Sky dick with fans as fixtures dates change


With as little regard as possible for fans, Sky have announced fixture changes which will impact Arsenal games and thus the travel plans of fans.

Not least the game against Leicester City which was due to take place on Saturday February 13th, and for which I booked flights yesterday.

That has now been moved to Sunday Feb 14th and a 12 noon kick off, with less than a month’s notice for fans who will have already booked flights and hotels based on the fact the games until the end of February had already been announced in December.

The twats.

Other games changed, admittedly with a bit more notice but that doesn’t mean they’re still not twats, as follows:

  • Sp*rs away will now take place on Saturday March 5th – 12.45 KO
  • West Brom at home now on Saturday March 12th – 17.30 KO (may move due to FA Cup quarter-final weekend).
  • Everton away will now take place on Saturday March 19th at 12.35 (an early kick-off after we play Barcelona away on March 16th).

So in conclusion, we wish the Sky TV fixture scheduling people an itch on their bollix that they can never scratch. And some kind of perpetually weeping pus-filled discharge too.

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