Campbell: I dreamed of Arsenal since watching Thierry Henry


Joel Campbell says that playing for the Gunners has been a dream for him ever since he saw Thierry Henry rock it in red and white.

The Costa Rican forward has returned to the club after three years on loan, which followed a protracted saga to sign him in the first place, but he’s now determined to make an impact in North London.

“I’ve always dreamed of playing for Arsenal since I was a young kid watching Thierry Henry”, he told The Sun (apparently).

“The manager has told me he wants me to be part of his plans and not send me on loan again. Now I want to repay his faith.

“I’ve no doubt I can succeed as I’ve now played more than 100 matches and got 36 caps for my country, and played in the world’s biggest tournament.

“So playing in the Premier League holds no fear, only excitement.”

Campbell will be part of the squad for today’s game against Crystal Palace, with Arsene Wenger again confirming he wants to keep the young forward at the club.

“He has adapted slowly, but has adapted very well, he has a very good spirit and attitude. He is a member of my squad at the moment.

“In training he is very focused and eager to do well. I would like to keep him.”

Emphasis ours on the quotes there but there’s still a bit of open-endedness to what the manager says about his future. Hopefully he can do enough between now and the end of the month to convince him fully.


    • Some of Arsenals key players made sloppy mistakes during the match. I was actually hoping to see him substituted for one of them. And to see him create lots of chances against the Palace. So that the key players know that there is a guy who is eager to replace them on the pitch at any time. And this would make them sharper.

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  1. The kid obviously has endless loads of confidence, which will serve him well. Just needs to prove that he can kick on in the Prem with all the physicality in the league and competition at the club.

    The HFB, Alexis, and even Sanogo seem to be first choice ahead of him at the moment, but I have no doubt his attitude will make that issue one to solve for Campbell rather than one to be discouraged by.

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    • Personally I believe Campbell will be deployed in the “winger” positions, so will be competing with Sanchez, Walcott, Poldolski, AOC & Cazorla.

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  2. @arseblog: I think this open ended statements are more to keep the hype down and prevent agents/his head from swelling too much. Remember that he may not get that much playing time and his contract is almost up I think.

    In my opinion you don’t go through all those problems to sign him only to sell. Unless maybe the scouts saw something they didn’t like in his time on loan?…Anyway, the genius Louis van Gaal has picked up where Moyes left off.

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  3. I think so much of the current crop of player feel they owe something to. The club, I or have been an arsenal fan or are playing here to play under Arsène Wenger or to play the Arsenal Way, in short have an emmotioinal attatchemt inbraly wanting to b here as opposed to earning a nice paycheck or play for on pe f the bet I in the world(which is not so bad either), I think all this really contributes to team spirit and prevents players from doing what RVP and Nari did.

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  4. Isn’t it awesome that we have a raw, young, talented striker that has experienced football at the World’s biggest stage just itching to get a shot in the first team….
    farvel King Bendtner…

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  5. I like Campbell a lot. Hope he will prove the manager right.He’s more than decent , very skillful and good finisher.It’s good to have him and yaya competing. giroud theo and podolski will have to be on their toes.

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  6. I grew up watching fabregas play…
    Now I want to be grown watching you play…
    Now go out there and make the red and white proud…
    And by the way…
    United is back!!!
    Back to where they were last season

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  7. “I’ve no doubt I can succeed as I’ve…played in the world’s biggest tournament.”

    Not only played in it, but was joint second goalscorer alongside Radamel Falcao.

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  8. I love Arsenal because DB10, watching his goal against argentina ’98 was my “invitation” to this club. Few weeks later I watch him on tv playing with that famous JVC sponsored jersey. I’m a gunners since then.

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    • Nah, Sanogo and Giroud will have the early running in that position.

      Loved how seamlessly Alexis switched to the left, with Ox going down the right. Those seem to be the positions the manager sees the need for our players to attack from. Campbell will get his chance as there will be more than enough games to prove himself in.

      This was a great start for the team against a well organized parked buss, where our guys were again well and truly hacked at in the midfield. So for now it seems we are rushing the fitness of the guys we need in midfield forward. The wings will get their chance.

      What worries me is how we get taken apart from set-pieces. Need to get that sorted soon, hopefully Mert will be back soon.

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  9. Sanogo has potential ,but he needs to go on loan. QPR lost yesterday but Remy make more sensible runs than Sanogo and Giroud combined. Let’s get Remy and send Sanogo on loan. If we want to win titles we need a better attacker as plan B

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