Wenger: Je regarde l’océan


Arsene Wenger says that although Arsenal’s average size and weight falls below some of their rivals, he says he looks at the quality of the player first, then their size.

Referring to last season’s 3-0 defeat to Everton as a low-point, the Frenchman said that reports that showed that Arsenal had the lightest squad (along with Burnley) wasn’t worthy of a great deal of analysis.

“When we buy a player we do not look how heavy he is but how good he is,” he said. “It is a coincidence that we are a bit lightweight. Maybe because we use more technical players in the middle of the park, especially Mikel Arteta.

“It depends as well who plays. If I play Cazorla or Podolski the weight is a bit different. But it’s true we are a bit more lightweight than before, when we had  Petit, Vieira, Parlour. On Fridays when we checked the weight, it was quite something then.”

The manager also revealed that he never looks at social media and urged people who run football clubs not to take too much notice of what’s said on Twitter and Facebook.

“We had that debate at the managers’ meeting recently, where some people felt victimised by the social networks, but we cannot stop that.

“We have to live with that and maybe reinforce our solidarity and be stronger inside the clubs. And maybe there is time as a manager to have stronger beliefs than ever, because we are more questioned than ever, and that’s maybe the new challenge we face.

“Everything we do is questioned and sometimes people are right, we make mistakes.”

How shortsighted from Arsene. It’s so disappointing as everybody knows that the best place to find the most insightful analysis of football is on Twitter – especially from people who eschew standards, grammar and language to get their point across in barely intelligible text speak.

Still, asked what he did rather than listen to radio phone-ins on the likes of TalkSport, Wenger said he listened to classical music or 70s and 80s pop.

We can definitely see Arsene in a pair of stonewashed jeans and Kangaroo boot-runners dancing around his kitchen to this.

Regarde l’océan, Arsene. Regarde l’océan.

We also hear he has a collection of Eighth Wonder picture discs, but keep that under your hat.

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