FA finally confirm Hull replay date


After much toing and froing Arsenal have finally been told when they can replay their FA Cup fifth round clash with Hull City.

Having been held to a 0-0 draw at the Emirates the Gunners will now travel to the KC Stadium on Tuesday March 8th, with an unusual 7pm kick-off time.
In a statement on the FA website, they said, “It is important to note that numerous factors were fully considered before agreeing the date and time for the Hull City v Arsenal replay.

“In-depth and exhaustive discussions have taken place over the last 72 hours with all associated parties to determine the scheduling of this fixture and The FA recognises that this is not an ideal solution for everyone.

“However, it does strengthen the case for footballing bodies to work closely together in a positive, collaborative way to resolve the overcrowded and untenable fixture schedule.

“Firstly, both clubs are challenging for honours and require the best available preparation time. As such, Monday 7 March was ruled out as an option.

“It is recognised that this match will be partially played when UEFA have a scheduled programme of European fixtures and if there were any suitable alternatives, The FA would have warmly accepted these.

“There was an option for a 5.45pm kick off, however, the spirit of The FA Cup is strongly defined by the supporters and an earlier time would have significantly impacted on fans’ attendance. This was not a viable solution.”

The comes after a North London Derby at White Hart Lane, and with the 6th round due to take place the following weekend, Arsenal could face Watford in their next game if they overcome Steve Bruce’s side.

Update – Arsenal to offer subsidised coach travel for the game

A statement reads: “The club is offering subsidised coach travel to supporters for our FA Cup fifth-round replay against Hull City.

“Coaches will be available to take fans to and from the KC Stadium for the special price of £10 return, with collection points at a north London location which will be announced shortly.”


    • Here is an idea lads. Stan, Ivan, Sir Chips etc….

      How about laying on the bloody coaches for the loyal traveling Gooners who are willing to go up north and support the lads? It doesn’t have to set a precedent, it’s a unusual time, just say as a gesture to help those who are willing to travel, the club will cover the coaches.

      Do we still have a PR department?, it would just be a small gesture to show that we haven’t completely lost touch with the life blood of our club.

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  1. the spirit of The FA Cup is strongly defined by the supporters and an earlier time would have significantly impacted on fans’ attendance. This was not a viable solution.”

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    • I’m not saying they’re not money-grabbing assholes in general, but programming Hull vs Arsenal at the same time as a CL quarterfinal clearly isn’t a move designed to sell tv adverts. So maybe they really did consider the interests of the clubs and the fans for once?

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  2. Crikey they are piling up and our season will I think be defined in 2 weeks.

    Fancy cheering the boys on but have no idea about getting a ticket being an away virgin.Advice welcome.

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  3. We will play a lot of our second string I suspect which is no bad thing as it is all good for competition if players catch the eye. Some of our first team could do with a bit of a fire lighting under them!

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  4. So if Arsenal win, there are 3 days to get tickets out and for Watford to dispense them to their fans.
    If Hull win, there are 3 days to get tickets out, for Watford to dispense them to their fans and for Watford fans to arrange travel to East Yorkshire. Of course, everything has been done for the fans……….

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    • Also, 3 days for that weekend’s planned league opponents of Hull or Arsenal to cancel their plans.

      They couldn’t really have fit this game in anywhere else due to our midweek commitments, but it seems like at this point they almost have to pre-emptively postpone the quarterfinal considering that otherwise they’re going to screw over the travel and ticket arrangements of 3 out of 5 sets of fans (Arsenal, Hull, Watford, WBA & MK Dons).

      Or maybe it’s time to scrap the replays? The whole “earning a replay” thing is already a match fixing risk waiting to happen, as right now a non-league side leading a top premier league team in the FA cup at home can fix their finances for years by letting in an equalizer.

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      • Well, actually they could have fit it in by postponing the Swansea match to May and doing the replay on March 2. No conflict with the CL, a decent three days’ rest on either side of the match, and due to our likely CL exit in the near future, no fixture congestion around the rescheduled Swansea match. But I guess that occurred to precisely no-one at the FA.

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        • you forget Hull would have to call off a game too, away to Brum on the 3rd March, and Hull have very little scope to rearrange fixtures for later in the season, for example they have 7 league games in April, at this point we have only 5 confirmed fixtures in April, but this could be 9 if we were to progress in CL(unlikely) and FAC. Lets not forget that if they manage to beat Arsenal in the cup, and then beat Watford they will have serious fixture congestion to deal with and putting off the replay is a real no no for them. It also has to be considered that the winner of the replay could very well draw v Watford, meaning another game to squeeze in.
          If you think Hull, Arsenal and the FA have not looked at all possibilities and considered them all, and picked the least unsatisfactory option, then you really have not got a clue

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  5. This is actually pretty good. We have the hard league matches behind us and the following week-end we play Watford in the FA Cup so the energy used for the replay won’t jeopardise our league challenge.

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  6. Let’s win the League and 3 peat the Cup. I hope Arsene prioritizes and puts out a stronger team for Hull rather than Barcelona.

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    • Totally agree – Indeed he screwed up not doing that last week even before the first leg. The league and a historic third consecutive win of the cup should be the priority this year, have a pivot at the CL next year upon buying a top rate striker

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