Community Shield to feature vanishing spray


Vanishing spray. Sounds great.

Spray it on somebody or something and it vanishes. However, that’s just the vanishing spray of our dreams.

Instead, the Community Shield against Man City on Sunday at Wembley will be the first game in English football to feature what is, essentially, a can of shaving foam for the referee to draw lines on the pitch with.

Speaking about the development, FA general secretary Alex Horne said, “It’s great that vanishing spray will be used for the first time in England.

“All the select list referees have been at St George’s Park for tests with the spray and I am sure they will look forward to using it this season.”

In seriousness, it is a good idea, but even with the spray during the World Cup, some referees struggled to keep the wall the requisite distance from a free kick taker.

Let’s hope the FA’s men do better.

And then they can all have a foam party together ….



Sorry, we just thought of Phil Dowd and Lee Probert at a foam party.

We’ll be back in a – bleeeeeeuuurrgggggh

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