavani if it meant we could bring Cesc back home.

    And incidentally when talking about Remy, he may not have the big reputation or price tag of one of the other forwards we’ve been linked with but he’s proven in the Premier League with good records at both QPR and Newcastle, plus he’s quick, mobile and a good finisher.

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  28. Over the past 24 hours Cesc has signed for Manure, City, the scum that is known as Chelsea and Liverpool. I doubt anything the rumour mongers that are the so called journalists spew are true. And all the stories about how Wenger isnt going to activate his first refusal clause is absurd considering how close to his chest that Wenger deals with transfers. I doubt the Daily Fail and the likes would be privy to information like that. All in all, lets try and shoe Cesc that he may be Catalan in appearance but deep down he is forever a Gunner. Get one over our rivals Arsene!

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  29. Nacho and Santi need to whack an Arse shirt on Cesc and take a selfie with Poldi (just because Poldi takes a worldie selfie)

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  30. Looking forward. Cesc is 27… if we take him now he can mature into the arteta role gracefully, ultimately become skipper or vice skipper and age gracefully into a gooner legend. Eventually developing powers of levitation and inventing the position of ‘false idol’.


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  31. I quite fancy this kind of speculation. Beats the hell out of DNA and inner children speaking to other clubs during the summer.

    Can’t wait for the ‘Arsenal already have too many goals within the squad for another top-class striker to find a place’ chatter to begin .

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  32. It annoys me when people say ozil plays false 9 or no10 behind the striker…. ive watched him all year and he always picks the ball up on the left or the right. we dont play with natural wingers and wenger likes inside forwards. ozil is a front line midfielder. he drifts left and right across the final third. I think cesc playing centre with ozil on one side and santi on the other is a lethal formation. they would drift out of positions and confuse teams with there movement, and fabregas is the best midfielder in the world at running beyond the ball and creating passes, something that ozil needs to blossom. it was no coincidence that ozil dropped form when ramsey was out. ramsey gave him options just like cesc would. As for too many midfielders… flog diaby cause he is a waste of a squad number and cesc just adds quality and depth to our team. we suffered so bad with injuries this year in midfield that we had to play arteta and flamini together because it was all we had. One loic remy, a holding midfielder like schneiderlin and cesc is all that is needed to get this team purring next season. dont need a left winger. the ox should adpat his game to play on the left or right if he wants to be world class in the future. ox cutting in from the right with his rocket right foot is a good playing option. so thumbs up if you agree that fabregas is not just a wishfull option with no need but a must buy with actual need for his quality and experience in this team. LOIC REMY, SCHNEIDERLIN AND FABREGAS is all we need

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  33. I love Cesc as much as the next gooner, but 30 Million for the sake of depth is ridiculous. The money is better spent on other position like CF,RB,CB(if Vermaelen gone). But Vela, Aurier, and Cesc are enough to make happy.

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    • it wouldn’t be depth. play ozil-fab-ramsey; or rotate. arteta learned to play a quasi-defensive role, so could one of these …

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  34. As much as I want to ignore this fucking transfer bollocks and enjoy *what should be a great World Cup* I can’t help but get choked up at the thought of his return.

    And devastated at the the thought of him playing anywhere else.
    Hopefully he either comes home or stays home.

    Fuck Chelsea, City, United the lot of them. Hands off cunts

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  35. People need to realise if Chelsea are his only option then that’s where he’ll go. It’s for the sake of his career, it must be breaking his heart that Barca are essentially telling him to fuck off. His whole family supports that team, his best friend (Pique) plays there too, this must also be embarrassing.

    For the sake of his career, I’ve no doubt Cesc will move to Chelsea.

    SO FOR THE LOVE OF GOS ARSENE PUT A FUCKING BID IN, PLEASE!!! It’s hard enough seeing Rotten Van Pudhi playing at Mould Trashford.

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  36. “His statistics are great at Barcelona but he’s not valued the same as in England. There’s no difference in his numbers, he’s adapted perfectly to both leagues.”

    We loved him here but he did not appreciate it. Now he wants to come back. I know I’m in the minority but I’ll not sacrifice anyone in our current midfield for cesc. They were loyal to Arsenal through the dry spell. What happened to his Barca DNA? Plus why would he want to come to arsenal to “suffer” like Barca players were saying when he wanted to leave.

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    • doubt he wants to come back. i think he wants to stay at barca, and this is all his agent’s doing so that he can firm up his position.

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  37. The best solution is for Cesc to stay in Barca.

    JM don’t get to gloat, we get to buy a DM and Cesc still occasionally tweets on how he loves us.

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  38. How can we refuse to sign one of the best players in the world? We all know how awesome Cesc is. We’ve seen 7 years of awesomeness from him while he was with us. I’ll be gutted if we don’t bring him back and he ends up with a Premier League rival. Please bring Cesc back. Hope to see him in red and white this coming season.

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  39. How about we assign Santi to make Cesc wear an Arsenal shirt during the Wold Cup? Wouldn’t that be a slap on the face for the Barca players who pulled him away from us?

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  40. Fabregas> Özil, wilshere, santi, rosicky

    I hate to say it but Fab is the best midfielder we have ever had, and during our barren/shit paying off the stadium years he was pretty much bossing teams and keeping us in the running on his own.

    I love all the others but Fabregas IS the best in his position so get him if you can, plus no other team in PL gets him. He’s a harder working higher goal scorer than Özil and he always shows up for the big games!

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  41. It doesnt matter if we have enough players in that position, it doesnt matter if hes not what we need, it doesnt matter if youre still bitter about the way he left. Imagine how you guys would feel if you saw him playing in a chelsea shirt next season, or even worse, in city alongside sagna, nasri and clichy. We better sign him, why? Because we fucking can!!!!! COYG!!!

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  42. Spain won everything without a traditional winger..y cant we won everything with cazorla or ozil on the wing ? Bring cesc back and put him in the midddle with ozil and cazorla on the wing wud b perfect combination

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  43. For those wondering where we can fit Cesc in we got to remember that we play almost 25-26 matches against weaker teams, the ones we should beat.
    So in those games we can just line up as
    RB BFG Kos Gibbs
    Cesc Rambo
    Walcott Ozil Cazorla
    Subs: GK,Jenks, Poldi, Wilshere, Arteta, Back up ST(?),Verm
    It is a bit cavalier but Arsene said that we need goals – So for those teams and minnows of the UCL we can just use this approach(Cesc sometimes plays CM at Barca since Iniesta is their AM).
    For the big teams maybe we have to change the strategy.
    Either way if Cesc is available, we got to buy him. No two ways here.

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  44. What neutral says at the top is right to a certain extent. I wouldn’t wanna sell Cazorla, but he’s the one who’s position would be in jeopardy should Cesc return.

    Walcott and Ozil are dead certs on the right and centrally. I’d like to see Ramsey pushed forward into the left attacking midfield position. Almost in the Old Ljungberg mould.

    This leaves the two anchoring roles where Arteta/Flamini (or this mythical new DM) could play alongside Cesc.

    Of course this leaves out Wilshere, Cazorla, Podolski, Chamberlain and Rosicky, but with our injury record, everyone would get game time.

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  45. If he joins us, then he will probably end his career here. And don’t be daft, you can’t have too many good players.

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  46. Cesc, Remy, and Vela sound like a fairly good and reasonably priced trio.

    To be honest though, its all just red-topped bollocks at this stage of the window and I doubt much will get sorted until after the World Cup.

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  47. I can see a lot of gunners will be very disappointed when Cesc ends up somewhere else but with Arsenal. If you think Cesc will be back here, you’ve not been paying attention. I’ll be here handing out tissues to wipe your tears when you see him holding up a Chelsea jersey during his press conference.

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  48. Is it just me or when Wenger says things like: “No we are not looking at him” or “No, I don’t think it will happen”, it makes me suspicious. To me there is a better chance of Fab rejoining after Wenger says no, than if for instance Wenger said: “Yes we are bringing Cesc back for sure”.

    That is just how I feel about it though. I think there is a place for Fabregas to come back HOME. Fuck Barca DNA.

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  49. Just imagine the emirates singing “we’ve got Cesc Fabregas” again.

    How can any arsenal fan not want that?

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  50. Are we all forgetting how hated in Spain that absolute twat Mourinho was?

    I’m sure it was Xavi and a few of the other Barce players touched on it, Mourinho ruined Spanish football and he is a dickcunt of a man. He is loathsome and every time I see the media in England open their mouths and stick their tounge out to lick his arsehole as he bends over in every single one of his press conferences, I get filled with rage.
    Would cesc really sign for a man who called WENGER, his footballing father, a specialist in failure? I hope not, I don’t think so guys.

    Bring cesc home.

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  51. Am I the only one who is thinking about a ‘big-f***ing’ger problem? Forget about fitting him in the team. I’m worried about giving him a shirt number. Is BFG gonna let go of his number? I’m used to seeing Cesc wearing a red n white shirt numbered ‘4’ and decorated with the captains armband.

    Oh BTW, if Cesc is available, I don’t think Wenger’s gonna let him join any other goddamn team in PL. Not that Cesc would want to. But unfortunately for Cesc, AW holds the key for his future(if he is really available) and guess what, #InArseneWeTrust.

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  52. With Diaby, Källström and Miyaichi all set to move on… we really should exercise our claws (clause) and bring Cesc home.

    It makes perfect sense and would let us rotate well enough to compete on all fronts next season.
    Zelalem can learn a whole lot from this guy.


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  53. 1) I honestly don’t think Cesc would sign with Chelsea
    2) I don’t even think Barac are selling him! This is all the media’s doing.
    3) Cesc vs Ozil – Cesc is the better player because Cesc can score goals and set them up! Ozil is a genius but Cesc was a better player at Ozil’s age. He was our captain.

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  54. My heart longs to see Cesc back in the Arsenal team and there’s no denying he would improve our quality and depth, but a few points keep niggling away; firstly I’m not sure Barca are really going to let him go, secondly if we’re going to spend a lot of money on another midfielder I think Khedira might make more sense and thirdly he already left us once, what’s to say he won’t do it again when he gets to 30 and only gets offered a 1 year contract extension? and that could even be on a free. I’m really torn on this one. I’d love to see him come back but this could be a time for head not heart to make the decision.

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  55. If Alex Song is available as well as fabregas get them both.Ozil is with out doubt a technically very gifted player but i do wonder if he will ever adapt physically to the rigours of the premier league but i would rather be proved wrong

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  56. The question is would we have won last seasons PL with Cesc? The answer is yes. Cesc is a brilliant midfield player both offensively and defensively. He would form a formidable partnership with the Welsh Jesus. Leave big competition for places and big names not even getting on the bench but for me thats no problem. He is a world class player and we would be fools not to fight for his signature particilarly as Wenger has signed a new deal and he fits perfectly in Wengers style. Maybe Arteta will have to move to the bench but Cesc offers eveeything Arteta offers and more. Both are not naturally defensive midfielders.

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    • May as well have said we would have won the league with Ramsey fit or Walcott.

      We were only 8 points shy of the title.

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  57. I will never forget Alan Hansen describe Fabregas as the best player in the league on match of the day. I mean Alan Hansen ffs.

    Not to mention the goal against Sp*rs after the kick off.

    I stopped watching Barca the day he left us. It was just THAT painful.

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  58. No Fabregas. Media manufactured fantasy to lead Arsenal fans astray from additiions we really and truly need at :

    1) RBack
    2) Cback
    3) Back Up Keeper
    4) Striker.

    We should not be spending too lightly in a couple of these areas either. A Cesc move however nostalgic and surplus to requirement will reduce the focus and money to spend in these areas.

    So realistically…no.

    (Unless Barca want to sell him for under 15m of course)

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  59. Next headline

    “Arsenal Clueless on Santi Future”

    Should not have turned down the Cesc buyback option

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