Arsenal confirm US summer jaunt


Arsenal have confirmed that they will travel to the USA as part of their pre-season preparations for the 2016/17 season.

We’ll play the 2016 MLS AT&T All-Stars in San Jose on July 28 before facing Chivas de Guadalajara at the StubHub Center in Los Angeles on Sunday on July 31.

A video to promote the tour – posted on Twitter – features Kaka, Thierry Henry, Bradley Wright-Phillips and a fuck ton of bad acting from the Arsenal squad.

Speaking about the matches, Arsene Wenger said: “Pre-season is a critically important time for us and we are delighted to be going to San Jose and Los Angeles to participate in the 2016 MLS All-Star game and to play Chivas.

“We have tremendous support across America and enjoyed our visit to New York in the summer of 2014 when we played the New York Red Bulls at Red Bull Arena. We look forward to giving our US fans the chance to see the team play live.”

In the summer of 2014, Arsenal played New York Red Bulls, going down 1-0 to a goal scored by Ian Wright’s son, Bradley Wright-Phillips. I was at that game. It wasn’t very good, but that whole weekend with Arsenal in town and Gooners from all over the states in attendance was massive fun.

Now, do you know the way to San Jose? I’ve got lots of friends in San Jose.


  1. Looking forward to a two-hour flight to see the team instead of an eight-hour flight. Lots of Gooners on this side of the Atlantic to show the squad some hospitality.

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    • As a fellow Front Range Gooner wasn’t that grand on Sunday? Arsenal winning then the Broncos winning. Now all our London boys have to do is match the Broncos for the title.

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      • Absolutely! It seems greedy, but if both of my teams could win their respective championships in the same year, that would be awesome.

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      • Great for the city, Uche.

        I am sad that this years MLS All-Star game was here against Tottenham, and next year’s is against The Mighty Gunners in San Jose. San Jose!!! 🙁

        I hope that many of us get a chance to get tix either for MLS All-Stars or Chivas. I’m thinking it might be an easier find to get one of those in LA against the Goats of Guadalajara.

        (Uche, short for Uchegbu?)


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    • Tickets are up first to San Jose season ticket holders, then a general lottery in April. Arsenal ticket holders may have access sooner than that

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    • Arsenal Canada will be arranging for an allotment of tickets, much as they did in New York in 2014. Probably be in the neighbourhood of 300-400 tickets.

      Wish I could go, but they’ve picked the one weekend in the entire summer when I’m committed to other stuff. Crap.

      I also wish they’d put these games in much bigger stadiums than the 20,000 to 25,000 shoeboxes they’re currently using. I’m sure they could easily sell out the Rose Bowl, at 105,000 seats. All that happens with the small venues is that resellers make a fortune.

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  2. Will Donald Trump come to watch us play?
    Just imagine if he becomes President. He may not let Özil and Elneny enter USA.
    Can’t believe that man won a primary.
    How can sane people support him.

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    • Trump has no chance here. He’s liked by only a third of one party’s supporters. He’s essentially Marie LePen in the US. Scary, but more of a media creation than anything. Kind of like the possibility of Spuds finishing above us.

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    • A single primary means nothing really. super Tuesday is a better indicator of a candidate’s potential than NH or Iowa, which have relatively small populations and matter little for the delegates which go to the respective conventions- they’re just a tradition for primary voting and caucuses.

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    • The key word here is Sane. Actually it may not even be that as much as ‘not ignorant’. And here’s the reality- nothing earth shattering to many, but we in the US of A have a surprising number of folk who take true pride in being and staying ignorant. The saddest part is this includes many who actually choose to posture themselves that way because of whatever anger it is that vents their frustration or conveniently serves their purpose.

      Now for perspective keep in mind there are bigoted lunatics in every nation on this marble, and for better or worse (not that hard to suss out) we here have mastered the art of shameless spectacle.

      And we fucking found gravitational waves. Fuck that blip.

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  3. Arsenal recognizes Western coast of USA—you heard it here first. A trip down to San Jose from Canada in the peak of summer sounds bloody lovely though.

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  4. I grew up in the Bay Area and can’t wait to go back! SJ in July may be miserably hot but whatever, can’t wait to see the Gunners!!!!!!

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  5. So 2 visits to the US now, and both to cities I absolutely hate visiting…
    I still maintain that denver is a better location for a visit, especially since Kroenke already owns a football team and stadium here.

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    • But Joel CAMPBELL is in San Jose…..
      And a Theo WALCOTT way, and Isaac HAYDEN Drive..
      Must be a Sanchez something there as well….

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  6. live 10 minutes from the stadium if its the one I am thinking of, so stoked! not a great capacity, why not the Levis stadium where the superbowl was?

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      • Last I heard there were somewhere over 300,000 ticket requests for the game in New York. Given that level of interest, I simply can’t understand why they’d play the game in that tiny little stadium when there’s one four times the size just three miles away. I don’t understand the use of Stubhub either, 25K vs. 105K capacity. And Stubhub’s not a very nice stadium, there’s nothing nearby, no pubs, no restaurants, just benches for seats for the most part. Ugh!

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  7. Well as a Quakes season ticket holder I’ll get first dibs—no lottery (though I still signed up and ticked the “sit in Arsenal section”!

    p.a. Hey Blogs, how did you manage to post the video on Twitter, before even @quakes74 got theirs off?

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  8. This absolutely made my day! It’s a 45 minute drive from my house, depending on which stadium they play the match- the 18K seat home of the MSL’s San Jose Earthquakes, or the 70K seat Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. Only a pre-season tour match, but hopefully we can welcome them as EPL Champions (and perhaps cup winners as well). The MLS Allstar game featured the Sp*ds a few years ago, and sweet baby Jaysus that was hard to take.
    FYI- I saw (from a distance) the BFG last June in Oakland for the NBA Championship.

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  9. They should consider movIng this to Stanford, which can seat about 60K.

    SJ’s new stadium is just too small for something like this.

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  10. Since leaving London 27 years ago I’ve been waiting for this. 27 years. And finally they are coming to visit me.

    When I first arrived in California I was amazed by two things concerning sah-ker (futbol). The number and quality of co-ed leagues. And the number of youth teams calling themselves Arsenal and donning the classic red & white shirts. It seemed like an opportunity was being missed you the club to capitalize on all this during the nineties and naughties.

    Better late than never. And Mr ArseBlog you are more than welcome to stay with us in L.A.

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  11. Massive untapped market for The Arsenal with plenty of dosh to spend.

    Surprise the club did not do this two pre-seasons earlier.

    The game is growing and the facilities are exceptionally good.

    Should consider setting up a couple of proper football schools (not the piddly ones advertised) to genuinely cull talent from the Americas (not based on financial ability to pay high fees alone)

    Could be a good catchment point for CONCACAF talent considering joe Campbell (remember people saying Dick Law was wasting his time?) and Zelalem.

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  12. Would love to fly down from the west coast of Canada, but given the small venues, I’m not optimistic about my chances of getting tickets.
    Would really love them to come to Seattle since I’m there quite often.

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