Wilshere keen to step up ahead of new season


Jack Wilshere says that next season is a big one for him, coming off the back of yet another injury hit campaign.

The midfielder acknowledges that the time has come for him to make his mark properly for club and country, and admits to being ‘devastated’ at England’s World Cup failure.

Speaking to the Guardian, Wilshere was asked if he felt next season had to be big one, he said, “I think it is. I’m not young any more. I’m going to be 23 in January and that’s a good age for a footballer.

It’s a big season for me, it’s a big season for Arsenal. But at the moment, I’m devastated. I’ve got to try and get over this and then try to move on next season.”

Touching on England’s disappointing World Cup campaign, he said, “It is a nice group of young players and hopefully we can stick together, learn from this tournament, take all this disappointment and bottle it up. This is the worst feeling. I won the FA Cup at the end of last season so I know what it’s like.

“I was fresh from winning, so to then have this disappointment is not nice. We’ve got to bottle this feeling up and take it on.”

With pre-season training with the Gunners starting shortly, Wilshere admitted that he’s unlikely to be on the trip to New York as he and other players who went to Brazil will be given some time off, but he remains determined to keep himself in top shape ahead of the new season.

“I’m going to carry on training, do my bit, because I only played two games in the last three or four months. I will go back early. They are going away to New York and I’m not sure I’m going on that, but I will definitely still do my little bit.

“My fitness is on the way up and I don’t want to lose that.”

Wilshere’s potential and talent is obvious, but he really needs to overcome the injuries that have blighted his career to really step forward. Last season was one of progress all the same, with 48 appearances for club and country, and the most productive he’s ever been in terms of goals and assists.

That he wants to move forward from there and do better for us is an attitude that’s great to see.


      • The guy takes so much criticism from all angles, for nor reason, he is a decent player who would walk into most teams in the Premier League., the poor guy has just been hampered by injuries.

        If he can get a solid run in the team he will be a huge player for us, its not all going to be magic, he is going to have some flat performances in there somewhere. All he can do is work hard and he 100% has the quality to get back to where he needs to be, if not surpass that.

        Class player, he will be back.

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  1. Something is not right in the world.
    Jack played a pointless International and DIDN’T GET INJURED….

    Thankyou Lord Bergkamp

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  2. Now imagine if we had signed Cesc, he would go into the new season absolutely low on confidence knowing he’ll mostly be on bench. Hope he has a Ramsey-esque season 2014/15!

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      • another thing to consider, cesc only get less than 15mins in the WC (i guess). Dont even play the 3rd game. I know VD Bosque wanting everyone to have a taste of the WC, but i find the fact of Cesc not playing the 3rd game is rather strange for a star player.

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        • Putting aside the disagreement over the quality of Cesc and his importance to the team (and I accept your arguments about rational transfer buys though I think football is about more than that), is the point of the collective thumbs down to imply that we should not buy star players because other players might lose confidence?

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  3. Wilshere still has all the makings of a great player provided he can stay injury free for the majority of a season. Arsenal fans need to cut him some slack. Look at how Ramsey has been for the last 1.5 seasons…

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  4. If there’s one player who’s had his game undone by injuries it’s Wilshere.

    It used to be Ramsey and Rosicky. But they both recovered and look at them now.

    I expect the same of Jack.

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      • I like TheOX a lot…But u havent seen Wilshere’s game when in form…am i right??

        yeah i knw u ll come up with “When was the last time he was in form” thing

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        • i will never forget the way he played against Barcelona, the night of the famous 2-1 win. He ruled the midfield. Against Barcelona! Against that Barcelona! He was magnificent.

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      • I’m certain we haven’t seen anything like the best of either yet.

        If only we could have a full injury-free season from Theo, Aaron, Jack, the Ox and Gibbs. Is that too much to ask?

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  5. Let’s not be hasty like some of the media cunts out there and judge how well he’s come along by, say age of 25.

    Personally, I am confident he will be the midfielder we all hoped he would become.

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  6. Thats My Boyyyyyyyyyyy!!!


    Not a boy anymore…He is the Man..Lad..Future Legend

    Hoping he ll be back with a BANG!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. I think we should be supporting jack, don’t think some fans realise how much an asset jack is. He can change the flow of a game, retain the possession higher up the pitch and not many can do that. Scholes did it by spreading balls, jack is not the same player but carrying the ball, taking on players takes courage. We have a great squad land last season we came close. We will be stronger this year. So let’s get behind the team the manager and shout the other fans down at home. Fortresss arsenal!!!

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  8. I thought Jack was fantastic against Costa Rica. Roy Hodgson must have been terribly embarrassed. Jesus. Even as an American I was deeply offended by Jordan Henderson getting the start in those first couple games. What an absolute farce of a national manager

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  9. Which position is Jack best in?

    I think he will make a decent creative inside right since the number 10 role is already taken by Ozil. He can play further back in Ramsey’s position but I think he is too suspect defensively to play there.

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  10. We need to see a real step up next season and an injury free one too.

    While injuries are obviously not a player’s fault (unless reckless in the tackle like Gazza was in 91 cup final), Wilshere really does need to have an injury free campaign.

    I’m concerned that injuries will blight his career from here on in and I’m also concerned that perhaps the injuries have already stole from him that extra burst of pace he could find in tight situations which made his speed of thought and action so devastating when he burst onto the football scene.

    Yes, he’s only 22 but this season I need to personally see some tangible improvement and consistency where jack can influence the big games. Too often over the last couple of seasons I have left the stadium feeling he looked pretty but had no real impact on the game.

    I want him to realise the potential he showed 3 to 4 years ago and while, at his age I’m not asking or even expecting for him to become a world class midfielder in the forthcoming season, I certainly expect to see more return and influence in his play.

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  11. Good luck Jack hope you can stay fit all season and get the chance to become the player we all know you can be.

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  12. Love Jack and love his attitude. Still have hope of him being the first team captain at some point, but totally agree with him that he needs to kick on.

    On a side note, I’m still a bit miffed about the cesc thing. Especially when people were saying “Well we’ve got Ozil so there’s no point in signing 2 of the same players.” I mean, following logic here, we signed Ozil and won 1 trophy, 2 Ozils = 2 trophies, 3 = 3 etc.

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  13. People tend only to notice the errors with Jack and yet ignore it with someone like Barkley, for instance. Some of things he does, which would be lauded if it were anyone else, go under the radar. That’s not to say Jack is the finished article or immune to criticism for the poor decisions at times, but really, watch him play, REALLY WATCH, and you’ll see the makings of something special.

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  14. I’ve always seen Jack as a future Arsenal captain if he can realise his potential. Very excited to see what he does in the next season or two.

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  15. When on form, Wilshere is one hell of a player. I remember him at 16 during the pre- season, and then his time at Bolton, his first year in arsenal first team(remember the barca game at home) and many more tell me that we have a great player on our hands. Make no mistake this talent will come out on a regular basis and it could just be next season. Form is temporary, class is permanent. And Wilshere is class all the way.

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  16. Jack’s exciting style of play involves quick bursts forward combined with sudden stops and swift changes in direction. That kind of play takes a mighty toll on the feet and legs.

    Other than a striker, we still need a pacey, two-footed, tricky winger and even before the hat trick yesterday I thought Shaqiri would be ideal.

    Bringing in someone like Shaqiri/Reus/Draxler/Griezemann would most likely relegate Jack Wilshere to the bench. But I think that’s a good thing. Rather than risk suffering a ‘stress fracture’ in your foot again on the back of playing twice-a-week, week in and week out, Jack would be a wonderful impact substitute (whether we’re winning or losing) in the 60th or 70th minute. I could see Jack thrive massively in a season with only 15 starts plus 35 substitute appearances.

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  17. I think Jack really needs to carve himself a niche in this team, and in football in general. He can’t carry on being shifted all over the pitch like some common Eboue. He needs to work out for himself exactly what he’s good at, and he needs to bring that talent to the football pitch.

    The problem is that in terms of English footballers, and British footballers at Arsenal, he’s almost completely unique. Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Ramsey are all very much athletes, and the fact that Jordan Henderson was selected over Jack for England sums up the English way of football. I think it’s difficult for him to find a role model, and as a result he’s trying to change his game in a way it wasn’t meant to be changed in order to prove himself as a player. He sees Walcott, Ramsey and Ox scoring fantastic individual goals and he wants to do the same, but in reality that’s not his game.

    He’s never going to get that kind of glory because he’s more of a team player. Unpopular phrase coming up, but he’s a typically Barcelona-style (NOT DNA, FUCK BARCA DNA) player. I’ve said before that he should try and be more like Xavi. Don’t try and win games, try and control them so that others can win them. That’s where his talent lies. Excellent ball retention, short passing, technical ability. To my mind this is the perfect role for him.

    I think it’s telling that he was involved in our two most beautiful passing goals of the season, but for me it was the goal against Sunderland that most accurately displays his footballing talent. First the way he took the ball forward into space – but not into trouble – and second how he played that immemorable but crucial pass into Rosicky. No-one remembers this goal for Wilshere’s involvement, but he was crucially involved.

    And if he’s going to gain international recognition as a world-class player that’s how he’ll do it. Not by scoring a wonder goal every week, but by controlling the game and making others play. It’s going to take humility at first to be so selfless, but for me these are his true talents, and if he sticks at them and plays with tidiness, efficiency and above all consistency people will take notice.

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    • You sir, have just hit the nail right on the head! He needs to keep things simple the way Aaron did when he got drafted back into the team 1.5 years ago. That coupled with an injury free campaign and I believe he will develop into a quality player next season. Here’s hoping!

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  18. Feel sorry for jack he should have started in world cup ! By far englands most intelligent player they should build the team around him ! Instead of playing 4 forwards and going home early !####### ridiculous .

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  19. Most important is that Jack is played at no. Ten or wide. The Ramsey no. 8 role takes too much out of his legs. Jack is better close to the opponents final third Not our own. When he is in the opponents half ands gets kicked and blocked off, as he does his contribution is significant as he creates set piece chances. Rather than say -away @ stoke where he got smashed and beat off ball before he could get over the half way line.
    He scored the super goal against Norwich playing higher up the pitch ( as a 7, 11 or 10) as he was close enough to giroud ( forward) to get behind then. Playing jack along side arteta in deep midfield is a waste orchids talent. And causes injuries as people happy to foul him near the half way line, where they know they will not receive a yellow card.

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  20. Bleeds Arsenal red. Let’s get in behind him and give him the support he needs to put the injuries behind him and do a ‘Rambo’ this year!

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  21. Cesc did play the third game in the World Cup, he got a fucking amazing assist to Mata, reminding us what we are missing out on. Know your shit before saying he didn’t play. He didn’t start but he did have a row with the manager the day before.
    When he came on he was unplayable

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  22. Wilshere will deliver and so will the OX, i see chambo being more directly impactful in future games. Not sure bout who the better player will be overall though. Who else wants us to buy portugal and sporting’s william carvalho.

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