Wenger reportedly willing to let Podolski leave


Speculation over the future of Lukas Podolski is not a new thing, and this morning Bild suggest that not only does the former Cologne man have concrete offer, but also that Arsene Wenger is willing to let him go.

Despite an outstanding scoring record, doubts remain over his overall contribution, and with Arsenal in a position where numbers means they really have to sell before they can do any more buying it wouldn’t be a surprise if this was a running story between now and the end of the transfer window.

As well as serious interest from Galatasaray, it’s reported that he has offers to return to the Bundesliga as well as from Spain (unlikely due to his wages), and the MLS.

Bild quote a representative of Podolski’s, Nassim Touhiri, who said, “There have always been enquiries. Now we have concrete interest from some teams.”

He also mentions that Podolski is happy in London, but that’s fairly standard fare when it comes to any transfer deal. It’s worth noting that the agency website also features a certain Marco Podolski, cousin of the Arsenal man, so there’s no doubt as to their authenticity.

Arsene Wenger is hoping to have Podolski, along with Per Mertesacker and Mesut Ozil, back in the squad for this Saturday’s trip to Everton.

However, if the reports about his willingness to sell him are true, it may be one of the last times we see him in red and white.




  1. It would be sad to lose him, but if the manager doesn’t fancy Podolski, which seems evident, then it’s probably for the best he gets some game time elsewhere.

    I’ll miss his selfies the most…

    …oh and that hammer of a left peg.

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    • I think this is bollocks, but I would be shocked if we let Poldi go and genuinely worried if we didn’t at least get someone superior in before hand.
      He may not be the hardest worker for the team, won’t last 90 minutes often, or make those runs in behind defences like Theo or Alexis will – but he brings something to the team that currently no one else does: A reliable goal threat. He has an appetite for goals and otherworldly clinical execution in and around the box. He also has an unbelieveable nack for being in the right place at the right time to get himself goals, some would call it strikers instinct, and you just can’t teach that (Giroud rarely seems to be in a good position in box!).
      And I wholeheartedly disagree with Arseblog (first time for everything!) about him not being able to play central striker. It’s where he’s played most of his club career before he joined Arsenal, and he has put in some match winning performances for us up top too. 2 goals against Wigan to secure champions league football two seasons ago comes to mind. I think he hasn’t really been given the chance in the middle. I think if he got as much game time at striker as Giroud, he would outscore Ollie (and most strikers) easily.

      Maybe I just have a man-crush on Poldi, but I don’t see him leaving. If he does we need to UPGRADE.

      And where the hell is this defender Arsene..? Don’t undo your good work in market so far by stuffing up the last 10 days!

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      • Podolski might be clinical, but he’s far from a reliable goal threat: 16 goals in all competitions from 47 appearances in his first season, 12 in 27 last year, and he’s only ever scored more than 15 goals (al competitions) in three seasons over his whole career. His contributions-per-minute might be high but that speaks more of his lack of fitness and Wenger’s lack of trust than it does in his ability.

        I’ve said beore that I love Poldi and I do but if we get a decent offer for him we really should let him go. He’s probably not going to improve as a player significantly and in Cazorla, Ox and Sanchez we have better options on the left. He won’t get game time and he’ll still be raking in 100 grand a week, which is a FUCK-TON of money – that’s a seriously good striker or a top-5 in the world defensive mid’s salary right there.

        I in all my stupidity think buying another attacking player is conditional on either Podolski or Cazorla leaving. Our anxiousness to keep both is understandable given the tumult we’ve had over the past six years but honestly, given the choice, would you rather keep Podolski, play him for 30-odd games (2/3s of which he wouldn’t start/finish) and slog it out with Giroud up top for 90% of the season again, or sell Podolski, rotate Sanchez and Caz on the left (with the Ox) and get a new striker in? We have 8 players vying for the three behind the striker, but only 2 serious strikers; it makes sense surely to get rid of an expendable attacking player to boost the striking ranks, and Podolski is the most expendable easily (only due to Rosicky’s holistic value to the team).

        Podolski will become deadwood I’m afraid and if we don’t sell him now he won’t contribute much, we’ll spend lots of money on him, and then he’ll leave on a free. I love the guy but we have to evolve and there are better options for his squad place and his salary.

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      • I agree.if we look at the season before Poldi and Giroud joined, Giroud got himself 21 goals for a title winning team as a striker. Podolski had 19 goals for a relegated cologne team as a striker. Bundesliga is also arguably a better league than Ligue 1, and Poldi playing for a side that got dominated most games did not get nearly as many goalscoring oppurtunities as Giroud who played for the title winners.

        To compare it with BPL, its like Giroud getting 21 goals playing up top for Manchester City, while Podolski got 19 goals playing up top for relegated Cardiff City. Also looking at Poldis goal per minute ratio aswell as his convertion of chances into goals % rate, if he played up top and got the same amount of minutes and chances Giroud had, he would have been in contention to be the golden boot winner. And if we factor in that Poldi would likely get more chances due to better atk positioning and the ability to create his own chances, it is not unlikely he could break Henry’s goal scoring record.

        But he never got more than the occasional chance as a striker for us, but I feel he should have been given the chance over time, and got to train as a striker in training linking up with Özil. His reluctance to defend and his poor tackling skills make him unsuited for the wing role imo, and he is naturally like a old school striker whom is all about going forward and attack, and prefer to leave the defending to the midfield and defense.

        In contrast, Giroud excel at defense clearing the ball alot on corners and free kicks with his aerial ability. So to play Poldi, Sanchez or Walcott up front regularly, I do think we would need a strong big midfielder with strong aerial ability so as not to get to vulnerable on set pieces vs teams with strong headers since we loose alot of our aerial ability without Giroud playing.

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      • I totally agree.
        It blows my mind why we don’t give him an opportunity up front.
        His finishing ability is truly awesome. I recall an Arsecast not too long ago, when Bloggs was discussing how efficient Polid is, at actually kicking a football really hard at goal. The guy’s power and accuracy is different level.

        The stats don’t lie, I honestly think if we’d just give him the same amount of time and patience up front that Giroud has had, then he would be scoring a lot of goals for us, most likely surpassing Giroud’s goal tally.
        Even more now with the pace we have out wide,( Ox, Theo, Sanchez) which is another one of Giroud’s many flaws, is that he literally has no pace at all.
        Wave after wave of attack constantly break down because Giroud is just off the pace all together.

        If you gave me a choice to sell either Giroud or Poldi .. I’m selling Giroud every single time.

        Not one single fan I’ve spoken to, at any other top club competing for the title this season would have Giroud as their number one striker leading the line.

        Giroud is an okay squad player, but he isn’t good enough to lead the line for Arsenal.

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    • I noticed on Tuesday and in previous matches how under-used our left-side of attack is. Everything seems to gravitate towards the right, presumably because we currently have a few great players who feel more comfortable on that side – Walcott, Alexis, Ox, now Debuchy and even Cazorla who seems to come across to that position most often and Nasri seemed to like it over there (I might be imagining that though on the basis of that weaving goal he scored against Porto which is my only abiding memory…).

      Whilst this approach might work there often a good few crosses and loose balls that always end-up on that left-side, either just inside or outside the box after they’ve been crossed and a striker hasn’t connected or they’ve been worked across the box through link-up play. At the minute its usually down to Gibbs or Monreal to sweep these up and although they try their best I can’t help but think that if Podolski was on the end of them he’d be able to put at least one away per match. What’s more, for all his shortcomings in ground-covered and tracking-back Poldi is actually quite effective on the ball and his passing accuracy and distribution is statistically very good indeed.

      In our best teams of recent years we had Overmars and Pires on the left-wing who offered either pace, skill, or both. I think the problem is that we never replaced those players simply because those that Wenger did bring in never lived up to their potential. Both Arshavin and Gervinho, for example, have proven themselves elsewhere (either before or after being at Arsenal) but simply weren’t effective within the Arsenal set-up, maybe its because of this gravitation towards the right side of attack…? Either way for me we should keep Podolski and use him more often as an outlet on that left-side.

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      • I see what you mean. We usually tend to drift more towards the right in games, and it might even be called predictable and exploitable for other teams.
        Defensively, when we don’t have Gibbs on LB, pacey opposition attacks poses a big threat due to Monreal not being as fast as Gibbs. (That might be a little bit biased as I simply love Gibbo)
        Offensively, we’ve got Podolski and Cazorla, who I think thrives more centrally than out on the wing.
        Podolski’s sublime shots to goals-ratio is one reason to keep him as he’s a legitimate threat against defenders and goalkeepers with his presence alone. If we were to sell him I’d really like to see someone we can consider an upgrade to the already dangerous Poldi out on the left flank. It might be unrealistic, but I think someone in the Marco Reus mold might be what I’d like to see on the left side of attacking midfield. Pacey, good with the ball and possesses a good shooting foot. If we do not tick all those boxes, I reckon we should keep Podolski until we get someone like that.

        Another thing about Podolski is the general presence of the guy. He’s always there, be it the World Cup victory celebrations etc., and he’s ALWAYS happy. I’d reckon he’s a great influence in the changing room, and don’t forget who were there the second we signed Özil, posing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, you name it!

        I think he plays a somewhat convincing role when getting new (Often German) talent to the club, and I’d like to see that for years to come.

        The fact that he’s a funny guy and loves the club and the fans makes it even harder to me to imagine the club without the magnificent Socialite German with his hashtags and general madness, and everything above this constitutes why I have a shirt with the number 9 on the back.

        I simply love the crazy smiling German, that is all.

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  2. Feel like we have others that can offer more. Campbell and Ox much more confident with the ball at their feet, and offer a threat through pace. Nowhere near as clinical, but finishing alone does not make a good winger.

    I’m generally a Giroud fan, but I’m praying that we upgrade if we best Besiktas next week. No goals in however many games against the other top sides. Can’t see how anyone thinks we can win the league in that situation, has it ever been done with a striker who scores solely against bottom half sides?

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    • Except Wenger clearly has no faith in Campbell seeing as he hasn’t kicked a ball so far this year. And as for Oxlade-Chamberlain? Why did Wenger wait till the 70th minute to bring him on, when Cazorla was atrocious on the wing.

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      • I was thinking the same thing about Cazorla and the fact that he waited 90 minutes to sub him baffled me. However, I feel that had he not been forced to make an early sub (Flamini), and had not Ramsey been sent off, maybe Campbell would’ve came on. Also, the only explanation I have for Cazorla not being subbed is that Wenger is pretty confident we’re gonna win the home leg and he’s just trying to build up fitness.

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    • I don’t think you could really ask for a winger who offers more than Podolski. For me, It would be crazy to let him go. Goals to game ratio is superb, everyone makes out that he’s lazy when he’s not, and if Wenger does start using a 4-4-2 system like he did in some games towards the tail end of last season, Poldi is the perfect striker to fit into that system.

      Not to mention the team spirit the lad has. Don’t break up our German love triangle.

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  3. So stupid, he keeps faith with Sanogo who can’t control the ball let alone finish, and Giroud who can’t finish either. But he wants to sell the only clinical finisher in our team? Ridiculous. He doesn’t play Joel Campbell anyway so why he would consider selling him when we already need another striker just doesn’t make sense. You need a squad in football to win things and challenge for the title and other competitions, we should be adding to what we’ve got not hamstringing ourselves by selling players at this stage of the window.

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    • Why do you compare Podolski to Giroud and Sanogo? Well if you need a reminder of Podolski’s performance as a lone striker, why not go Arsenal.com and relive those moments. It’s free nowadays.

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      • How many games has Podolski played as a lone striker for us? Sanogo has made 17 appearances without even looking like scoring let alone getting a goal!

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        • Not saying that Sanogo is sufficient but do you know what is our win % when Sanogo starts for us?

          End of the day Podolski’s greatest moments for Arsenal are always out from the left or as a sub not as a lone striker.

          Hat trick assist against West Ham. 2-0 win over Pool. Last minute deflected free kick against WBA (I think).

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        • As far as I can remember Podolski has played 2 matches as a lone front man for us, hardly long enough for Wenger to come to the conclusion that he can’t play there if it’s taken 17 and counting of Sanogo not to see he’s completely out of his depth!

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        • Clearly Wenger sees Sanogo as a long term project. He wants to educate him to become a class CF, and Sanogo has got time on his side. Whether we should let him learn on the job is another question.

          Podolski on the other hand has not worked out the few times we tried it, and at his age, it’s not going to work. His best position for us is as an inside forward who comes running into the box after another player lays it off, or as a crosser on the touchline. But that’s all he really offers. No penetration, no trickery, he can’t hold it up, he isn’t on the same wavelength when doing intricate passing maneuvers in and around the box and he doesn’t help out defensively, and he doesn’t have the energy to constantly make runs behind (like we hope Alexis will do).

          I’m willing to wait and see how Sanogo develops. The raw ingredients (technique, physique, movement) are there, he needs to add composure. But Podolski (as much as I like him as a personality to have in the team) is really only good for us short term as an impact sub.

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        • I have nothing against the idea of Podolski going per se, but as the original comment points out as limited as Podolski is, he still offers more than Sanogo. So naturally any candidate to be sold/loaned Sanogo should head the queue. That said if the sale of Podolski was to facilitate the arrival of a top centre forward by way of freeing up transfer funds, wages and squad position then i’m all for it.

          Experience however makes me think that we’ll sell Podolski, won’t buy a top centre forward and keep Sanogo as 2nd choice centre forward, which would be a total disaster. It’s disappointing but it’s what i come to expect and would again leave us short of the quality of what i would consider challenging for the title. The worrying thing is, is that i think Wenger thought we challenged for the title last year and were just unlucky, when to most it became clear we couldn’t win from around February time because we were in fact short of the necessary quality.

          As for Sanogo, Arsenal’s first team should not be a learning ground for youngsters that look completely out of their depth and the long term projects like him should be sent out on loan where he can cost some other team points.

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    • Yeah, I’m equally baffled by some of the moves or lack thereof this window. It’s still open but thinking a slowing Arteta doesn’t need to be replaced, selling a DM without having cover coming in pretty much at the same time (especially given our proclivity for injuries and the extra fixtures we have to start the season) and not buying back Cesc (which at the time, was only mildly annoying but seeing Santi play this season—granted, only two games—might haunt us for a couple of years) are sort of head-scratchers.

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  4. You get the feeling that if Podolski is being allowed to leave Wenger is freeing up some space for a striker or perhaps a certain Reus? A lethal finisher, Podolski used in the correct system would be a real coup. We really do need a striker now it’s glaringly obvious.

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    • Maybe Dortmund would be willing to get Podolski. If they can use him properly he can be a real asset. For Podolski, whose potential destinations are Galatasaray (I think) and Cologne so far, Dortmund would represent a great club to go to.

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  5. At times wenger doesn’t consider the the feelings of the Fans.I see no reason why he prefer keeping skilless Giroud.Poldi is one of the best winger we have but incase he let him go,I wish him all the best.

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  6. If Poldi goes it would be 2nd big name after Arshavin, who didn’t have a great time in the position for us! Considering their international performance & reputation before joining us, hopefully it’s not us who failed these players.

    I still hope Poldi stays with us and plays the super-sub role, which his what his impact with Germany as well these days.

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  7. I wonder if this means there’s any truth in the links with Eduardo Vargas…. Balotelli? 🙂

    Just to be clear I don’t take any rumour as TRUE until Wenger has said their name!

    Would be a shame to see poldi go, he is very frustrating at times when he plays his imaginary position – left centre wing midfield forward kind of thing – but I remember when players could use one foot and be sublime and poldi certainly has a sublime lefty. Not to mention a personality in the dressing room!

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  8. Podolski is a mere dead ball specialist which is not enough for a modern day winger. He should be bursting lungs running down the wing helping in both defending and attacking but hes just too lazy and just waits for chances to slot it in. He is a lovely guy but being nice and likeable does not bring trophies

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  9. If he leaves we had better strengthen with someone even better instead of what we’ve been doing in the recent past and just say look we got Alexis & he’s the replacement before going on to refer to some random youngsters & saying we’re happy with the squad. We need top top numbers as well as top top quality

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  10. Campbell and Sanchez can cover the Left wing when Walcott is back. What we don’t lack depth is at the holding midfield role and the striker position. I feel Sanogo isn’t ready to cover Giroud and we could regret it if anything happens to Giroud.

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  11. Out: Podolski, Arteta (total +15m)
    In: Remy, M. Richards, Carvalho (total -50.5m)

    Net Spend: 35.5m

    Outcome: Genuine title challengers!

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    • Tired of all this endless Olly bashing. You are expecting him to be something he isn’t, he is not or never will be a TH14 replacement. Bash the manager if you are unhappy we don’t have a striker of that quality …
      He is good however for 25 + goals a season and always tries his hardest unlike some in the team.

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      • He’s had two seasons where he has not gotten 25+ goals.

        In a team that is supposed to be challenging for the title, I would’ve thought you could appreciate why most Arsenal fans are/have run out of patience with Giroud as a starter.

        He could well be a decent squad player, but he should not be on the first team sheet. Nor should Sanogo.

        Hopefully when Walcott comes back, we can experiment with Sanchez up front.

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  12. We should sign Reus as our striker and move Podolski, Cazorla and Campbell on and buy Julian Draxler.
    We might suffer from an initial transitional period, but once it starts to click we will be unstoppable.
    We should also buy Carvalho and Nastasic.
    We probably won’t do any of this even though we could afford to. and 3 of the mentioned players are available.

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  13. I like Poldi. We all do.

    But I will be ‘happy’ if he moves on only if we get a Reus shaped upgrade otherwise , what’s the point.

    We have plenty of bodies for those front 3 positions but there is definitely room for better quality.

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  14. Why should Poldi leave?
    He is enjoying the good life in London
    Wining trophies through other’s hard work
    I’m not a great lover of the guy, but he does have a great left foot
    Put his feet to Yaya S “being”and we would have a complete striker
    #just kidding

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  15. Podolski reminds me of a German Micheal Owen, played too many games when they were young and paid the price later in their career. Podolski is not the best off the ball but he is still a great addition to the squad, and that left foot! I would be sad to lose him but if we do he needs to be replaced. I also find it strange that we can criticise him but Giroud and Wilshere seem to be no go areas.

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  16. Argggghhh well that’s what happens when you put your faith in a guy in the twilight of his footballing career. I’m seriously losing faith in Wenger. I am happy we spend more on players now but year after year it’s a thin squad scraping by. The Fabregas rejection was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. If we had signed him we would be kicking absolute arse right now. Giroud, Cazorla and Sanchez, Fabregas, Ramsey and Flamini. That could win the title. FML.

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  17. I reckon it would be a mistake to sell Poldi when you compair our squad to the other squads competing it really isn’t to big. People will reel off all the midfielders we have fine how many of them are prominent goal scoreres? He is a player that can make a difference in vital games. He is also a character for the dressing room!

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  18. He may not have lived up to expectations at arsenal I don’t think there is any doubt about that but he is the best striker of a ball this club has.
    Let him go fine i have no problem with that as long as we bring in the top quality striker we already need regardless if he stays of goes if not them this just stinks of us saving money as gain.
    I’ve said it many times giroud is good but not good enough to be our main striker all season and will not score the goals that will win us the title. We are again 2 players short and are in danger of wasting yet again the talents of probably the best midfield in English football.

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  19. Personally I wouldn’t let him leave but I would send Sanogo and Gnabry out on loan in the prem to get some valuable playing time.

    However if he stay he needs to step up a bit. No dispute on his finishing or the way he can twat a ball like a heat seeking missile, however too many games pass him by where he doesn’t do very much. With a bit more effort no reason why he can’t be a 20+ goal man this season for us! Hope he stays, likeable character, good for team morale!

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  20. This would be really sad, I like him, good for morale and that left foot is killer, he has good instinct in front of goal as well, look at his strike against Bayern last season – Giroud would never score a goal like that (not hating on Giroud I like him, he doesn’t deserve all that hate he gets). It doesn’t make sense to me, but seeing as I’m not a world class manager of one of the biggest teams in the world, what do I know?!

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  21. Would be a shame if Giroud went dry and Alexis got injured. Find it hard to forget how flat we seemed in April of last year. Lukas scored the goals, was a vocal leader and backed it up. Don’t want to depend on one good World Cup run of a 22 y/o. But maybe I’m over the mediocracy.

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  22. Fuck it. Just go and get Falcao, hes recovered well from injury and also I just want him. So Falcao, Manolo the Greek, and khedira. Splendid. 70 mil anyone???

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  23. I see someone mentioned Podolski offers what a winger should?
    For me a winger should offer pace and movement, dribbling ability, and in our team, ability for intricate build up play and understanding with team mates. A good touch is vital for this when playing in tight areas.
    He has brilliant finishing anywhere near the box. He does get into good positions, but he doesn’t offer anything else in this list. Our build up breaks down when the ball reaches him, and I can’t even remember the last time he beat a man one on one. Do we just want him to stand there and smash balls in? How easy is that to defend against?!

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  24. Sell: Campbell, Sanogo, Ryo, Flamini, Arteta, Diaby, Coquelin.

    Keep: Podolski.

    Promote: Akpom.

    Buy: 1 back-up centre back, 1 back-up centre midfielder, 1 shit hot striker.

    Win: Premier league.

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    • Great idea! Let’s sell our three options for the role of defensive/holding midfielder, getting to off-load our captain in the process, and not replace them with anyone. May as well sell a couple of our forwards as well, and why not get rid of Diaby now that he’s finally looking like he might get fit. Genius plan that.

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      • They may be our 3 options for a DM, but as far as I’m concerned they’re 3, at best, mediocre options. Flamini is passed it, all he does is foul people, Arteta is probably gonna leave on a free at the end of the season anyway, so cash in now. Coquelin hasn’t delivered his early promise.

        After Tuesday’s game it’s pretty clear that Wenger doesn’t have much faith in Campbell, otherwise he wouldn’t have started an out of sorts Giroud, so why keep him? Sanogo is a footballing mystery to me, I acutually quite like the guy, but take a step back, would he even make City or Chelsea’s bench? I doubt it.

        And Diaby. I hope I’m wrong but he is never going to be fit. He’s become our very own Ledley King.

        We’re strong on quantity but very weak on quality. 3 of the 4 signings we’ve made to date are only replacements for players that departed. We need to get a proper goal scorer, otherwise we’re gonna struggle to get 4th.

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    • RIght…

      Sell all of the squad except Szczesny, Ramsey and Özil ( if he really begs).

      Buy all of the best players from the City and Chelsea squads (whether they want leave to or not).

      Bingo; we win.

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  25. Didnt Poldi play as a lone striker for 3 matches at the end of the 12/13 season when Giroud was suspended, and score 2 goals in those matches?

    Also he’s probably the most important impact sub in the PL.

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  26. Would be loath to see Podolski leave because he really seems to be someone who genuinely loves being a Gunner. But that said, considering that Di Maria just expressed his desire to leave Madrid, would’nt it be fucking awesome if we could sign him?! Much rather him being here than at Scummy United.

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    • Campbell (and eventually Gnabry) are already on the cusp of replacing what podolski gives us out wide and probably at more regular showings.

      What we lack and really need (still) is firepower right up top.

      Alexis is not going to get much joy at 5’7 up top. Sanogo is a great prospect and shows signs of progress but still at least a season away and frankly will benefit greatly from a loan this year.

      We need a bit of magic up top.

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  27. Jeez all this talk of poldi as a striker! He has pretty much never played striker. He did in his second shift at cologne, but pretty much has always been on the left. He also does not play any defense, I would really not like being a full back behind him. He is by far our best finisher but he can’t really do much else.

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  28. I would sell Podolski.

    Good finisher as he is, he does not feature frequently enough for us (for whatever reason) and he is coming to end of contract. he is also not getting any younger.

    Currently, we have sold Vela (9m?) and Vermaelen (15m) = 24m

    We have bought Alexis (33m), Debuchy (11m), Chambers (11-16m) and Ospina (3m) = 58m

    That gives us a net spend of 34m

    If we sell Podolski for 10-12m the net spend will be 22m.

    We will need a Cback (say Manolas for 5m) and maybe Wenger may grab a Rabiot for another 5m for the future. That will bring spend up to 32m

    If we can bring in a top striker for 30m, we will add the firepower we need to really push on all 3 fronts.

    If Madrid do not sell Di Maria and buy Falcao, I would love to see us make a bid for his services. @28, he gives us the stop gap for Sanogo to develop but will add a bit of magic on apex.

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    • Vela was about euro3m sales so negligable.

      That will mean 58m spent thus far minus about 17m + say 12m for Podolski = 29m

      add 10m for say Cback and possibly Rabiot = 39m.

      Will Wenger spend an extra 31m for a striker that will truly be transformational for us in someone like Falcao (there are not many of this sort of capability available and if Madrid decide to fluff their lines, we should be ready to pounce)

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    • Think Poodlski would be wasting his time in Turkey at this point frankly.

      Maybe Italy could be an interesting new venue for him. Imagine the shennanigans he can get up to in a Gondola or wearing a Toga or both.;)

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  29. offload poldi…dig into the accounts for di Maria and khedira…send sanogo out on loan…I’m talking to you Mr. wenger

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  30. I don’t think we can afford to sell someone with Podolski’s goal threat unless we sign another striker or Di Maria (which is not going to happen)

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  31. I do not see Di Maria/Khedira a Podolski replacement.

    16 mill for Mario B, is a bargain if you can keep his antics down. 16mill Arsene?!?!

    We need a CF, CM, CD and not lose Podolski if we are going to seriously challenge this season.

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    • Balotelli was never going to be the answer to our striking problems. Even without his antics his performances are ridiculously inconsistent.

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  32. i see him similar to joel campbell. but joel has more trickery in him, alot faster, younger and more potential…the only thing podolski is better is his stunning left foot….so i think we hv to sell one of them and the answer is sadly podolski who should b leaving.

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  33. Poldi is a striker who can thrive in a 4-4-2 system as a supporting striker. We have sacrificed some left wingers who would have made it with us on the altar of a switch from 4-4-2 to 4-3-1 and 4-5-1. We were unstoppable and unbeatable with 4-4-2 so why did we change? Poldi should go because he cannot be great in our current systems. Wish him all the best wherever he goes.

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