Wenger looks for positives after fragile Gunners beaten


Normally we’d wrap the manager’s quotes up with a bit of an opening and closing but, frankly, we can’t be arsed today.

Here’s most of what he said after the game today.

“There’s a lot of regret, we had given a lot. We showed great energy levels and a a great response. The spirit of the team was fantastic. Defensively we missed start of game. We gave easy goals away. We were not decisive in challenges. Once we were 3-0 down, we had a mountain to climb. We did climb, but a bit unlucky I must say.

I think we were a bit inexperienced at the back. We couldn’t play Laurent Koscielny and couldn’t play Nacho Monreal, altogether we were maybe a bit softer.

“What goes through the mind at half-time? Everybody is down so you have to pump the team up and make decisions to change what can be changed. It’s frustrating to see them lose. There were a lot of positives – defensively we were not strong enough.

“Anger doesn’t help the team to play well. The players know we missed the start of game. If you come here you have to be on the first ball and have to win the header. We missed the start of the game. We also missed players like Laurent Koscielny – he couldn’t play today.

“For Stoke, it’s their game of the year. They have more animosity against us than other teams. In the future, we have to be prepared for more commitment. We unlock them by winning challenges and showing it from the start.”

We’re not normally lost for words on this site, as regular readers will know, but ‘a lot of positives’?


[quote_box_center]NOTE: We do realise emotions are high and that’s understandable after the shite we saw today, but please try and make your points without abuse or name-calling. It only takes away from the point you’re making. Thanks.[/quote_box_center]

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