Arsene Wenger on David Bowie


Regular readers will know I’m a big fan of David Bowie. You can read my thoughts on this morning’s news over on the main blog here.

A running joke between myself and Andrew Allen (the Arseblog News Hound) is what world event Arsene Wenger will be asked about at his press conference. From politics to football events that have nothing to do with him, the press will almost always seek his opinion on matters far removed from Arsenal.

“I bet he’s asked about David Bowie,” I said to Andrew this morning, and lo and behold, the man from Sky did just that (although he pronounced his name as “boo-eee”, which was a bit irritating, but still).

As ever, the manager’s words were just perfect, and I just wanted to write this story to have them on the record.

He said, “I am a fan of his music of course, but I am not a specialist enough to assess his musical quality. I must say the message he gave to my generation was very important because it was after the Second World War and it was basically – be strong enough to be yourself.

“That is a very strong message and very important for my generation.”

I think that’s a message that could apply to everyone.

Farewell David Bowie. You were the best.


  1. It says a lot about Wenger’s stature that a journalist would even consider asking a football manager to comment on such an event.

    It says even more about Wenger’s stature that a football manager has anything remotely relevant to add to the conversation.

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    • And that he still has the class and humility to preface what he says by pointing out that he’s not a specialist in the field.

      Just a Specialist in Class.

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    • Agree on both counts. This isn’t the first time, either. Journalists seem to ask him about non-football events quite often, and yes, I think it is a sign of the esteem in which he’s held.

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    • Absolutely spot on. As blogs so eloquently put it this morning, it speaks wonders to his perspicacity. I couldn’t help but wonder what someone like ‘Arry would’ve said had he been asked the same question…”triffic, triffic lad. Really triffic….*twitch*”

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  2. I’m feeling the pain as well Blogs. I’m of a certain vintage and have adored Bowie for as long as I can remember. I was listening the Lost Highway soundtrack on CD in the car (Bowie has a couple of tracks on the album). When the album finished, I turned on the radio and heard the news. Very sad indeed.

    A win over Liverpool will certainly lift everyone’s spirits. Come on Arsenal, be heroes (for more than one day!!)

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  3. The passing of a hero who inspired a generation. He may no longer be with us in body, but what he has done and the legacy he has left behind will live as long as we do. May his soul rest in peace.

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  4. i cant understand where all the thumbs down comments are coming from…….but i suppose this is the internet where brave people who show their feelings will always come under fire. Rest in peace David Bowie. He will always be solid gold legend.

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  5. Saw him live twice in the 70’s, at the Hammersmith Odeon and Earl’s Court.
    My all-time musical hero. Even my Vauxhall Zafira is called Ziggy.

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  6. This just goes to show how much of an impression Bowie left on the world, as well as what people think of Arsene Wenger.
    I’ve been really enjoying Bowie again recently. Dj’d “Suffragette City” at a friends wedding, been through tons of interview footage and generally in awe of his output (especially up until 1983, which was an absolutely stellar run of records). Totally gutted he’s gone but delighted he was able to leave us with one last great album in Blackstar. An incredible enigma and classy until the end.

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  7. Your comments on the blog and here are great. I’m a truly Bowie and Arsenal fan since my childhood and yours and Arsene’s comments are turning this sad day in something different. Mr Wenger used the very appropriate words to describe the loss we feel. You wouldn’t believe it but I felt something also when my team RWDM went bankrupt 12 years ago. RWDM is from Molenbeek, Belgium. David was a fan from Jacques Brel, Belgian from Brussels. I stop it here, but I’ll be very happy to pass by Brixtom while going to watch the game on the 24th. RIP Sir David Bowie.

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  8. I imagine the same journalist asking Mourinho the same question (had he still been Cuntski manager which he isn’t) and getting an irritable: “Bowie? What about Bowie??? Ask me about Phil Collins and I shall tell you!”

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  9. The pub at Carinda in outback New South Wales where the opening scenes from his LETS DANCE filmclip were shot will be bursting at the seems today. No doubt many aussies will make the journey there to pay homage.

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  10. Young Americans blasting from a disgusting dive bar in Kathmandu with locals and tourists passionately dancing and singing along made me tear up a bit, such was his influence. Like the time I saw Aaron Ramsey score a goal against City in a pre-season friendly in Finland and see a ton of people go crazy in Cambodia…I just thought this is the club Arsene Wenger built, this is a player Arsene Wenger believed in…a club that these guys from Phnom Penh give a shit about in a meaningless game played in Helsinki…makes sense that Arsene was asked about Bowie, a true zeitgeist of his generation…from one legend to another.

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    • Considering you mentioned Kathmandu, I have to tell you the support here for Arsenal is wonderful. The club has really grown in stature across world with fans knowing every legends and songs associated with the club.

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  11. Sad and shocking news re Bowie. When people as talented and influential as him pass it feels like more than just the death of a human being. It’s the end of an era and makes you (me certainly) dwell back on the life, times and changes that have occurred during the person’s lifetime.

    For somebody to influence your thinking in such a way it says all you need to know about their vast influence, whether it in your sub conscious or conscious mind.

    For me it was subconscious, I was not a fan of Bowie but watched from the side and enjoyed sme f his stuff, perhaps I missed the boat and need to re-visit. But he was always there, through my childhood, teens and thus far adulthood, sculpting modern popular culture.

    So RIP David Bowie.

    I truly believe Arsene Wenger in footballing terms is on a par with Bowie and his influence and it’s only when he’s gone (not dead but retired) that people will fully appreciate him for the clever, witty, generous, creative, innovating and good man he is.

    He’s taken the very best care of our great club and in my humble opinion was the only manage who could have kept Arsenal competitive during the years of austerity.

    Hopefully one day he’ll get the credit from all inside and outside the club that he truly deserves.

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  12. OT, i am a Nigerian and an ardent reader of this blog. Why do many people in the UK dislike Phil Collins especially Blogs? I totally love his music, and grew up listening to them. Could he be about his lifestyle or something else? Just curious. I desperately need an answer.

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  13. Loved that little wonder tune.was a bit drum and bassy.could have been cringy. But it was cool. Came out around that brit pop kind of time

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