Friday, September 19, 2014
Cazorla plays down Arsenal departure stories

Cazorla plays down Arsenal departure stories

Despite speculation that he might make a move back to Spain this summer, Santi Cazorla has insisted that he’s happy at Arsenal.

Speaking to ESPN at last night’s kit launch, the FA Cup final free kick hero said, “I’m very happy at Arsenal, I’ve got two more years here on my contract. Arsenal is great for me. I’m happy to be here at the moment and focus on that.

“I always try to give my best on and off the pitch. I’m a happy guy, I’m a funny guy. I try to bring a good mood into the changing rooms on and off the pitch and that is what I will continue to do this year.”

The comment about two years left on his contract is an interesting one, and suggests that the new deal he signed back in March is one that improved his terms rather than prolonged his stay.

However, Arsene Wenger said at the time he was glad Cazorla, described as ‘an absolutely key player for us’, had committed his future to the club.

Either way, he still has at least two years left and now is not a time to be worrying. We can’t see Santi going anywhere this season so let’s hope he flourishes alongside Ozil, Sanchez and the rest of the new signings that are sure to be announced soon.




  1. Good.

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    • Absolutely wonderful couple of days to be an arsenal fan. Sanchez signing, cracking new set of kits, and now this. Now let’s get Debuchy and a top notch DM and we are good to go!

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      • Cazorla can’t leave. Seeing him and Rosicky in the training pics fooling around is something I look forward to every week now.

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  2. Veysey is a cunt.

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  3. We need to have the Santi from 12-13 back. Let’s win the League and sign him up for another 3 years!

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    • 13-14 Cazorla wouldn’t be the end of the world…

      Absolute class player. Is it me or are we we going to be really really good next season?

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      • It’s hard to be pessimistic that’s for sure. While we’re still light on the ground in terms of numbers and depth we’re looking positively healthy in comparison to previous years.

        Hopefully that’ll be addressed in the coming days/weeks, I’m confident for once that it will be and we’ll be a real threat next year.

        It’s a paddling time for those that tubbed us last year.

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  4. ‘The FA cup final freekick final hero’

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  5. One of the best talents in the Arsenal squad.
    Want him to be our next Rosicky.

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  6. Cazorla playing off Sanchez and Ozil, Walcott speeding past defenders, Mertescielny keeping things tight at the back and Rambo all over the pitch…Can’t wait for next season!

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    • And that’s not even including Wilshere, Rosicky, Giroud, Podolski, The Ox, Gnabry coming through and, if old glasslegs himself recovers, Diaby. You’ll have to go back as far as the 90s to find a squad as good as this – I can’t think of one deadwood player in the team. This season is going to be spunkworthy to watch.

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      • Sad to say this, but there is one. Miyachi.

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      • I fucking love Rosicky, it makes me sad to think he’s in the twilight of his career.

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        • Maybe … I have a feeling the twilight of his career may last as long as the twilight of G*iggs’ career. Rosicky has such class, such skill, and such dedication that I can see him staying with Arsenal for another five or six years, one year extension after one year extension, probably only getting into half of our games in his last year but still providing vital contributions, and then finally becoming a coach with the club. I hope he never leaves.

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      • I can mention so many dead woods in this Arsenal. We arsenal fans have a very short memory and we get carried away by the actions of the First XI for the first 6 months but we tend to forget it’s our Second XI from February to April that takes over hence our collapse for the last 9 years in the League or ECL. We still have Monreal, Jenkinson, Diaby, Arteta ( who we all blamed for the midfield collapse last season and how porous it was), Flamini and his unnecessary Red cards or Yellows that puts him out of decisive games, Vermalaen ( Who has retrogressed continuously), Giroud, Sanogo and dare I say 3 players such as Oxolade, Wilshere and Podolski that huff and puff but flatter to deceive despite the huge expectations. All it takes is for either Walcott, Sanchez, Ramsey or Ozil to get injured and we are back to square 1 and the moanings will commence till we fight for 4th again. Winning the league goes beyond purchasing a Sanchez this season or an Ozil last year. It’s the supporting that that needs to be strong to compliment the first 11 that’s why I don’t buy all these preseason expectations to win the league because our Second 11 isn’t that great compared to Mancity or Chelsea.

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  7. Good to see Arteta denying any move away as well yesterday. With a few new signings coming in its important to have some of the more senior players stay at the club to help steady the ship and keep an element of Arsenal experience present.

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  8. Odd that we’d give a player a contract that wasn’t longer than the old one. Maybe there was a release clause written into the old one or something?

    Regardless, he’s a good player and one who’s never been lightning fast. They’re the sorts of players who can perform at the same level well into their thirties so he could well have a number of good years left.

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    • Unless it was only a three-year deal he originally signed? And they gave him a one-year extension with a big pay rise? I can’t remember the details of his original deal, but it could be a possibility.

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  9. Ooohh that FA cup final free kick, delicious!

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  10. Very underrated fella, for some reason he doesnt carry the prestige of others. But he’s as good as anyone and should be made to feel that way. Also think he needs about a months rest.

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    • It’s probably because he has such short legs – all that running around takes more energy with short legs :)

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  11. It’s good that all our talent wants to stay.

    It shows we’re strengthening the squad and not just aiming for top four.

    This should be our best transfer window for quite a while and another trophy-winning season ahead.

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  12. Arsene's Wengerboyz

    Cazorla, Ramsey, Ozil and San…Sannnn….Sanchezzzzzzz…..i just came.

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  13. Being in Post-Sanchez-Mode the only thing I can really think about when being addressed with Cazorla’s potential move away from Emira……..


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  14. Even when they were desperately clutching at straws in the world cup, Del Bosque went to Santi before Fabregas every time
    Just Saying

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  15. Must be an escape claus in his contract… I’ll get my coat

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  16. Fantastic player. Love him and currently my favourite Arsenal player. I’d be happy for Sanchez to change my mind though…

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  17. I think what I like most about this improved squad is that we genuinely have 16-17 players on roughly the same level. Cazorla needs a break? Put in Tomas. Özil tired? Let the Ox star in the center of the pitch. Walcott still recovering? Sanchez is here. Ramsey in a rut (haha like that’s gonna happen)? Play Jack.

    It’s wonderful and hasn’t been seen in a while.

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  18. “I am funny guy”, love that man.

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  19. Add a dash of khedira and a splash of gnabry….wow we could become unstoppable again.

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  20. Who the F**k are Sp*rs?

    Can’t see Santi leaving just yet – it must have took two weeks just to shoehorn him into the away kit for last nights launch. Man, they are some tight shirts. If they make proffesional footballers look slightly podgy, there’s no hope for us mere mortals.

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  21. I think he should be offered a new extended contract now. If not we’d have to sell him next summer with 1 year left. Keep the stability.

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  22. Carzolas equal leg control ability….Left foot,Right foot Goal!!!!joe’s hart is broken…

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  23. That freekick still gives me orgasms :3

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  24. Everybody: Oh, Santi Cazorla! Oh, Santi Cazorla!:-)

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  25. Gideon titus Giroud

    Santiago i bow for u

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  26. Absolutely hope he resigns after we win the league this season. So so underrated he has been our best player and single-handedly won games for us, rate him so highly. Personally would like to see him start with Sanchez, giroud and oezil for our front 4

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    • Funny how resigns and re-signs both look and sound so similar and yet their meanings are so different.

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  27. why hvnt Debuchy sign?

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  28. Such a positive and good guy! It’s impossible not to love Santi!

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    • It’s impossible not to love Jessica Alba too. Hmm, wonder if that would hold up in court???

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  29. That pic tho’!!

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  30. Need to add a year to that contract to be safe I reckon. He’s 29 now and will still have sell on value in 2 years as his game isn’t all about pace so there won’t be much drop off between then and now.

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  31. Angolan Girl who Loves The Gunners!

    Good news! Forward Gunners! #COYG #FOYS

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  32. Parisian Weetabix

    He is the best player in the squad with a football at his feet, Sanchez included. Santi is an absolute masterclass when it comes to dribbling to retain possession, quite possibly one of the best in the world. Retaining him is a massive boost for us as a football club, and I hope this season he and Özil can together become the creative force that shapes the way we win matches.

    He had a good season last time out, but I think he could arguably be feeling a bit uncertain as to his role in the team following Özil’s arrival. In 2012/13 he was our sole creative influence and our best player, whereas last season Özil’s arrival and Ramsey’s emergence meant that he wasn’t so much in the spotlight, and we didn’t perhaps need him as much. I don’t think he regressed as a player, I just think there were other players who progressed far more. If he can make similar progress next season, and become the driving force he was in his first, it’ll be like having a new player on our hands.

    It’s also just as exciting to see Santi linking up with Sanchez as it is Özil. What’s great about our two key playmakers is how different they are. Santi is technically brilliant and therefore capable of coming deep to control games, whereas Özil prefers to stay forward and up the tempo when the ball comes to him. This season I would love those two to discover the best way to play together and complement each other, so that both can play at their most confident. Because if we play an XI containing a confident Santi Cazorla and a confident Mesut Özil, then they can both focus on a skill that they do have in common, which is threading perfect through balls to a rampant Alexis Sanchez.

    I’d actually quite like to see Santi play as part of the midfield three. If we can get a defensive midfielder who is positionally astute, technically sound and with pace and power, he and Ramsey should be able to control the midfield enough to allow Santi to play there. That way we could play Sanchez down the middle and Walcott wide right, meaning our two most dangerous forwards and our two most creative playmakers are in the team. It works theoretically and I would love to see Arsene risk not playing a big front man for it to work.

    Debuchy Mertesacker Koscielny Gibbs
    Ramsey Santi
    Walcott Sanchez Özil

    If it clicks, that’s a team that could win the championship in style.

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  33. I’d heard rumours of Cazorla’s amazing Zoolander impression.

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  34. Not a massive Santi fan and would’ve happily brought Cesc back and sold him. Wouldn’t make our current best XI (with no injuries) and really needs to step up this season.

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