Report: Cazorla suffers knee ligament damage


The Guardian’s David Hytner reports this evening that Santi Cazorla has suffered damage the ligaments in his knee after the Norwich game on Sunday.

The disappointing 1-1 draw saw three Arsenal players pick up problems and add to the injury list, and this evening’s report that ligament damage has been confirmed is something of a worry. As yet we don’t know which ligament, how badly or otherwise it’s affected, or much else, but in itself it’s a concern.

If it’s just bruising it may not be long-term but any kind of tear could see him miss months, which would obviously be a real blow.

More on this as and when it emerges.

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Why is everyone so surprised? You always know with Arsenal it’s the worst case and most farsical situation imaginable. Player pulls up? Out for 700 years. Every time. It’s a curse which has been there for a decade. Either that or poor management. Who knows anymore?


The spine of our team devastated in one match, arguably our best defender (Kos) our most important central midfielder (Santi), and our most important forward (Alexis). You could argue Coq is our most important midfielder but he’s already injured, together with one of our other most important forwards (Walcott), and several of our best attacking players in Wilshere and Welbeck.

Nevermind that other teams have similar or more injuries, I doubt as many important first team players are injured at other top clubs, and for as long periods of time.


It’s the faaaacking shirt. Tellin’ya. Last time it was the Ox and Theo. Coincidence? My Arse






Another one?!?!?!
I feel like I am taking crazy pills.
At this rate we will literally have nobody left by the end of December.


Wenger really never tries anything new till injuries force his hands. I’m personally excited that Cazorla is out, he’s had a horrible last few weeks. Looking forward to what the Genius conjures up in midfield, hopefully a long term and sustainable system. We’ll be fine.




I donno, I cant say that I am excited that he is out.

The guy is a footballing genius when he is playing well. He’s been okay the last few weeks, not too bad, he’s not been at his best, but still; he had a bad game against Spurs, but he was ill, and he missed the penalty against West Brom, but he did slip, and that can happen to anyone… he is still our best player in that position or especially alongside Francis, sooo I think with him missing too is probably the final nail in our coffin this season.

We’ve got some really tough fixtures coming up and he’ll be a huge miss. Especially his smile.. the smiley little


Im amazed that so called fans thumbed up this comment.I don’t know how you can call yourself Arsenal supporters if you’re happy with players getting injured regardless if they’re playing well or not. What a daft thing to say.

Finsbury Park Gooner

Anyone who is ‘excited’ by Cazorla having knee ligament damage, or indeed an injury of any kind, is a bona-fide fucking moron and should not consider themselves a fan of Arsenal FC.

Petits Handbag

Can only be sarcastic I assume. If not your a horrible, forgetful fellow.
Did you tell your mother she done a poor job raising you after she got you an iPad mini instead of the ipad??
You’re a horrible spoilt person who is the reason I’ve started falling out of love with football and this football club.
Only if you’re not being sarcastic of course.


My mum and I love you, don’t fall out of love with football over a random comment if it means that much to you.

DJ Kreamy Knuckles

Hahahahahaha, what planet are u from? Or are u lol’ing us right now.

Easy as JVC

Wow!!! Really??? You’re glad that our best ball playing midfielder is injured? What a wally you are.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

How about not being happy because of someone’s pain? Let alone a guy that has brought us much happiness.


This guy suck. How did you say that? Maybe you’re sick in the head. Someone call a psychiatrist


Supernova I’m not sure if you are a fan but what I’m sure of is that you are deranged. Only a retard can say something like that. Fan or not

Vladimir's hetero bitch.
Vladimir's hetero bitch.



Crazy! Just crazy! I hope it’s not as serious as it sounds. He’s one of several key players,wish him quick recovery.


Well at least we’re prepared. …whiskey. pour. Drink. Repeat.


Super nova,
It boggles the mind that you’re happy that an arsenal player is injured, let alone one of the most likable ones in recent memory. Please go to the nearest person and ask them to slap some sense into you



Excited is synonymous with enthusiastic and eager, not ‘happy’. I’m not happy he’s injured. I’m looking forward to what Mr. Arsene comes up with and slightly hoping it’s a more balanced and long term solution. If Cazorla doesn’t play well, we don’t play well, Wenger himself admitted it and other managers know, I’m surprised you don’t find that scary. By that definition he was our worst player in Nov.

Chimichanga Monreal (cuz that's way more fun to say)
Chimichanga Monreal (cuz that's way more fun to say)

You might want to check the definition of enthusiastic Nova…

“having or showing intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.”

Particular note on the “enjoyment” word that kinda negates your argument. Now do you see why people are reacting the way they are to your comment?


Thank you for the semantics lesson. Hard to remember a time that I was excited and eager and sad. Either way, you still need a slap upside the head.


yossi benayoun and Kim kallstrom in January

Little Mozart

Poor Santi. I hope it’s nothing serious and that he’ll be back soon. As for the club, we’re going to need a lot of luck and some new star players, internal or otherwise, if we’re to achieve anything this season.

Physio Thomas

Ligaments do not bruise. My guess if he sprained it, it will be at least 6 weeks. Worst case scenario for MCL reconstruction is probably 3 months. Worst Case scenario for ACL reconstruction is done for the year.

With that being said I hope I am wrong!


How the f*** was he allowed to continue on playing! What do those physios do…


The quote after the game of it got worse as the game went on really is astounding. Surely he comes off as soon as he realises it’s getting worse

Our club is ridiculous and there is no hiding who’s at fault


Think we had made all the 3 subs by then and Norwich were on the prowl so could not play with 10 men.


Of course you can, particularly if you think there is a risk of an injury deteriorating.


It happened straight after half time. Only one substitution had been made and that was Gabriel


Doo. Doo. Doo.

Another one bites the dust.


Time for Welsh Jesus to step back up to the plate.
We’ve missed you Aaron…..


Please don’t start with the Welsh Jesus stuff again! To be at all effective in the middle Ramsey needs to understand he’s not the Messiah he’s just a…

A̶R̶i̶d̶d̶l̶i̶n̶g̶N̶a̶m̶e̶ Ceched Out
A̶R̶i̶d̶d̶l̶i̶n̶g̶N̶a̶m̶e̶ Ceched Out

a what???

The suspense!


‘Very naughty boy’

Clearly you were deprived as a child.


I really feel like I am hallucinating. This really can’t be real. How can any team keep getting so many injuries. Forget about the transfer window. We would have to buy an entire team to try to get through this mess. How do you buy quality players to come in order to be backup for players who will “most likely” get injured. The problem AW has cannot just be resolved by buying players. We have to find a solution to the constant injury crises we go through time after time. We have enough quality players, we just can’t seem to keep them on the pitch.




I think it’s time the club looks at itself from training methods to the pitch and also arsenes rotation policy. The same players play week in week out and may suffer burn out especially players closer to 30. We should also swallow our pride and listen to the Dutch fitness coach he might have a few valid points


Santi didn’t hurt his ligaments because he was trained too hard. A ligament injury is nothing like a muscle injury. He damaged his ligaments twisting his knee. It’s not the sort of injury you get from bad training methods.

Of all the examples to use as the straw that broke the camel’s back re: our injury record this is surely one of the worst. You might as well criticize Wenger for letting that orc break Ramsey’s leg because he trained him too hard the week before.


You mean the Dutch FORMER physio who knows nothing of our current methods and is the go-to for hack writers looking for an outlandish accusatory quote?

Read down through the part where the data are actually showing The Shadd is indeed working.

Bendtner's Ego

Really wish they would be a little more descriptive with “ligament damage” reports.

Medial and lateral collateral ligaments have access to blood flow network and often can heal on their own without surgery (unless severed).

Anterior cruciate ligament is inside the joint and does not receive an adequate blood flow supply and therefore require surgery more often with a longer recovery time.


Quite confident he hasn’t done his ACL.
I did it and believe me.. There was no playing 45 minutes on it afterwards..
There was no playing for 12 months afterwards lol
i would say that it is one of the medial ones (inside of leg) and it is strained not torn.


He was definitely pointing at the outside or inside (medial or collateral) when he was being treated on the pitch. ThOught it was the outside, but, yeah.

He's got no hair but we don't care...
He's got no hair but we don't care...

Bad luck? A curse maybe? Or just plain old Arsenal.
I have been determined not to give in to all the consistent media bollocks about Arsenal and the mismanagement of players injuries or training methods but we have categorically the WORST injury record in the last 10 years.
There is absolutely no way this is just bad luck.


Any idea on emergency recall options for our players out on loan blogs? Maitland-niles, Jon Toral?

Even if we got serge gnabry back who isnt seeing a minute of game time atm. He was fantastic a few seasons ago with talk of a full german international call up. He didnt all the sudden become shite because pulis teams main outlet for attacks is through their central defence straight to the striker… by passing the wide men.


Dig up the fucking pitches and start again

Arsene's Apologist

The pitches that win awards every year as the top in England?

Easy as JVC

Who awards these awards? Just because the grass looks and smokes great, it doesn’t mean its not infested with hamstring twanger worms.


Holy fuck.
Jesus fucking Christ.

We are fucked. Unless Ramsey, Flam, and Chambers cover well. Which would be asking too much as they’ve not played in that position together this season. I’ve also noticed that most times the team dynamic is changed considerably, our performance dips.

Anywhooooo, here’s to being optimistic, but goddamn, this is still bullshit.


Here’s a riddle for those of you playing at home!

What has 50 legs in August (most Augusts anyways, mileage may vary), 25 in November, 35 in January, 20 from February to March and 50 in April to May?

Give up?
It is… The Arsenal squad.

Partial credit for those who summised that it is half a centipede having a bad 9 months.


what price a cheeky bid for Ander Herrera in January? He’s got skill and is hard too. Kind of like a stronger Arteta, but also with the creativity of Everton era Arteta.

It sounds weird, I know, but if you see him play one can notice the guy has a real feel for the game and commitment too. Wenger likes his central midfielders to have skill and composure, but Herrera also adds grit to that. I can’t fully imagine the players in our team that he is a hybrid of, but he shows shades of coquelin, cazorla, and Arteta to me.
The game against Liverpool, where slippy stevie got sent off in 39 seconds, it happened because Herrera did not like his first challenge on a united player and went right back at him for it. Something our team of skilled ballers, I am sorry to say, does not do. Nobody went up to that Norwich wanker when he shoved Sanchez into the cameraman’s hole. Anyway, that is a whole other topic I guess. But I must say, this pipe dream of mine is partly based on this ex-Bilbao player being one of those guys who simply decides that his whole team is personal to him and he will f**k with anyone that messes with his teammates.
Plus he is the closest to a tough player that I can imagine Wenger will countenance signing. Post Gilberto, we’ve had fancy dan Song, and that’s it. Before we had Petit.

Easy as JVC

I think if there is any possibility that the pitches are a problem, then rip them up and resurface them. If it might be the training methods, then try something different. It is now at a stage where we just have to experiment with things regardless of how far fetched they may sound. The time for scratching heads and computer simulations are past. It’s time for drastic and immediate action. We have a fundimental problem somewhere and it needs to be found. Bad luck is one thing, but this feels like we fucked Karmas mother, sister and girlfriend all in one sitting!


I think it needs serious consideration. Apparently they have looked at everything else

who cares if we have green grass and awards for our pitch if it’s fucking us over. Barcelona play a better standard of football than us they don’t lose all of their best players continually to injury and good god they get kicked. What pitch do they have and how does it differ to ours?


I think part of wenger’s austerity era strategy has been to save a few quid taking punts on players with injury issues. Walcott, Ramsey, Wilshere don’t fit this story, as I don’t think they had such concerns when they were signed young. But Amaury Bischoff comes to mind, and wasn’t Sanogo also an injury prone player?

Another thing is the ideological indulgence of project youth – Wenger himself said it a few times that from 18-22 your body changes and you become fully grown, but he always ignored this when overplaying young players.

Finally, our style seems very strenuous to me – all intricate passing that invites tackles, but more importantly means a lot of back and forth on the pitch, especially all the way from the opponent third to our own (cos the opponent’s penalty box is near where most of our attacks break down).

Who knows. It is a fact however that we have too many first team or thereabouts players that we are carrying for a few years now in spite of the fact that they are prone to injuries. Some hard decisions need to be made, but perhaps Wenger has decided that winning major trophies is not that huge a thing anymore for him. By major I mean the League and a European Trophy. FA cup i personally like, but it is not a major trophy anymore.

So familiar, we have done this every season of late. At least losing the title to injuries allows one to be more philosophical than bottling it by bending over in all major games like we did in that season of horrific defeats to clubs in london, liverpool.


Coqzorla return!


arsenal fan

Chance for Ramsey to step up! It’s the 2nd coming.


F F S that is all


We are done this season. Hope the team finishes in the top 4. The injury gods don’t seem to like us whatsoever.


Personally think it’s quite a lot to do with opposition players being given free reign to go in as hard as they like on us without fear of a card.

The amount of times a foot in is left in our players is a joke.
All teams also know we play pass and move. Just watch how many times out initial passer isn’t there to collect the one-two because they’re getting up off the floor.

Majority of refs just don’t understand what teams try to do to us. Stop us breaking quickly or the quick passing and it blunts our effectiveness.


Right or wrong but maybe try something different then and stop being so predictable


I think a lot of the refs do understand what teams do to us, and enjoy watching it.


It’s the faaaking shiirrrt I’m tellin’ya. When will they understand?


Interesting to see our injury stats compared to other teams. Unlike Blogs I do care about other teams because it informs us as to the norm/average. In this case it shows us that Arsenal are not the basket case we all think they are and perhaps we should give the club some credit.

We are all too quick to moan and complain, suggesting to do otherwise is not a winning attitude. I suggest it is the opposite. The psychology of a winner is to always remain positive and not blame others. As an Arsenal supporter I like those supporters who do the same.

Chimichanga Monreal (cuz that's way more fun to say)
Chimichanga Monreal (cuz that's way more fun to say)

A voice of reason it seems. Thanks!


So, recently we’re without Alexis, Koscielny, Cazorla and Coq. In my opinion our core and most consistent players (plus few others). Really not wanting to jinx it, but what if we lose Mesut also due to injury? Until few weeks I had high expectations for this season and now I just feel everything fell apart. I’m not even mad or surprised, I’m just truly, truly disappointed. WHAT THE HELL is going on with this injury thing already?


So i was playing futsal the other day and i heard a crack in my knee. It turns out i’ve sprained my MCL. Better watch out guys, the injury crisis has turned to the fans now. Stay safe, gooners.


So… when do we get good news? Where is good news? Haven’t seen him in while.


Carzola has been such a key and durable player for us and even with a bit of a dip in form of late his absence will be greatly felt. Yes Ramsey can probably step in and fill his spot (in a different way though), but we are much stronger team when both Ramsey and Carzola are on the field.


caZoRla. It’s spelled CAZORLA. How many times do you need to be told?


If Glenn Hoddle and Jamie Redknapp say “Carzola”, then it must be correct!!!


When you look at the players recently back from injury and those soon to be back…………there pretty much all injury prone.
Th vicious circle theory is true.


Happens season after season, wtfaaak! is going on! 😞