Monday, August 18, 2014
Colombia’s Ospina tipped for Gunners switch

Colombia’s Ospina tipped for Gunners switch

Arsene Wenger wants Colombian international David Ospina to be the man who challenges Wojciech Szczesny for the number one slot, according to the Mirror, Telegraph and Daily Mail.

Ospina, 25, caught the eye as Colombia marched to the quarter-finals of the World Cup keeping two clean sheets in five games before their exit at the hands of hosts Brazil.

Plying his trade in France for Ligue 1 side Nice, for whom he signed in 2008 as a replacement for Hugo Lloris back, he’s under contract for one more year and thought to be available for as little as £3 million.

Arsenal have been linked with a host of keepers in recent weeks with Real Madrid’s Iker Casillas, Cardiff’s David Marshall and Nottingham Forest’s Karl Darlow just three of the proposed targets tipped to replace departed duo Lukasz Fabianski and Emiliano Viviano.

Arseblog News isn’t overly confident there’s anything concrete to the Ospina link. It looks as though the Metro may have picked up a spurious gossip-column piece from the continental press who in turn have quoted the Metro before the mainstream press have claimed it as there own.

It’s not beyond the realms of possibility, the chap is quite cheap and plays in France (usually music to Arsene’s ears), however, that’s not enough to stop it earning a 7 on the poo-ometer.




  1. The only olivier is Giroud

    Casillas is a joke of a link tbf. As for this… time will tell. The way this Summer is going so far I have very little worries we’ll sort out our GK situation.

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    • I think we should go for David Marshall.
      Seems to be an Arsenal fan seeing as he just won that Chisel&Mouse thing

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  2. 7 poos : that is a huge number for a decent backup. But it could be his agent seeking attention just like balottelli story.

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  3. Özil's little chode

    *their own ;)

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  4. Ospina is good.. At 3m, it’s worth purchasing. Get him arsene!

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  5. john terry is a cunt

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  6. Nice keeper

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  7. After a good world cup I doubt ospina will want to be a no.2
    9 poo’s for me

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  8. Ospina sounds like a Wenger signing. Not that famous, plays in France, cheap.

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  9. I’ll never quite know how Fred became a Fucking professional footballer and I didn’t.

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    • WilshereIsMyFavouritePlayer

      Should We Ask Diego Costa??

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    • I think it’s a long running make a wish foundation thing…

      Not only is he a professional footballer, he is a starting number 9 for bra fucking zil

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  10. Mallu Gooner, …like say… Ozil and Sanchez?

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  11. What the hell happened to Casillas

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  12. 1 poo for me, as in I’m writing this comment on the toilet. As for the article, yes 7 poos seems accurate enough, infact ill add my own 1 poo too make it 8 poos.

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  13. For those asking about Casillas clearly several aliens came down to earth to steal some of the world’s greatest players talents as they are taking part in a inter galactic game.
    Hence Casillas, Torres, Fabregas and the entire 2012/2013 Manchester United team, are now shit

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    • sanogo's miss kick

      The green faced bastards could’ve also taken a swipe at Citeh, Chelski and the Mugmashers so we could’ve won the league!

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  14. Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash


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  15. flaminis man boob

    Bring back big jens, any Germans do nicely rite now

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  16. Squeeze, Push, Clench repeat...

    I’m having a poo too JOhnire, but once I’m done with it I’ll be finished so they can have mine too. So let’s combine Poo’s, two additional poos, to poopoo this idea! What idea?! I’ve forgotten too!!

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  17. Squeeze, Push, Clench repeat...

    …Also it’s a shame one can’t spend longer in the loo doing a poo, when ones at work.

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  18. The Metro is about as useful a barometer of our transfer dealings as an actual barometer.

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  19. Sounds like a lot of poo to me too.

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  20. He certainly impressed in the world cup, so 3m does sound like a bargain. Since we already have an established #1, it seems like money well spent. We don’t need a massive GK signing.

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  21. murray's whale ale

    Can you believe it Alexis Sanchez is a gunner!

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  22. If Ospina brings his brother-in-law with him, that’ll do just fine…

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  23. Would be happy if we got this guy, if this story isn’t the bullshit it looks like it might be.
    Well we do need someone and I’m still not convinced by Damien Martinez.

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  24. 7 poos, that’s a lot of crap!!!

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    Gooners we know what we’re wanting
    That this year it’s gonna be the one
    With Alexis and Ozil we’re dreaming
    Arsenal are back where they belong

    The boys in Red and white
    Will never lose the fight
    Arsenal are back where they belong

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  26. Arseblog's Royal Falcon

    Ok, I didn’t read the story. Scrolled down to the Poo-ometer and decided it wasn’t worth it.

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  27. Good enough for me. International keeper and a good one. Still only 25. 3m quid.

    I’d say done and dust it.

    We also need to wrap up LB whether it be Debucchy or someone-else.

    Plus what many seem to brush under the carpet here in the wake of fantasy signings, we need a Cback particularly if Vermaelen leaves or if he remains unable to force himself into rotation with Meterscielny. We may even need a second but likely Miquel may be given a slot.

    And despite Sanchez, I still feel we need to insure against a Giroud injury. What depend on Sanogo? Sanchez isn’t going to be as effective leading the line. Someone like a Michu at 10m may be useful. He is sufficiently creative but can lead the line and can also play LW if need be.

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  28. Usually I’m one to say that 99% of transfer rumours are bollox but have a gut feeling this one will happen.

    I think Ospina for 4m euros / just over £3m will do nicely. I’d heard before the WC we were keeping tabs on him so there’s been smoke around for a little while.

    As for why would he come to be a #2 (no reference to the poo-o-meter) – I think he’ll be brought here to challenge for #1 spot. In recent seasons WS has performed best when he’s had competition so will keep him on his toes, raise his game or alternatively Ospina could raise the bar and move ahead of him.

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  29. I am feeling mixed about this one.

    On one hand, Wenger is looking for backup for Sczh. Ospina currently has too much ability, profile and too young to be deemed as mere backup. He is coming to the end of his contract and is available on a cheap.

    On the other hand the “backups” we have been linked with costs more than double! Marshall and friends etc. British talent costing more than double that of high profile starters.

    So IMO, this hangs in the balance.

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  30. unrelated but the picture of Khedira and Ozil at blog is downright creepy…

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  31. As he would be no.2 does that count as a bonus poo?

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