Report: Average Arsenal salary tops £77,000 / week


The average Arsenal first team star earns over £77,000 a week, according to new research undertaken by Sporting Intelligence.

The 2015 Global Sports Salaries report, compiled in association with ESPN The Magazine, claims that the Gunners top the £4 million mark per player on annual remuneration; a figure that puts them 10th in world sports franchise wage spend.

Eight European football teams and two MLB sides, LA Dodgers and New York Yankees, make up the top ten with Ligue 1’s Paris Saint Germain deemed the biggest spenders, ahead of La Liga’s Real Madrid and the Premier League’s Manchester City. Manchester United (6th) and Chelsea (8th) also spend more than the Gunners.

Interestingly, Arsenal’s owner Stan Kroenke – reportedly worth $6.3bn – has a second outfit in the top 20. The Denver Nuggets reportedly spend £2,939,555 on wages per player annually.

Unsurprisingly, the Premier League is the best paying football league in the world, with average annual pay at a whopping £2.23m per player – that’s before endorsements, sponsorships or any other cash earned by extra-curricular means.

To put that figure context, it works out at nearly 83 times the UK’s average full time annual wage of £27,000.


The full 120-page study – downloadable here – includes an analysis of 333 teams in 17 major pro leagues, covering seven sports, 13 countries and 9,731 athletes who are making a combined £11.53 billion ($17.94 billion).

If you’re feeling a little sick about the above, here’s a link to a picture of Charlie Adam, feel free to print it off before pointing to it and asking your boss for a pay rise. Good luck!

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