Stoke City 3-2 Arsenal: naughts and crosses — by the numbers


Arsenal stats FUN PACK!

15 – Shots Arsenal took today!
10 – Shots Arsenal took before they scored from the penalty spot!
1 – Number of those 10 shots Arsenal got on target (forced a save)!
2 – Number of shots Arsenal took after they scored their second goal!
85 – Minute in which Arsenal took their last shot!
10 – Minutes at the end of the game in which Arsenal took no shots!
90 – Minute which Joel Campbell was introduced so that he could make his one pass and one failed header!
6 –  Number of times Giroud was dispossessed in his 45 minutes of play!
3 – But he did take three of Arsenal’s 5 shots in Prime Areas!
3 – Arsenal have scored three goals off corners this season (Palace, Burnley, Stoke)
9 – And in all competitions, Arsenal have actually scored nine times off set plays

Palace 2, corner and free kick
Southampton (League Cup), direct free kick
Burnley, corner
Anderlecht 2, penalty and free kick
Dortmund, throw-in
Stoke 2, penalty and corner

10 – In all competitions, Arsenal have also conceded ten goals off set plays (4 penalties, 4 corners, 1 free kick, and 1 direct free kick)
18 – Arsenal’s 18 goals allowed already surpasses Arsenal’s total goals allowed in the 1998/99 season
1.20 – Goals allowed per game is Wenger’s second worst goals allowed per game rate (the worst was 1.29 in 2011/12)
1.60 – Goals scored per game is the second worst of Wenger’s career (the worst was 1.55 in 1998/99)

What Wenger’s Arsenal career goals scored per game and goals allowed per game looks like graphically, note that when the pincers meet, that’s bad, that’s real bad:


5 – Clean sheets in the last 10 matches (all competitions)
11 – Goals conceded in the last 10 matches (all competitions)
7 – Number of those 11 goals conceded which came from crosses

The reason Arsenal are conceding so many goals this season?

My theory is that teams are getting more shots in prime areas (the places right in front of the goal) and their conversion rates are way up when they get those shots.

Prime Area shots are converted at about a 25-30% rate so limiting your opposition’s chances in these areas while maximizing your own chances is crucial to winning games.

As a percent of their total shots, the opposition only took 17% of their shots in prime areas two years ago. That jumped to 19% last season and has surged to 27% this season.  Put another way, Arsenal are allowing the opposition to take 2.26 shots per game in high-conversion areas this season. Last season that number was 2.23 and the year before that was 1.76.

Additionally, the opposition are score more frequently when they do get a shot in the Prime Areas. Three years ago they converted just 24%, last season 31%, and this season 38%. To put that another way, in 2012/2013 it took the opposition 4.8 shots in the Prime Area to score one goal (on average), last season that was 3.27, and this season that number is 2.62.


Alexis Sanchez Red Zone Special!

14 – Alexis has scored or assisted in 14 of Arsenal’s first 24 matches (all competitions, including the Charity Shield)
1 – Had the assist for Ramsey’s goal today
1 – Number of times Wenger said Alexis was in the red zone
29 – Number of games Alexis has featured in so far for club and country since the Community Shield
35 – Number of games Alexis has featured in including World Cup and pre-season friendlies
11 – Number of times Alexis has subbed on or off in those 35 games
1 – Number of times Alexis has been subbed off in his last 15 matches for club and country
0 – Number of times Arsene Wenger has subbed him off or on in his last 13 matches for Arsenal
1344 – Minutes Alexis has played out of a possible 1350 in those last 15 matches
100 – Percent chance Alexis will pick up an injury unless he is rested over the next few game
25 – Passes by Sanchez today (of 38 attempted)
16 – Passes by Sanchez in the Stoke Final third
11 – Misplaced passes by Sanchez in the Stoke final third
2 – Misplaced passes by Sanchez in other parts of the pitch
5 – Unsuccessful attempted dribbles by Sanchez today (of 8)
2 – Shots by Sanchez today
4 – Key passes by Sanchez,  1 turned into an assist and two more were for shots in dangerous areas
4 – Fouls drawn by Sanchez in dangerous areas, one of which should have been allowed to play quickly but wasn’t because referee Anthony Taylor doesn’t like to give advantage to the team who is fouled
100 – Percent chance people will try to find a way to blame Sanchez for the fact that Arsenal shipped three goals in the first half.


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