Sport reporting Khedira to Arsenal as almost done


Spanish daily AS Sport, one of the Real Madrid Barcelona aligned papers, is reporting this morning that Sami Khedira will be an Arsenal player next season.

They say the player has made up his mind to leave the Bernebeu, despite Carlo Ancelotti’s attempts to keep him, because he doesn’t feel valued by the club. It’s also said that the agreement between the clubs is there, and just needs to be finalised.

His contract runs until 2015, meaning he has less than 12 months to go, which makes the reported fee of €29m seem a bit high to us.

However, it does seem as if there’s something going on here, much like the Sanchez stuff there’s a lot of smoke and some well placed people have suggested Arsenal’s interest is very real.

If he does sign, he’d become the fifth German at the club, joining Ozil, Mertesacker, Podolski and Gnabry. It would also be a high profile midfield signing, not the obvious DM everybody has been clamouring for, but he’d certainly add some physicality and strength.

Khedira is also a very close friend of Mesut Ozil, which wouldn’t be any harm at all.

We’re giving this one a hopeful 3 poos.


Note: 10 poos means the rumour is total shit, the lower the amount of poos, the more likely the story to be true.

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