Sport reporting Khedira to Arsenal as almost done


Spanish daily AS Sport, one of the Real Madrid Barcelona aligned papers, is reporting this morning that Sami Khedira will be an Arsenal player next season.

They say the player has made up his mind to leave the Bernebeu, despite Carlo Ancelotti’s attempts to keep him, because he doesn’t feel valued by the club. It’s also said that the agreement between the clubs is there, and just needs to be finalised.

His contract runs until 2015, meaning he has less than 12 months to go, which makes the reported fee of €29m seem a bit high to us.

However, it does seem as if there’s something going on here, much like the Sanchez stuff there’s a lot of smoke and some well placed people have suggested Arsenal’s interest is very real.

If he does sign, he’d become the fifth German at the club, joining Ozil, Mertesacker, Podolski and Gnabry. It would also be a high profile midfield signing, not the obvious DM everybody has been clamouring for, but he’d certainly add some physicality and strength.

Khedira is also a very close friend of Mesut Ozil, which wouldn’t be any harm at all.

We’re giving this one a hopeful 3 poos.


Note: 10 poos means the rumour is total shit, the lower the amount of poos, the more likely the story to be true.


  1. The fee and the wages are obviously suffering from a ‘World Cup Winner’ premium.

    On the other hand, much rather that than pay the ridiculous English premium.

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    • I was very happy that he didn’t play in the Final. Imagine him putting a good performance and the whole world would’ve gone apeshit and his stocks would’ve risen sky high. Further, people like Maureen would’ve come with all guns blazing for his signature today morning.

      In another note, you know what there was a huge chance that Germany wouldn’t have struggled in the midfield, if they had Khedira yesterday.

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      • With toni kroos saying he’s going madrid, id say this is pretty likely….the great merry-go-round.

        And we always benefit hehe

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        • Toni Kroos to Real Madrid for €20 million seems like a steal if we are paying €29 for Khedira. Kroos is only 24 and Khedira is 27 and injury prone.

          Do we think Khedira can last a whole Premier League season?

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      • well for one khedira was brilliant in the mauling of the selected eleven. and secondly i definitely read something somewhere a day or two ago, about maureen swooping in for khedira… while it did reek of lazy click bait, chelski are quite obnoxious that way…

        but hallelujah and long live the new arsenal, that we’re are part of these awesome swoops for barca and madrid star players!

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  2. Superb player. But given just the one year left on the contract and his injury record, really wondering if this constitutes value for money.

    It might be a new Arsenal era whereby we worry less about that and more the experience this guy can obviously imbue on a talented midfield.

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  3. Fuck me sideways!! This might just happen! You can never go wrong with the Germans! I hope to see him in the red and white. COYGs!!!

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  4. I’ve seen a lot of people saying ‘We don’t need Khedira, he’s a box to box player much like Ramsey and Wilshere’ or something along those lines. However, the man is absolute class and would be a massive upgrade on our current holding midfielders because lets be honest we can’t be relying on Arteta and Flamini to get through a whole season. Also compared to Ramsey and Wilshere he is much more defensive minded in my opnionn and I’m certain if Wenger wanted him to play a holding role he would do it with aplomb. Not getting my hopes up but this would be an incredible signing.

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    • wasn’t he injured for a lot of last season and just missed the final through injury as well though? that’s a little worrying

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      • It is worrying BUT on the plus side, if he plays 19 games in Rambo’s position and Rambo plays the other 19, that’s better than having Rambo only manage 25 games and be crocked for the other 13!
        Rotation and squad size are the key. Khedira offers many of Aaron’s qualities so if one is injured we’re not completely stuffed in terms of playing style.

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  5. I can’t believe this is the old Arsenal! He’ll be en london for proper preseason training if this goes through. What am i going to do on deadline day? (watching Sanchez on youtube properly)

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    • Actually the ones that played in the WC final won’t have to report to their teams until around August 3rd I think it is so he would just get a short time in before the season starts up.

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    • And on deadline day you’ll be sitting back with a glass of champagne, watching newsfeeds of all the other teams in England scrambling to buy as well as we did six weeks earlier, and savouring the highlights of our 11-0 away win over Leicester the day before (which leaves us top of the league with a +24 GD after the first three matches).

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  6. Really speaks to my current preoccupations that I read the headline initially as, “Alexis Sanchez reporting…”

    We’ll see if this pans out, I like the player for sure but that price is higher than expected. I thought we were talking like 16mil a few days ago? Regardless, let’s just remember that 12 months ago we were linked with a 30mil move for Fellaini, and that a lot of fans found that appealing. An Ozil and a Sanchez later and we’re linked with Khedira… it’s not too bad.

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  7. Doesn’t represent good value to me. Lars Bender is ahead in tackling, interceptions, blocks, clearances, and discipline, as well as being two years younger and having a better injury record. The last thing we need at Arsenal is another injury prone midfielder. For €29m we could probably get our hands on Bender too.

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  8. This man has all the tools to succeed in a DM role.
    I’d even argue in certain cases we could forego ‘wingers’ and play through the middle 4-3-1-2 type with 3 box to box midfielders (Jack, Ramsey, Khedira) Ozil @ No.10 and Giroud/Sanchez up top.

    -Ramsey – Khedira – Wilshere-

    —— Ozil ———-

    —Sanchez Giroud—-

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    • There’s no way you can put Giroud ahead of WALCOTT even as CF theo must come 1st. And in addition without theo our best XI is in complete!

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      • I can understand why people would thumbs you down, what with Giroud having been good for us and all. But I agree with you, Theo is a tremendous player that better suits the CF position.

        He has all the qualities TH had (though obviously he is shy of the same caliber that the King was). His finishing is sublime, a lot of people seem to forget that. I’m not saying Giroud is a bad finisher, but I just think that a fast, pacey and more clinical finisher like Walcott is better suited for some games. Now however, he’ll sure as hell have a lot of competition from Sanchez for the spot.

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    • I think, if this is going to happen, we’d mostl ike stick to the same formation we had before but the players might line up like this:

      —Khedira – Ramsey

      Walcott – Ozil – Sanchez


      or we might see Cazorla where I’ve put Sanchez and see Sanchez on the right instead of Walcott. The great thing about having Sanchez and Walcott is that they are both quite versatile. Sanchez can play right across the front three and Walcott can play wide right or up top.
      Still, I’d like to see an extra out and out striker, unless Akpom or Sanogo suddenly improves.

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        • “He had pace – oodles and oodles of pace, but he lacks any sort of football intelligence.”


          Chris Waddle is calling from 2006. He wants his hostage to fortune back.

          Seriously, it’s amazing to me that people still peddle this nonsense.

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        • Timmy,
          Yes, love for Theo. But not just that. In 13 appearances he had 5 goals and 4 assists. Very Decent. Blew out his ACL, and while stretchered off, (or as I like to think carried in his throne) reminded spuds of their lot. That’s a Gunner.

          A fair number are tired of bad talk about good players. Saying he should go back to writing children’s books was ridiculously unnecessary, and way off. Perhaps you should go back to reading them and perhaps learn the value of respecting others.

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      • Sanchez is more than capable of playing as CF, as he’s done reasonably regularly for Barca. In fact during some of Messi’s injuries he’s excelled there. So we have the option of playing Cazorla/Sanchez/Walcott as the front three where pace and penetration is the priority.

        Though Giroud’s hold-up/link-up play with runners like Sanchez, Walcott and the Ox either side should mean the occasions of static play in the final third that cost us last season are long gone.

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  9. I don’t think we should be complaining of the price here, when we sold Rvp, samir for a higher prices…he is class and more so a world cup winner

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    • Next time We Fans Should Sing “Wenger,You Know What You Are Doing”…May Be thats what Arsene wants to hear

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  10. He’s won the world cup and the champions league in the same season. That’s a player you want on the pitch going to play chelsea away from home. He’s more athletic than arteta. But maybe not the bulldozer (de jong styled)player we’re expecting. More pluses than minus though.

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  11. I have watched the Mannschaft team in Brasil a few times where Ozil and his best buddy Khedira on the same turf. There’s some dynamic and harmony there between these two. I kept emntioning this to my son especially on the 7-1 trumping of Brazil by the Germans. Ozil buzzing all over the place and Khedira one of the industrious workhorse.

    Would not mind at all having Khedira in Red and White. I loved Arteta and Flams, but we do need some energetic blood in the CDM lineup ver very soon. And Arteta is not getting younger by the day.

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  12. Even if he was injured most of last year, he had a fabulous world cup. A pity he missed the final. What I like about him is he work rate. He never stop running, he can tackle and pass the ball. He would really fit in our Team.

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    • And he’s actually quicker than i thought especially considering he just returned from a bad injury.
      Would be a brilliant signing.

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  13. If Khedira signs for Arsenal we will me major contendors for the Premier League. Signing Ozil is among the main reasons we were able to attract Sanchez and now Khedira, and hopefully more top players in the future. If we actually sign Khedira… Can you imagine the multiple effect for the club?! Plus if we win at least one major trophy next season, we will definetly attract the best players in the world.

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  14. Ozil, Sanchez and now probably Khedira? Seems like Gazidis and Wenger have finally gotten their shit together in the transfer market.

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  15. People complaining about whether to sign Khedira or Bender. Good times at Arsenal.

    we’re back in a big effing way.

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  16. Haha some Arsenal fans now complaining we are spending to much money now. Well fuck my ozone! I’ve been a massive Khedira fan for ages. Pay the man what he wants and get the deal done.

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  17. prospect of the thought very mouth watering to say the least but 29 mill with a year left on his contract im sure there’s some discount to be had there Real Madrid half or nothing next year………………..

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    • Or watch him play in another jersey? If we get the chance to take him, TAKE HIM! dont want him talking to anyone else next year

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  18. He’s a beast of a midfielder. A yaya toure with more don’t need a holding midfielder when you have a pressing athletic midfield boss like him!

    He IS the long lost Vieira replacement.

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  19. Fifth German? Aren’t Eisfeld and Zelalem German as well?

    At any rate, Khedira is one of those players you don’t notice until he’s gone. Germany is a perfect example. When Lahm played in his role earlier in the tournament, something was a bit off. When Kroos tried to do so in the final something was more than a bit off. Whenever he’s there, their midfield just seems to.. work. I can’t really describe it in any other way, as he isn’t the most badass player in the world, nor is he the most elegant. But he makes teams tick (like Arteta I guess), and together with Ozil he has proven many times that he’s an excellent player.

    All that being said, what is this about £29M for a guy with 12 months left on his contract? Surely that can’t be right? He has refused to sign a new contract as far as I know, so they’ll have to let him go for free next year. I really hope we manage to take advantage of that.

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    • This would be a fantastic signing for us, Khedira really s a world-class player, and for him to want to leave RM to come to us is brilliant, and really shows our new status, and our ambition to be back at the top. I think I agree with some of the posters on here though, that £25m for a guy with 12 months on his contract, who is very injury prone, could be a bit silly. However, as long as we make the other purchases we need (Debuchy, Ospina/Navas/Ruddy?) then it will be £25m well spent 🙂

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    • 1. its 29m euros not £29m
      2. we don’t want him next year for free. we want him now
      3. we need to stop thinking like a small club with no money. we’re in the long awaited new era now. if he’s what we really need
      then just make sure we get him. the price is neither here nor there. its not like a supermarket with an rrp. its about how much
      we want the guy. just pay what it takes to get him

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      • Exactly. Is it better value for money to pay €29m for a not quite as good player but, one who has 2-3 years left on his contract? No!

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    • You have to take into consideration that the chavs are looking to hijack the deal, if we dither trying to ‘take advantage’ of the situation we could lose out and we’ll be the first ones slating
      Arsene for not doing his job

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  20. Jedi, we are not back… This is all new ground, the modern arsenal has been about building not buying.
    Wenger has lead us through the wilderness to a promised land.
    Fuck the haters.


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  21. €29M high? It may not be my money, and it could well turn out to be inaccurate, but you know what … I’d be OK with that. Especially if it made all the difference in getting him to us and not some other London club competing for his services.

    And yes, he comes pre-injured. Sweet.

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      • It worked with Kallstrom! A broken back is about as bad as you can get, but I was pretty impressed with his few performances for the club. Admittedly he was free and we had nothing to lose, rather than £25m.

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  22. Call me greedy but if we sign Khedira I want us to finish off our summer transfer dealings with a backup goalkeeper and Draxler. That’s just me making it rain in championship manager.

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    • Couldn’t agree more; Draxler or Reus – next couple of years can then concentrate on replenishing the squad and add a striker.

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  23. I was beginning to worry as Chelsea are after Khedira too it seems, and I doubt we will go into a bidding war with Jose

    But this report seems promising

    On another topic has anyone seen the New advert on BT Sport ? We should all write in and complain about it.

    They are showing Liverpool beating us 4- 1 last year with Jose learing on it too ( he is the new Football guru for BT Sport)

    No idea why BT are choosing to upset Arsenal fans in this way

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  24. I think having two hard working box to box midfielders in Khedira and Rambo could actually make up for not having an all out defensive midfielder. It works for Juve with pogba and Vidal.

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  25. Looking forward to having Khedira and Sanchez WAGs in the arsenal stand. Will definetly boost stadium revenue

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  26. I think he will be a quality signing if it happens but i have a feeling it could be a smoke screen for a different player?

    I dont think bender will be coming and if i had to hazard a guess I’d say it looks more likely to be khedira or schneiderlin!
    I would rather have the German in the hope that he will bring the best out of Ózil though to be honest.

    But all said I’m only going off what we have all read in papers or online so I’m most probably completely definitely wrong.

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    • The Khedira talk is a smokescreen to hide our wish to sign Khedira? Gosh, Wenger is even cleverer than I thought if he can pull that one off.

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  27. Wait!! So we could be starting the season with not 3 but 4 World Cup winners?? I had a good feeling about the squad when we signed Ozil but now I’ve a great feeling we really could last the distance this season.

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  28. Apart from the brazil game I’ve never watched a game involving Khedira and thought I’d love him at Arsenal, I’d love to be wrong but he’s not the tenacious ball winning warrior we need, We will probably sign him though because he’s a midfielder who’s available

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    • He’s pretty tenacious.

      And a good tackler.

      No idea about his warmaking skills but his positioning seems pretty good, and that’s practically tactics.

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  29. Experienced player joins Arsenal. Is this really happening?
    Heard his game is more suited to the blue acumen. Hope I am wrong and we get in somebody good.

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  30. This is happening people it looks like madrid have just signed Toby kroos, which opens the door for us to get khedira, not bad that.

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  31. This is the perfect midfield addition. It allows us space not to rush the likes of Diaby and Wilshere back from their inevitable injuries. Also the competition for places means there will be no slacking at the club.

    Khedira is such an elegant midfield player who is comfortable with the ball at his feet. To play for Arsenal whether in a defensive capacity this is a requirement.

    Regarding the fee how can we complain. The market has been distorted for years now because of Oligarch money. If we want top quality you have to pay for it, regardless of whether a player is in the final year of his contract.

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    • I think Paul Pogba would be “the perfect midfield addition”.

      And because Wenger knows it too, I suspect he’s simply unavailable to us right now.

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      • He doesn’t have the discipline to do what we need Khedira to do, not sure he’s good enough defensively either.

        Wouldn’t say no to Pogba as if he doesn’t disappear up himself he’s going to devfelop into one hell of a player, but we don’t want to develop atm….we need guys who can come in and give us what we need NOW.

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  32. Firstly, CONGRATS! to the Germans, well done. They seem to win big games more often than lose. So getting another player from the country to Arsenal is good news. Hope this transfer goes through. Remember, we used to have a few WC winners (the French guys) during the early Wenger period. They served our team very well. So this Khedira news bodes well. COYG!!

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  33. Brilliant news! We are completely happy at Patvarc!
    What comes next? And what do you think they’re smoking over there at Emirates?

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  34. Maybe a little high price wise but this lads the buisness.Great on the ball n with Mesut alongside him our attacking options will be the envy of many…..ATID

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  35. If anyone knows any spurs fans give them a patronising pat on the head and make out you feel thier pain.
    The next week or two is not going to be easy for them if any our our transfer rumours come true.
    And bless em they have just got planning permission for thier new stadium without champions league football to pay for it or the prospect of getting it in the near future.
    Even talk shite are saying we are title contenders now.
    If carslberg done pre seasons….

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  36. Woah this could be incredible! I’m assuming they’re going for it because of the front loading of the puma deal. One thing this absolutely does is confirm to me how lucky Man U and Chelsea have had it all these years.

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  37. Guys (and girls), this is a genuine question now.

    If we sign khedria for 29m Euros, surely due to FFP we have to sell a player too?

    Who would we sell? I don’t want anybody to leave…

    Maybe (hopefully) I’m wrong, but please explain to me how


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    • Two things:
      – FFP is calculated over a three year period. So the summer outlay gets averaged over three years.
      – If you exclude transfer fees, Arsenal run at a profit. So there is a decent amount of money that can be spent before it becomes a loss in the overall figures.

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    • That’s not how FFP works.

      All Premier League clubs have had their revenues boosted by the new broadcasting deals. Add to that our own increased income via Puma, Emirates and others and we simply have more money available.

      The years of transfer window frugality are over. We can (re)start punching at our actual weight at last.

      On the other hand if you really want someone to leave then consider Bendtner and Park. They’ve freed up some wages too.

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      • Yes! Between the new TV deal, plus the new deals with Emirates and Puma, theres about an extra £100m revenue in our coffers. Add that to our cash reserves (which last season was about £120m?)We have plenty to play with, and yes, its over 3 years, spending all this money in this window puts us up there as challengers, we might not need to spend so much money in future windows because we already have a team capable of challenging in the Prem/Champions League.

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  38. Szczeny
    Debuchy Koscielney Mertesacker Gibbs
    Khedira Ramsey
    Walcott Ozil Sanchez

    Bench: Ospina, Vermaelen, Arteta, Wilshere, Cazorla, Chambo, Podolski

    Did Wenger just find the cheat code on Champ Man?

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  39. I don’t think this is happening.
    Also, find it difficult to believe we can’t sign Schneiderlin (not better than Khedira, but has an advantage of having played BPL) or either of the Benders (younger and better than Khedira) for that fee.

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    • Neither of the Benders are better, and I’m not sure why we’d go for an inferior player with Prem experience when we don’t need Khedira to hit the ground at full pelt.

      Maybe it’s just me but I struggle to think of two better signings for us this summer than Sanchez and Khedira (which is why I think we might not pull this one off, too good to be true). Falcao maybe but he’s recovering form an injury AND would cost a fair whack, plsu all the 3rd party shit that isn’t allowed in the Premiership would need to be sorted. Costa only did it for one season, but did look rather good. If Cavani is available, that would be a great signing but wouldn’t help our lack of pace and trickery as well as Sanchez does.

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  40. Dont know abouy you guys but ive cancelled my btsport subs. They can fuck right off after seeing their advert. Its mainly down to these twats that we had so many fixtures moved about last season. Bunch of c**k suckers!

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    • I totally agree with you..that advert makes me sick……Hope we all write in to BTsport

      Its bad enough they have Michael Owen commentating on Arsenal games !!! ( he is SO biased and anti Arsenal )

      I think BT sport really are rubbish….I haven’t cancelled my sub there yet though, as they do show some away games that I could not see otherwise

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  41. I’m getting emotional at how shit hot we’ll be next season. Remember we started the 08/09 season with a teenage Denilson as our only centre mid?? Jesus

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  42. Big credit to Wenger, convincing Özil to sign last season has been a catalyst for these transfer happenings since.

    To convince players like Khedira to join when the likes of Özil and Sanchez are already in the squad is far less difficult than when Özil was joining and all he had was Bendtner for a team mate and Wenger’s word that there would be more players to come. Özil being happy to take a gamble like that shows the respect that the players around the world have for Wenger.

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    • I think we also have to thank the likes of Ramsey, Mertesacker, Koscielny and Wilshere for stepping up their game. The boys responded really positively to the acquisition of Ozil and last since they sort of proved him that he made the right choice. The injuries held us back in the title race, but we showed ruthlessness in the F.A. Cup run, beating some big teams along the way.

      All round, everything has been fantastic at Arsenal since last season, aside from 2 or 3 blips. Superstars are coming to Arsenal, and our home grown talent is proving is further cementing the fact that Arsene can develop youngsters into big heavy weights.

      The future is bright and I’m so fucking proud to call myself a Gooner. We have a good season ahead of us!

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  43. I am bit worried though that we still wont have a guy that can sit in front of the back four and marshal things from there. Nonetheless, Khedira is still a huge upgrade for our midfield which needs a bit steel. We now need an announcement on Debuchy (wonder what is holding it up) and striker (I would prefer Jackson Martinez to Loic Remy). We may just be ready to mount an honest challenge on EPL.

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  44. Signing a player that has just won the champions league and world cup. I sense a stirring in my bathing suit area!

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  45. I would say 29million€ for khedira is about spot on if you look at the money some players are going for , lallana £25million ? Please, khedira is a UCL and FWC winner, if we can bring him in we’re defenitely having a top top season next year.

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  46. There was a lot of talk pre-World Cup about his influence in the German dressing room.

    He is supposed to be a hugely positive influence and they planned to bring him as part of the 23 man squad even if they weren’t 100% certain about his fitness.

    This is a huge factor in team performance that we, as fans, never really see or factor in. Somebody like Nasri who is disruptive in a dressing room can drag a whole squad down in terms of performance whereas players like Khedira can lift it.

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  47. Y’all are talking way too much. Trying to work out my new Khedira song. “Sami Khedira he’s a brassiere…He holds the middle just like…” aww shucks! Gotta finish this. Ideas?

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    • We REALLY have to get a chant for Koscielny before the new season starts…not too keen on the one..that says Koscheilny wants a song etc

      We need a PROPER chant….I always wish when I am there that we had something for him

      Even if its just KOS CHEL NY OH OH sung to the tune of VOLARE

      But he deserves a song

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  48. I have to disagree with what some people are saying on here about how Khedira would be an upgrade to Arteta. I think Arteta and Khedira will rotate depending on who we play against.

    I see Khedira as more of an upgrade to Flamini rather than Arteta as Khedira and Flam are the physically imposing, workhorse type midfielders. So… games against Stoke etc I can see Khedira starting.

    Arteta is more of a ball possession midfielder, a bit like Xavi and Xabi Alonso if you will. Can still see him start against the likes of Everton/Southampton style clubs.

    When Arteta retires, I hope Arsene signs someone like Illaramendi or Koke to replace him!

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  49. I don’t get it sorry guys. They are saying he is about to sing the contract.. But.. let’s just think. Didn’t this guy just win the world cup? And before the game yesterday was a semi finale in Brazil as well.. Does he really think about his future right now? I mean the German Team is expected to land in Germany tomorrow morning. I don’t think there will be anything happening till the end of the week. I hope he joins Arsenal – but I’m not as confident as the reports..

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  50. Meanwhile Spurs players are wondering what on earth their manager is going on about. Something about ‘Benteleb, Holtby and Soldado are better than Ozil Khedira and Sanchez’ I think.

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  51. If the rumors that he wants £170,000 per week are true, I don’t see that happening. In the overall picture, having a DM as your highest paid player would be a problem.

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    • Why is that a problem if we have the resource to get a quality player? I think he deserves as much wages as Ozil and Sanchez simply because he is of the same quality as them, but in a different role. I think he’s gonna be our Yaya Toure for Arsenal :D.

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  52. It certainly looks like we will be much improved in the attack and also holding possession. However, my big worry still is the back four and depth there.

    Looks like it will be Gibbs and Monreal on the left and with the injury history of Gibbs he is bound to miss at least 1/4th of the matches so that leaves us with Monreal who normally is OK vs the middle to lower tier teams, but has struggled against the top six.

    I haven’t seen much about anyone for center defender being looked at other than the rumors of the young Brasilian center back early in the Summer (which have dried up), though Wenger could be working on something under the radar. Per and Kos were great for much of the year, but also had their struggles against the top teams and if one went down for an extended period we’d be in trouble. TV5 is a good backup, but for a couple of games at a time and Wenger never felt comfortable rotating him in when all were healthy.

    On the right it looks like it will be Debuchy (probably a like for like with Sagna for the most part) and Jenkinson or any number of young backups.

    A solid, but not great defense and to win the title we need to be leaning more towards the “great” defense. We need to get back to keeping the ball more and not requiring the defense to do as much as they were asked to last year. Hopefully with Sanchez and either Khedira or Bender joining we can get back to pressing more and winning the ball back upfield instead of sitting off and letting teams come at us more as we’ve been doing lately.

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  53. Khedira doing his impersonation of Dave Grohl in his latter-day dad rock Foo Fighters incarnation. No me gusta. One has got to go Sami, the goatee or the hair. It’s a small complaint but a valid one, I think.

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  54. Hey.. any news yet about this guy Fathi?.. is he good enough to be a 3rd or maybe 4rth choice CB. How serious are we?

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  55. I hope this happens, bit you can’t believe Sport. They’re a Barca paper and they just want to spite Real.

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  56. IMO going ahead with this deal will have more symbolic benfits than the player himself. It will impose us as a club which has intent and (now more importantly) the ability to compete for top quality and trophies…….again! Big players bring along pressure handeling buckets (something we terribly missed in those big games last season). Anyways…who all did sp*ds buy last season??? Lmao 😀

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  57. Khedira €29 million, 150,000 a week, injury prone. It looks like Diaby will have a permanent friend in the medical room

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  58. I’d love Khedira but ;

    1) DM is not a priority at the moment. We have Cback issues and the LB back up keeper need sorting.

    2) @24m+ markit may impact other necessary signings as above

    3) despite Sanchez, still feel we will benefit from a player who can replicate a bit of what Giroud gives physically. Sanogo is there but he is young, Sanchez is too short for the role in England. As mentioned, would not mind someone like Michu who can also give us something at LW but won’t cost too much

    If we sign Khedira and Sanchez and do not fix Cback or add something to insure against a Giroud knock, we’d be paying out a lot for a team that is unbalanced.

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    • I agree to a certain extent. I am worried about what would happen if Giroud got a long term injury. Burning £25M on a DM while still using Sanogo as our back up target man does seem like risky business.

      That being said, I’m not too troubled by our defense, unless we sell Vermaelen. Also, back up keeper should be reasonably easy to find. Sort the target man situation and I’m all up for getting a better DM than Arteta/Flamini, but right now I have more confidence in Arteta/Flamini than Sanogo.

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  59. Arseblog had given four poos for first Sanchez news brought out by bbc. So I should assume that the two poos for Khedira should lead to a done deal! 😀

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  60. This is totally irrelevant. Remember Phil Brown? Man, I hated that shitter. He was the personification of a human turd nugget, baked to a golden brown by a suntanning bed.

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  61. If this go through, it will finally be a season where I won’t be shitting myself contemplating who we play in our Champions League knockout stages. It won’t matter anymore

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  62. Remember Flamini can also play LB and RB.Arteta is getting old. He can’t last the entire season.To get the best out of everyone we need khedira.Also, he would ease the pressure on Ramsey. It is a step in the right direction. But his wage demands are surely a concern.We need to set a cap especially when more players are going to follow in the coming years.
    I personally will be watching wilshere and chambo closely next year.Its going to be an interesting season from a tactical point of view.

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