Arsenal 0-0 Hull – player ratings


That was pretty dull overall, we had chances to score and either didn’t take them, or we were denied – once more – by a goalkeeper who had a stormer.

Here’s how the players rated. Warning: it was all very average, so there’s not a lot of variation.

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Arsenal vs Dull City. Ugh.

Jack 'the Diaby' Wilshire
Jack 'the Diaby' Wilshire

The 0 for Gibbs may be a tad harsh : (

Naija Gunner

Sanchez needs some talking to, by the Boss.


Bonus Rating- 10/10 for Robbie Savage making Michael Owen seem competent with this gem; “Hull need to concentrate right till the last minute. I remember we went down to the emirates with Blackburn, were drawing 2-2 in the 89th minute and ended up losing 6-2.” Er, well remembered Robbie.


I was at that game . And when savage said that I knew he was mistaken. It was 3-2 to us and we scored three further goals after the 85th minute to make it 6-2.
Savage , was nutmegged by fabregas before the end of the game which led to a goal. This moment was replayed constantly after the final whistle on the jumbo screen for comedy effect.
Lily savage got that one wrong there.

Tarquin Farquar

Can’t wait for Tuesday. That’s one of the reasons I pay £1,350,00 for me seat. Ozil, messi, Sanchez, Neymar, Cech, Inesta all on the same pitch. Enjoy Gooners. Coyg


You pay £13,500 a year?
Tell you what, I have some magic beans I can let you have if you’re interested……,

Tarquin Farquar

Er no not quite, read comment again. How much for the magic beans though.


13k for a season ticket .
Let’s hope we are a long way off those kind of prices !
Bad enough as it is!

monkey knees

13.5k a year?! You must be shiddin me, son?!


Walcotts sneakily looking good again


Sorry to asking this once again, but Mr Blog, do you even consider to create a forum ? A forum will make this great site even greater… Thank you



Seeing Sounds

Please please, oh yes please create a forum!


Hull never wanted anything but the very big parked bus

Seeing Sounds

Should’ve just put Steve Bruce on the goal line…

But seriously I fuck with Hull, they’re a nice team. Yet they did exactly what we all expected – park the bus and a replay will do us no good.

Two questions: 1. Did you guys think that was a penalty? 2. Where the FUCK is Alexis? …We need him back to his usual self pronto!


Thought Walcott had a very good first half, especially that cross he put on a plate for Welbeck – a much easier header than the one he scored last week! Oh well, if I had to pick one for him to score, it would be the Leicester one.

Seeing Sounds

Ospina actually did a crucial save in the final minutes regular time. Don’t overlook.


we could have lost 1-0 despite having 37 shots to 6. When is the replay … it will do our second team good … they needed the hit-out today obviously. Bring on Barca! And please score from a fucking corner one day!

Arteta's hair

Alexis is really struggling at the moment. Sad to see from such an incredible player, and we really need him to find his form during the run in.


Putting my grumpiness aside to look on the bright side: Walcott looked hungry, sharp, dangerous and even showed some good skill (huh?). Welbeck was surprisingly bright and sharp for his first start in 10 months; I had forgotten that he has skills in addition to power and pace. A bit unlucky not to score. Campbell could easily have scored on that gorgeous free kick. Iwobi continues to look good. But not scoring against Hull’s B team so we have a REPLAY? Christ. (Grumpiness came back.)

bims lay

I agreee 100%……funny, i was just about to write exactly the same thing about walcott when i came across your comment.
Some misinformed “critics” labels his game as being “one dimensional….pace. Today, he showed other attributes we have all forgotten he has


Around 60,000 supporters and hardly any noise? I could be wrong, but the negative energy and anxiety emanating from that many a number may actually be suffocating the players and impede their performance… at least that is what I see it.

Alexis has not played much recently, perhaps he could have started, good 70 mins may have warmed him up nicely to face his ex-team.

Mesut Christmas

Agreed! We need to have more faith and just shout for our team through it all. The players can sense what the fans are thinking.. Let’s make a good noise for them!!


Ground looked half empty today though. Huge number of vacant seats, especially in the upper tier.

Arsenal hurts

Just how old our fans are in Emirates? Avrage of 35 40? there was no soul… How would a young lad with passion buy a ticket anyway. yawning grannies pls give yours to the grandsons 🙁

Seeing Sounds

The thing is 20-30 year olds are priced out of the tickets hence the result. This is a problem that is widespread across the country and one that hasn’t just about popped up now. It needs looking to but I doubt adequate attention will be turned to it. Football has become too much of a business already…Can’t stop loving the game though and of course the team that plays it the prettiest – The Arsenal way.


tens of thousands of tickets available today, £26, but the Arsenal fans that so like to say they are being priced out of going to games due to the big ticket prices, don’t want to go to Arsenal V Hull, they only want to go to the big games, there won’t be any tickets available v Barcelona on Tuesday and there are no £26 tickets for that one.
Tickets are indeed too expensive all across the country, not just in the BPL but in Championship, league one and league two, but the argument is lost when the Cat A games sell out almost instantly, and the far more affordable Cat C games have a third of the stadium empty. Thousands of paid for tickets not used, no takers for those put up for sale on ticket exchange, and no takers for the thousands of unsold tickets either. We also see on a regular basis the youth tickets priced at £10 not sold out. Its a total falsehood that a generation of fans or even fans in general are being priced out of games, there is an argument that fans are being priced out of being season ticket holders, and even of fans being priced out of Cat A games, but please stop with this bull that fans are being priced out of the game. Today is just another clear example of how false that soundbite is.


Those grannies have been supporting Arsenal since before you were born. Numptie


Hope not to see Ox in the squad on Tuesday. Imo he doesn’t deserve to be there. And maybe Sanchez on the bench would do him good as he is so painful to watch right now. He just drives into opponent and loose the ball, so many misplaced passes, unnecessary dribbles. He should keep things more to basic especially when you need a goal and you don’t have much time to score you need to play more simple and not to loose a ball. Would like to se Welbeck ahead of him against Barca. And why every goalkeeper has a game of the season against us?

As for the Barca game I would be pretty confident with our chances but I am not because I know the referee will give us hard time. I would bet big money we will get a red card for maybe not even a yellow card tackle or Barca having a soft penalty. That’s what I am worried about. If the referee in both games will be good I think our chances are 50:50.

Arsenal hurts

btw wasnt walcott our best today?


10 /10 for jakupovic (or whatever his name is), he was superb today. He’s the reason why we are going to the kc stadium for the 2nd leg. Lest I forget, Welbz looked sharp.

He's the soup

Campbell’s free-kick was sublime and he was desperately unlucky not to score. He was a bit scrappy otherwise, as they all were to be honest.

Lots of chances, and lots of same old story … except for once the opposition didn’t sneak a goal out of nowhere. Although today didn’t feel like if, maybe for this reason this is our season. I’m a poet and I don’t know it.


Walcott is so crap it makes me cross


He wasn’t crap today.

Sarcastic Steve

Hull are a fine example of a Championship team.

Mike Dean loves Arsenal.

We drew at home to Hull so beating Barca should be easy enough.


Seems either we are really down on our luck when it comes to finishing or suddenly all the keepers are turning world class. Hopefully it’s just a dry spell and when it starts raining it will pour


There was only one that was a great save, the rest were ones that you would expect any goalkeeper to save.


No way that goalie is 16. Did he get his birth certificate from the same guy to did Costa’s?


And Kanu’s…….


He’s 31. Josh Tymon is 16.

Lance Banner

If only Walcott could dribble like iwobi. Seems like wenger has sorted out elenennys annoying habit of shooting from outside the box. It’s like Arsenal are afraid they will explode if they shoot from outside the box. They’ve been scored on enough times from deflections you think they might just give it a try once in a while.


Im a handsome middle aged man, myself.


Stop moaning. Mike Dean was decent today.


Come on. Only by his standards.

Ox in the box

Except for 2 penalty calls he was actually alright. Don’t know what that says about him.

Gooner Inside the Beltway
Gooner Inside the Beltway

That is a bit like, “other than that, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?” One goal changes that game entirely as Hull can no longer afford to park the bus. Mike Dean is, was, and always will be, a wanker.


Last season alexis would cut in on his right and have a shot mostly on target. This season defenders are keeping him on his left foot nullifying his shooting ability. Not sure how we resolve this issue but it has definitely harmed his effectiveness & our goal scoring threat


What annoys me is Alexis Sanchez moaning he wasnt happy with just 1 trophy last season being the Fa cup that he wanted more…. then why doesnt he make it happen?


Three months of the season left , I’m sure he will start firing again.
Hopefully he’s storing it up for Spurs


I hope your right because i dont judge players by reputation i say it how it is hes playing average and if he steps up now till the end of the season he can be the difference… i wouldnt miss him if he left next season based on the season hes had so far…. Id be faar more worried about losing Ozil that would be a disaster hes created 50 to 60% of ours goals… we wouldnt even be close if it wasnt for him…


Yes .
Ozil has seriously stepped it up this season. He’s been fantastic.

Today was so frustrating. The amount of times, (especially at the Emirates ) when the visiting keeper has an absolute blinder, Just beggars belief.

Timorous Me

Alexis certainly hasn’t been sharp lately. But I don’t think we should be equating sharpness with desire.


Our squad should be deep enough to cope with a replay…might even be a good opportunity for some players to get some game time (as long as we go through…)


Nice to see Elneny and Iwobi again, both have very bright futures. Great seeing Welbeck back, had his moments for sure, but also a bit rusty. Walcott showed how much more effective he can be at striker than stuck out wide. Hopefully we can get back to the rotation of Giroud/Walcott that was so potent early in the season to keep opponents guessing.

We certainly don’t need another match on the schedule, but on the bright side it will give those needing minutes like many that played today another opportunity.


For a team who didn’t want a replay, it seemed like Hull were playing for a replay. Positives are Iwobi, Campbell and Welbeck all looked good. We could probably play the same team for the replay and win it.


I know iwobi was losing steam, but we were more incisive around the box with him on (minus the goals of course). Might’ve kept him on and subbed elsewhere for the extra push.

Alexis needs his touch and goals back right quick.


It was like playing against a brick wall in front of another brick wall in goal.

A game like this needed Ozil and/or Ramsey to thread passes through/over the top to unlock the defense. Elneny is sharp, tidy, and efficient, but not as creative as Ramsey.

also, Ozil’s set piece deliveries were desperately missed.


Ramsey creative? I have heard it all now!


Unlucky not to break them down today, but a not altogether dismal showing. Sure Alexis will fire up again soon, Barca could be the perfect platform for that.


it seems to be we are not as prolific as we were a few seasons ago when we would steamroll smaller opposition at the emirates. Perhaps one of the reasons could be because, Ozil aside and in santi’s absence, we are not as good in threading key passes as we were then. It could also be that opposing teams have figured out how to nullify our threat in the final third. Or maybe I am wrong, it could just be that our conversion rate at the moment is shit !

john - south africa

When will the boss learn, play the big boys from the start, get a 2 goal lead, take them out in the 55-65 min
who knows, with fresh legs and the game now open we might even get 3 or 4.
whats the difference?


Playing with Flamini in the team really seems to stifle us creatively, not only is he not good at incisive passes but he also gets himself in good positions going forwards only to screw it up because he doesnt have the technique to do anything with the ball in and around the box, I dunno why in a game like that he wasnt taken off and replaced by someone more attack minded. Also I felt again yesterday how much we are missing Cazorla, when he and Coq got injured everyone seemed to think Coq would be the bigger miss but actually we loose so much of the tempo and rhythm to our game without Santi and were way slower in transition. Its been showing a lot in recent matches, without him we seem to loose so much control in our matches and our attacks are much more stop start rather than fluid


Hopefully we (and definitely Alexis) are saving up our energy for the big Barca game on Tuesday. To be fair o us against Hull, we had made 9 changes and fielded an unfamiliar side to normal – without the chemistry our first 11 have. We just needed some spark and energy, perhaps creativity, from Ozil/Sanchez/Cazorla. Feel like Cazorla making the midfield tick is being greatly missed. Elneny, though, is playing an Arteta-like in the midfield – neat though not creating the perhaps needed spark.