Arsene Wenger on David Bowie


Regular readers will know I’m a big fan of David Bowie. You can read my thoughts on this morning’s news over on the main blog here.

A running joke between myself and Andrew Allen (the Arseblog News Hound) is what world event Arsene Wenger will be asked about at his press conference. From politics to football events that have nothing to do with him, the press will almost always seek his opinion on matters far removed from Arsenal.

“I bet he’s asked about David Bowie,” I said to Andrew this morning, and lo and behold, the man from Sky did just that (although he pronounced his name as “boo-eee”, which was a bit irritating, but still).

As ever, the manager’s words were just perfect, and I just wanted to write this story to have them on the record.

He said, “I am a fan of his music of course, but I am not a specialist enough to assess his musical quality. I must say the message he gave to my generation was very important because it was after the Second World War and it was basically – be strong enough to be yourself.

“That is a very strong message and very important for my generation.”

I think that’s a message that could apply to everyone.

Farewell David Bowie. You were the best.

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