Cech did initiation rap at Arsenal


As is the custom at many clubs, new signings are expected to perform a song in front of their new teammates as a kind of initiation.

Mesut Ozil did 99 Red Balloons, Alexis Sanchez performed Chilean rockers ‘La Mentiras’ big hit ‘Chupame Mama’, and according to Theo Walcott and Kieran Gibbs, Petr Cech performed a rap.

Freestyling off the top of his dome, he included players and the manager in his lyrical rhymes and that.

“It was the best initiation song I’ve ever seen at Arsenal,” Walcott told Complex.com.

“Petr basically went round each table and did a rap, involving each of the players sitting at the table – and he included the boss – it was amazing.

“There is a video of it but I don’t think it’ll ever go out…”

There was also this amusing coda to question about the biggest ‘bromance’ at the club.

Gibbs: Yeah, Calum and Alex are tight…but nothing beats Mesut and Mathieu. They do everything together, they do gym sessions together, sauna together, eat together…

Walcott: Yeah, we actually call them Flamzil (laughs).

Flamini is also friends with royalty, he must be a good chap to hang out with.

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