Arsenal enjoy 10% revenue boost


Arsenal have overtaken Chelsea in Deloitte’s Football Money League thanks to a £26.2 million increase in commercial revenue during 2014/15.

The Gunners enjoyed a 10% increase in overall revenue last season (up to £331.3m from £300.5m) pushing them up to seventh in the European rich list standings one place above Sunday’s opponents.

Real Madrid (£439m / €577m) lead the table ahead of Barcelona (£426.6m / €560.8m) who usurp Manchester United (£395.2m / €519.5m) to second.

Manchester City, sixth, are the only other Premier League representative above the Gunners.

As Deloitte explain, the increase in Arsenal’s revenue is predominantly down to the new and revised commercial deals with Puma and Emirates which, “helped boost the Gunners’ commercial revenue to over £100m for the first time, and represents a 66% increase over the last two seasons.”

Interestingly, although perhaps not surprisingly, the £100.4 million reaped from matchday revenue is higher than any other club in European football, despite the fact we played two fewer games at the Emirates last season compared to the year before.


Broadcast revenue, £127.6 million, remains the club’s primary revenue stream comprising 39% of the total. With more money set to pour into the Premier League from new TV deals Deloitte predict that the Gunners will contend for a top five place in their Money League standing in the coming years.

Deloitte also reveal: “A record nine Premier League clubs are ranked within this year’s top 20, one more than in last year’s edition, helped by a 10% strengthening of sterling versus the euro. Premier League clubs now dominate the top 30, with 17 of those clubs having played in the Premier League during the 2014/15 season.”

You can read Deloitte’s full report, here.


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