Wenger urges Wilshere to ignore the critics


After one game of this season Sky’s witless pundits, Jamie and Jamie, went to town on Jack Wilshere, criticising the midfielder for his performance against Crystal Palace.

Ignoring the fact that most of the Arsenal team played below par that day, they lambasted Jack, and Arsene Wenger believes that he should concentrate on his football and not what the pundits say.

Speaking the official site, Wenger said, “I believe at the moment he should not respond to it, just focus on his game. If Wilshere can maintain physically to be fit then he will make a huge career.

“At the moment, I believe he should just focus on that – being fit, present and to improve physically. The rest will come along. I told him the target is for him to have a whole season of being available to play.”

Having missed crucial developmental time because of his injury problems, Wilshere played 48 times for club and country last season, but the Arsenal manager believes there’s an element of him being built up to be knocked down again.

“Before he was in Calum Chambers’ position, then suddenly when you get to 22 the expectation level comes on you.

“Wayne Rooney has gone through that, now it goes through Wilshere.”

And he urged understanding from the press and the likes of Redknapp and Carragher.

“I think he is on target in terms of where he should be. Yes, he has not developed as far as everyone expected him to from when he was 18, but that’s because he was injured, not because he doesn’t train seriously.

“He is a guy who wants to play, he works hard – but he was out for one and a half years.”

As neither of those two ever had to deal with a situation like that a crucial time in their careers, let’s hope Jack proves them wrong, big time.

Plus, ask yourself who would know better. The man who has brought him through from a young age and sees him in the training ground every day, or two wankhammers who can’t speak their native tongue in the correct tense.



    • The main thing he is lacking is consistency in his game and that will only come from playing regular, uninterrupted, injury-free football. Only then will he be able to play that forceful, determined game that marks him out as one of the best English midfielders around at the minute. In a dream world he might even be able to use that desire to push forward and link together with other players to score a great team goal and maybe even bag a goal of the season award, its that kind of thing that makes the wankhammers (never going to top that for a description) sit up and take notice. Hang on a minute…

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  1. I’m “Literally” laughing my ass off at those “two wankhammers”, as Blogs so eloquently put it.

    Carragher was apparently (I didn’t see or read it myself) saying today “Do Liverpool really need Balotelli?”.
    Nah mate, they’ll be fine with Ricky Fucking Lambert.

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  2. We should put Henry in the pundits box, right in between Redknapp and Carragher. That will should shut them up.

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    • Every time a company puts Henry in with “pundits” and “experts” he ends up bantering them off supremely. Robbie Savage at the World Cup is the most recent example I can think of

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    • The legend himself might just get so tired and pissed at both dimwits, he’ll do a ‘harakiri’ on them… the fucktards!

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    • It’s also funny when they use Henry to have a go at each other, eg. Gary Neville showing Henry vs Spurs to banter off Redknapp.

      (I feel a little weird using “banter” now after the disgusting LMA statement today, but still).

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    • Like when they showed his solo goal against the Spuds, where King Henry absolutely took a dump on Jamie Redknapp?

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  3. Rambo Sambo,
    1: Probably, you can buy everything else on there.
    2: No, judging by the two examples in the article.
    3: I wouldn’t, see reason number 2.

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  4. I am sick and tired of the ex-Liverpool and Man U players becoming pundits and somehow they all hate Arsenal! It must have hurted them when playing against us! Hope Wilshere listens to Wengers’s advice rather than agitated of these pundits b……ts

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  5. Carragher and Redknapp are a pair of cliche’s. Successful, relatively young white men who did well for their country and get to be on tv and pretend they have unique insight on other English players. They look good on screen, that’s the key. The fact that they say dog shit and nobody gives a fuck about their critical opinions isn’t quite as important. Shame that people like me from Tennessee who don’t even get the channel are hearing about them, don’t deserve that kind of platform

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  6. Super Jackie Wilshere an’ all that….but he’s not very good though, is he? We are carrying a player in the most important part of the pitch.

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  7. Anyone know if there is any truth to all the rumours about Wenger offering 35-40mill + Giroud for Cavani? Apparently Wenger is getting frustrated with his inconsistency, and to top it off, Giroud returned to the squad totally out of shape and have not been working out at all during his vacation, and his unfitness was blatantly obvious to all in the Besiktas game, and that was the last drop that pushed Wenger in to this decision.

    Wenger likes his players to be 24 hour athletes, and especially with such a short preseason, he expects his players to maintain their form even on vacation with atleast a minimum amount of exercise to maintain their form so they wont have to start from scratch when they return to the squad.

    That is just what I have read on twitter. No idea if it’s any truth to it?

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  8. This is what you get when a cuntbucket and a wankhammer are put together in front of two microphones to vetuperate. Wilshere need not be bothered by such opinions.

    Wenger knows best because he is the man who puts in the time, effort & patience to players’ development. Jamie & Jamie would have been better off career wise had they worked under Arsene. Somewhere deep inside them, i find envy clothed in myopia.


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  9. Was Wilshere even remotely ‘bad’ against Palace? Thought he did more than adequately.

    I think this is just Sky playing to their “storytelling agenda” or whatever they called it, rather than just commentating on what they actually see. Biggest example, that fucking wankhammerish commentary when Stirling scored against the Saints: “LIVERPOOL UP AND RUNNING”, as opposed to the bland, regular words for almost every other goal scored that weekend.

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  10. Guys lets give them a break, they both had unbelivable international careers, they really should know what its like to perform on the big stage.
    Did you see Jamie Carragher’s performance in his testimonial…
    Really hope Balotelli lets off fireworks up there arse’s this time round

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  11. Wenger kept his faith in Ramsey.
    Now he’s doing the same with Wilshere.
    Let’s hope Wilshere responds positively on the pitch and shut the pundits up.

    However, Wenger is known for his faith in players —
    Eboue, Arshavin, Eduardo (ouch) all played through significant low confidence periods, and they didn’t make it eventually at the Arsenal. All fingers crossed that Wilshere is going to do a Ramsey rather than an Eboue!

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    • In terms of attitude, Wilshere has more of a Ramsey mentality than either Eboué or Arshavin. Wenger is adamant that Wilshere has always worked very hard and he just needs playing time.

      Eduardo is a very, very different case and you know it.

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  12. I believe a wankhammer is a new product from the company that makes the fleshlight. They are branching out and plan on an entire range of masturbatory DIY equipment.

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    • I’m more of a software engineer than a marketing guru or a PR expert but I don’t know that you want to sell a product called “The Wankhammer” to men; you generally do not want to associate something fun and safe with something blunt and capable of crushing very sensitive parts. Although if they do decide to go through with it, I can name two (probably very willing) celebrities they can use for their publicity campaign…

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      • Now HammerWanker on the other hand (In the other hand?) could seriously appeal to the male ego.

        What kind of entity do we need to assemble to get a collective trademark?

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  13. You would have thought a player as knackered by injury as Redknapp might exhibit an iota of common sense and empathy. I could equally forget about his injuries and point out that his career was a huge disappointment but then I’d be the same type of short sighted, ignorant, er wankhammer.

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  14. Wilshere wasn’t bad but the Ox was so much better in the last couple of games. Not sure why he doesn’t start ahead of Cazorla or Wilshere

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    • Wenger was asked about whether the Ox was in contention for a start in the Everton game. While he did not give a definite yes, he seemed to have no hesitation at the prospect: http://player.arsenal.com/player/5350-press-conference (~8:56).

      I think that maybe, at this point in time, it’s more a question of team balance and fitness level than it is “I don’t think he should start”. From what I know of Wenger, I believe this decision to be much more pragmatic than that.

      (He also mentioned Joel Campbell getting his chance but he was a bit more conservative about when that would happen. I think that he wants to make sure that Joel earns his chance on and off the pitch. My guess is that he does not want another Bendtner or Vela situation so he’s forcing him to be patient but that is pure speculation on my part.)

      I believe that we can all see the potential Ox has; I remember how he terrorized Bayern Munich’s defense in the Champions League.

      In a way, he owes Rambo and Jack a debt of gratitude for drawing all criticism and allowing his game to develop in spite of his own injury setbacks. He’s had more impact in certain games than others (who doesn’t?) but when he’s fully fit and has a run of games under his belt, he is an incredibly potent offensive weapon that brings different solutions to the midfield and another threat going forward. He’s got quite a shot on him, and if he can be a little more clinical, I could easily see him having an 8-10 goal season with a similar amount of assists. Then keep progressing from there…

      I love Wenger’s eye for developing talent. It’s really second to none for me. I believe that it won’t just be a massive season for Wilshere but for Oxlade-Chamberlain as well. Hopefully, we can see them both lifting more trophies together for many years to come alongside our lord and savior, Welsh Jesus.

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  15. Wilshere at his best is the most exciting to watch for me. Being as young as he is, I keep my eyes on him (literally following his movement on and off the ball) every game. …hoping for that turn or the drive past one or two, and then there’s that flick with the left boot.

    Such is the excitement of watching good young players. One keeps following their moves and hope for a better next game, not concluding so fast.

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  16. What they say may well be wrong.

    But do we have to be so precious that we fly off the handle any time someone says something less than effusive or sycophantic about Arsenal players ?

    This is a big season for Wilshere. He struggled last year and like the rest of ’em struggled in Brazil.

    The comments from Scholes last year were valid – whatever the squealing they provoked and he needs to get
    a run of games under his belt and hit some form. I don’t think he’ll feel his world has collapsed because someone points that out.

    He and we are in trouble if it does.

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  17. Blogs you seem to be taking this very personally, not like you at all. I think if Wilshere doesn’t simplify his game and take less touches then he will never reach his potential.

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    • Totally agree with that, because that’s reasoned, simple analysis. I’ve been on record lots of times saying this is a big season for Wilshere.

      What I can’t abide is rank stupidity, or people spouting off on a pre-conceived agenda. Does anyone think this Wilshere criticism wasn’t planned in advance, regardless of how he played against Palace (which wasn’t that badly, really)?

      And for someone like Redknapp, who also suffered injuries, to show little or no understanding of what 18 months out of the game at a crucial period of development might mean to a player is either him being a thick cunt or peddling the Sky director’s agenda.

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      • Ok.
        I think we have to realise this is all about England and English players not Arsenal. Wayne Rooney has got it bad the last couple seasons, anyone would think he was the worst player ever to put on a England shirt. According to the English media we didn’t win the World Cup because of Rooney.
        After Wilshere Ross Barkley will be next with Luke Shaw set to follow if he doesn’t make the Man Utd grade. I call it the “Wicker man effect” the media build up a player (watch out Chambers) and they think they are on the path to glory but really they are burned you at the media steak. The only English player to get away from this is Steve Gerrard which I find very strange.

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  18. Jack needs to give up the fags.

    He can not reach full physical potential and smoke at the same time, it really is that simple. His lung capacity is reduced and he is half a yard slower than he could be. This is about commitment.

    The idea that an Arsenal player with such potential smokes is just beyond belief for me. He does not want to go from “Next Big Thing” to “Where Are They Now” without stopping off at Arsenal and England captain.

    Give up the fags Jack.

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    • You’re forgetting that Sir Robert Pires was and remains a smoker. So was Gilles Grimandi but we’ll brush over that quickly…

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  19. I think Jack should just relax, have another drag off that cigarette, and exhale all the negativity out…Oh shit – another photographer and there you go – Sky have their regular “Arsenal in crisis” storyline for the next few days. United in all their shit, even with an opening day defeat and no european football, are “re-building”, while we will have apparently have trouble signing anyone decent unless we can guarantee Champions League??? SKY are so biased it’s unreal. Turning into SKY “Van Gaal” News, 24 hours a day, anything the thumbhead mumbles, live and direct. Pisses me right off.

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  20. So, a marble-mouthed scouser and and ex-spud are talking trash about an Arsenal player and he’s actually concerned about it?

    Who even understands what those two say, anyways?

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    • So, a marble-mouthed scouser and and ex-spud are talking trash about an Arsenal player and he’s actually concerned about it?

      Exactly, but if that were Henry, and I were JW I would take note. TH’s analysis at the WC was in a different dimension (league) to that of Rio Ferdinand, the 2 Jamies et al. The only other intelligent pundits on TV at the moment IMO are Martin Keown and Lee Dixon,especially the former. And please no more Adrian Chiles, he irritates the hell out of me.

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  21. For fuck sake. Zidane smoked, Carlos Alberto smoked cigars like fags and many other top professional footballers. Even that twatdriver redknapp dismissed that criticism with ‘ive played with better players that smoked’. So bottom line is a couple of puffs hear and there isn’t a viable excuse for his perceived lack of performance. Put that in your pipe and smoke it motherfuckers!

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    • You can not play to your full potential if you smoke. That’s not me saying that, that’s medical science.

      It really is that simple. I don’t care how good you – or Zidane or Jack or anyone else – are if you smoke, you will be better if you don’t. This is a fact.

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  22. Jack doesn’t smoke, he had a few puffs. Who are we to judge him. We all make mistakes, or things we perhaps in hindsight wouldn’t do again. Next you will be having a hissy when the lads have a few beers after we beat Everton this weekend. OMG a few more calories….leave it out

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  23. What wilshere needs is to be off the spotlight for a bit and keep improving slowly like ramsey did. While everyone focuses and rave about ramsey, alexis and mesut, he should just keep his head down and work hard. This is why u need experienced heads in a team…takes the focus off youngsters…

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  24. Apparently we’re interested in welbeck…it would be the most pointless signing ever. Why not bring in remy we don’t want to stall sanogo and campbell’s development?

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  25. Wilshere is doing a good job for us and he will turn out to become a very good player. But honestly: people needs to have more patience. Off topic: why the feck doesn’t Campbell get the chance from start? He’s been way more impressive than Sanogo and Giroud… It confuses me

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    • He’s only had a run out in pre-season expedition matches. One of which Sanogo scored 4 in. Not reality.

      There could be any number of reasons. He didn’t sound too jazzed initially at coming back, perhaps he needs a good sit-down-and-think-about-it for a few matches. Perhaps le Prof is grooming him for a role he’s not got dialed in yet.

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  26. Honestly, if I was on Jack’s shoes, I’ll take 2 years off from playing for England and just focus on my club career and my game for now

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