Wenger: Ozil reminds me of Bergkamp


Arsene Wenger says that Mesut Ozil reminds him of Dutch genius Dennis Bergkamp as the German internationla heads towards Thierry Henry’s assist record in the Premier League.

Ozil has 16 to his name thus far, and having worked with Bergkamp for years, Wenger comparing the two is a credit for the 27 year old.

“Yes, he’s a bit like Bergkamp,” he said. “Not that guy who stands up and speaks too much but every time he says something, it is straight to the point.

“He’s has a big influence. He’s not an extrovert, as you know. But you don’t win by coincidence and he has won in his career. He’s demanding from his partners.”

Wenger also had praise for on-field skipper Per Mertesacker, saying, “Per is [also] very important in that. He’s a very important leader in the dressing room – and a respected one as well. He maintains focus and wants to do well. He’s one of the guys who can help us.

“Experience helps but what will help more than anything is the quality of our performances and I think Sunday is a big one for us on that front.”


  1. 🎶 We’ve got Ozil
    Mesut Ozil
    I just don’t think you understand
    He’s Arsene Wenger’s man
    He’s better than Zidane
    We’ve got Mesut Ozil 🎶

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    • That song was invented by West Ham fans for Payet; the only difference being in the name of the player.

      Therefore I’d be very embarrassed if we don’t drop that song immediately, and use our collective imagination to develop a new one for Ozil.

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      • Don’t be so ridiculous. Stealing other fans songs and tweaking them to make them your own is part and parcel of terrace culture.

        It’s been done to us and we shall do it to others. It’s fine.

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        • Maybe but when you – Arsenal’s fans – have the best creator in Europe, you – Arsenal’s fans – can also create something special for him.

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  2. oh lord can i thank you for mesut ozil,
    he reminds me of Bergkamp it gives me a thrill,
    in awe of his passing and outrageous skill,
    so lord can i thank you for mesut ozil

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  3. He has that “Bergkamp” quality of doing everything absolutely perfectly. Sure he scores less but they played in different systems.

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    • I am so sorry I thumbed you down when I intended to thumb you up. I shall go hang my head in shame

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  4. Yes Bergkamp is a legend, no denying that. However, sometime I do wonder that Bergkamp had some breathtaking attack minded players to play to. But Ozil, for me, is sheer class because those passes that he makes, its like how did he do that or how did he see that!! Both players are legendary material, but Ozil, many of his passes you just want to sit back and watch on replay over and over. Please don’t hate on my comment, its like how I love Goku and Vagita. Picolo is Vieira, RVP is the ghost of Majin Boo.

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  5. Ridiculous comparison.

    Bergkamp was the catalyst for the post Graham era at Arsenal; even before the arrival of Wenger.
    For Bergkamp think Cantona at ManU. Of course Wenger has taken that ethos on and developed it much further. But for me, when I think of comtemporary arsenal -stylistically-, then Dennis is the godfather.

    Secondly, Bergkamp initiated. For all his wonderful gifts, Özil is essentially fair weather; if its all going ‘swimmingly’ then Özil will happily contribute to the party, but he ain’t a party starter, he’s not digging you out of a hole. For me that’s a huge difference between them.

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