Wenger eager to see divers punished


Arsene Wenger believes players who dive should be punished with a ban and suggested a three-man FA panel, featuring ex-professionals, should be set up to retrospectively analyse and clamp down on incidents of obvious cheating.

Speaking at the end of a week that has seen Jose Mourinho hit the headlines for claiming his Chelsea squad are unfairly penalised for diving, Wenger stressed that obvious wrongdoing should be stamped out.

“I’m against diving. We should punish after the game. The problem will be to decide when it was obvious diving or not. That’s a big issue and sometimes it’s not obvious.

“There should be a panel and punish only obvious cases, but not mixed ones. And the most suited to this (panel) are people who have an experience in the game.

“Naming alone doesn’t work. You have to suspend the players. don’t know for how long. It depends. I am not a specialist in this kind of thing.

“But the only way that the players will stop doing it, is if they feel they can get punished. Is it Arsenal, or Man United, or Liverpool or Chelsea, it is for everybody the same.”

Arseblog News is almost certain that in light of these comments it’ll be (sod’s law) an Arsenal player who is the next to go down too easily in the box.

The likes of Eduardo and Robert Pires have been been publicly crucified by the media in previous years so we can only hope, if such a thing does happen, that it’s one of the British lads who is guilty…then we can just sweep it under the carpet.

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