Arteta on The Jeff’s ‘big potential’

The Jeff

Arsenal skipper Mikel Arteta has spoken about the potential of Jeff ‘The Jeff’ Reine-Adelaide, saying the youngster has a real chance of making it at Arsenal.

The 17 year old French-Australian made his debut for the Gunners today, coming on in the 81st minute of the 3-1 win over Sunderland, and in the match day programme the Spaniard outlined how impressed he’s been with the summer arrival from RC Lens.

“I think Jeff has got really big potential,” he said. “He’s got the size. Physically, he’s a strong lad.

“His change of direction is crucial because he can eliminate people from getting close to him so quickly. In addition to that, he understands the game.

“I believe he has all the attributes to become a really good player. He’s still at a young age but he is learning a lot and he really listens to people. He’s doing really well and when he trains with us, you can tell that he’s quite comfortable.

“Jeff seems to handle situations well too. He played in the Emirates Cup where he was brave and took people on.

“I think he really wants it. He is hungry and if you give him time, he could have a really positive career as he has something about him.”

Fine words indeed, and when you consider the last player Arteta waxed so lyrical about was a young chap by the name of Hector Bellerin, it augurs well for the future of The Jeff and, of course, The Arsenal.

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Arshavin's Left foot

That guy is a ‘growing football beast’. Good to be a guuner!

Tevwe Obodo

Jeff would finish on similar class as the great Henry… Shame he didn’t have enough time today but am sure he time would come soon.
Iwobi was a breath of fresh air today, big talent.


I naming my baby girl Jeff. 🙂

Midwest Gooner

Because Ffej doesn’t sound as nice as Lanesra.


Adelaide’s a nice name for a girl.


El jeffe

Neil pearce

His name is Jeff his name is Jeff his name is Jeff his name is Jeff his name is Jeff Over again His xxxxxxxxxxx

djorou's nutmeg

i can’t think of anything funny to say using your name god dammit jeff


Arteta knows

Toby C

‘French-Australian’ hahahaha. That makes me smile 😀


Viva Le Bruce??


Oh la la mate


Reading the comments on the Bellerin article makes me so happy and proud.
We were so optimistic and supportive of him and he came through spectacularly!


Talking of youngsters with potential – Afobe is back in the EPL. Akpom better come good coz this guy was sacrificed for him. I can’t imagine the ridicule from some idiot friends of mine who are non-Arsenal fans. I hope his tantrums have subsided.

Meanwhile, all talk is on The Jeff. But Iwobi was the youngster I clearly give my respect right now. He was fluid and creative and composed. On his full debut… good times indeed! Oh to be a Gooner!

Andy Mack

Jeff was impressive but it’s a bit easier when you come on and the team is 3-1 up already.
Iwobi was very impressive in his first start and I expect Jeff will be when his time comes.

We couldn’t really hold onto Afobe any longer as his age meant he had to start playing regularly and we could only put him out on loan yet again (like Akpom), which wouldn’t guarantee game-time.
Afobe wasn’t ‘sacrificed’, it was just circumstances.

Clock-End Mike

Does anyone have an authoritative spelling or pronunciation for The Jeff’s surname?

The French wikipedia spells his name Reine-Adélaïde (or sometimes Reine-Adelaïde, with only the one accent/diacritical mark).

The French football database ( also has Reine-Adelaïde.

If that’s correct, I’d suppose it to mean the second part of his name should have four syllables (a-de-la-ide), not three (like the Australian city a-de-laide).

Just asking. Everyone knows how Mesut Özil’s name is spelled (and all but the more ignorant football pundits and commentators pronounce it pretty much correctly, too). What about Le Jeff?

Goone's Farm

As a francophone myself, you’re right. The “i tréma” or “ï” in French is pronounced : ee, as in more or less : “a-de-la-eed”.

Clock-End Mike

As you say, the French pronunciation would be “a-de-la-eed” (with the major stress on the second syllable and the minor stress on the fourth).

But my question is, is that how Le Jeff himself would pronounce his name, or has he anglicised it?


Grammatical errors are a direct result of the beer in me hand.


What is ze French for va va JEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF


4:45 am I am reading this and everyone in the house is asking me why I’m awake laughing like a hyena at this ridiculous time.

Va va JEFF is why, va va Jeff.


Old Lego hair talked up Bellerin before he broke through and he has been an absolute belter. Hopefully he has a good eye for great talent!

Ronnie Pickering

I dont kno wat it is with Jeff but he does seems to have something about him . And Bellerin is going to be the best wingback in town sooner rather than later.

Andy Mack

“going to be”? That’s last years comment.
He is the best now.


Blogs, with appreciation for your earlier creations in the Coq, BFG, and Interlull it has to be said “The Jeff” is one that needs to go into early retirement.. You can do better.


Elemo’s got us on our way, El Jeffe


It’s a shame that we were knocked out early in the Capital One Cup as this historically has been the place for the young Arsenal players to get some experience and for the fans to get excited about them (even if many don’t pan out). Now we are pretty much left with the pre-season friendlies which of course are not anywhere close to the level of intensity of a live match.

Dennis' left shinpad

having been to every home game for the past 2 months, I have to say that the two players which have excited me the most, with the obvious exception of the amazing Mesut, have been:

1: Joel Campbell – great positioning, boundless energy, excellent defensive cover and a very real (and growing) threat in the attack. Must be causing The Ox all sorts of confidence issues seeing him flourish and becoming a ‘must pick’

2: Alex Iwobi – incredible debut, to the point that we looked like an invigorated team with him in it – superb interplay, terrific off the ball movement, snappy incisive passing(very rarely wasted the ball) and a great eye for a defence splitting ball. He really does have it all in that position behind the strikers.

So much talent. Fantastic time to be a Gooner.