Mathieu Debuchy set for West Brom loan


Mathieu Debuchy is set to leave Arsenal this January with a loan move to West Brom on the verge of completion.

The French international was first linked with the Baggies last week, and we understand that the deal is set to go through as he looks to play regular football ahead of Euro 2016.

The former Newcastle man has, more than once, made clear his unhappiness at falling behind Hector Bellerin in the pecking order, and speaking earlier in the week Arsene Wenger said it was ‘not impossible‘ that he’d allow him to leave.

Debuchy has played only twice in the Premier League this season, and just seven times in all competitions as Bellerin established himself as the first choice.

He’ll join fellow Gunner Serge4 Gnabry at the Hawthorns, although he’ll hope to play more often than the young German who has barely featured at all.

Arsene Wenger will likely use Calum Chambers as back-up for Bellerin when the move is completed.


    • Based on his last few performances for the club, absolutely not. Plus he has made it clear he doesn’t many to be here.

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    • Reverted to type? Bellerin has been consistently excellent for us and while recent performances haven’t been quite as good, I don’t they’ve been awful and they have certainly been better than anything debuchy has shown since losing his place.

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      • Perhaps this has something to do with Walcott starting on the right instead of the more defensive Campbell. A negative attitude is contagious, Arsene knows what he’s doing.

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    • Debuchy has been crap every time he has played and seems to lack the backbone to fight for his place. The sulky bugger can do one as far as I am concerned. Bring back Jenks!

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      • YOU do one.

        His case is no different to Cech and Curtois at Chelsea.
        Replaced by a slightly younger but same class as himself but with one you are guaranteed longevity.
        He did the best thing for himself like Cech did. Why berate him.

        His Willingness to battle it out in the PL (not off to Roma or Lyon) shows he doesn’t want to completely call it quits with us just that time is running out for him making it to the Euros.

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        • He has acted like a spoilt brat with his public whining. He knew exactly what he was doing whereas Cech gave Chelsea another season and left with dignity. Two very different cases. Debuchy has essentially forced his exit. If you think he will pull on an Arsenal shirt again you are pretty deluded buddy.

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    • When you loan a player to another Premier League club, it is always season-long and the player cannot be recalled.

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      • Patrick Bamford’s loan to Crystal Palace has been terminated so he’s going back to Chelsea in January. I assume the same is the case for Jenkinson and Gnabry’s respective loans (I’d hope Gnabry’s loan is being terminated as part of the deal for Debuchy).

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        • I’d also hope Gnabrys is being terminated for his sake, but I doubt Wenger is going to throw him into the fold without being able to get on the pitch for West Brom. I’m guessing It’d be back to the youth team until he can start showing some of that pre-injury promise again.

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        • seriously, have you never played football manager? if there is an up front fee attached to the loan, as there certainly would be for a player of jenkos quality, you cannot recall the player.

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  1. Worried this leaves us a little short. Chambers is meant to be the second backup Centre Back too. 7 defenders covering 4 positions, given our injury record, could be a little troubling. Hope it means that Wenger is considering bringing in another defender, a utility man perhaps.

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  2. I’ve got two objections regarding this:

    1. If Chambers goes injured, we have no cover for Bellerin
    2. We should never loan players to that baseball cap wearer anylonger.

    Also, is there really no club from which we can at least extract a few million quid this January for a French international?

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  3. you don’t want to miss the euros and your best plan is to go to west brom? yea wish you the best elsewhere mate, you don’t belong here

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    • to be fair its like france got a long list of canditate there, he just need to play to show Deschamp he still got it, anywhere exept seatting on the bench at arsenal

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  4. Understand he wants game time but really wished we’d kept him as cover. One injury to Hector and we have problems again.

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  5. I’d thought there’d be something better out there for him than West Brom but if his aim is to get regular football to retain his place in the French squad then WBA will do I guess.

    I feel bad for him for the injuries he picked up and would have liked him to stay but if he’s not happy then by all means best of luck at some other place. He was good when he first arrived. Shame it was cut short.

    I wish him all the best at WBA!

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  6. Don’t really understand this tbh. He’s acted in such a way it’s hard to see why we’ve done him and West Brom (considering they’ve wasted a good chunk of Gnabry’s season) a favour.

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    • This pretty much is what I was thinking. I would say though that Wenger has mystifyingly backed Pukiss’ assessment that Gnabry hasn’t fought sufficiently to get into the starting lineup, so perhaps the player has a look in the mirror situation going.

      And is sending Debuchy to play for Tony Pulis really a favor? perhaps he’s getting his ‘reward’ for being the negative voice. If he can’t land a starting spot there we know what that manager will say to any whingeing.

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  7. How could he be cover when he played so badly every time. Better to let him go and have him come on in an important match and make a fluff of it. Chambers is more than adequate and at the end of the season, there is always Jenkinson.

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  8. Excuse me Arsene.
    What happened to my idea about selling him back to Newcastle for a free new third kit from Sports Direct for all Gooners??…oh well…

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  9. Means if we get the central mid in Jan, Chambers may very likely revert to his “natural”position at Rback which will be good for him.

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  10. I’m just pissed at Gnabry wasting his season there. Would rather he had moved to Norwich City or Bournemouth

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    • In fairness Gnabry is NOT the player we expected, not his fault or Arsenals… IF he was good enough he would not have been loaned, just remember we need to survive on limited resources every year… Debuchy can help both us and himself, at least he doesn’t just want to get paid to warm a bench!! That’s if it even happens 😎😎

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      • Gnabry is a young, developing player that is returning from long term injury and these kinds of players don’t develop overnight. Players coming into the first team super young and staying there, e.g. Crescent back in the day, are overall the exception, not the rule.

        Look how long it took for Coq to rise to the occasion.

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  11. I had such high hopes for this man but they’ve been dashed by his attitude and antics ever since Bellerin rose to prominence. He may still be able to turn it around after Euro 2016 but I don’t know.

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  12. Probably best not having his (possibly) negative attitude around a team that want to win the title.

    Only issue is having him play for the scum bag that is Tony Pulis

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  13. Maybe arsene sent him there so that he and serge can play keep-away with Tony Pulis’ giftshop hat – it is the source of his power.

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  14. How the heck is a move to West Brom going to help him retain his place in the French squad? Honestly I thought he’ll aim for something higher than that. Anyway I wish him All the best, sadly din work out for him

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    • My thinking exactly. If the motivation is to get into the French national side, surely he needed to go somewhere better? My guess is that he won’t make it into le bleus regardless.

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  15. Should obviously only be sold if we’re bringing someone else in, otherwise it would be an inexcusably rash move from Wenger.

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  16. If the player wants to leave then let him leave. He’s sulking like a kid all season. Every time he plays he’s done nothing to change the manager’s mind. Bellerin’s a better player. To be so public about his situation he should be booted out of the club. Alex Ferguson style.

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  17. Don’t see the point in loaning. Just sell to the highest bidder. If he’s not going to act professionally at Arsenal then he can fight for his Euro spot in Turkey for all I care.

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  18. Chambers as back up for Hector is a huge risk..he himself does not prefer to play there.. His lack of pace is quite evident.. Bring back Jenko or sign a new RB

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