Garde reveals Debuchy conversation


Remi Garde says he’s spoken to Arsene Wenger about the availability of several Arsenal players, including Mathieu Debuchy, as he looks to bolster his beleaguered Aston Villa squad in the January transfer window.

The ex-Gunner is yet to win a game as Villa boss and his team are currently adrift at the bottom of the table seven points behind Sunderland.

“I had a conversation with Arsene a few days ago about some of the players and Mathieu Debuchy was among these players,” said Garde on Thursday.

“It’s too early and it won’t help me or anyone to go forward in this style to make too many more comments.”

If Debuchy’s main aim is to get back in Didier Deschamps’ France squad ahead of Euro 2016 it’s hard to think that joining a club that’s shipping goals for fun is the answer.

Sure, it’s nice to be wanted…but when you’re wanted so that you can replace Alan Hutton it’s something of a backhanded compliment.

Arseblog News isn’t sure of the other names Garde asked after, however, given Villa’s situation it wouldn’t be surprising if it was Messrs Ozil, Alexis and Walcott.



  1. Serge Gnabry could very well be on Garde’s watch. They need goals and on a fine day, he can deliver plenty. It would surely be nice to see him there. Win-win?

    Keep off The Jeff though, Garde!!

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    • That is correct. He’ll also ship goals in every week, another correct statement. If only Garde had landed a decent bunch, say Swansea sigh

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      • Swansea are as decent as Gomis’ celebration currently. Siggurdson and Jefferson maybe. They lost Shelvey and Wilfried, two star players that made them look so good under that wasisname. I also think the ducks should’ve persisted with Laudrup. Imagine that.

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  2. about time we put the club first, were sooooo close to achieving something with this team. Lets not rue any decision because of niceities, lets be ruthless for a change.

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  3. Hey now listen all yous slaggin off big Al Hutton. He hasny done too bad for a guy whose head is a giant, polished prostate gland

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  4. Maybe Hayden? They can have him. Can’t really think of any fringe players available or academy prospects ready for a PL challenge, outside of recalling Toral and giving him to Villa.

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    • Taking Toral from Birmingham City and moving him to Villa… That’d go down well. Will you be supplying the helmet for the pelters he’d get? I’ve got family who are Birmingham City fans and they’ve been impressed. I’ve been to a couple of games and he looks a real talent, though whether or not he has what it takes to make the step up to our team is a huge question mark, particularly given he plays in the advanced role occupied by that magician fella.

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  5. The teams you want to see stay in PL go down whearas the awful Stokish Chelshit ones always find a way. Damn.

    still 18 games to go though. One can hope..

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  6. I don’t see why it would be such a bad step for Debuchy to go to Villa for 5 months. He would get plenty of opportunities to impress playing as an experienced defender for a team in trouble, especially if he manages to reduce their vulnerability by his presence and with his experience.

    But could they really take more than one player from Arsenal on loan? I’d have thought it would most likely be either Debuchy or Gnabry.

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