Snap Happy Joel shoots legend in dressing room


In an astonishing turn of events Joel Campbell has had his picture taken with Thierry Henry.

It appears the Arsenal legend was at the training ground today and the young Costa Rican asked somebody to snap a shot of the two of them together.

It may have been with a phone, or it may have been with a digital camera of some kind, but the pair stood side by side smiling until the person in question pushed the button.

In a show of friendship which probably indicates Campbell may or may not start against Stoke on Sunday, the pair also put one arm around the other in a universal gesture of getting together and having your picture taken with somebody.

Some time later, Campbell uploaded the picture to his Instagram account with the caption “Con uno de los más grandes “el Titi ” #idolo #henry” which, when translated into English, means “With one of the massive garden “The Tit” #idle #harry”.

So far it has garnered 5,567 ‘hearts’ with the likes of jeanka_vargas, ricard0792, raul_navarro_98 all giving the picture a positive rating.

It’s unknown how many people did not like it because Instagram does not have that functionality.

This isn’t the first time Campbell has taken to the social media platform to post a picture. In fact, he has done it many times before with critics suggesting he’s copying everyone else in the world.

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