Emirates Stadium capacity reduced for 2014-15 season


Arsenal will have 66 fewer seats for the 2014-15 season after it was revealed the capacity of the stadium has been reduced.

Last season there were a maximum of 60,338 seats, this year it will be 60,272. The decrease comes as a result of requirements by television companies for more camera positions around the stadium.

It’s unclear as yet if this is to provide close-up HD 3D shots of Jamie Redknapp’s crotch, but we’re hoping this is not the case.

It may also have something to do with BT requiring studio facilities having been rebuked by communications regulator OFCOM for broadcasting from outside the ground last season, and filling up pre-watershed households with industrial language.

However, given the usual gap between the announced attendance and the number of people inside the ground, the reduced capacity is unlikely to have a major impact one way or the other.


    • I doubt the 66 seat reduction is going to have that much of an impact! It’s a 0.1% decrease in capacity, which would equate to a 5p hike on a £50 ticket were they to actually pass it on.

      I think there’s more important things to worry about, like will they have improved the pies and burgers at the Emirates this season?!

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  1. Had to peek at the calendar to make sure today wasn’t 1st of April.

    I recall a similar story on April 1st last year (increased capacity at the Emirates; seats made narrower) and I believed every word of it!

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  2. Sad news. Me and my 65 friends are gonna find it all the more difficult to get tickets when we plan to visit Emirates stadium

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  3. I heard arsenal were reducing the number of seats in the stadium so theres room for an extension on our trophy room! 😀

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      • I thought the extra cameras are for capturing all the extra goals we gooner be scoring this year. (my “year” runs for ten months; from August to May)
        Up The Arsenal!

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      • if you found my comment funny or not oh well! I consider my first ever comment on this awesome site a rousing success haha

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        • Took you two posts to develop that smug “Oh, I’m so funny” attitude that some of us (me?) have 🙂

          Sir, you have arrived!!!

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  4. One thing that keeps me coming to this site is the superb sense of humor. I burst into a fit of cough and laughter when i saw the HD 3D crotch view statement. My nurse has threatened to seize my phone. More hilarious post please

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  5. can someone tell me why the crowd is so far away from the goal at the Emirates? Had read it somewhere before, can’t recall it.

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  6. Think the reduced seats will come from the middle tier where the prawn sandwich brigade sit. If that’s the case ill happily take those sandwiches and free beers usually given to those in the middle tier!

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  7. I remember the opening capacity of the stadium was 60,432. It doesn’t make a huge difference but hopefully we won’t see anymore reductions to accommodate stupid companies. I’m wondering what new camera angles they could possibly use.

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  8. Since the announcement of Puma deal I was afraid of this. I knew we would accommodate the increasing interest among the female population with those tight shirts, and now those extra camera angles as well to keep the ladies happy…

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    • Blogs, can I buy some extra thumbs up for this comment?
      Maybe you could set up one of those evil Apple style in app purchase options? You could fucking rake it in on thumbs down purchases off the back of Fatgooner’s comments too. The two of you could go into some kind of partnership

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    • Not really.
      Would you rather see 3556 unhappy Chelski fans or 3559 unhappy Chelski fans?
      Up The Arsenal!
      John Terry is a cunt

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  9. Sad really, giving the crowd milling around after the game a chance to sing to Mad Jens was about the high point of their coverage last year.

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  10. industrial language.”

    I have never heard or read it described quite this way, but I am going to incorporate this into my daily vocabulary.

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    • No! No! No! What a shocking comment that is!

      It’s either “WENGER OUT” or “SACK WENGA”

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    • yes we can easily expand (by adding smaller seat) . but we cannot do it right now because of lack of better transport around the stadium who can barely cope right now with 60K fan

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  11. The needed space is clearly for the statue of Bendtner that will be finished later this year.

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    • Yep, that’s what the new worm-cam on the centre spot is for. Give Michael Owen a chance for ten minutes of blokey bantz at each kick-off.

      “He’ll be disappointed with that one, John.”

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