Giroud injury worry after Everton heroics


Olivier Giroud might have been Arsenal’s equalising hero this afternoon, but the striker is the latest injury worry with Arsene Wenger worried that the Frenchman might have done himself some serious damage late in the game.

Blocking a clearance from Sylvain Distin, Giroud seemed to twist his ankle, and limped badly for what remained of the game.

Speaking to Sky afterwards, the Arsenal manager said, “It’s a stretched ankle… at the moment it doesn’t look too good.”

It would be a blow for the Gunners ahead of Wednesday’s crucial Champions League qualifier against Besiktas. However, Wenger was happy with the point against the Toffees under difficult circumstances.

“I think it is a strong point because we were 2-0 down,” he said. “It’s a good & deserved point.”


    • Well well. Looks like we got a person who didn’t listen to the Arsecast. Calling an injury as a blessing in disguise is the most unloyal thing you can do.

      All I’m gonna say is fuck off and don’t come back.

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      • No I didn’t and no it isn’t. I’m a big fan of Giroud and he showed his value again today but to be facing the prospect of another long season with only Giroud up front with the raw Sanogo as back up would be unfathomable. If this injury, which doesn’t sound particularly serious, convinces Wenger to address the issue before the window closes, then I would consider that a blessing as our squad will have been improved. That’s all.

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        • I like arsecast but you’re acting like a) it’s gospel and b) it’s homework. He can say what he likes even if the ‘blessing in disguise’ thing is very annoying.

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        • Though I will say that people are getting far too hung up on this phrase. I don’t think anybody is sitting around at home watching the television hoping one of their own players gets injured.

          Saying that you hope something good comes from something bad is innocuous at worst, helpful at best.

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      • I listened to the Arsecast and though I’ve wanted to see various two-striker pairings all last year: Podolski-Walcott; Podolski-Giroud in a 1-1, etc…whatever; when I heard the author that was being interviewed talking about Arsenal having had a chance to get Klose for 2Mill on loan after the Higuain thing fell through…I almost started to cry.

        Now, if that were speculation on his part, or if it were the truth, it didn’t matter to me I just started thinking about the Lost Championship of ’13/’14…over 2Mill. And I can’t imagine there’d be a big chemistry problem on the club by bringing in der alte mann, so why didn’t Arsenal pursue something like that. He’s still got tons of game, look what he did in the world cup…sheesh!

        Think about all the flubbed chances Giroud had during his cold spells…give those chances to Klose after subbing out Giroud and we’d’ve gotten a few more wins at least.

        Think about all the flubbed chances by Sanogo in the games he played in…etc.. More wins, further in the Champions League.

        We would have taken The Double.

        Klose could have finished his loan stint by smooching on the trophy!

        With that being said. I don’t think we’d be hurt by adding another quality striker, though I think we need a Center Back more desperately, and I wish he’d deploy Poldi, Walcott, Alexis or Sanogo up front much more often with Giroud. It could be very fluid during matches when the “2nd Striker” started as a wide man.

        Anyway…blah, blah, blah…I want more goals! COYG!!! You can do it! We believe in you!

        Cheers, Out!

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        • Looking back on it, it does seem rude doesn’t it?

          Apologies Wizard. It was just emotions right after the game.

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    • Why do people keep saying this? When has Wenger ever bought someone just because another player was injured? I can’t think of one. We should learn already by now that Wenger always looks at the long term. If Cavani, Falcao or anyone of their ilk were available, then Arsenal would be trying their best to bring them in, Giroud or no Giroud. But if people want an average player like Remy, well then Wenger won’t even cast an thought in his direction.

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      • What makes Remy an average player? He scores consistently and has good pace,better strength than the diminutive Sanchez. I think he’ll improve Arsenal considerably and keep Giroud on his toes. Giving Sanchez the lone striker role already seems to have worked. There was less visible frustration and dropping of the shoulders than at Besiktas.

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        • played well today.
          Is not a striker.
          Was bought because he improved the squad over Santos. Not just because Gibbs was injured.

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    • I’d be interested to know how the ‘money saved’ from AW’s last minute transfer activity stack up against the points (and money) lost from the team bedding in as the season starts.

      Just a thought.

      Otherwise: Giroud, you Legend, you pulled that result from the hat, cudos.

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  1. Giroud injured, Arteta injured; maybe this is a sign from God that we still need some players. Wenger’s got 11 days to do what’s necessary,

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  2. I’m relieved . I saw another 3-0 on the cards . We were all over the place .
    Credit where it’s due though , a good comeback .
    A point is a good result here .
    Lots to work on !

    Giroud put a shift in for sure .

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  3. People can slag him off as much as they want but he made a real difference today! Of course we need another option. I doubt Wenger would sell Podolski without bringing in an attacking player of considerable class.

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  4. Oh come on! Cut us some slack here, we just keep getting loads of injuries. Giroud looked like he was finally finding his form now, and then he gets injured. I’m not even surprised anymore when these things happen.

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  5. at 79 minutes, pretty much most plastic fans would have welcomed this news. Those people are f*cking idiots.

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  6. Walcott is my next choice and personal favorite at striker position. He’s proved it. Gotta get well sooner than later man…..

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  7. Lol. Same old story. We already have three first team players in Gibbs, Theo and Arteta out with injury. Here comes the fourth.

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  8. Might force us to continue with Alexis upfront. He needs time to settle, could be beneficial.
    Get better soon though Giroud, you handsome bastard. You get so much abuse, but you were class today.

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    • could be beneficial.


      Careful, my son. You can get ‘hidden’ for expressing that which sounds like the phrase that must not be uttered!

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    • I think that’s a perfect summary tbh. He is always excellent as a sub, but he just doesn’t have the consistency or quality to be our first choice striker if we want to seriously compete for titles.

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      • There is a MAJOR goddamn fucking difference between critique and calling some “useless” or “shit”, mate.

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    • Not quite sure where sin comes into this, but today it’s just bitter and negative.

      It was the defensive play that nearly lost us that match. He, Nacho, and Santi (and Ramsey, goes without saying) saved us a point. All three under criticism recently.

      Last year it was defensive play meltdowns and turnovers in dangerous areas that got us spanked against the top teams in all the games that made the difference in the title run. Messi and Ronaldo wouldn’t have stopped that.

      Have a serious think before you blindly repeat the pundit stories.

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  9. People really need to stop with this blessing disguise shit. We won’t buy anybody before Wed, even if we do they are almost certainly going to be able to play, so how is it a blessing for us to be weakened before what is currently our most important game of the season? The word fuckwits comes to mind.

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  10. Honestly it hurts because you can see that for his limitations Giroud brings a pivotablity to the front that we just don’t have. I think Alexis is one of our many swoop from the wing options – Campbell seems to fit there as well based on zero sample size. There needs to be a somewhat conventional man up top there and without Giroud we just don’t have that nor do we have the flexibility in formation to play a different game. The first half formation can be summed up as a 2-8-0 which is similar to what I’ve seen 4 year olds play where everyone chases the middle but no one has any sort of real form or positioning. Something has to happen – today we stole a point that I don’t know if we deserved – that won’t happen often without something changing up top.

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  11. It was a silly ball to challenge; you never want to reach/stretch that much entering a powerful challenge.

    Get well soon Giroud, you were a force when you came on in the game.

    What do we do now for the Beskitas game? I thought Sanchez was about as useful as Podolski playing up front on his own. I love both players, but we can’t have them as lone central forwards.

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    • You’d be the same man giving out if he didn’t bother trying to block it, and the clearance ended up with them scoring? Some fans are never happy

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    • podolski and sanchez together :O

      Might be a great combo of creativity + finishing.
      Also we get the energy from the chilean and the positioning from the german 🙂

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  12. @WizardOfOzil: Shut up you bell end. Blessing in disguise? Even IF this forces Wenger to buy a mediocre striker from the current pool of available mediocre strikers, we lose an asset that scored 20 goals last season; potentially for up to six months+.
    Butt hurts like yourself need to have words with yourselves. “Blessing in disguise” cunt.

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  13. It is strange that our CDM and Striker get injured whilst the fans are screaming for reinforcements in those areas with little transfer widow remaining….

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  14. Whether giroud got injured or not would love another striker…
    Pity for giroud tho..He did really well after coming on…
    Hope its just a scare…

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    • A) To accommodate Wilshere in midfield
      B) He played there for Germany in the WC
      C) Wenger likes square pegs in round holes?

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    • Centre was crowded last night and Ozil plays best when he has space + he puts great balls into the box from the wings.

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  15. I don’t care what anyone says, giroud is our striker and a fine one. He is perfect for our team and pure class today. With that said I think chambers looked a little raw today playing a team of such hard fighting quality I think he was a little short on muscle today, though man is he a bright youngster that is going to be real solid player for us this season and beyond he was a touch out of his depth with only flaming ahead of him.

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    • He’s also 19, first season with the team, and put in more minutes than both Mert and Kos!

      I also thought it was odd he played right site CB with BFG Left side. First time I have ever seen BFG left side CB

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  16. i’d rather we get injuries now than in x-mas eve. our players will be fit when the seoson starts getting heated up.

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  17. most people are giving giroud slack, me too sometimes, but we need to sort out our defence. It was chambers and Merts first game together and Ozil did not track Seamus on the first goal. The second goal was offside. But we need a solid,strong and mobile cdm. Sometimes Wenger also makes subs too late, i dont know why campbell cant be given more game time, i think he will also work hard on defending.

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  18. Many would disagree, but I thought despite scoring that header, Giroud was generally very poor with his finishing. 3 very presentable chances and he only got one of them on target with a weak effort. He really does need to improve his finishing. That second goal was out of nothing.

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  19. I believe that when Arsene said Alexis will get his chance as a 9, I think it will be in the Champions League. Alexis doesn’t provide the physicality necessary to play alone in the Premier League, but in Champions League where it’s more open he can thrive.

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  20. The season has barely started, but we are already dropping points to shite teams. #Wagner out :v

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  21. I thought we were playing a 2-1-2-2-2-1 for most of the game, atrocious positioning… anyone following my Twitter meltdown (shameless plug – link in username) saw the vitriol directed towards Giroud was unfounded and foolish.

    Get fit for Wednesday you sexy cunt.

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  22. Love AW but this Mourinho quote on keeping Torres really made me think…

    “I want three strikers in the team. Sometimes I play with two, one on the bench, sometimes someone will be injured or suspended. I cannot do a season without three strikers.”

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  23. Da Faq you looking @…..
    We won against Palace.
    There were no points to drop in champs league qualifier.
    Everton aren’t a shite team, and besides, surely it was a point gained.

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  24. Hope he’s fit vs besiktas. Don’t want no injuries for the gorgeous giroud.

    Well earned point yesterday from what looked like a first disappointing defeat of the season. OG was my man of the match.

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