Walcott back in full training next month


Arsene Wenger says that Theo Walcott should be back in full training next month, and expects his return to first team action to happen quite quickly after that.

The England man has been sidelined since January with a cruciate ligament injury, and spoke this week about how well his recovery was going. Yesterday, speaking the official site, the boss was asked when Walcott might return and said, “He’s progressing very well. He’s worked very hard during the summer and we expect him to be back in full training at the end of August.”

Pressed on when he might feature for the team on that basis, he continued, “That’s difficult to predict. Once he’s back in full training it can be very quick. He has a good basis, which is what he’s working on now.”

With Alexis Sanchez in the fold, there’s no need to rush anything, but obviously the sooner we have him fit and well, the better. And it’s nice to have an injury update that doesn’t include the word ‘setback’ in the headline.

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I feel like that’s too soon to be honest
I’m no expect but I would not be rushing him back, especially since Alexis can play his role in the meantime.
I would hate to see us make the same mistake again by rushing a player back form injury.


Welcome back Theo. You are one lad we have missed.

m a gunner

We are in the position were we don’t need to rush players back or over play them , good luck Theo it would be great for him if he could stay injury free and fulfil his potential ! He is a great player


Off topic but it needs to be said…..Jose Mourinho is a cock!


Though he confirmed that Chelsea’s transfer business is over. So Khedira won’t be going there, never was, despite all the ‘which of Arsenal/Chelsea will he go to’ reports which were all bollocks.

He may well not come to Arsenal but let’s learn our lesson on transfer speculation/trolling. If it isn’t on arsenal.com it isn’t official so ignore everything else.


Cant believe you bought that shit from from cunt mouninho? Chelseas transfer window never closes, they spend carelessly, that cunt is playing those stupid mind games again


If only we could ignore other stuff…but it’s impossible!


Let me correct this : if it’s not on arsenal.com or Lee Dixon’s twitter account, it isn’t official.


ayyaahheee, Arsenal.com have been known to bollocks up so I’ve always been more inclined to go with the following motto…

‘if it ain’t on Arseblog, it ain’t official’


Cute that he thinks Cesc “wanted Chelsea over Arsenal”. Well after Wenger didn’t want him ofcourse he wanted Chelsea. What else would he say?! Fucking cunt. Hope we win both games against Chelsea after a dubious penalty in the last minute so he gets so frustrated he’s about to explode.

Casual Gooner

Fuck that. I want revenge. I want to see Mourinho pleading for mercy on the sidelines as we slot goal number 7 past a flailing Cech/Whoever. Then I want Chelsea to have Terry sent off in a case of mistaken identity, with the ref mistakenly thinking he’s not a cunt (BIG mistake). I want Fabregas to see just how far this team has come without him.

Failing the above, a comfortable 2-0 win in both games please, with Mourinho stubbing his baby toe in both games.


yay mate….spot on!

Highbury Clockhand

Correction. Mourinho is a fetid turd in human form that was discovered fully formed in a public bathroom somewhere in the Algarve, where some football guys were so desperate for a coach they said “for fucks sake, just use that and lets go”. He’s not worthy to float in Pat Rice’s toilet bowl.


Can’t wait to field a team with both Sanchez and Walcott in it, Ozil will have a field day


Damn you for making me drool on my keyboard thinking about that trifecta week-in week-out!!!!!!!!


I don’t think he is being rushed back. Arsene knows better. He has been out for 6 months now, august would make it 7. Wasn’t the initial forecast at least 6?


He is one month away from being one month away from being one month away…

Fingers Crossed…Hopefully he ll be match fit by september 2nd week…we need Him…

Walcott..Ozil…Sanchez = Havoc of Opposition


a front three of theo, the ox and alexis….. be afraid opponents be very afraid


Wenger said Arsenal took a pass on Fabregas because we have Mesut.
Mourningho says Chelsea was Fabregas’ first choice.
Between the two I know whom to believe.


Good to see Walcott back – the pace we will have with him and Sanchez will be something that we definitely missed last season.

So question is who else is coming to the club?

And I have noticed that the inbred cretin Mourinho has once again been taking swipes at Arsenal by saying that Fabregas never wanted a return to the club.

Funny that – because its not what the rest of the world was told…


Excellent news! I just hope he won’t play a second until he’s actually ready, so he’ll last the whole season. The last thing we need is Theo out for months again because we were too impatient.

Parisian Weetabix

Theo, Alexis, Mesut and Santi. Don’t forget Santi. He was our best player in the FA Cup final.



If carlsberg done cunts………..

kenyan gooner



Oh! Walcott is a flying Englishman…and I heard John Terry is a CUNT!

Top Gunner

More than any other team in the entire world, if there’s 1 team we have to beat next season, it’s Chavski.


Funny how moaninho actually believes what he is saying.. I’m quite impressed…

– Cesc wanted arsenal
– Arsenal never wanted him
– Moaninho can go sit on john terrys backside and keep hating while we are progressing


Maureen, shut your face you silver haired turd wipe. Enjoy our sloppy seconds.

Now I’ve got that off my chest, welcome back Tio my man – looking forward to having your pace and finishing back in the team.

Özil is a goooooner

As much as I’m dying to see Theo back in an Arsenal shirt, he’s here for the long term and there’s no sense in rushing the rehabilitation for such a serious injury for the sake of his future well-being.
Just glad the board, and Wenger, have acted so quickly and picked up two great signings, but Sanchez in particular: he gives us a lot of what we were missing without Theo and we’ll probably see one of them move into a central position when they’re both fit. We could even do with Jack out on the right for gametime at this stage.


Don’t forget Giroud. I expect great things of him this year, with pace aplenty around him. His strengths as both a pivot and 6-yard box finisher suffered when Theo was out last season, but will do from strength to strength with Alexis in the side and Theo back.

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

Why’s it matter what Mourinho said? That was more to appease Chelsea fans than a swipe at Arsenal in my opinion. John Terry’s still a cunt though.

Anyway, can’t wait for Theo to get back on the pitch.


Mourinho’s bleatings should make us all happy actually. It is one of the surest signs that we are now a THREAT and no longer a mediocre force.

There was a sad era between 2006-2013 in which Ferguson, Mourinho and some other Chelsea and City coaches completely stopped jabbing us and instead started saying nice things! Heck they had no problems selling us players.

But the moment we got Ozil … all of a sudden they’re pulling the plug on Demba Ba.

Guys, we’re back. And about fucking time.


What I remember is us selling them our star players during this period, and we getting people like Silvestre in return.

Highbury Clockhand

True, he has fear in his eyes. We should just forget about him (if only) and play our game. Having said that, I can’t believe Cesc would want to play for a guy like that. There’s no way Chelsea were the only club interested in him, one of the top 10 in the world in his position. Still, we have our own to think about. Here’s to doing the double over them this year. COYG.


Pretty much banging on course, 8-9 months for athletes like these lads. Having Walcott and Sanchez in the same starting 11 is fairly mouthwatering for me, will open up space and have defenders back peddling!

Merlin's Panini

Off topic, I’m loving the photo of the players training on the main page of the official Arsenal site. Looks like Rambo has just let one go and Rosicky’s copped the full brunt of the grunt.

Costa Gooner

Everyone at Chelski are cunts


In other news, Yann M’Vila has joined Inter on loan. #WengerOut

Red Hot chile peppers ft Alexis.

Sanchez,Rambo,theo,Morgan,Debuchy..need I brag more???

Captain Obvious

News breaking that Loic Remy is on his way to the mugsmashers for £8.5m. Seems like a possible missed opportunity there. Hope (if this is indeed true) it doesn’t come back to haunt us.

Quite like Remy & Giroud as CF options myself.


Spot on, Captain. Eight and a half million quid for an established French international looks like the type of bargain which in the past Wenger would have snapped up before you could say, “voilà!”. And Remy is just the type of player whom we need to improve our impotent attack.

Like you said, this is a missed opportunity.

Merlin's Panini

He wouldn’t improve shit. He’s alright but not great. He’d be a decent backup but he wouldn’t get in the starting 11 if everyone was fit.

Highbury Clockhand

We just signed a guy named Alexis Sanchez for 30 million, and you’re shitting yourself we didn’t sign somebody a third as good for a third the money? When we have Walcott, Sanchez, Giroud, Sanogo and Podolski as forwards. Remy is a wide forward who thrives on running behind high defenses, just like Walcott and Sanchez. He wouldn’t have been a good signing for Arsenal.


Gooners, Arsenal are playing Boreham Wood at 3 today. Team below:

Team in full: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Hayden, Ajayi, Monreal, Coquelin, Ramsey, Toral, Zelalem, Willock, Sanogo

Substitutes: Martinez, Gibbs, Bellerin, Miquel, Pleguezuelo, Afobe, Akpom, Olsson, Flamini, Diaby

Merlin's Panini

Zelalem starts at Boreham Wood. Nice. So does Semi Ajayi.
Come on Semi, Up the Arse!

Merlin's Panini

Oh, and Coq is back in the arse too! Brilliant.

Merlin's Panini

Song for Zelalem to the tune of Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye:

I’ve been really tryin , baby
Tryin to hold back these through balls for so long
And if you play, like he plays baby
Come on, oh come on,
It’s Gedion
It’s Gedion

Merlin's Panini

Mr lover man,


As much as we all love Walcott .. And we wish him all the best.. We’ve got Alexis fucking Sanchez!!!!


Sex is on fire : kings of Leon

AL-ex-is-on fireeeee
And you
you know he won’t bite yaaaaa

Gooner '75

In 40yrs a gooner i can honestly say i have never hated anyone in the game, managers, players, pundits, refs and linos more than moronio! Including harry, fergie, owen, nayim, hoddle even fucking graham roberts!

Merlin's Panini

It’s a toss up between him, Terry, Cole and Suarez for me. All abhorrent cunts.
Fergie was more just a prick. Owen I put in the bitter loser category along with Hansen.
I don’t hate ‘Arry, I just feel sorry for him that he’s so stupid.
I did also always have an irrational hatred of Chris Armstrong though, even before he played for Sp*rs. I think it was that annoying freckle on the end of his nose and the fact that he was utterly shit. Weird, that one.


I became an Arsenal supporter on January 7, 1971. And I agree with Gooner 75. Moronho is without doubt the worst thing that has ever happened to football. He is an utter turd of a man, arrogant, narcissistic, and egotistical with nothing to back it up. I absolutely cannot wait for the humiliation we will heap on him and his shit club this season.

Merlin's Panini

Diaby’s on. Fingers crossed for him.

Merlin's Panini

Not into the replays on Arsenal player are they? I missed Olsson’s goal and, if there was a replay already, they didn’t show it again. Afobe’s penalty came from a really tasty run by Akpom. He had a good game, I’d like to see a bit more of him.
Pleguezuelo looked assured enough, as did Bellerin and Miquel. Didn’t have much to do generally.
Diaby made a couple of nice passes. Zelalem wasn’t as effective as I would have liked and Ramsey didn’t look very sharp yet but that’s fair enough really. It was an ok work out all in all.


Midway through the second half, I was thinking how much better we looked than in the first half, and I started thinking about who had been particularly impressive. I thought “Rosicky’s looked sprightly, and Olsson seems the real deal.” At that instant, Rosicky sent a chip over the top for Olsson to run onto and score the opener. Lovely goal. Akpom and Afobe really looked up for it too, and Diaby was good. Nice run out for the squad, now on to New York! (I wish I could go to that match, but it turns out it’s more expensive to fly to New York than it is to fly to London. Smeg!)


Keep in mind Borehamwood players were tiring by then in the heat while we fielded a completely new 11.

Merlin's Panini

“I do feel that I have unfinished business in the Premier League and now is the right time for me to return. Yes, everyone knows that Arsenal had the first option to sign me. They decided not to take this option and therefore it wasn’t meant to be. I wish them well in the future.”

“I considered all the other offers very carefully and I firmly believe that Chelsea is the best choice.” – Cesc Fabregas

Doesn’t sound like his first choice was Chelsea to me! Nothing more than a plan C (plan A stay at Barca, plan B back to Arsenal) for him. Shove that in your shitpipe Jose.


Beep beep… It’s Theo Walcott.
Can’t wait.

Trex d' Gunner

Moaning-whore = John Terry = CUNT

Arsenal 4eva

How does fabregas sleep at night playing for that cunt who poked the barca coach in the eye!! I am disgusted with him and so pleased wenger fucked him off


Also had 1 of his Madrid players put a “reducer” on cesc in the 1st Clasico he was a part of…..just can’t remember if it was Pepe or Marcelo. Come to think of it, that might have been what set off the ruckus with the finger-poking.


Good for you cesc, play for THAT guy! LMFAO

Leoj (@inobiwtowa)

Am buzzing for this season. please don’t rush theo mr. wenger