Arteta: Aaron’s so Cescy

Aaron Ramsey - Community Shield

Arsenal may have turned down the chance to sign Cesc Fabregas this summer but Mikel Arteta believes Aaron Ramsey is increasingly influencing games like the club’s former captain.

Voted the Gunners’ player of the season after his FA Cup final heroics the Welshman has picked up where he left off last term netting important goals in the Community Shield against Manchester City and Saturday’s winner against Crystal Palace.

Impressed by Ramsey’s propensity to take the game by the scruff of the neck, Arteta underlined the importance of his teammate’s ability to weigh in with goals and assists.

“Aaron is on fire. When you have a player like this coming from midfield to score that many goals gives you something extra,” he told press at the weekend.

“We don’t really have a 30- or 40-goal scorer at the moment, so to have players who can score goals from the middle of the park is very important.

“He reminds me a little bit of Fabregas when he was here. At his best, Cesc was coming off the front, making the final ball and scoring very important goals.

“I think Aaron’s confidence is really high at the moment, physically he can do whatever he wants and technically he is in a very good state, so he is one of the most important players in the team.

“I think he will get better with experience, with knowledge and confidence. People have a fear now with him because they know he can create things and that gives you an extra yard which is very important.

“Whatever he wants to do, he has shown in the past two seasons how much he is able to improve, so I think he can do even more.”

For his part Ramsey says he’s looking for collective improvement from the squad this year putting particular emphasis on an upturn in results against the top clubs away from home.

“You saw last season that we picked up a number of points against the teams outside the top four.

“If we did pick up a few points away from home against the top four teams last season then I think we may have been champions, but that wasn’t to be. That’s our biggest thing to improve on – to pick up points away from home.”

Ahead of tomorrow’s vital Champions League qualifier in Istanbul against Beskitas and Saturday evening’s trip to Goodison Park, we can only hope the whole squad heeds his call to arms.


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Joel Campbell's gurn.
Joel Campbell's gurn.

Even these defensive issues can’t damped my enthusiasm for this season. We’re back. Not sure we will get top spot, but we’ll definitely put a marker down and hopefully add some Cup silverware!

Formerly Known As El Capitano
Formerly Known As El Capitano

Welsh Jesus strikes again.

We need a DM and a Striker
We need a DM and a Striker

This will be Arsenal’s worst season in the past 9 years , if we continue with this particular squad, Only way we are making top 4 is if there are no injuries at all.

I said it last January while we were still on top of the league that if Arsenal does not bring in a striker and a DM we will struggle to finish top 4, I got downvotes but Voila Morgulis, it happened!

I’ll keep speaking the truth, I don’t mind the downvotes.


The “truth” is a fact. Ruminating on the future is not “truth”.

You’re welcome.

Rob Smith says

Cesc would be regretting why he’d left in the first place. Apparently even if your blood has Barcs DNA, it doesn’t make it right to turn your back to Arsenal. Suck it up now.


Apparently even if your blood has Barca DNA they will turn on you and cast you out like a worthless rag. Feel sorry for cesc but the reality was we didn’t need him, which is great for us.


As far as I’m concerned, the person who stands to learn the most from the Cesc, Hleb, Overmars, Petit and even Song is Bellerin. That boy’s got some serious talent, here’s hoping he looks at those guys and decides not to leave us when he starts living up to his potential. Especially since I’m expecting Xavi to come out of his retirement home talking about Barca DNA again.


Fuck we could of had both players, now he is destroying other epl teams for chelsea 🙁

the only sam is nelson
the only sam is nelson

For Rambo to come back at all after such a terrible injury is incredible. To not only come back, but improve and dominate to the extent he has – phenomenal.


The difference between Ramsey and Cesc is that when Cesc was here the team was built around him. Everyone else on the team had a role to support Cesc and allow him to thrive. Ramsey doesn’t have that to the same extent but he still manages to get a similar number of goals and assists while putting in a huge defensive shift and helping the team out in other ways. Ramsey is better for our team than Cesc ever was in my opinion.

Joel Campbell's gurn.
Joel Campbell's gurn.

I’m inclined to agree. I personally felt what we missed most last season when he was crocked as his high intensity pressing and interceptions in the middle of the park. Yes his late runs into the box, too, but we were much weaker in the centre without him mopping up in front of Arteta. Personally, I think its his most under appreciated aspect of his game.


Didn’t he even lead our team in tackles at the end of the season, even though he missed three months? That’s just otherworldly.

Mertesacker's Per

Take a look at this article when Arsene talked about him in 2009. He praised Ramsey’s stamina even then. Just goes to show how Arsene spots certain traits that everyone else seems to miss. We just notice Ramsey more now a days because he’s become the Welsh Jesus. Arsene knew back then and still knows!

Malaysian Gooner

The more I think about it, the more I believe that resigning Cesc would have weakened Ramsey’s game.

Ozil and Cesc may both be playmakers but that’s where the similarities end. Cesc, at his best, played between the striker and the midfield with Song and Denilson/Wilshere having more defensive responsibilities.

As Ramsey pointed out himself, Ozil drops much deeper to pick up possession which allows him to play off Ozil and benefit from Ozil’s passing ability. With Cesc, Ramsey would have had the responsibility of protecting him.

Ozil is also more adaptable positionally, many times last season we saw Cazorla and Ozil switch positions during the game with Ozil popping up on the right or on the left. I just don’t see Cesc having the same amount of versatility.

Cesc may be the more flashy player, he may even be better suited for the Premier League, but our style of play and formation has moved on from him.


Yes, bringing Cesc back would have been a huge issue with Ramsey’s role. One of them would have had to sit or play out of natural position. Ramsey really has become most like Cesc’s role of all the midfielders we have.

Aside from dropping deep to send Ramsey on break, Ozil also drifts out wide frequently, opening the middle of the field box-to-box for Aaron to occupy (or cover for him, take your pick) where he best controls the open field. That is most logically where Cesc would be, so it is a redundancy of top talents and someone would be unhappy on the bench.

With his tackling and work rate Ramsey could drop into Arteta’s role, but that would be a silly waste.

To me, that’s why we were probably never even considering Cesc. That and he left us.

The only Olivier is Giroud
The only Olivier is Giroud

Remember Cesc said something to the extent of “we won’t miss him, we have Ramsey”? (Paraphrasing here). Even he knew, the bastard 😉


Could be remembering incorrectly but I thought he suggested Jack would take the mantle.


He talked about both:

“I have seen them play for years, both Aaron and Jack… As for Aaron, his engine is unbelievable, his final ball will get better and he will be the next big star at Arsenal. They are winners…”

Actually a pretty bang-on assessment of Rambo.


He did talk about both, but he regarded Aaron as the player that could replace him. Here’s a bit from an article in 2009:

The Arsenal captain is regarded as the key player for the Gunners – but he admits that “if he goes to sleep” 18-year-old Ramsey will take his place.

“Some of the younger boys are very good players,” Fabregas said ahead of tomorrow’s table-topping showdown with Chelsea.

“Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Fran Merida. They are at the level of everyone.

“Perhaps even better than me. They are top class. In training, phew, they are so good.

‘Aaron has really developed. Physically he is bigger and more powerful, as you could see when we played Liverpool in the Carling Cup.

“If I go to sleep I will wake up and find him in my place. No, it is true.”

[source: ]


Appears Cesc did go to sleep. Dreamed of Barca, woke up in a nightmare, playing for Chelsea. He was right though. Rambo did take his place.


Ha! Fell asleep on the Barca bench and woke up to the very definition of Smug smiling in his face. Blleeccch.


I remember when Ramsey was making a name for himself before -that- happened. It was obvious even then he was growing into the same kind of role for the team as Cesc had. If I recall correctly (I don’t always..) he was typically the sub for Cesc in cup matches and lesser matches, or late match substitutions.


Aaron Ramsey is Arsenal’s best player, we need to use our vast rescources to provide him with the best possible chance of success.


let’s get cavani, i don’t care how many goals we concede, I’m sure our attack
sanches cavani walcott
woud double it


I didn’t realize Brendan Rogers supported Arsenal…


I find this latent “cesc blame game” strange. OK, I want to puke when I see him in blue, but look, he couldn’t stay in Barcelona – then what ? The guy likes the London life, he basically had the choice between Chelsea and us. He asks, because you know, Wenger asked one year ago, get (rightfully imo) refused…
… so then what ? You know he wasn’t going to Athleti or Madrid, nor to Italy… if he wants to move forward he only has that choice left.

He did it fair play I say. As much as I hate it. So we can blame him but I totally understand.

Now you have Sagna at City, I know he has been a “club servant” for years but… how many years did we get out of Cesc, please ? In comparison to Sagna ? And he leaves for what, a direct competitor ?

I don’t get the double standard, Cesc, Sagna, the same in my view. I don’t blame them but Sagnas move is at least as cruel as Cesc…or at least, admit that because Sagna is already “old”, we could care less…but it is the same really.

Malaysian Gooner

While I don’t blame Cesc for wanting to return to London and live with his family, his story is very different from that of Sagna.

Cesc refused to play for us and demanded a move to Barcelona. He forced us to sell him on the cheap by refusing to play and by going public with his desire to leave. When he failed at Barcelona, he returned to our London rivals. City may be champions, but City are more than just title rivals, they’re local rivals.

Sagna served us well for 7/8 years. He stood by us when our other stars like Cesc, Nasri, RvP demanded to leave. He didn’t complain. Even when the club didn’t meet his wage demands, he didn’t go public, he just went about his business and kept playing football. He also gave the club enough time to find a replacement (he had informed the club as early as Dec that he wouldn’t renew).


Agree with you… If anything, I blame Barcelona for the Cesc situation… they tapped him with all the Barca DNA BS and then let him loose 3 years later… Cesc probably regrets leaving us in the first place now.. but based on his current situation, he hardly had a better choice than to join Chelsea..

Thierry Bergkamp

I agree about Cesc.
The thing is, Arsenal fans love a moan and expect every player to fall in love with the team and never leave, or leave for a team that suits them (the fans). I hate seeing Cesc in blue, but understand his reasons. Same as Nasri and everyone else. Football is a career and Arsenal fans need to stop being so pathetic.. it looks sad from the outside


I agree, I think the fans shouldnt boo him. Instead, sing a song on the lines of “Hate to see you in dirty blue but cescy we still love you”. The “we love you” part is optional. 😀

Mongolian Gooner

Don’t quite agree there. It’s not just that he decided to leave for a direct rival in London (and yes, even though he was turned down by us he had other big clubs he could’ve gone to). He didn’t just go to Chelsea (as if to say FUCK YOU ARSENAL), but to MOURINHO’S Chelsea. The guy who tried to gouge Vilanova’s eye, who tries to belittle and shit on Cesc’s “Fatherfigure” at every opportunity. He himself even took to twitter to have a go at him after the “Specialist in failure” comments.

Sure, objectively (and that’s how this decision was probably made), Chelsea makes the most sense for him as it ticks the boxes 1. in London and 2. can afford his wages. But he could’ve gone to any big club in Italy, even Atletico Madrid. Even some place like City would’ve been a better choice for him if he at all cared about his Arsenal past.

All in all then, Cesc Fabregas did what was the most appropriate choice for career. I can understand that. But that doesn’t mean that he can keep acting like he supported Arsenal or in any way felt like a Gooner inside. And us gooners have no reason to be in any way supportive of him.

(Btw, I find it cringeworthy how all these people who chose to leave AFC high and dry for greener pastures always regurgitate the same shit line “I’ll always be a gooner” You’re not because you just decided to fuck off)

Mongolian Gooner

* I’m not saying Atletico Madrid is in Italy btw


The thing nobody considers is the life beside football.

You say he could go to Italy, or to City. Well, I don’t know about his private life, but London seems more interesting to me as Manchester.
Italy, I don’t know, culturally speaking, he is somewhere in between English and Spanish. Nothing really in Italy for him I suppose.

He is young, he has the right to choose where he lives…and works. At the end of the day, it is a job.

We are fans, not club employees. And that makes it hard for us to take, but all things considers, I understand him and wont be blaming him at all. It’s his life, he never insulted us, let’s just move on.


When you’ve made the choices he’s made – the Barca move I still understand what he thought he was doing was a dream – and the option you’re left with is a team that did not groom you or you did not dream of playing for as a child, then yes, now it is just a job for him.

That is the sad part. His dream didn’t quite work out.

But it pays a fuck of a lot more than mine, to play football, so I won’t feel too bad for him. And he must know there has been favor lost among some of the Gooners. It’s just the way it will be.


What makes you think he just “could have gone” to Italy or Atleti? There where no indications what so ever that he was wanted by Italian clubs or Atleti. And City, where did that come from? If any other club than Chelski was after him it was United. Sure, players have all the power nowadays but come on, it’s more complicated than Cesc looking through a catalogue of all the clubs in the world and picking one to join like he’s picking a university.

Forget about him and focus on our own. We’ve got Özil now and with him, we’ll beat Cesc and his new sugar-daddy.


You assume that he had other options… there are only a few teams in the world that can afford a Cesc Fabregas… Italian teams do not have the cash to spend… the French league is not as competitive… and Man City are already loaded with attacking midfielders… so once Arsenal rejected him what did you really expect him to do?
I mean I understand that it’s not easy to see him in a Chelsea jersey… but we can still stop hating on him (even if we can’t support him)…


…and finally, I might also say that although I understand Cesc, Ramsey is becoming his equal, really. And younger also, with a winning experience at the club (which Cesc also has but only as I sub if I remember correctly).

We might have someone better, who has roots in the UK, thus making him more stable.

And we forget that the real replacement is Ozil anyway, who is a less dribbly powery midfielder than Cesc, but is a lot more useful to a team than him. He is the ultimate altruistic player I would even say.

So because of that, we have the luxury to be able to afford missing out on a Cesc anyway.


as much as mourinho is a complete gimp, the premier league is an entertainment commodity. part of that product is the extended narrative supplied by such pantomime villains…


Mongolian Gooner,

You’re basically saying Cesc should shortchange his career just because he played for Arsenal for a long time. Going to Italy isn’t an option – Juve is their best team and can’t even get out of the Champions League group – that’s a distinct step down from Barca or Chelski. There are absolutely no guarantees with Atletico Madrid, you don’t know if they can keep up their level of excellence every year. He had to make the best decision for his career. I personally hold no hard feelings towards him at all.


No mate. Don’t make up lies cos he is playing for Chelsea. There were no other big clubs properly in for him. Otherwise Chelsea wouldn’t of got him so easily. Juventus? They are big but financially small, Barca won’t accept any small bids. Atletico Madrid? They are also quite poor and why would Barca sell to a title rival?


I have to disagree with Sagna and Cesc being in the same boat, Sagna left after respectfully finishing his contract and left the club in good hands in regards to his #1 right back position (jenkinson, bellerin, and debuchy) as opposed to Cesc who left us when we needed him most and the club was going straight downhill.


Not to mention you would expect more from your ‘captain’.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Haven’t you learned yet? We make players into Captains as an extra incentive to keep them interested in staying with us for an extra year or two, and because we can sell Captains at a small premium.


If you look at it objectively, you’re absolutely right. Cesc loves London and we turned him down. The move made sense and theoretically, we shouldn’t be mad at him. But as someone has pointed out, for him to go to Mourinho’s Chelsea is just painfully disappointing. I guess we’re all just bias because we expect our players to have the same sort of loyalty as we have. Some of them have it in an obvious way e.g. Jenkinson, Wilshere but others come to the club not because of the club itself, whether it’s their big opportunity, or ambition, or whatever. While I won’t boo Cesc or scorn him, I still can’t forgive him.

Zorro in the box

This couldn’t be more spot on, well said Jeff.

I am a lifelong gooner, born and grew up in North west London etc. But Arsenal fans can really be painfully fickle and quite non-sensicle.

I’ve always hated the booing of our own players – it’s not helpful and it lacks class. Likewise, our expectation that footballers, even footballers who love the club, must make decisions detrimental to their careers for Arsenal, makes no sense to me.

How would your husbands/wives feel if instead of taking a good job and making an important and necessary career step, you chose to avoid it, make a poor decision for you and you family because Arsenal was in your heart?

In Cesc’s case, he is a gooner, it’s clear to see. But football is his business – it becomes more difficult to handle it that way.

Do Utd fans feel affronted when Neville criticises their side or praises Liverpool? How did we, as fans, feel about Keown going to Everton? Or Petit to Barca and later Chelsea? What about Viera at City (he’s still bloody there!).

Cesc is unlike the rest in my view – he went to Barca for reasons that we can all appreciate, Pep, home and to play with Messi and co. He wanted to come back and Wenger said no – Bayern didn’t exactly come calling so where else is he to go? He’s without any choices that make sense to his heart, he’s just left with what makes sense to his head.

Chelsea in London in need of his skills, willing to build around him. I don’t blame him at all – and I still see him as a legend from before, and he will be again after he retires.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Well said. However, as he will be paid by Chelsea whether he plays or not then I hope he breaks his leg soon and stays out of their team until we have secured the title. Then I wish him a full recovery and a lucrative transfer to New York Red Bulls next season.


Cesc was an amazing player for us but my abiding memory of him was the way he shook hands and laughed with the barca players when standing in the tunnel about to walk out for the champions league game. Then that silly back flick cost us the game.
His mind was not with Arsenal towards the end and I can’t imagine Ramsey ever being that unprofessional. So I’ll keep our Welsh Jesus thanks and let chelski have the joy of cesc. No complaints from me .


I can’t really imagine Ramsey saying he has Cardiff DNA and holding out for a move to the Championship.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Have you never shaken hands with an old friend who works for your forner company?


If we are gonna get a striker then get Falco, he is a lot better than Cavani. Saying that a CD would be a better purchase at the moment.


I loved Cesc , but I think Wenger was right not to have him back…it would have upset the team. When Cesc was with us he was ‘the king’ now no one is ‘the king’ we are a team…the whole team has a great spirit about it. ( one reason I don’t really want Podolski to leave) they all seem to get on well.. RVP was in my mind a disruptive influence, and if Cesc came back it would not be the same for him or for us …….I wish he had not gone to Chelsea ( who I actually hate more than Spurs now).. I wish he had just stayed at Barca

We have some great players..OK we also still have a few not so great players …Chambers is a fantastic buy , we just need another couple of real match winners

But whatever happens in the transfer window I am more excited this year than any for the past few years, and look forward to seeing some brilliant football


For my money Ramsey is better for Arsenal than Fabregas ever was. I loved Cesc when he was here, but I don’t think he had as big an impact that Aaron is having. I just hope Ramsey has more loyalty than Fabregas has, and then over the years we are talking Pires, Vieira, Bergkamp, Adams legendary status

According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT & IN at the same time. So please STOP FIGHTING
According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT & IN at the same time. So please STOP FIGHTING

Cesc had less impact than Aaron?
Ugh! Short short short memory…


Yes Ramsey has much more impact. he help bring the end of a season that’s what counts.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

He had a lot of classy help though, and very little deadwood to carry.

According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT & IN at the same time. So please STOP FIGHTING
According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT & IN at the same time. So please STOP FIGHTING

Different teams. No Almunia in goal, no Denilson, TGSTEL, Eboue, Silvestre , Squilacci etc..
Short short memories..


Seriously dude you need to watch some of the arsenal games from 07-08 and 09-10 seasons. Cesc was pure class. He was the most efficient, technically brilliant “regista” and “trequartista” in the premier league era. He used to single handedly dominate games and made his mediocre teammates look better.

Ramsey is a highly effective player ala Frank Lampard but at the moment he is miles away from the efficiency of cesc’s play from that era. From a statistical standpoint Ramsey’s numbers would be off the charts in every single category, but in my opinion cesc laid more emphasis on the finer details. He would always pass to the player’s preferred foot with the right weight at the right time with unerring accuracy. Ramsey is just 23 and if starts to concentrate on these little things as well then he can end up being one of the best players of this generation.

Italian Gooner

To me, he’s way more direct than Cesc ever was, and way more athletic, too.
I really love the way he’s playing and basically consistency and confidence are the main factors of his incredible growth. He’s sharper physically and his confidence allows him to try to do things that we may have judged impossible for him a while ago.

Expect some more from Jackie boy, I think he’s on the right path and if it goes well we can really be excited about our midfield for the coming years.


Cesc was amazing for us, a player who dragged us over the line many many times, I loved watching him, and do not begrudge his move to Chelsea (although it makes me sick). Lets ease up on the revisionist history.
All hail the Welsh Jesus!


Cesc missed his chance of being a legend at Arsenal, yes he won some medals et al but he will not be a legend in his life time now. Same for RVP. If they had continued with Arsenal, iby the end of their career, maybe, I say maybe, they would have a medal less, but they would most probably have their statues outside the gr8 Emirates Stadium … now they can sit with their medals and higher salary packages and twiddle their thumbs while watching Arsenal rise again to dominate the sport. COYG!!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

You do know what happens to most footballers after they finish playing football, don’t you? Why should they not try to maximise their wages while they still can? I just require politeness from my team’s players and an honesty in dealing with the fans would be an extra bonus. Statues don’t pay electricity bills.

Blaming Cesc for the antics of Barca when they were trying to lure him away is rather similar in nature to blaming a woman for getting herself felt up on a crowded tube train.


You’re right, statues don’t pay bills … but if you are not prudent with your money, a little more or less will not make a difference… you will waste it sooner or later … and if you are smart with it …. a bit more or less will not matter.
What will matter for the fans, family and footballing generations to follow will be to walk around that statue, read about the greatness of that star, aspire to follow in their footsteps.
Have you seen the eyes light up of the little boys when they see the gr8 Henry’s statue … I can only imagine what goes on on their minds … well that is what Cesc and RVP have given up …


Completely agree Arif. A smart player will invest wisely anyway, a foolish one will waste all his money whether its 80,000 or 100,000 a week.

When we think of players past, only a few players ever stay in mind – they become part of the history and legend of the club. Someone like RvP will never be a legend at Man United – most Utd fans I know aren’t huge fans of him anyway.

I don’t blame Cesc for wanting the Barca move – yes, I wish he’d stayed, and he probably should have – but hindsight is a wonderful thing. We didn’t want him back, simple. He didn’t reject us this time – he took the Chelsea option because it was the best and most logical option available to him.

No hate from my perspective. Tarnished slightly yes, but lets not forget how awesome he was. He’ll always be a bit of a favourite of mine. But FUCK I hate Chelsea!!! Horrible twist of fate is all I can say – and it pains me to wish him ill will, but I really, really, really want to see Chelsea fail in every way possible.

Fuck John Terry.
Fuck Chelsea

Most of all,

Fuck Mourinho!


Right now, I’d pick Ramsey over Cesc. Ramsey is an all rounder Cesc isn’t. So, no worries.


Fast forward one season and you will have barca chiming about Rambo’s DNA. Fast forward two seasons and you will have barca players tapping him up. Fast forward three seasons and he will go to Barca. Fast forward four seasons and he will be at Chelsea.

The main reason he will go in the first place is that Arsenal will never pay him £250k, something that he would easily get elsewhere now that he is the best box to box midfielder

Don’t love him so much that it becomes painful to see him go.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

You’d be a barrel of laughs to be married to.




I like a player that know little of many things to the one that knows many of a little things
That’s the reason I’ll prefer ramsey to cesc


That was the greatest pun i’ve ever read. Well played Arseblog


Love them both but Ramsey is our player right now and Cesc is not. So Ramsey for me any day and I wish him better luck than Cesc.

Fool of a Took

I think it´s time we all put Cesc behind us, he left us three years ago to play for his dream club and foir enough to that.

He did not play for us long enough to earn a “legend-status” and now he puts on a blue shirt. He´s just another ex player for us, nothing more. Let´s get behind the players we do have and stop talking about the ones who is not with us anymore.

p.s. All hail the Welsh Jebus!

According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT & IN at the same time. So please STOP FIGHTING
According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT & IN at the same time. So please STOP FIGHTING

Moving on doesn’t mean we should forget what he’s done for us. Carrying a team of Denilsons, Alumunias and Eboues.. Playing the day he heard of his grandad’s death..because no one of his class could take his place.. playing with a broken leg..and just being there when we needed him the most.

Oh, and he played for us for 8 years.


Giroud also played the day of his grandfather’s death, against Southampton at home last season where he scored both goals. And Giroud played every single game he could, never once complaining of tiredness. Also, in the last game of 2013, against Newcastle away, he played the whole game (and scored the winning goal) despite picking up a relatively deep cut on his ankle from quite early on. Oh, and Giroud has been part of two pieces of silverware won by the club.

Let’s focus on the players we have now, and what they’ve achieved for us, rather than the ones who pushed to get away from us.

Alexis short shorts

I know ‘world class tag’ gets thrown about easily, but surely know Ramsey is one of the best in Europe, if not the world, I mean his stats speak for them selves.


Can we just offer him a 10 year contract please.


I would have thought we could have brought Cesc back to replace Flamini/Arteta/Rosicky who are all getting a little long in the tooth. I think Cesc could have played a deeper role behind Ramsey and Ozil.

Oh well, he is a Chelsea loser now and has to pretend to be John Terry’s friend.

Aaron has been sublime and I’m really glad those people criticizing him are now eating their words.


Yes indeed, or Cazorla even, who will turn 30 in December.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

We’d have had to get rid of one of them now. Squad size has to be remembered. He isn’t a DM, and would have been playing out of his natural position, so not sure it would have benefitted us. Sending Sanogo on loan and trying to turn Fabregas into a forward/No 10/Rambo backup/Cazorla replacement might have worked better. Barca may have pissed him off by doing that to him (among other things) but I’m betting Wenger could have convinced him to give it a go if he had signed him (and he would have ensured that if we did lose Ramsey for three months again then we would have had a great option to back him up). I’m disappointed we couldn’t take him somehow, as going to Chelsea almost guarantees we will never see him back in an Arsenal shirt.


I think Ramsey is great and he not only scores but commits to doing everything in his game. We missed him went he was hurt but let’s hope for better.

Cesc I thought was foolish to fall for going to Barcelona when Hleb warned him. He should have known better after all he did play for their B team. I am happy he is not coming back to Arsenal. Wenger is only giving players who did not left when he needed them the most. I have a feeling some players will think first before leaving especially after the prodigal son refusal.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

So what’s Flamini doing here then? Your disappointment at Cesc leaving is being laid down on Wenger as a false motivation. After all, I thought we said no to Fabregas, not the other way around.

Bouldy's Tupee

Arsenal Cesc was great but now this new Indoctrinated Cesc by cunt face Mourinho is horrible. Cesc’s hair do just says cunt hair all over! Hopefully he comes to his senses and leaves Chelski like this January.


Cesc will forever be remembered as our prodigal son and our second youngest captain. He was our only hope during our darkest hours.

Ramsey will be the guy that ushered in a new era for Arsenal by scoring the winning goal that ended our trophy drought. Most importantly, he has Arsenal DNA.


My best friend is a Chelsea fan and after years of telling him how great Fabregas is, he can’t believe they’ve signed him.
Fucking hell, I’m never getting super attached to another player ever again. Seeing Cesc in a Chelsea shirt is just wrong. It’s like Darth Cesc, as they said on Football Weekly. It’s unnatural. My brain refuses to accept that my first ever favorite player plays for those cunts. Fuck Barca, and fuck Chelsea, and fuck Mourinho.

I hope he never wins a thing with Chelsea. And I hope Mourinho gets sacked. We’ve moved on though, like Chelsea “winning” the UCL, this is another thing I’ve blanked from my mind. I only remember it when people remind me.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Why did you bring that up again? I’ve been trying to forget it. Now I can only hope we not only win it, but win it in the sort of style the exposes Chelsea as the oafish thugs that they really are.


It had to be a London club, since his family (ie his partner and kid) is in London, right? I wish he didn’t have to pick that team, but what other alternative did Cesc really have? I hate seeing him in that god-awful blue, but the reality is this is still a job for him. I won’t wish him luck though and I will never cheer for him and his team.


FFS lads.. Why y’all get so melancholic? Cesc is gone. Let’s not talk about him anymore.

Bouldy's Tupee

I suggest you comment on another article then because this is specifically on Cesc vs Ramsey hahaha


Sorry, but Ramsey is MORE than Cesc.
More pace.
More drive.
More stamina.
More enthusiasm.
More dependability.
More exciting.
More professionalism.
More potential.

The only places Cesc is more than Ramsey is in the ego department and the waistline… because Cesc looks kinda fat these days.

Bouldy's Tupee

Perfect description of the Welsh Jesus mate. Humble man, let’s his ego out on the pitch!!!


It was so easy to simply ignore Fab when he was playing in a different league. It’s not going to be as simple when he’s whipping out goal of the season magic for Chelsea. That pass gave me some serious flash backs to his time with us.

There aren’t many players in the league capable of that. Possibly only two, in fact – Fab and Ozil. Luckily, we have one of them, and I can’t wait for him to get match fit.


I know Ramsey is super awesome and all but can we not live in a world where both Ramsey and fabregas are both top quality midfielders. The only time I see any reason to tout Ramsey over Cesc is when we whoop their sorry behinds with former makes the latter eat his jersey then shit it out and feed it to Terry.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Something like that may have already happened. Fabregas is a Gooner, right? I’m sure he’s sad not to come back to us, but I’d not be surprised to find out that his contract specifies that John Terry had to eat his own jersey, shit it out, and eat it again in order for him to sign up with them.


We have Ramsey AND Ozil + a young Zelalem in development.

Not sure what all the big fuss about Cesc is. He wasn’t exactly setting La Liga on fire.

Wasn’t Ozil leading in assists in La Liga? Not sure what the ‘pundits’ are smoking.


Cesc was played out of position throughout his stay at Barca. Cesc in a 4-3-3 with Costa, Hazard in front of him and Matic beside him scares me. I just don’t see how anyone would be able to beat them. They will beat the bottom 14 teams black and blue, shut up shop against the other 6 and maybe nick a win here and there. I just don’t see us scoring against them, just like last season especially from open play.

David Moyes with his insistence on buying Juan Mata and Leonardo at PSG bringing in David Luiz have turned Chelsea into a force to be reckoned with. I could have lived with watching cesc playing for ManU, but watching him in a chelsea jersey makes me wanna puke.

Black Hei

Yes. Last season, the little ponies stuttered against the lower teams that parked the bus. With Cesc and Costa now on board, they will win easy. Not forgetting their other attacking talents of Hazard and Oscar.

American Gunner

We don’t really have a 30-or-40-goal scorer at the moment said Arteta. Is his a hint of us getting a world class scorer soon?


It’s not that Cesc went to a rival, as odious as that is. It’s that he went to Mourinho’s Chelsea. It is the very worst of the worst, both in terms of the club and the manager, and he was smart enough and knows enough about the EPL to have known it perfectly well and gone anyway.

I’m sure he was hurt by Barca turning out to be the massive douchebags we all know they are. But the solution was not to act like a jilted teenager and go get knocked up by the worst wifebeater you can find, which is what Cesc did.


Yeah but there was no way he could of stayed at Barca. Chelsea was his ONLY option.

Black Hei

It was his wife. She made him go back to London. If he was man enough, he would have put his foot down. But she is the older one in this relationship and she calls the shots. Even made him get back the old house she was staying in with her ex husband. It is all disgusting really. In hindsight, this new Cesc suits Chelsea and their less than wholesome bros, John Terry and JM perfectly. Would be a royal flush if Ashely was still there.


Some fans seem to have very short memories. I mean I love Ramsey and he was phenomenal for us last season. Easily one of our best players right now. However, to say that Ramsey is God and Cesc was shit is stupid. Cesc was an awesome player for Arsenal who literally carried the team on his shoulders for a couple of years, ploughing a lone furrow. He still is one of the best midfielders in the world with an amazing vision and pinpoint passing. All I can say is that I am happy that Ramsey is ready to take on the mantle and produce some more magic for us.


Ramsey has the ability to score more goals while Cesc is more of an all round player. I don’t get all the Cesc hate. He wanted to come back to us but we didn’t want him and there was no other clubs in for him apart from Chelsea while at the same time he was being forced out by Barcelona fans. Surely we can’t blame him for that. Do we have to hate on every ex-players these days?

I just hope we beat Chelsea, otherwise the boo boys will make us look pathetic.


Don’t think you can compare cesc and rambo…completely different players just like you wouldn’t compare khedira and xavi. And honestly if we were to buy cesc back I don’t see him hindering rambo because they can very well play together and long term Ramsey is a much better box to box player than a creative thread-the- pass type midfielder, just think the modric and alonso combination at Real Madrid. In fact I think rambo would be better off being a hybrid DM/bombing into the box central midfield than all out push the ball forward kind of player.

As for Cesc moving to chelsea, he deserves the boos. Yes, he doesn’t owe us anything in terms of his career but once you play for a rival and a local rival at that, you’re not a gooner anymore. How would you feel if Henry joined Manchester United? No, I doubt I would want to give him a statue outside Emirates if he really did that even if he was legendary in terms of goals scored…So, yea if you play for any of our rivals, then you’re a cunt…simple as that especially if you vow never to play for another english club…Cesc is a cunt simple as that

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Take a favourite toy off of a ten year old and it’s “I hate you. I hope you die”.

Take a favourite player out of Arsenal and is there any real difference in the reaction from some of us?

According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT & IN at the same time. So please STOP FIGHTING
According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT & IN at the same time. So please STOP FIGHTING

I have to say I am so disappointed (and frankly surprised) with fellow Arsenal fans. I thought we were a bit different to the other sets of fans. We are every bit as fickle as the rest of them.
Seriously poor form.

If things don’t go the way we want them to go with Ramsey in the future, I’m sure the same people will have just as short memories, and just as little loyalty.


Cesc is technically superior to ramsey in my opinion. Ramsey might have a “better engine”, but cesc scores just as much as him. I was hoping wenger would sign him and use him as a no 10 with ramsey and arteta behind him while ozil plays on the right…even giroud would score nothing less than 20 in the league. Then again, when i look at zelalem, it cheers me up a bit. That kid’ll be a beast in 2-3 years.