Mathieu Debuchy: RMC Radio transcript in full


You might have seen the earlier story in which Mathieu Debuchy has spoken again about his openness to leaving the club in January.

Thanks to reader @Bgunners42, here’s a full transcript of his interview with RMC Radio in France.

Luis Fernandez : Good evening Mathieu, how are you doing?

Mathieu Debuchy : Not to bad, not too bad

Gilbert Brisbois : Good evening

Jerome Rothen : Good evening

Luis Fernandez : Long time no talk, how are you feeling?

Mathieu Debuchy : I’ve had better days. I’m trying to keep my chin up, but I’ve had better days

Luis Fernandez : Have you talked to Arsène Wenger, about your current situation?

Mathieu Debuchy : I haven’t yet, I’m waiting a little bit. We talked about my situation in pre-season, I haven’t talked to him (about it) recently, but we’ll talk before the transfer window.

Luis Fernandez : How do you accept this situation, the fact that you are on the bench?

Mathieu Debuchy : I do have to accept it anyway, I can’t do otherwise. This situation doesn’t please me, but I have to accept it.

Luis Fernandez : Do you wish to talk to AW about your lack of playing time and the eventuality of having playing regularly at another club? Because you’re not playing at the moment and when there’s the euros in your home country in the summer, you don’t want to miss it.

Mathieu Debuchy : I want to (talk to AW). I really need to play. Didier Deschamps didn’t call me for the last two games, so it’s obvious, I’ve got to play more than I do, that’s why I want to talk to Wenger soon.

Luis Fernandez : Do you want to stay in England or going back to France? Being eventually loaned out to France?

Mathieu Debuchy : Well listen, we’ll study the offers, if there are some. Staying in England? Why not, I love England, I love the Premier League, so why not? I’ll listen to offers, and why not come back to France?

Luis Fernandez : Do you think AW will let you go?

Mathieu Debuchy : Well I don’t know, we need to talk about it, but we already had a chat in pre-season, and we agreed that we would talk again in December if I wasn’t happy with my playing time. We’re in December , so we’ll see.

Gilbert Brisbois : To sum things up, you’re thinking about being loaned out in the coming weeks? Because you need to play to be in the French squad for the Euros.

Mathieu Debuchy : Well obviously that’s my main goal. I need to have several games under my belt to be at the Euros. You can’t be in the French squad if you play a game once a month or less than that. You can’t be fit, and can’t be mentally focused. And if I have to leave permanently or on loan to play, I will.

Gilbert Brisbois : Even to leave permanently?

Mathieu Debuchy : Why not?

Jerome Rothen : Why did you become Bellerin’s substitute? Was Wenger unhappy about your performances?

Mathieu Debuchy : I had 2 bad injuries last season, I was fit in December, I was injured again in January and three months later it was all over for me.

Luis Fernandez : So the injuries prevent you from playing again? Because I know you want to be at the Euros, and when at 100% you are the best French right back.

Mathieu Debuchy : Of course I want to be in the squad for the euros, it’s probably my last big tournament so I must be there, it’s in France, so many people want to be there.

Jerome Rothen : (He mentions the fact that Jallet and Sagna are average and that Debuchy could still be in the French squad)

Mathieu Debuchy : I know I can do it, but Bacary and Christophe are playing currently, and I’m not, and I need to. I need to play and be good.

Some random dude tells him to come back to Lille.

Mathieu Debuchy : I love Lille, it’s my home, I want to come back there later in my career.

Luis Fernandez : (talks about Cabaye who left PSG cause he never played, he left for Palace, but he is playing at the moment)

Mathieu Debuchy : Exactly, he left a massive club cause he didn’t play enough, now he plays for Palace, who are not as fancy but he plays week in week out and plays for France as well.

Luis Fernandez : You still have a good relationship with Wenger right?

Mathieu Debuchy : Yes I do.

Luis Fernandez : Does he talk to you a lot? It’s never easy when a player isn’t 100% happy. But he’s French, you’re French, there are many French players at AFC.

Mathieu Debuchy : We do talk (with AW), but not a lot and not every single day.

Luis Fernandez : (Tells him to come to Monaco, because they can pay his wages)

So there you go. He seems very open to leaving, but the big question is if Arsenal would, or should, let him go. We’ll find out soon enough.

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