Stoichkov lambasts Barca over Sanchez sale

Hristo Stoichkov

Much like last August, when all and sundry around Real Madrid criticised the Spanish team’s decision to sell Mesut Ozil, those close to Barcelona have reacted badly to the sale of Alexis Sanchez to Arsenal.

Their former player, Hristo Stoichkov, now a pundit for Spanish TV, has blasted the people who sanctioned the move, saying they ‘don’t understand football’.

He said, “Because of those who do not understand football we must sell the best player we have at Barca. But the politics of Barcelona is always like this, they don’t players like that.

“He’s the best player we have for pace and fighting qualities. He fights for every ball and plays for the team. I love his mentality. He’s determined and never found wanting.

“He leaves with his head held high,” said the Bulgarian.

While there might be a touch of exaggeration there, it’s clear his sale hasn’t gone down well with many Barcelona fans.

To which we say: chill out guys, you’ve still got Alex Song.

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