Debuchy lured by Champions League and Wenger

Mathieu Debuchy Arsenal

Arsenal’s new right-back, Mathieu Debuchy, says that the lure of Arsene Wenger, as well as playing Champions League football, was instrumental in his decision to join the club.

The former Newcastle man played in Europe’s top competition with Lille and is eager to get back to the big stage, saying, “Yes, that’s why I’ve come. I’ve come here because I really want to play Champions League football again, it’s one of the biggest competitions in the world. Everyone wants to play in it.”

He also spoke about the attraction of playing under Arsene Wenger, like so many of his French compatriots before him.

“Everyone knows Arsène Wenger. Everyone knows he’s a great coach so of course, he had a part to play in me coming here.

“There are some really great players in this team. We saw that last season and I think it will be even better this season. As I just said, I hope there is more silverware to come in the next few years.”

He also took time to thank the fans of his former club.

“I only spent a year and half at Newcastle United and it was an extraordinary experience at a club with great fans.

“I thank them from the bottom of my heart because they really supported me during my time there and I hope they understand that I had a huge opportunity which I simply could not refuse.”

The Frenchman will wear the number 2 shirt for the Gunners.


  1. Looking forward to showing up the Michael Owens of the world. (Again.)

    It’s not just that they get to say stuff out loud. But after getting things wrong time-after-time they keep on spouting the same stupid stuff.

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    • I almost prefer the Svage approach, say virtually everything then claim you were right when one of the things comes true, or even if it doesn’t; no-one is gonna remember.

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    • The current one that is baking my noodle is the claim that Sanchez only joined us over the bin-dippers because we’re in London.

      Who actually believes this shit? Oh, that’s right, the illiterates up north.

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    • …and the thought of playing with Ramsey, Ozil, Sanchez, Santi, Theo. Not the scary one of playing against them.

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  2. who wouldn’t. is it not 17 years and counting. ohh I meant 17 recurring years. year after year for 17 years. That’s the Arsenal I know

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  3. That looks like Koscielny’s long lost twin brother.
    Lets hope he has the same defensive impact as a clone of Kos the Boss

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  4. Off topic….

    What a difference the FA Cup win has made to the Arsenal camp!! If we had not rallied back after being 0-2 down, imagine the amount of bile that would’ve been spilled everywhere, particularly from the professional media or how our moods would have been between the final whistle on that day and today!!!

    In the recent seasons past, I do not think we had a slightest chance of making a signing like Sanchez. And, things have changed just like that, first Ozil, then Sanchez, now Debuchy and surely a few more, no sweat absolutely.

    We’re not worried about whether they’d be a signing or not, but who among the best players are we going to sign is the debate lately :O)

    These are good times for gooners. Thanks, Wenger, put in a solid title challenge!!!

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    • professional media? Sorry mate, le prof. would be very angry with you for giving those cundits so much credit. i dont see any glimpse of professionalism in what they are doing. they are just showcasing their personal likes and dislikes towards teams and players.

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    • professional media? Sorry
      mate, le prof. would be very
      angry with you for giving those
      cundits so much credit. i dont
      see any glimpse of
      professionalism in what they
      are doing. they are just
      showcasing their personal likes
      and dislikes towards teams and

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  5. On the Wenger angle… If Sanchez chose Arsenal just because we are in London, then why the widely reported fact that a private meeting with the boss swared him? Was the boss describing the city of London to him? Someone is saving face here I think.

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  6. i can’t wait for the premier league opener, with arsenal fleet-footed midfielders peppering the opposition goal with shots

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  7. …Can’t stop watching the “Over Land,Over Sea FA Cup Finals” Video…. still makes my eyes a little watery… God Bless Gibbs for that last minute goal line clearance…..Amen!…..

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      • Also showed some great sportsmanship to leave scoring the winning goal to our player of the season by missing that sitter in extra-time

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  8. When players join Arsenal they say Arsene is a great manager and many other good things. So am wondering, do players joining Chavs also say how it will be nice playing for this cunt Mourinho? Anyway, John Terry is a massive cunt

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  9. This is a good song that i juat thought of for when the shit hits the fan:

    Dont blame it on vermaelen,
    dont blame on arteta,
    dont blame it on kosielney…
    blame it on dabuchy.

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  10. just think back to when we made the scramble for all the players after the 8-2 to now. AW is a brilliant leader and visionary – he saw this when the Emirates Stadium was being built and now it is reality – I think the world has taken notice that this man is an absolute genius – how much criticism he took, but in his head, he always said “you’re wrong :)” – that’s leadership, that’s bravery, that’s what this club is all about.

    now all the Arsene Out and doubters get back on board – let’s unite and support these boys, our manager, our board – let’s get rid of all the negative energy in the emirates, make that sh*t roar.


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    • The lithe minded amongst us have never doubted or forgotten the genius of Le Professeur…

      I don’t blame people for wanting instant results, as some are just narrow minded and have the bigger picture clouded by the media whores but I completely with what you said. This is a new chapter and we need everyone on board!


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  11. Says something nice about Arsenal’s manager and then says something nice about Newcastle’s… fans. Ha ha ha. No mention of Alain Pardieu.

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  12. I really really do hate Rodgers, the fuck is the fucker smoking? Who would you rather have between Özil, Ramsey, Carzola, Poldi, Per, Arteta, Walcott or Coutinho, Henderson, Sterling, Agger, Johnson(spit), and other scouse shitheads as your teammates? I know which i will jump at and am not a even a footballer…. And oh, Michael Owen? Welcome to the Arse Mr Debuchy, you have chosen well. All the best and boy, am i excited for the season ahead….

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  13. Isn’t it funny how pretty much every Arsenal player who joins Arsenal (especially if he’s French, understandably) says part of the reason they joined our club was to play under Wenger.

    It really is an honour for one of the genuine nice guys left in football to be managing our club. Someone who loves winning but also realises that there are other aspects to the game, & I feel as if the way a lot of teams nowadays are setting up to play (the likes of Everton, Swansea, Southampton) has at least been partly influenced by him.

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  14. today s title undermines our new excellent signing in my humble opinion. rethink requested. we are the arsenal, we cool people…

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  15. Lured by Champions League?

    Thank god we won the double last season.

    FA cup and that pesky 4th place trophy.;)

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  16. Solid signing. Maybe a bit shakier defensively than Bac but offensively Debuchy is pretty good. Yet again Wenger knows what’s going on. Two top class signings in for 40 odd million. When you compare this to the business United & Liverpool have been doing…….it’s laughable. Wenger has built up a very very strong team and with the youth coming up he is ensuring that we have a great team in place when he finally steps down. I think we have a very positive future on the horizon and we deserve it – we just need to make one or two more signings… perhaps Lars Bender/Blaise Matuidi and get Marchetti in from Lazio as competition for the No.1 spot

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