Bellerin: We’ve probably got the best keeper


Hector Bellerin has lauded Petr Cech as ‘probably the best goalkeeper’ in the Premier League as he again touched on the confidence the 33-year-old instills in Arsenal’s defenders.

The Czech keeper registered his tenth Premier League clean sheet of the season – more than any other keeper in the division – as he kept Stoke at bay with a series of fine saves to ensure the Gunners escaped from the from the Britannia Stadium with a point.


Speaking after the game about the Cech’s calming influence, Bellerin told Arsenal Player:  “We try to stop all the shots but when they manage to get some on target then they have another man to beat and that is tough for them.

“They were great saves and it is very important to have a solid goalkeeper and Petr Cech is one of the best. I think he has given us that confidence at the back.

“It helps that this is a solid team defensively [that] has played a lot of teams together, and that you have probably the best goalkeeper in the league playing for you.

“Not long ago he broke the record of clean sheets so you can see that when you look back that the goal is covered by a great player and that is very important for us. We are very happy to have him.

“I think the team defended really well as a unit and Petr made some great saves which were very important. A lot of big teams have lost at this ground and at the end of the day it is a point that could matter a lot at the end of the year.”

In total, Cech made five saves yesterday, denying Spanish striker Joselu on three occasions including in the dying seconds of stoppage time. It was a point winning performance for sure.

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He still only scored 9/10 on the arseblog rating, I assume he needed to make a run off Giroud and get us the winner for the final point!

Andy Mack

If there’s such a thing as a perfect 10 then I’m pretty certain it would have to include scoring from a goal kick…..

David C

he’s had a few 10’s this year in my opinion. Probably our player of the year if it weren’t for a super season by Ozil!


In terms of ability, Cech might be slightly below his own high standard prior to his injury. So arguably De Geary and Courtois may shade him.

However in terms of maturity and the calming influence on field and no doubt the sensible impact off field (similar to Arteta & Per), he is second to none.

He has been as important a buy as have been Sanchez and Ozil.


Even on this season’s evidence alone, the only thing De Gea and Courtois have on Cech is age.
And having watched Courtois for sometime, I doubt if he would ever match Cech’s ability.

On experience, influence and grace, Petr dusts them all.


Just to clarify, I was alluding to what would be the general perception which will be reflected in the end of season, team of the year.

I wouldn’t want us to swap him for any other.


Have to say, January is usually difficult for us but look where we are now, top of the league. No doubt our Čech has a hand in that.


And the best right back in you, my friend.

David C

and I think we have the best LB this year. Kos might have a shout as one of the best CBs of the season too.


Joe Allen would agree with that!
Not knocking Hector but he needs to get harder in defence. Overall tho, a very promising player who may become a great.
Monreal is a rock, would like to see Gabriel used more often, but in him and Callum C the future is bright there.
With the Coq, Rambo, Jack, Alex x 2, The Jeff, Danny W, Alexis, Ozil, Giroud, one other world-class striker (funded by sale of Theo and Tomas and Debuchy) we are going to be serial winners.


Chech has been worth every penny, perhaps even more. Those talking about age, need to watch the double save from Joselu and Borjan. He showed he hasn’t lost any of his agility. The speed with which he recovered and got down for the second save made me think he hasn’t lost anything to age. De gea and Courtois would be proud to make such saves.


At 33 or 34, we still got some three to four seasons. If we could acquire Burtland before the Chavskis, then we are sorted for a decade.

That aside, I think against stoke we showed the mettle of a title winning side. A cuntsy ref and a vastly improved Stoke side and we still managed not to lose. Bring on the Chavskis. We need to get cementing the no. 1 position now.


Only worry I had of him was with his age would he still be quick enough and agile enough to make a save and get back up quickly, would he be able to run out quickly and close an angle and last night and throughout the season he’s been very very quick with all he’s attributes combined and with him being a rather likeable chap I honestly wouldn’t swap him for anyone, can see him playing line that for 4/5 seasons more too, 10 million I’d have 35 plus


That whole comment is a single sentence. I find it so hard to make sense of it 🙁 .


Had paid


Only keeper in the PL I would take over him would be De Gea as he is the best in the world in my opinion. There may be some better shot stoppers (though not many), but in terms of the whole package (ability, leadership, experience, distribution, positioning, mental makeup, etc.) Cech is the 2nd best in the PL and still one of the best in the world.


A great man

American Goon

I’m not worried about Cech’s age one bit. Keepers get better with age anyway; look at 40 year old Gigi Buffon still has the number 1 spot shackled at Juventus.