Boss still cautious about Alexis return


As Arsenal head towards the business end of the season, when every point and every match becomes absolutely critical, having Alexis Sanchez back in the team will be a real boost.

The Chilean is a dynamic match-winner; a relentless force of all that’s good about football; and he hasn’t played since November 29th. Arsene Wenger was positive about his chances of playing against Chelsea on Sunday at his press conference today, but sounded a note of caution too.

“I am cautious with him because we cannot afford a setback with him,” he said. “A setback would mean a very long period out so we don’t want to take this gamble. The signs he has shown in training this week are positive.

“The doubt is that he has been out for a long time and the risk of a setback if you try to go too early. To be clear on all the tests is one thing, after he is clear on training is another things, and after the intensity of a big game you can never repeat in a training session.

“You can make sure after a certain amount of time that the risk is minimal.”

It’s understandable that he wants to make 100% sure the player is 100% ready, so we might see him from the bench on Sunday.

I mean, how else is he going to come on and score a 25 yard rocket of a winner before making the game safe with a tap-in created by Ozil?


  1. They should chain him to the bench, otherwise he might just go out there get the fucking ball and score a screamer…

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  2. All the boss is saying is that he has enough confidence in Campbell and the result to earn a positive result ( meaning win) which to me is a sign of our progress from the days of old where tabloids went on about “one man team” Arsenal.

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    • Not sure why it was Campbell’s name you mentioned but I’d consider leaving The Ox and/or Theo out before him. He’s made himself unstoppable at the moment out of sheer hardwork. The laziness of the latter two gets to me so much. And you have to laugh at Walcott’s sense of entitlement despite doing fuck all in the last few games he’s surprised at being hauled off

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  3. It is time.

    It is time for that 10 or 12 game winning streak that we always go on before we win league titles. I can feel it.

    It’s starts on Sunday.

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  4. He seems to be stuck in the ‘physically ready but not ready to play a game yet’. This is after the timelines mentioned for his recovery.

    Hope everything is alright and we get him back this Sunday. A fairly small set of players have played the majority of the games in the busy festive period and helped us to be top currently. They go do with some fresh legs returning.

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  5. The only way to “have the intensity on a real game” is to play the real game.
    I would have him on the bench, and no matter the result, I’d put him in the 70th minute. Then again, Im not a manager, I just enjoy watching AS17 play.

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  6. I wouldn’t mind having him only on the bench, even if it means we draw. I don’t think the match against Chelsea is the most crucial of the season although it’d be nice to spank them after the Mike Dean debacle.

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    • Newsflash!! Every game you win earns you three good points. Whether it be Aston Villa or Manchester City.

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  7. I get where Arsene is coming from, and he is right we cannot afford a setback in getting Alexis match fit.

    Equally though, I hope we see him against Chelsea even if just for 20-30 minutes.

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  8. With a very important CL game on the not too distant horizon. I would like to think we were 110% sure before playing him. How many times have we seen a player come back from a hamstring issue too early……..

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  9. Let’s just remember that AW was absolutely caned for playing him against Norwich when he was a doubt and then he got injured. The same people criticising him for taking that risk (at a time when injuries were mounting) will now no doubt criticise him for being cautious.

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  10. No point rushing him back
    The following up front would terrorise the other teams
    Sanchez-Girioud -Campbell

    Ox and Theo can come off the bench and fight for a place

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