Things Michael Owen thinks are better than Mesut Ozil


You might remember that a couple of weeks ago Michael Owen – former football and now full time dipshit for BT Sport – said that he thought Raheem Sterling was a better player than Mesut Ozil.

And hey, we’ve all said some stupid things in our time, but when we do most of us like to just let it lie. We certainly don’t double-down and repeat those ridiculous things, but Owen did just that, stating yet again just yesterday that Sterling was a better footballer than the German.

Shockingly though, it’s not just Sterling he thinks is better than Ozil. An insider found a sheet of paper in the bin at the BT studios and sent it to us. It’s a list of things that Michael Owen thinks are better than Mesut Ozil, he had it at the ready to back up his ludicrous guff, and it’s reproduced for you here.

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