Wenger: FFP changes won’t affect us


Arsene Wenger says that proposed changes to the FFP rules, announced by Michel Platini this week, won’t affect Arsenal as the club is not dependent in money pumped in by owners.

The UEFA chief surprised nobody yesterday when he spoke about how the current restrictions would have to be relaxed because of legal challenges, meaning oligarchs, oil barons, and other obscenely rich states/individuals, can snap up football clubs across Europe and try to make them successful via cash injections.

Speaking to RTL, Platini said, “The world is two-faced but we will say this openly: I think we’ll ease things, but it will be the executive committee who will decide if it is to be eased or something like that, and the outcome will be known by the end of June.”

A UEFA spokesman said the rules would, “encourage more growth, more competition and market stimulation while strengthening the emphasis on controlling spending and safeguarding financial stability”, and some people laughed so much a bit of wee came out.

Asked about the changes today, Wenger said, “I believe the television contract in England has pushed some other clubs in Europe to want this to be a bit more flexible for them so they can compete better with investors investing in their clubs.

““It looks like there’s an international pressure to make these rules more flexible because of potential investors in other countries.”

Although he did suggest it wasn’t entirely the fault of the European game’s governing body.

“Everything can be challenged by the European Court and that makes it much more difficult for UEFA to have rigid rules applied, because it’s always in contradiction with freedom of investment regulated by the European rules.”

And on its possible effect on Arsenal, he said, “It will not affect us at all because we always spend the money we have. It will affect the clubs who have never respected the FFP.”

All of which makes you question why any club would try and go about things the right way, but there you go.

Premier League clubs are still bound by rules agreed in 2013. Details of which can be found here.

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