Bournemouth 0-2 Arsenal: By the Numbers


12 – Petr Cech clean sheets this season (leads the League)
2 – Petr Cech Key Passes this season
1 – Petr Cech Key Pass v. AFC Bournemouth today
1 – Big Chances created by Petr Cech this season
1 – Big Chance created by Petr Cech for Aaron Ramsey v. AFC Bournemouth today
63 – Saves by Cech so far this season which is the 3rd most of any keeper in the League according to Squawka
2.52 -Saves per game by Cech so far this season which is 4th most of any keeper with more than 20 games according to Squawka
83 – Saves by Cech this season which is the 2nd most in the League according to Whoscored
86 – Saves by Cech this season which is the 2nd most in the League according to my database¹
20 – I have no idea why Squawka has a 20 saves difference over both WhoScored and my database but I think mine and WhoScored are closest to actual shots faced so let’s use that
37 – Saves Cech has made from shots outside the box, most in the League
45 – Percent of Cech’s saves which have been from shots from distance
18 – Saves Cech has made from shots in Prime (the area right around the 6 yard box)
75 – Percent of shots Cech has saved from shots in Prime (18/24 — best among all keepers)
10 – Saves Cech has made from Big Chances (chances that players score at a 40% rate from all shots and a 50% rate from shots on target)
59 – Percent of Big Chances that Cech has saved (10/17 — best among top 4 keepers)
4 – Shots on goal by AFC Bournemouth today
2 – Shots on goal from outside the 18 yard box by AFC Bournemouth today
3 – Shots on goal from Prime positions by AFC Bournemouth today
1 – Successful dribbles by Cech this season
1 – Tackles this season by Cech
1 – Tackles by Cech against AFC Bournemouth

7 – Attempted tackles by Ramsey, 5 successful, 1 failed tackle in the Arsenal defensive 1/3 (led Arsenal in tackles attempted and made)
26 – Minute in the game in which Harry Arter dribbled past Aaron Ramsey in the Arsenal defensive 1/3
6 – Attempted tackles by Ox, 2 successful, 2 failed in the Arsenal defensive 1/3
27 – Minute in which Ox made his last successful tackle, after that he went 0/4
23 – Minute in which Ox took his last shot of the game (scored, low, not a big chance, not in Prime)
54 – Minute of the game in which Arsenal basically stopped attacking having taken 8/10 shots in the game
2 – Shots Arsenal took after Alexis’ shot in the 54th minute
2 – Shots Ramsey took in those final 40 minutes
3 – Shots Ramsey took in the match (led Arsenal)
63 – Passes by Ramsey (led Arsenal)
20 – Passes by Ramsey in the Bournemouth final 1/3 (3rd on Arsenal)
2 – Chances created by Ramsey (co-lead Arsenal along with Ozil, Alexis, and Giroud)
1 – Assists by Ramsey
2 – Successful dribbles by Ramsey (of 2 attempted, 2nd on the team behind Bellerín who was 3/5)
2 – Aerial duels won by Ramsey (of 2 attempted, lead Arsenal)
12 – Ball recoveries by Ramsey (led Arsenal)
4 – Interceptions by Ramsey (2nd behind Nacho who had 6)
4 – Fouls committed by Ramsey (led Arsenal)
3 – Fouls suffered by Ramsey (led Arsenal)

0 – Touches by Theo Walcott


¹Mine is different because WhoScored didn’t count three events as shots and I did. Simples! But it does highlight the fact that even something that is clear cut in our mind, “shot, shot on goal”, is still open for interpretation. Though, I can’t figure out how Squawka is different by 20.


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Best keeper in the league. Best signing of the summer and an absolute bargain.


Becomes more and more amazing and valuable with each passing week. Zero defect performances week after week. Massively reduces heart palpitations caused by sometimes shaky defence. Although Koscielny was a giant yesterday.


No doubt about that


1: Number of Aaron Ramseys there are in the world

Goone's Farm

Cue comments insisting stats don’t prove anything, that Ramsey played badly and didn’t contribute in defense, and that if 7am ACTUALLY watches football matches, he’d KNOW Ramsey was shit.


Some fans would have you think that not only Ramsey, but almost the entire team was shit, especially in the 2nd half.

I like wins. I thought people would be happier.


Do you have any stats for:

Number of times Ramsey took 10-12 touches to make a pass when 1-2 were needed.
Number of times an attack slowed to a crawl with the ball at Ramsey’s feet.
Number of times Ramsey ignored or didn’t see a better placed teammate.
Number of times Ramsey was caught upfield looking for a goal leaving us short of numbers when the opposition attacked.
Number of times these things will be a problem when we face credible opposition.
Percent more secure things looked in the midfield when Ramsey moved out of the middle.


Do you have any of those stats?

“Number of times Ramsey ignored or didn’t see a better placed teammate.”
Like the ball over the top which Giroud headed back for Özil to smash into the net? Or his assist for the Ox?


Or when at the end it was basically just Ramsey and Giroud against the keeper and instead of passing to Giroud for the simple tap in he wanted to be the glory boy again and drilled a weak shot straight at the keeper.


I agree, that play frustrated me too. However, the gist of the post that I responded to was that Ramsey was absolutely shit and did nothing right. I just wanted to point out that he did make some good plays and most certainly contributed to the win in a positive way.


There was also a defender marking Giroud, but I agree, that play frustrated me too! He should’ve cut the ball to his right at the top of the 6 and forced the defender to make a decision. But players, on occasion, make the wrong decisions.

The post I was responding would have you believe that Ramsey provided no positive contribution to the team’s win, I was just pointing out otherwise.


It wasn’t an assist. He just played it out wide. And the truth is, Ox attempted a low cross across the face of the goal that went in for good. So lets be objective. We love Arsenal win matches. However for a club of our stature we should be chewing up teams like Bournemouth…


It was an assist. He played a good ball, into a pretty decent position for the Ox. From that position, the Ox was most certainly shooting for the low corner. That’s what you’re supposed to do! If he drags it wide, hopefully a teammate, which would’ve been Alexis in this case, is there to tap it in. Don’t down play either player’s contribution on that play.

Crash Fistfight

No way was that a cross. If it was, I don’t know how he thought it was going to reach a teammate with the way he hit it.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Did you watch the game bro? Or perhaps you were busy getting to Shetford Bridge to see your team play Manure?

Good luck with your stats on people ignoring or failing to see things and percentage of security perception. Maybe you meant to sound clever, but i can’t be sure because it sounds kind of stupid.

New Haven Gooner

1 – The number of points you don’t get.


I couldn’t of said it better mate!! Not a Ramsey hater but holy shit is he overrated! And Ox and Theo


I thought Ramsey did really well in the first half – I remember multiple times when he could have bombed forward but didn’t, and it seemed to work. Take as evidence his contributions to our two goals, both involved him making a good pass to a player that was farther forward than him.

I think Ramsey is quite good when he sits back a little farther, and it looked like he did that in the first half (almost like he was told to do so). In other words, when he plays as a midfielder, and makes late runs into the box on occasion, he’s great.

The problem is when he plays like a second striker, and is constantly up next to Giroud in the box, leaving his midfield partner high and dry, trying to cover the entire center circle on his own. That’s when he’s frustrating.


I believe our mate mark is putting forward some of the parts of the game that are a little more subjective. Bad decision making doesn’t get captured in stats but is equally frustrating to watch. Just saying.

Nasri's missing chinbone
Nasri's missing chinbone

54 – the combined shirt number of our defensive midfield pairing after coquelin entered the fray in the second half. Nice to be able to bring on a specialist wrecking-ball 2 up away from home.


Question about how “chances created” are assigned, because Ozil’s goal is a great example – is Ramsey credited with creating a chance there with his ball over the top, is Giroud credited with a chance created for the actual assist, or do both get credited?


Olivier Giroud gets credited in the stats with an assist and a chance created. Aaron Ramsey gets an unofficial pre-assist.

Tee Söng

AKA a “hleb.”


NB: It’s only a chance created for Ramsey if Giroud had directed his header towards the goal (shot). Giroud put his header towards Ozil, so Ramsey’s over-the-top ball it isn’t a key pass/chance created either.


Thanks! That’s the problem with relying too heavily on stats in football at the moment. Lot of things aren’t captured.


Looks like Squawka doesn’t count shots that are going off-target as saves made by Cech. That might account for the 20+ margin between Squawka & your model/Whoscored’s database.


That doesn’t happen very often: keeper claims but ball wasn’t on target. Last week he had one and 442 didn’t credit it.


True, but at times, keepers aren’t sure whether the ball is heading in or just wide, and will make the save regardless.
And what happens if a keeper tips the ball onto a post? Squawka shot definitions has shots that hit the post as “woodwork.”

Tee Söng

The season so far can be divided very starkly into pre and post injury crisis phases, specifically the loss of Coq, Caz, and Sanchez. With those players, we were playing well and without, not so much. Both the attack and defending suffered yet despite the crap performances, we’ve managed to remain in touching distance of the top. From a defensive standpoint, Cech is largely responsible that. So far this season, Cech has faced a league average 4.3 shots on target but in terms of goals against, we’re joint second and far away from being league average. That’s Cech literally saving our collective asses. Hopefully with Coq’s imminent return, we can get back to defending well, limiting shots, and not depend so much on brilliant goalkeeping.


i still prefer walcott up front. we’ve been getting by with giroud (or have we), but the play is so pedestrian. wouldn’t mind seeing coquelin and elneny in midfield with ramsey, ozil, alexis, and walcott up front. right now we can’t play possession football and we can’t play counter attacking football. if we go with this formation it might allow for more interceptions and subsequent breaks with pace. something needs to change because we’re not getting the goals with giroud up top. 39 goals with less than half the season to go is just embarrassing. i also think alexis will start banging them in when giroud is finally back on the bench.

Same old Arsenal, always winning
Same old Arsenal, always winning

I’m not sure about the changes in midfield but I wouldn’t mind seeing Walcott on against Leicester simply because his inclusion seems to allow Sanchez to thrive. He helps get rid of pesky defensive shapes with his movement. It’s symbiosis, like the way big beasts get on well with tiny ineffectual birds that eat up annoying mosquito.

Although this is no sleight of Giroud who has been working hard, it’s just about goals, goals, goals.


-which Walcott is not going to get you….Leicester will sit deep and be cautious off the ball….we need muscke, we need Giroud….Walcott to get last 20…

Man Manny

2 – The number of points we’ll, hopefully, be below the top team on the log by this time next week. Massive 3 points that would be!

Me So Hornsey

Next week is going to be one of the tastiest ‘Super Sundays’ of the season. We will have to be so on point against Leicester but I have a feeling we will be, as we have been against ManU and ManC at home.

Wenger’s tactics today were superb. Completely negated Bournemouth’s high press by playing quick direct balls to the front and bypassing their midfield.

I really hope this is a sign he’ll be doing his homework for next week.

Strangely enough, I want City to win next week. I actually don’t see them as much a threat as Spuds, who I don’t think I’ve ever remembered looking as relentlessly effiecient as they do at the moment, although I’ll be happy enough with a draw between them.

Exciting times.

American gooner

I have to say that our team was in a negative spiral, and it’s very hard to come out of those.


Ramsey love fest. Then touches by Walcott 0. Pathetic. Thought better of you 7am. Yes Walcott has been shite and probably should move on while he still has a value but the constant Ramsey v Walcott comparison in terms of who’s good who’s rubish is now boring.

Tarquin Farquar

Well said sir. Ramsey did OK. The love fest is embarrassing.


I think he was making a little joke based on the fact Walcott got 30 seconds.


Got be honest then blogs. I’ve heard funnier ones.
Personally I think it was just another cheap dig at Walcott simple as


Ahh, sure, but it wasn’t anything other than that. 7am is a fair guy, as you know. If it had been me … 😉


Actually there is no comparison between Ramsey and Walcott. Anytime any day, Ramsey is better than Walcott. However, Ramsey is not a player to that level of winning titles. It will be better for us to let Walcott go in summer and give chance to a young player like Iweobi. Walcott is one of those dead woods we have in the squad at the moment. Walcott is never going to be better than he is right now. I have always agreed to what Allen Hansen said about him… “football brain”? Speed alone does not get you anywhere without skills and football brain. I believe Walcott could have been a great 100meter runner than playing football… it is not late for him to switch.


I agree, there is no comparison between the two players. Both have different skill sets and much different tasks during the game. Ramsey is a very good box to box midfielder who is close to be world class. He is a frustrating player as his talent shows each game, but also has his issues, specifically decision making and defending. Theo on the other hand is a forward who plays off of confidence and thrives in certain game settings. Walcott’s confidence is shit at the moment, so we are all hating on him, but remember when he played against United? He was a completely different player which is why I wish Wenger threw him on in the 80th minute yesterday, not the 93rd….. Giroud wasn’t doing much at that point (nice to have on to defend headers though) and I thought Walcott could use his speed to counter attack Bourn’s tired defense. Also a goal could a for Theo could have helped his confidence and our goal differential. still happy with the 3 points and clean sheet though!


Totally agree about our lack of ambition going for a goal in the second half. An earlier Walcott sub could have definitely gotten us a goal.


So the average save rate for big chances on target must be 50% and Cech’s is 59%? Above average, but by a smaller margin than I thought. Have I understood the figures correctly?


Just because the average score rate is 50% doesn’t mean the average save rate is the other 50%. Some of those aren’t saved at all. The strikers misses or the shot is blocked by another player. I don’t actually have the numbers by i would guess the actual average save rate for such chances would be closer to 35% if the shot is on target.


Don’t think “missing” is an issue since the stat is for shots on target, but I take your point about defenders blocking, clearing shots off the line, etc. I hadn’t considered that.


Percentage of whining, unhappy Arsenal fans despite a good, solid away win with zero injuries and setting us up nicely for a potentially title deciding game against Leicester next weekend: 86%


This forum is starting to suck! ! What this Ramsey bashing is all about?? He’s our player and does his best. He’s only human. If he’s doing anything detrimental to the team, believe me there are more qualified staff in the coaching team to tell him off. If you don’t watch the game and only read posts here you will think Ramsey is the worst player on earth and from our fans? Ffs leave the boy alone


Ramsey will be sold this summer. The boss will only play Ramsey and Flamini against weaker opponents the rest of this season. Tougher games will see Coquelin with either Elneny or Cazorla when the Spaniard gets back into the team.


He is a good player but not to that level to play for Arsenal. He appears tired easily and seem not to have the fighting spirit like Sanchez. I personally do not have anything against Rambo but AF club comes before any of the players. Sentiment apart, we have to be realistic about our chances of wining trophies. You do not win things by mere wishing just like Wenger.


“He appears tired easily…”

Are you for real? Rambo leaves his guts on the field for Arsenal! No one runs harder. Sick of this bashing of one of our best players.


I think you got it wrong…..people are just tired of seeing this multi-talented footballer frequently let himself and the team down by horrendous decision making…..If he has to play in the centre (where he is best), it should only be with LeCoq as chaperone…

Rip Van's Winkel

Congratulations to AOC on his first away goal. Maybe that’s why the commentator on Sky called him


Bobby I think the reason you will find a lot of fans griping is because, despite winning, we still played poorly!!! I think the concern here is that we will perform like that against Leicester and/or manure and drop out of the title race!! These two games are must wins but unfortunately whenever we are in that sort of territory we tend to disappoint and implode!!! Take the FA cup semi final of the 2004 season – that defeat to manure was swiftly followed by a champions league exit at the hands of the chavs!!! Unfortunately we have seen this all too often!!! I could mention the sol Campbell sending off against manure in 2003 which saw us blow the title or the way the team crumbled after the Eduardo incident in 2008 – dropping stupid points in subsequent games!! Wenger talks about mental strength but knows his teams lack it – not sure why? Take the 49 games unbeaten run which ended at old toilet – so we lost ONE game, but why does that one game impact on the team to the extent we had a poor run of form immediately after and thus gifted the chavs the league title!!! There seems to be no perspective – the squad should have reflected on the 49 games unbeaten, not made such a big deal about the one game we lost!!! I hope this team bucks to trend a beat both Leicester and manure, but won’t be shocked if we balls it up!!!!


Jeez you are hard to please mate. We used to play like from another planet, passing the ball like artists. Still get beaten by big sams Bolton with their only shot on target, letting fans, pundits and neutrals bemused. Now the system has changed and we get results without breaking the bank. Ask Ferguson. He used to play badly and win. I’d rather the team to play like yesterday and get 3 point. No brainer. We can complain about Bournemouth because they have that name. Oh only it’s Bournemouth. But if you look at their recent results they are oh boy!!


Flamini is a liability; he’s not good enough and should’ve been sent off very early in the game. Against Leicester Wenger MUST play somebody else alongside Ramsey.


Wonderful display by Rambo.. Love that man


We are all happy but honestly, the guys did not play great yesterday despite Bournemouth not playing as i have seen them play in their last two games. We were also very lucky that stupid Flamini was not shown red. It could have changed the whole game. The game yesterday was not convincing. We were not compact and some players are still average. The only thing that I was happy about yesterday was that Wallcot didn’t feature till the last few seconds of the game. Our assumed child prodigy that never became anything at Arsenal…shame!


So weren’t happy that we won.


Ramsey is quite a strange player for me… On one hand I like him but on the other he frustrates the living daylights out of me. He makes some terrible decisions, but scores decent goals. He tries too hard for me, but then can pull something off that will wow the crowd. He’s very inconsistent but a good player to have in the team.


The end justifies the means. If next week we get a crappy win against Leicester, and Flamini lunges in dangerously but doesn’t get sent off, we will be talking about mental strength. Double standards.


Probably the only player about whom all Arsenal fans agree upon since day 1!


13 – number of matches remaining to earn the title.