Emirates Stadium capacity reduced for 2014-15 season


Arsenal will have 66 fewer seats for the 2014-15 season after it was revealed the capacity of the stadium has been reduced.

Last season there were a maximum of 60,338 seats, this year it will be 60,272. The decrease comes as a result of requirements by television companies for more camera positions around the stadium.

It’s unclear as yet if this is to provide close-up HD 3D shots of Jamie Redknapp’s crotch, but we’re hoping this is not the case.

It may also have something to do with BT requiring studio facilities having been rebuked by communications regulator OFCOM for broadcasting from outside the ground last season, and filling up pre-watershed households with industrial language.

However, given the usual gap between the announced attendance and the number of people inside the ground, the reduced capacity is unlikely to have a major impact one way or the other.

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