Wenger urges Wilshere to ignore the critics


After one game of this season Sky’s witless pundits, Jamie and Jamie, went to town on Jack Wilshere, criticising the midfielder for his performance against Crystal Palace.

Ignoring the fact that most of the Arsenal team played below par that day, they lambasted Jack, and Arsene Wenger believes that he should concentrate on his football and not what the pundits say.

Speaking the official site, Wenger said, “I believe at the moment he should not respond to it, just focus on his game. If Wilshere can maintain physically to be fit then he will make a huge career.

“At the moment, I believe he should just focus on that – being fit, present and to improve physically. The rest will come along. I told him the target is for him to have a whole season of being available to play.”

Having missed crucial developmental time because of his injury problems, Wilshere played 48 times for club and country last season, but the Arsenal manager believes there’s an element of him being built up to be knocked down again.

“Before he was in Calum Chambers’ position, then suddenly when you get to 22 the expectation level comes on you.

“Wayne Rooney has gone through that, now it goes through Wilshere.”

And he urged understanding from the press and the likes of Redknapp and Carragher.

“I think he is on target in terms of where he should be. Yes, he has not developed as far as everyone expected him to from when he was 18, but that’s because he was injured, not because he doesn’t train seriously.

“He is a guy who wants to play, he works hard – but he was out for one and a half years.”

As neither of those two ever had to deal with a situation like that a crucial time in their careers, let’s hope Jack proves them wrong, big time.

Plus, ask yourself who would know better. The man who has brought him through from a young age and sees him in the training ground every day, or two wankhammers who can’t speak their native tongue in the correct tense.


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