Report: Man Utd 3-2 Arsenal (inc. highlights)


Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis, Welbeck, Walcott

Subs: Ospina, Gibbs, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Elneny, Iwobi, Giroud

Teenager Marcus Rashford bagged a brace as Manchester United beat Arsenal 3-2 at Old Trafford.

The 18-year-old, making his Premier League debut, scored twice inside three minutes to put the home side 2-0 ahead by the half-hour mark before Danny Welbeck reduced the deficit with a header just before the break.

Ander Herrera then restored United’s two-goal lead with an effort that deflected off Laurent Koscielny. Mesut Ozil gave the visitors hope of a draw with a goal on 68 minutes but Louis van Gaal’s side held on for the points as Wenger’s misfiring side struggled to create anything of note in the final third.

The result, coupled with wins for Leicester and Tottenham Hotspur, casts serious doubt on the Gunners chances.


Arsene Wenger sprung a surprise by dropping Olivier Giroud, without a goal in eight games, opting instead for an attacking trio of Theo Walcott, Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck. The Frenchman was joined on the bench by Mertesacker who was replaced by the returning Gabriel. Mohamed Elneny and Alex Iwobi, both absent against Barcelona, were also amongst the subs.

First half

Over the years Arsenal have been dicked on by Manchester United from every angle. There have been thrashings, poundings, spankings and hidings, unjust goals, great goals, ridiculous goals and own goals. We’ve lost in every way imaginable…so being 2-0 down at Old Trafford after 30 minutes isn’t unusual.

The thing is, we’re supposed to be fighting for the title. And United are certainly not. Louis van Gaal’s side have been stupendously erratic this season and with an injury crisis of Gunners-esque proportions they had little choice but to field a team of reserves, including an 18-year-old striker, Marcus Rashford, making his league debut. Naturally Arsenal let that kid score twice.

The game started pretty quietly as both sides knocked the ball around tentatively without attempting to up the tempo. An early chance for Nacho Monreal was foiled by compatriot David de Gea, Memphis Depay had a free-kick that Petr Cech did well to grasp and Danny Blind cleared a Gabriel header.

Then, as is so often the case, Arsenal pressed the self-destruct button. Not for the first time this term, Theo Walcott was dispossessed trying to run the ball out of defence. Ander Herrera stole the ball and United worked it to the right wing where Guillermo Varela delivered a teasing cross into the centre of the box. Koscielny missed it, Gabriel couldn’t clear properly and as the ball bounced free Rashford tucked it into the top corner.

Not for the first time this term, Theo Walcott was dispossessed trying to run the ball out of defence. Ander Herrera stole the ball and United worked it to the right wing where Guillermo Varela delivered a teasing cross into the centre of the box. Koscielny missed it, Gabriel couldn’t clear properly and as the ball bounced free Rashford tucked it into the top corner. (1-0)

Within three minutes United doubled their lead. Another ball from the right deceived Gabriel and Rashford, four yards out, was on hand to head the ball past a stranded Cech. (2-0)

On the ropes Arsenal had to respond. Out of nothing they did just that. As was the case against Leicester, Ozil swung in a delicious free-kick – won by Alexis – and Welbeck glanced a header past De Gea. It was the German’s 18th assist of the season. (2-1)

Second half

As expected Manchester United were happy to concede possession to the Gunners in the second half. Sitting deep, their entire game was built on breaking quickly when Wenger’s men committed too many men forward. It worked for Barcelona and it worked for the Red Devils.

In the moments after Olivier Giroud replaced Theo Walcott, the ball was worked to Rashford in the right channel. The youngster held the ball up well, played the ball to the edge of the box for Herrera whose first-time shot took a wicked deflection off Koscielny’s chest and flew past Cech into the roof of the net. (3-1)

United looked comfortable enough so it was something of a surprise that Arsenal found a second goal. A fine De Gea stop denied Welbeck from point blank only for Mesut Ozil to bounce home the rebound with a clear mishit. (3-2)

Elneny came on for Coquelin and promptly got booked. That came just minutes after Ramsey had escaped with a caution after raising his hands to the face of Herrera. We needed to be disciplined and we were anything but.

Chances were few and far between for the Gunners as the game ticked towards full time. Giroud and Gabriel both had headers; one over, the other straight at De Gea. That aside the Spaniard had little to worry about as United saw out the game.


  1. First Campbell gets benched for an out of form and out of sorts OX. Then benched for a disappearing Theo Walcott. Then Iwobi comes off the bench before him. This all coming after he played pretty well in a period when we had no one else. Pretty obvious wenger doesn’t pick his team on merit, but on favourites.

    We ain’t winning no fucking title lads. Fourth place here we come

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    • If anyone other than City win the league, we won’t even have the lack of funds as an excuse this time. Sad days indeed.

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      • This is/was the season of no excuses. No more need to penny-pinch. No international summer tournament. No champions league qualifier. No big-name players forcing a move away. Coupled with one of the weakest seasons there has been in terms of competing teams. Yet the same failings happen again and again.

        Of course we can still win it but they just made it a whole lot harder.

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        • I can accept barca defeat, but not this one. This season we are too often making people look fantastic, goalkeeper in particular, now its an 18 year old kid on his debut. For all the money we spent on world class players, We were screwed by this boy 3 times, giving him 2 goals and 1 assists.

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    • I’m just getting tired of reading the headlines “Wenger seeks solution to goal drought” or Koscielny says “We must beat Manure” and tomorrow when Arsenal wheel out another tired (insert players name) calls for more mental strength or whatever I’ll just do a Victor Meldrew but then its heads up and back to hoping again for the Wednesday game. COYG

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    • I think we’ll finish 3rd. Still quite an embarrassment considering the teams ahead of us will most likely be Leicester and Spurs. This was supposed to be the year we took the title.

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    • Yes Wenger no good strikers available, I mean we can’t spend if there’s no one good.

      Oh hold up Dybala – unbelievable for Juve this season. And Martial – went on the last day of the transfer window, so we could have been in early.

      Great attackers, Douglas Costa, sure Griezman can be bought, AM are always a selling club.

      No good back up defensive midfielders… Kondogbia?

      Nah we bought no back up players and have Flamini come on. Oh and rely on Wilshere, Arteta and Roaicky…

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      • Can’t agree enough.

        Wenger’s arrogant statements season after season, “We couldn’t find an ‘upgrade'”, like we couldn’t find ANYONE better than Giroud (lol) and Welbeck (hahaha).

        Literally trying anyone with good dribbling, height, and record for finishing could have worked. That’s how strikers are. At least you should have gave it a try rather than sticking with an clearly no title winning strange striker like Giroud.

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    • I am amazed how everything is AW’S fault. Fans are always ready to blame the manager, but what about the players. I have read all the complaints about Ramsey, and somewhat justified. But what about Alexis? He has,absolutely disappeared since coming back from his injury. Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy as a player, but he really is a shadow of what he was before the injury. Also, everyone is dumping all over the team because we lost 3-2 to Manure, but no one is mentioning the obvious handball by Schneiderlin at the goal line that should have been a PK and a red card. Then of course Herrera’s goal that really should have been an own goal off of Koscielny because it was going wide right. Those two events change the game 3-2 loss to 3-2 win for us. I guess both of those things were AW’s fault. Maybe we should have beaten them 5-2 because that is so easy to do in the EPL. After all, Tottenham won by a huge margin over a great Swansea team, and Leicester beat that tough Norwich club by a huge margin too. Look, football is a game that can be decided by a lucky bounce or a terrible missed call by the refs. That doesn’t mean our team sucks. I still believe we outplayed them. I am just as sick over the results but there are two things I refuse to do. One is throw our players and the manager under the bus, and the other thing is give up on them still winning the EPL. I won’t give up until it is officially over. If we had been outplayed, that would be one thing, but we weren’t. I really find it confusing how so many fans are so ready to put down the team so quickly.

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      • It’s wenger’s fault simply because the same issues have faced arsenal fc for nigh on 8 years now and the manager has singularly failed to address them to the detriment of the club. The defensive problems..the striking issue….the midfield …the mental (and lets face it physical) fragility…none of this is new. That’s why the fault lies fairly and squarely at wenger’s door.

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      • Individual games can be decided by a deflection. They’re much more likely (over the course of a season) to be decided by tactics and the willingness of players to work for each other, consistency, and moments of quality. It’s been a fair few seasons. It would take a field of potholes the size of Gervinho’s forehead to convince me that there aren’t some underlying issues that need to be addressed at the moment.

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  2. We should be demolishing teams with our squad. Wenger is the one who has the handbrake on this group. Fans’ support should not be regarded as unconditional.

    We should also be aiming to beat Man U when they are at the peak of their powers, pushing at the the top of the table themselves. Even when then are poor we can’t overcome our own issues.


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    • Fucking awful goals to give away. That’s pretty much it then. Title gone, best chance we had in years and we fucked it up.

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      • Fucking bottlers. Let’s be honest, we’re not gonna win the league again with Arsene Wenger in charge. We can’t even win it in a season where Chelsea and City (the only two teams who have better players than us) have been horrible. Fuck this shit. We need a fucking change, enough is enough.

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        • We’re NOT serial chokers, says an affronted Wenger midweek – only come Sunday to serially choke against the worst United side in twenty years with 16 of their first-team players out injured.

          These days things are so much better, says an always-look-on-the-bright-side Wenger, because no one is tapping up our players now – which, apart from Oezil and possibly Bellerin, is probably true if not altogether the positive thing that’s implied. Have to hope for Joel Campbell’s sake somebody is, though, because Wenger really, really seems not to rate him.

          Five shots on target all game.

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    • Ramsey and Walcott the culprits again. Without Cazorla and Wilshere we have no midfielder. Terrible tactics and team selection as well. Welbz and Ozil did well. Gabriel was rusty as fuck.

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      • i’m tired of how Ramsey consistently keeps getting the benefit of doubt – from Wenger and even here. He’s been awful all season but Wenger hardly if ever rotates him out of the starting 11. Holds on to the ball for too longs and makes the obvious ass seconds late; always trying out out some skill move that is clearly beyond; making errant passes even though he’s to slow to catch up.

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        • The tactics do not help Ramsey he is alone in midfield. We played 70 minutes playing 424 ozil player false number 9 do schneiderlain could not man mark him. This left Ramsey and coq two against three in midfield. Our midfield is so far apart. Not like early season when Santi and coq plated close together and teams were not man marking ozil!

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          • Ramsey is more concerned with running into the box than being a central midfielder. His best position is on the right of a front three. At least that way we get some more security in midfield.

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      • Was just thinking the same thing. I don’t know what’s happening to ramsey but he’s looking slower and slower each game. Not just pace, but touches, decision making etc.

        Didn’t think we miss santi this badly.

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    • The worst thing is you bring on a fucking 6ft+ target man in Giroud and still insist on creating play from the back. The exact same tactics United had wanted us to execute all game so they can hit us on the counter. Absolutely fucking useless. You’re chasing a game just lump the fucking ball in and hope for something. When the fuck did we become so insistent on possession play again? One season when we didn’t employ the tactic it worked wonders, now we’re going back to the same shit. Absolutely horrible and I’m afraid this time the blame lies squarely with Wenger.

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    • Losing to Barcelona is acceptable, but losing to half a United team with some 18 year old nobody scoring glancing headers against us is just disgraceful.

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    • Awful is the polite way of putting it. The most angry I’ve been this season watching this fucking team.
      How the fuck did we manage to make this man utd team look like fucking Bayern Munich? Not a single player wanted to know in the middle of the park, it took Sanchez wandering central after 85 mins to even get the ball moved forward with any purpose.
      Absolute shit outs today, both manager and players.

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    • Woeful display. Do the players give a shit about the title as it didn’t look like it today. I had a sickening thought today, what if us taking points of Leicester does Spurs a favour with their title bid. Still 11 games but you have to think we have fucked our title chances.

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    • Ramsey’s positioning for the 3rd goal was woeful. Sanchez’s confidence down. Theo… wait, did he even play?

      There’s no coming back from this one. I’ve been positive about our title chances, but there is no way we are coming back from this one. You can’t go around talking to the media saying ‘if we want to win the title, we have to win this match’, and then go out there and put a piece of shit performance and lose the match. Better luck next season folks, but without a proper mentality shift in this club, we are not going anywhere. GL to Leicester.

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    • Pressure on and we don’t turn up yet again, what a load of absolute bollocks

      Why the fuck did Walcott start he contributes NOTHING and he has zeor technique or heart, Giroud might not be scoring but he puts a shift in

      When is anyone going to realise Ramsey just ruins our shape when he’s in the middle?

      What a joke

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    • Managed by a man who doesn’t look capable of setting up a team tactically or mentally. We were all over the place today, and not for the first time when we’ve needed a result at a crucial juncture of a competition, we fall short.

      Who in their right mind would pick Theo Walcott for a game? Also doesn’t seem very prudent to be picking Gabriel of Mertesacker.

      The really grim possibility this season is that Spurs could very well win the league.

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      • He is capable, we have seen it often. But he also often seems to need much too long to find solutions. Since Santi is out we have an extremly dysfunctional midfield. Maybe it is difficult to find the right solution there, but what you can say at least is that whatever he tried was extremely conservative, lacking verve and inspiration. And it still does not work. That is simply too little for an elite team.

        I agree that it looks like a mistake to pick Gabriel over Mertesacker. Mertesacker-Koscielny partnership is still one of the best, and only outstanding performances of Gabriel should bring him in the team.

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    • I say it all the time unfortunately. There is just a mental fragility to this team. I don’t know when it started but it is definitely there.

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    • Iwobi summed us up, coming on in fucking gloves. Fatgooner was right all along. We need change. Ozil will be off in summer if he gets the chance. You ain’t winning titles with players like Walcott, Ramsey and a nervous wreck called Gabriel.

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    • We will still get fourth and Sangoal coming back lol. So, next season will be better and all will come here to say how we love Wenger.

      To be honest it was just matter of f when we were going to blow it not if.

      Arsene IS the problem.

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      • As much as I agree, could you please stop ending every post with the same sentence – it’s getting annoying (much like the manager’s performance) now.

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    • Don’t worry Arsene will make sure to comfort the players and tell them it’s not their fault.

      Blind manager past his sell by date 5 years ago. After this season if you have any pride get out of our club, you’ve made enough money to live a rich man.

      I want to see his cult to support the club not their cults leader.

      Arsene IS the problem.

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    • Yet all we hear from Wenger is that the team have passion, desire and mental strength? What effing mental strength? Let’s hear talk about fight, commitment, discipline, organisation and a determination never to lose. Week in, week out all we ever see is players caught in the headlights, frozen, timid and scared. Give me strength…

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    • “Lack of effort”?
      Alexis was shit… but he tried
      Ramsey tried too.
      Özil: 1 assist and 1 goal
      Welbeck: 1 goal

      Walcott: 62 min. / 0 Shots, 0 Key passes, 0 Dribbles, 4 Unsuccessful Touches (joint-most in the team) and 9!!! Passes

      (Giroud: 33 min. / 1 Shot, 0 Unsuccessful Touches, 14 Passes)

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      • By the way – I have to admit: I feel that Souness is 100% right!

        “bordering on a joke”
        “… a lack of something real players have… And these Arsenal players lack it in abundance, they just don’t have it, none. That today was totally unacceptable…”
        “…They’ve come here today and been so weak, so insipid, and PUSSY-FOOTED…”

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    • walcott has to go. not only does he not provide anything up front, but everytime he has the ball, he gives it away. completely useless and now on a massive contract.

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      • Which ensures we’re lumbered with him because no one else will touch him. But he doesn’t write his own contract does he? Someone makes a ‘Managerial’ decision to give it to him !

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    • If Wenger, whom I am an ardent fan of, doesn’t realise that Theo is playing badly and does not deserve a place on the bench, it is not going to help the team and players like Campbell who you have to wonder why he did not start. We just didn’t gel from the start. Sanchez – Giroud – Welbeck should have started upfront. I think we would have got something from the game. Oh and BFG. We needed someone with calmness and a captain.

      I now hope Leicester win the league, because I would rather they win it than the Spuds.

      We played with no spirit.

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  3. Well and truly bottled, congratulations Arsenal. Best chance to win a title in years and you absolutely piss it away, here’s to 3rd place as Spuds pip Leicester for the title

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    • What makes you think Man City won’t go past us? They’re 4 points behind with a game in hand, they now have Kompany back and have easier games to play, including a home game against us.

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      • Best thing we can hope for is that Man U catch up or Chelsea and Arsenal drop out of the Champions league money making scheme that Arsene Blatter has coveted for so long. Only way Sepp is going to bugger off.

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        • what a fucking bunch of clowns you are, you and all similar posters here. you call yourselves fucking Arsenal supporters? a fucking disgrace.

          i was watching the game today and i was sick most of the time, but i would never dare spilling out half of the shit that is being spilled out here by a bunch of fucking internet warriors. what did you exactly achieve in your life yourself and can you compare that to what those lads achieved? ever been among the best three elevens in the entire fucking country? best thirty perhaps? ever?

          it’s all so fucking easy to be writing bullshit in the internet. it’s all so fucking simple to you and there’s no fucking patience with anything thesedays. glad you’re not in fucking politics, even if i fucking hate most of the politics in place in my land nowadays.


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          • I think you need to calm down and stop contributing to the “bullshit.”

            If you think that was good enough today and the comments in here are not justified not sure what to think myself.

            It was woeful. Souness saying what pretty much everyone has said on here and he’s not some emotional fan in the heat of the moment.

            We were piss poor and there is no hiding behind that. No excuses either,

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          • We’re all angry that yet again the team we love has bottled it for one reason or another. I’ve had to live my life even when it was hard because giving up was never an option. The club I love has a team that gives up weekly. Makes me sad

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          • Get real! These guys get paid a shed load of money. As does the manager. They are paid to perform at the highest level. They are professionals and need to perform at the level expected of an elite player. Most of them didn’t. Fans’ disappointment totally justified.

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  4. That was nothing short of terrible. Once again this utd team win with one of the worst teams in history. We have been poor since Xmas. Can’t see us turning it around. Walcott is a sack of shit as is our passing. Gabriel not good enough and big players underperfming. Cannot believe it. So frustrating.

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    • Klopp,Ancelotti and Gaurdiola all moved in recent times.We could have gotten atleast one if them if the Board had the courage or Wenger had the decency to do what’s right for the club.But our entire club,right from the board to the fans,is short-sighted and blindly loyal to Wenger.It’s too late now.We’ll probably win the FA cup and Wenger will sign a three year extension amidst the euphoria

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    • Klopp,Ancelotti and Gaurdiola all moved in recent times.We could’ve gotten at least one of them if the Board had the courage or Wenger had the decency to do what’s right for the club.But our club,right from the Board to the fans,is short-sighted and blindly loyal to Wenger .It’s too late now.We’ll probably win the FA cup and Wenger will sign a three year extension amidst the euphoria

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    • To be fair, I think our defenders have been good so far this season. Just currently our midfielders are no where to be found. Too far back, too spread out, too far forward etc. God I miss santi.

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  5. There’s a time for rational analysis and there’s a time for this: Fuck you Arsenal, you fucking twats. Fuck you Gabriel, go back to Spain please. Fuck you Arsène for getting the selection wrong. Goodbye Premier League.

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  6. Pathetic.

    The one season none of the big boys turned up and we’ve left it to Leicester and Tottenham to win the league.

    Thanks for the memories, Arsene, but I’ve had enough. Please go now.

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  7. is anyone surprised ? I wasn’t even mad watching that. We couldn’t beat them at old trafford under moyes. now the same under LVG. we aren’t winning a title until big changes are made.

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    • There is only one big change needed in Arsenal. The manager position must be changed. Wenger has to go and make way for another coach.

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  8. All other teams have a chance of actually improving.

    Arsenal??? Definition of stagnation as long as Wenger is in charge

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  9. Hey faithful fans; I propose we push for getting a 10-year contract to Wenger, as well as securing we absolutely keep crucial players like Walcott and Wilshere……

    Well, that was that for this season AGAIN. I will support Leicester or Spurs to win the PL now, at least somebody new who play good football…..

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      • absolutely…i understand the passion…but supporting spurs???….that got you my thumbs down!

        I share the disappointment and the pain from losing to manU, i even understand, though not in support of some of the hate directed towards wenger, and some squad members right now, but regardless of whateva, as a true gooner, even if arsenal dosent make top 4???…spurs WILL NEVER get my support.

        Fuck spuds!….and while we are on this, i don’t subscribe to the fairy tale nonsense either, so….fuck Leicecester too!

        Apologies to the romantics and the liberals in this forum, sorry, but no other team apart from arsenal, gets my vote!

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    • Politician Wenger chatting shit again. Said after the game that Manchester United had an experienced midfield and spent a lot of money. Like that’s the fucking reason we lost. Does he think Arsenal fans r as thick as shit? Your diversion techniques won’t work this time Wenger. We bottled it. We didn’t buy enough in the summer (striker, DM) and Wenger is no longer the man to make us champions. I love him but his legacy is being tarnished the longer he stays. I know we still have a chance to win the league but it’s unlikely now and the fact remains with his PL experience we should be walking it this year. So pissed off. Spurs win from a losing position to go 3 points ahead of us too. Fml!!!

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  10. really trying to stay positive but let’s face it, the best chance to win the league with all of our rivals at their weakest and we’ve blow it. Something has to change

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  11. Unfortunately, the media will be all over Rashford for scoring twice, and how he was the game changer. I think the hand ball just before half time made him more of a game changer than his two goals. If spotted (and given), we’d potentially start the second half 2-2 and a man up.
    People will point to we don’t have an out an out world class striker, and I get that, but remember we still scored twice today.
    The main issue here with this game has to be naivety. Within 20minutes, they had two of their defenders booked. If I was out there on the pitch, I would get the ball down and run at them. In the 70 minutes that followed, I cannot recall one Arsenal player taking a United player on.
    In addition to this, with Walcott up front, you know your opponents are going to sit deep, which will open up the middle of the park. That’s great, until you realise that there is no-one in the middle of the park for us. Ramsey and Ozil were both all the way forward supporting the front three. It shows that we miss Santi who can sit and ping the ball about. But at the same time, we need discipline for some one to not be part of the attack as we end up with 5 players along the edge of the box.
    This then has further issues when we get countered and we saw that today, and against Barca, and repeatedly through the season.
    I know there is some Wenger has some haters, and will blame him, and as manager you can understand that BUT surely you cannot believe that Wenger has told his players not to do this. You see him getting animated on the sideline. What this comes down to more than anything is naivety of the players on the pitch.
    I think what we need more than anything, is a player who has the presence and mind to scream at players and tell them where they need to be.

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    • Please, don’t even begin talking about the referee. we could have easily had a red for that idiotic ramsey reaction. We didn’t play anywhere near good enough and even mentioning the referee after that shit is childish. we lost the game ourselves, not the referee

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    • Blame the players you say? Who is the boss? If you set your team up to play a certain way and they are not applying your instructions. Its YOUR job to reel them in. But no, Wenger gets frustrated AFTER we concede goals not before. We all saw it, United did exactly what we couldn’t do to Barcelona to us. When the center backs have the ball, why does Ramsey keep pushing up leaving no outlets for them. How long did we spend just passing the ball in our own third?

      Something has to change, something has to fucking change

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    • Wenger decides which players he has in his squad so if they don’t / can’t do what he says then that’s his fault for not acquiring the right players. He’s not just been given a bunch of players and been told to do his best with them. He chose every one them and also chose not to add anyone else to this squad, even though he has the financial resources to do so. He gets blame because he deserves it.

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    • What does Ramsey bring to the team? Why remove Welbeck? from an attacking and chasing point of view doesn’t it make more sense to remove that player that is doing shit all game (Ramsey) and put Iwobi there in the middle and keep Welbeck?

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  12. Never mind this UTD game, let think back to the Stoke game at the Brittania. We went there not to lose, Stoke were playing gash around that time, Arsenal didn’t have the mental strength to go to a tough ground to win. We played it safe…Leicester played them the following week and Won 3-0. That sums it up for me

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    • This sums it up for me. I remember some studio dude saying you can’t go to a ground and play simply not to lose and expect to have the right mentality to win the league. I thought he was foolish then but I can see his point of view now

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  13. Forget Walcott paying so badly, what the hell has happened to Sanchez? Moves seemed to be breaking down anytime he got the ball. There will be no title this year, we don’t deserve it if we can’t beat that kind of a United side.

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    • It’s having Ramsey in the central midfield, he totally ruins our shape, he is not technically good enough and a headless chicken tactically

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    • Sanchez is a great player but out of form. He should have been subbed today. Wenger is relying on his expensive players regardless of their performances. He maybe should have put a tryer like Campbell on when he needed to find a solution. It all looks so stale and predictable right now.

      Thumb up 14 Thumb down 2

  14. I have supported this once great club long enough and I have been eternally hopeful, but I don’t believe for any longer that we are capable of winning the league. As sad as it is, we have become a cup side and that’s it. Utter shite

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0

  15. 2003, 2008, 2011, 2014 and now we can add 2016 to the list of occasions when we had a real opportunity to win the league and blow it in the most spectacular fashion imaginable. But this season is the most infuriating capitulation of all because the conditions couldn’t have been more favourable. In a season where City, Liverpool, Chelsea and United are all playing poorly, where all our traditional top 4 rivals are at their weakest, we spectacularly fail to capitalise. Well done to Spurs and Leicester for seizing the opportunity which we seem determined to slip through our fingers. Wenger, whatever you once had, it’s gone. Pack your bags at the end of this season and allow someone else to come in. We are never, ever going to win the league again with him at the helm. Shocking.

    And I absolutely shudder to think what Spurs are going to do to us next week.

    Thumb up 55 Thumb down 2

    • No chance mate. Of late he had castigated his own players. Wenger is blameless and under no pressure to win anything. It’s a perfect storm for mediocrity.

      Thumb up 12 Thumb down 1

  16. That faint little blip on the horizon you see? That’s our title chance running away and laughing at us…Leicester and Spurs actually want to win the league. Our players are paralyzed by a fear of losing the league and it has reared its ugly head in the same part of the season it has year after year. So sick of seeing this every damn year

    Thumb up 25 Thumb down 1

    • We desperately miss him…definitely need a second creative player in the side. Perhaps on that right wing spot where all those wages we’re wasting on Walcott could have been very useful…

      Thumb up 14 Thumb down 0

      • We’re always missing someone who would miraculously make it better. Truth be told, we’d more than likely have bottled it with him on the pitch as well. Why the hell we decide to go to places like Old Trafford and try to dominate them (regardless of how shit they are it’s still Man U) instead of trying to keep the game tight?

        I posted this before and got down-voted to hell, but we fall to pieces any time we concede the first goal of a game. If we’d just kept it 0-0 and tried for goals from set-pieces/counter attacks early on we could have taken the lead and controlled the match. You could see that Man U thought they could go toe-to-toe with us, so I don’t think it’s hard to believe we’d get an opening at some point on the counter.

        Thumb up 14 Thumb down 1

  17. That’s why I said do your fucking talking after the match alexis
    How many games do you need to find some form
    Please spare us the mental strength excuses
    At least we will win the fourth place trophy
    Get ready for another defeat next weekend against Spurs

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  18. We. Are. Shit. There was no excuses today. Such a gulf between our defence and attack, no creativity. Walcott was anonymous. Same every year, it’s unbelievable. Our league standing defies how bad we’ve actually been playing, probably the 3-0 reverse in October is the last time we actually played well

    Thumb up 19 Thumb down 1

  19. We’re a fucking joke of a team, worst united in years and we bottle it, great chance to win the league (City being as or more irregular than us, united and chelsea being shit and liverpool being liverpool with average players) and we screw it, if we cant win the league like this then i simply dont know when or how we could win it soon. I think Leicester are the favorites to win it now, and the saddest part is, even Tottenham have better chances to win the league before us.

    Thumb up 13 Thumb down 1

  20. The British project has completely failed. Please sell Walcott, Ox, Wilshere and bring in some good talent who aren’t injured all the time. On another note, Wenger’s idealism has gone on long enough. He’s an admirable man but we need a manager with more pragmatism. Not good enough.

    Thumb up 24 Thumb down 2

  21. Walcott=useless. Subs=idiotic. Elneny and Iwobi contributed exactly nothing. On the plus side, I can check out for the rest of the season. I like having my Saturdays and Sundays free again.

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 10

  22. If we win the league,it’ll be the worst team in the Premier League era to do so.If we’re okay with that,we shouldn’t moan about Chelsea winning the CL

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 1

  23. We are hilarious. It is unbelievable how often we fail by doing the same thing.

    And i dont want to be one of those people, but what does Walcott do? He gives the ball away falls over and just watches. Zero effort to win the ball back.

    And the third…herrera must have run past one of our players, so why does no one follow him?

    Theres a big problem with mentality in this team, they just cant handle any amount of pressure.

    Lets just hope its leicester that lift the trophy in May. Its definitely wont be us.

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  24. Something’s just gone in my mind. Fucking livid. This was so ludicrously predictable and there are absolutely no excuses – the ref was good, United’s team was awful and we were almost full strength. Just utterly, utterly awful and I am fucking sick of the same shit every year. Ironically it wasn’t our goalscoring that was a problem (although we were creatively moribund) but shoddy, shoddy defending and some absolute rookie mistakes. Yes that deflection was horrible for the third but why did Herrera have so much space? What the fuck was Walcott doing for their first goal, and was that the only time he touched the ball? I’ve been supportive of him but he was utter dogshit today. They all were, possibly except Ozil and, of course, Cech.

    The title isn’t gone but it feels as though it is. We’ll need to win practically every game for the rest of the season and I am genuinely terrified at the thought that Sp*rs might win it. We simply have to in at their place – but can anyone hand on heart say they expect us to?


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  25. That is abysmal performance and abysmal result. We lost to Utd’s reserves and youth team! That’s how bad that result is.

    Arsene Wenger has finally run out of excuses. First it was all the petro dollars of City & Chelsea to blame for title collapses in 08, 09 & 14. But now, Leicester & Spurs have shown what nonsense that is.

    Rank bad player recruitment, shocking fitness & injure records and a lack of tactical acumen have finally shown with a has been Wenger is. He was lucky that he only had Hull & Villa in a couple of FA Cup finals.

    He has failed miserably in the last two summer windows.

    If any Arsenal fan really thinks he should be our manager next year they are absolutely deluded.

    Thumb up 35 Thumb down 3

  26. Grotesque. Supposed title contenders against a juvenile team . Wenger has travelled to the end of the road. Humiliation at the hands of these cunts yet again.

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 0

  27. Maybe Spurs need to win the league so fans can finally see Arsene needs to leave for anything to change. Its been obvious since 2 seasons ago.

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 4

  28. every arsenal player with the maneger should be charged with criminal offence after this kind of performance against THIS united team.. bye bye title & we are not gonna win it in near future…

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 1

  29. Only us can make a debutan score goals. And yes walcott is anonymous again, he just disappear from the game. It’s sad & pathetic that we lose points again chelshit & manure

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  30. The passing was poor today. Couldn’t seem to string some passes together. Alexis has also been very poor. Surprised to see the goals came down monreals flank.
    Walcott and ox have made these mistakes 3-4 times leading to a goal and Gabriel was switched off – happened against Chelsea.
    Disgraceful performance

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    • *Monreal’s and Sanchez’s flank

      Monreal can’t cover every player down his wing when Sanchez is strolling back into position – he seems to have completely lost all confidence in every area.

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  31. I thought they would get that spark with the first goal we scored.. It didn’t come! Then again..not with the second too…!

    Didn’t expect it to be this bad.!

    Fuck..if spurs win the league.. I guess I will take a one year leave from football!! Already giving me sleepless nights!!

    When the fuck is Santi coming back!! You bastard! Come save us!!!

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  32. A manager who leave a player that have no impact(positive) on the game at all like Walcott for that long. Mind you to start with him, that manager is not brave or good enough to guide a team to become champion. Also, to start with Gabriel, who is prone to make a major mistake every game, and it was his stupid miss kick that led to their goal, in this game that is so inportant to us? There i said it, its time, its time. WENGER OUT!

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  33. Its all over for Arsenal, Somehow, this team of mishmash was competing for the title. Now its all over. We can concentrate on 4th place now.
    Man city will overtake us. I thought the players returning for Arsenal will make a change. And they have made Arsenal completely disjointed.
    No one wants the ball. Either every one is in the box, or no one is in the box.
    Either all are defending, or you are thinking, hey, where did they all go.
    Mertesacker and Giroud are the leaders of this team. When they play there is some logic to Arsenal’s play. Without them, we can lose to a bunch of kids….and with them you can’t win the title.

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  34. Shocking, embarrassing , no balls call it what you will…The real chilling thought though is while the game was unfolding i was genuinely never shocked.
    Wenger and Certain players have to go.
    Been telling people about Walcott for years..Pace is useless without some sort of abiltiy or footballing intelligence. Carrick had him in his zimmerframe at the age of 35.

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  35. Can’t believe what I have just seen. That Man U team have been so bad this season and we struggled to even give them a game. I was expecting to batter them. An utter disgrace Arsenal. So disappointed.

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  36. Social media lock down before I turn into one of those maniacs cursing at the official arsenal accounts. Fucking fuming

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  37. Walcott was terrible, we got sucked up field again, our midfield disappeared. So, so toothless. Alexis predictable. We need to reshuffle the pack and make ourselves unpredictable. Teams know how to play against us now. Title not gone but looking far more difficult. The game against THEM will be a title decider.

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  38. We’re a fucking joke of a team. This was the year where we could’ve won the league, Chelsea and united being shit, City being as or more irregular than us, Liverpool being Liverpool with all those average players, and we still cant fkin win it, and sad but if we cant win it while our main rivals are being shit then when we can? If arsenal doesnt win it (Very likely) i hope Leicester do, they DO deserve it unlike us, but the sadest part is, even tottenham have better chances to win the league before we do.

    PD: god damn if we have a way to make unknown players look like messi or suarez, just see how good we made that kid rashford look against us

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  39. Stupid uninspired cunts. Thats a weak united team and we fucking decide not to show up. Fuck the title. Atleast realise this there’s those cunts above us maybe that will inspire if being title challengers makes us look like shithead bottlers. Fuck off you unispired bunch of cunts.

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  40. You know what I would call Napoli or Liverpool? A mediocre team, win some and lose some and never really compete properly. What does that make us then??? We have stagnated for soooo long….the last 10 years have taken a toll, its time to move from denial.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 2

  41. First Chelsea and now this… Why is it that no matter how shambolic the opposition are we find a way to make them look like champions… Very depressing…

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  42. They play with a makeshift defence, Carrick who is slow like hell and old, and Blind who is not really a CB, and we make them look good. Where the fuck is Alexis? Theo? Ollie? They certainly didn’t show up today. And although I know he is well loved here, I don’t think Ramsey in CM is good for our play, he is clogging up our midfield and is always trying to be cute and do sth special, or he is too quick for the play so no one is following him as he just wants to get as close to their goal as possible. He should really play some false nine role, it would suit him better, or a second striker.

    Also, basically 2 errors from Gabriel and 1 from Kos (it was unlucky but still, wtf??) gave them 3 goals. This week we chose not to make their GK world class – as he already is – but their debutant striker. We are a humanitarian club.

    Arsenal can seriously fuck off from my life for some time, this is pure shit, both the Barca game and this one. We could have won this one as they miss almost every first team player, and still we bottle it. Pathetic mentality and AW is to blame. If he hasn’t found out a winning formula and created a right mental strength across the team in 10+ years since we’ve been successful, he will never make it. He needs to step down and let someone with fresh ideas to take over.

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  43. Let’s be honest and call it for what it really was from the beginning, This team is not ready to be champions. When you start the season without any reinforcements bar the keeper you are headed for trouble. Arsenal being such a big team is hard to understand why it cannot attract the talent needed especially when there is arguably a ton of money to spend. Tell me what top team would still employ players such as Walcott, OX, Ramsey (one season wonder), flamini, Arteta, Wilshere, Mertesacker, Honestly what have they brought to the club?

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 7

  44. In true Arsenal style, we’ve just made it much mor difficult to win this league.
    It’s a possibility still….
    And errbody should kneel and apologise to Mesut. He was the only ray of redemption in this shambles.

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  45. The title opened us for us this season and Wengers boys bottled it again. Been saying for years that he would never win the league again and thought I might have to eat my words but true to form the teams he has been building are not good enough and they never will be. Time to go

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  46. am done. awfull. pathetic. no link. i am sad for mesut. arsene u are killing this great club. have the decency to say stop. and ramsey in midfield ? non merci!

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  47. Kiss the league goodbye. Best chance in ages. We looked like a team forced to play, no motivation at all. I can’t see us winning the league until Wenger leaves. I know I will get numerous thumbdowns but Wenger needs to Leave. Enough of this bull shit.

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  48. Worst Manchester United team I can remember and I’m 39 years old.

    Mental strength my fucking arse. I’m absolutely fuming. Below them potato twats at the end of the season would just be un fucking bearable.

    We are simply not good enough to win the league! I hope I’m wrong and eating the biggest piece of humble pie at the end of the season but I seriously doubt it.

    Where to start stop bagging Per far smarter than Gabriel. Probably le Coqs worst match. Walcott woeful and as much as I love him Alexis is just not playing well. But past blaming them I’ll go to the top. Arsene I’ve always loved him and defended him best I can. I just think he is the one that lacks the most fight.

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  49. uck this. The same mistakes and the same results year after year. No one can convince me Wenger isn´t the problem.

    He has it all! The Money, the time, everything he want´s and still we make the same fucking mistakes! We have the same fucking problems and the same nonexisting leadership as always. Did you see our midfield?! Did we even have one?! Wenger is the reason we are standing still and has been for the last ten years. Look at the fucking spuds. The right manager and they are great! And you know what. That team cost a fraction of ours so it isn´t the fucking Money! I thought it was our time when the Money from the stadium and sponsorship deals were taking effect. But i´ve been fooled.

    Loosing against Uniteds d-team.

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  50. Walcott’s selection baffled me. I knew he was going to go missing as he always does. Taking off Coquelin instead of Ramsey was baffling as well. I haven’t seen the numbers, but Ramsey felt like a blackhole today. Wenger frustrates the hell out of me sometimes.

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    • The numbers will probably say he was our best player!!! That’s how much credibility should be given to the numbers. Denilson had a 90% pass rate I imagine. Tim Stillman wrote an imbarrassing article the other day saying hoe Ramsey was sacrificing himself for the team. He is rank average I’m afraid. He was never as bad as people thought but equally never as good.

      Thumb up 14 Thumb down 3

    • Ramsey was woeful yesterday and has been progressively worse all season, he cannot play in midfield, he does not have the skill or technique or spacial awareness.. He is careless. He runsarrrounna bit but to no constructive purpose/ result, (up cul de sacs) and is forever giving the ball away, in risky areas to boot. He is out of his depth. Sell him asap and do not play him in midfield again, ever.
      Walcott has gotta go, for far too long now, enough already; he has zero commitment, no hunger no effort. Not a team player. I do not want to see him on the pitch in an Arsenal shirt ever again.
      Wilshire is an expensive ‘potential’ player but as yet consistently frustrating and unconvincing (from what I remember) last season, he needs far more spacial awareness and accurate execution. Is he a luxury we can afford?
      Welbeck puts in a shift, both offensively, (the goals are coming) and defensively. Plus he provides good aerial threat in the box.
      Gibbo is alright, provides some speed on the flank, some defensive cover and he seems to have dealt with being a perennial sub since being usurped by Monreal, in contrast to Debuchy.
      And the Ox shows promise but he is also plagued by injuries. He also seems to have plateaued this season, so disappointing.

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  51. Well, I’m tired. I don’t think we’ll win the league.
    Something is really flawed within the team. Is it manager, setup, players…I don’t know.
    What I know for sure, I’m tired.
    This team brings me less and less joy when watching them so I’ll stop watching for a while.
    Arseblog’s reports are great, I’ll continue to read them to get the all necessary information.
    Good luck, Arsenal…

    Maybe I just casted reverse jinx.
    No, I didn’t.

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  52. Waiting for the stats
    How many touches did Walcott had?
    How many accurate passes?
    Think the boys were not well prepared.

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  53. Something or someone has to give in. that was a ragtag ManU team, with a whole bunch of kids and yet, we cannot beat them. the defensive errors from Gabriel have been glaring this season, esp in the big games. He cost us both the Chelsea games and now this one. not to mention that Theo is utterly useless.

    we wont win the league anymore.. i have officially given up now.. a 5 point gap at the top at this stage is impossible to make up.. all i hope for is that the Spuds dont win it..

    And i truly believe now that Arsene’s time is up. i cant see him taking this Arsenal team any further than he already has. that was one of the worst, if not the absolute worst performances of the season.

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  54. Something wrong with Campbell?? he should have started instead of Walcott.Not even in match day squad.The game screamed for his type of player both in attack n defense.Walcott nullified Bellerin by acting as their defender.

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  55. My heart feels like it is sitting on my big toe, and Wenger is jumping up and down on it. Im sick of this absolute shite.

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  56. I have never been on the wengerout bandwagon but before their first goal I was telling my mate that wenger has to go. The next moment rashford scores. It was very obvious from the beginning today. Tired legs can’t be a reason. We honestly have a big squad. It looks like there is no one to motivate these rich spoilt brats. The difference between ferguson and wenger was glaring today.
    As much as I love wenger and everything he has done for this club and his players he has to go so that he can save himself from getting a heart attack and live a long life.

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  57. 3 things:

    – Walcott should never start
    – Gabriel is not ready for a starting role. People need to stop complaining when BFG is selected ahead of him.
    – sp*rs will finish above us this season and will probably win the league ahead of us. They are more consistent and have a fighting spirit which we lack. They are way better than us this season.

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  58. Why the hell does Walcott have a spot in the team still? Did he even make more than 5 passes today? Gosh!! Can’t wait for the great Arsenal sale! We were basically playing 10 v 11 and that’s all the gripe I have. We had a slow start. But still had equal spoils up till Theo decided to get challenged and drop like a little girl, getting up slowly and looking up the pitch and not even attempting to win the ball back. Totally undeserving of his paycheck. Week in week out, Walcott gets slated for effort. Can we get rid of this guy already?! The first goal set the tone of the game. And even beyond that, Walcott was leisurely marking the grass or pirouetting around nobody by the wings. Absolutely top class international -.- FFS.

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  59. Different players same manager and same story year in year out. ….i actually feel very stupid right now for ever believing wenger could still win a premier league title. …..the man is too old

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  60. Why can’t we start on the front foot. We gave them too much time and space. With Man U’s lineup we should have won comfortably.

    Walcott didn’t do enough and I think Sanchez is still injured. Gabriel didn’t do much to suggest he should start a game. No cohesion between the players.

    With Leicester and Sp?rs winning I just don’t see enough from this side to compete for the league.

    Fourth spot I’m afraid and I think the fans and players know it.

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  61. Man United Reserves 3, Arsenal 2.

    A few days ago I wrote a post in which I said that we should win easily at Old Trafford but will probably bottle it again. It’s sad being right because I absolutely loathe Man United. Today was yet another spineless, gutless away display from a side with no character. In your wildest dreams can you honestly see this lot taking the title? A defeat at Shite Hart Lane next Saturday will probably be the final nail in the coffin for this campaign.

    From the dreadful Gabrial to the hopeless Walcott we were a shambles; the two goals we scored made the scoreline far more respectable than it should have been.

    At the end of this season we need a massive overhaul, starting with a new manager. Only a madman now thinks that we have any future with Wenger in charge.

    I just hope we can win the FA Cup.

    Thumb up 51 Thumb down 4

    • mate you come on here all the time criticising Arsene and the lads. They put in a shift out there today but sometimes you just have those days. Tbh I can still see us winning the league, it’s only the scum and leicster above us, don’t forget that. Can see Walcott and Gabriel coming good in the next game.

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      • i know. it’s OK to vent, but these fans are shite. never stand with the team through rough times. being a fan isn’t only for the good, rosy times. the boys put in a shift yesterday. it’s not like Wenger and the team are like “you know what, let’s bottle it, we don’t want to win the title.”

        We win a run of games and same fans are crowing sweet about how fierce Gabriel is in defense or some such shit; we have a rough patch and everybody abandons ship. I guess that’s what you get with this instant gratification generation. fucking bullshit.

        i’ll always stand by the team, no matter how much or how many times they disappoint. And Wenger is still the best man for the job at the moment.

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    • It’s about time people stopped giving you abuse on here because you have this uncanny knack of being right year after year 🙁

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  62. It’s a little known fact that Quentin Tarantino knocked back the AFC squad for roles in Pulp Fiction. Apparently he couldn’t find a box big enough to accommodate so many gimps

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  63. Wenger is a failure, simple as that. He must leave at the end of the season.
    Walcott should quit playing football…he’s a disgrace. Waste of time, money and space.
    Bunch of bottlers…let me see anyone come defend this performance.
    No sane person will still have faith in Wenger. It’s been the same thing for the last 8 years.

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  64. if we like, let’s continue giving excuses and beat around the bush for the manager and the team..
    this team lacks personalities and passion, we don’t have it…united were so poor yet we conspired to lose the game..and it just starts with the manager, he pets and pampers his players too too much, it’s irritating, he has done so well for arsenal over the years, but i just don’t see him able to do it again..
    he himself lacks the drive or should i say lacks the ability to instill the drive in that team..
    this loss is psychological and it starts with the manager. there’s no way a united city chelsea team meet arsenal so depleated and lose, it’s impossible…we just lack it …no press.. the players looked and played tiredly..spurs came from a goal down, and won, i don’t think we have even done that this season bar leicester..
    i feel bad for wenger, cus i know winning begets winning. he broke his winning team too quickly even though with the circumstances then i understand.. but i don’t see it in him getting there anymore..
    this is not knee jerk, it’s just something that has been proven over and over and over again…i feel bad for him but i think it’s time we let him go or should i say he .lets us go….

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  65. This Arsenal team just looks like a badly coached team. Disjointed, no fluency, bad passing, lacking creativity, insuffcient movement in attack, unclear responsibilties, no obvious style, no real pressing, but no well organized zonal defending as well etc. etc.

    Previous Arsenal teams at least always tried to play a possession game in the opposition half, they a had a clear philosophy and were occasionally picked off by counter attacks but this team looks like nothing, just without a plan.

    Although Utd played surprisingly well today, you could still see why they are behind in the table and Arsenal should have been much better prepared. Maybe they do all the right things in preparation, but then the coaching staff/management still does something wrong when it comes to translating it into the match.

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  66. Losing to ManPoo’s under 18’s is just unacceptable. If I have to hear Wenger talk again about how great the “Team Spirit” in the side is, I’m going to throw up all over the place. Not just a little puke either. I’m talking a river of digestive waste that will rival the Thames.

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  67. Never been so fuking angry .What the fuk was that performance against the worst Utd side ever.No urgency hardly a shot on goal defending a total joke.Wenger should never be offered a new contract he is as clueless as the team and I’m getting sick of the same old excuses every time we bottle a big game.Today Wenger and every player should hang there heads in shame at letting every arsenal fan down and embarrassing arsenal football club Wenger out now!!!

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  68. Pre Emirates move I always had faith in an Arsenal win/comeback up until the final whistle.
    Now I have a pessimism before the whistle is blown for kickoff in a game like this! I fucking knew it was coming just from the pre match hubris. What kind of result regarding our “ambitions for the title” would be more Arsenal these days.
    Really really really sick if it.

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  69. Welbeck gave it all.Hats off to u sir.Sanchez struggling big time it’s almost becoming predictable.What an opportunity squandered.

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  70. One can literally watch the whole team switching off once every 5mins, e.g. the whole team tracking back, everything looks fairly “save” only for the ball to be played into our back. Who´s picking up that guy? Ah, never mind, we switched off once again. Naive, fragile, embarrassing.

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  71. Absolutely pathetic performance. Half the players were not even trying.

    Ever since Ramsey’s started playing in CM we have sucked big time, offers absolutely nothing. No wonder Wenger preferred Cazorla over him. Also Gabriel, is a decent player but acts like a blonde girl has no brains whatsoever

    Lastly theo, I don’t even remember watching him touch the ball. Was like a zombie thruout. Pathetic from him

    Not sure what Joel has done to deserve this. Behind Theo and Iwobi as well. Feel bad for him

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  72. Despite the obvious “heat of the moment-ness” of most comments here, I agree with most of them. It will never be relatively easier to win this league than this year. And we certainly have the players at our disposal to get past both Leicester and Tottenham (I’ll write the name in full and without the usual asterics, because I think I almost respect them more today than our own overpaid lot). But just when we’re supposed to come good and really kick on, we show what we’re made of – not very much. Arsene, you’ve been the best. But you don’t have it in you to lead a title winning side anymore. In the teams of 10 + years ago, you always had a feeling they could suddenly kick into gear and win 10 games on the trot, which would win us the league. But this team simply will not, hence the title is out of our reach. It starts and ends with the manager, and we need a new one. See you in August for the CL qualifiers…

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  73. Just tired of Arsenal; frustrated by Arsenal; bored with Arsenal; sad about Arsenal; pissed off at Wenger.

    We had a great chance this year. How did we turn the screw? Buy El Nenny. Ffs. Not blaming him, but why don’t we just pull our fucking finger out and get ballsy and get some players we need for goodness’ sake. ANYONE!!!!!!! Just one striker please! Watching Sanchez and Ozil buzz around with nothing of note at the top of the trident is embarrassing…

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  74. What makes this so galling is there was a real expectation we would stuff em today and on paper we should have.
    I’ve been an ardent Wenger supporter and think the haters were too rash when he guided us to a new stafium and still kept us in the top 4but last summer I thought we really had a chance of properly challenging. When we only bought Chec it worried me as I thought along with many that we needed a top class striker, a back up DM and maybe defensive cover if he didn’t like what he was seeing in training.
    I like Giroud but he’s a second striker
    Walcott has proved to be way too inconsistent, as has Chamberlain.
    Time to get ruthless Arsene with some of this lot or its time to stand aside
    Enough of this Feb March collapsing.
    It’s a sick joke

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  75. I know and understand the blame towards Wenger but many of the players are letting him and US down right now.
    Feel free to ad to this list:

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  76. I can’t believe how dependent we had become on Cazorla. And he isn’t even natural CM. What is going with our tactics?
    Lately in games, I often see Ramsey, and Ozil go upfront and stand inline with opposition’s defenders when the ball is still in our half, which leaves our midfield barren and empty. That’s clearly a tactical decision, and a really strange one at that.
    It was really strange watching today’s game. It was like our defense is playing against our attacking players and vice versa. The attackers left the defenders behind all by themselves and expect them to deliver the ball to the front on a plate with a side of comfy cushion.
    On the other hand, our defenders, specially Gabriel, just seeing red and not really thinking with their brains.
    I really disliked people who moan and call for Wenger-out. But last 3 months have been pushing me to that side slowly, and today i think they just nudged me in that corner.
    Sad to say, but we are not winning the league with Arsene’s mentality of “Team togetherness” and self-satisfaction.
    We need hungry mentality that never rests, never congratulates itself, untill the season is over and won.
    C’mon Arsenal.

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  77. Our form since December puts the team exactly where it deserves to be.
    Had we been this bad last season, we’d be 6th if not worse.

    Present system terribly dependent on ball carriers who are all presently on the treatment table. Simply struggling to build anything of note right now. Alexis’ & the other forwards form is poo.

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  78. What makes this so galling is there was a real expectation we would stuff em today and on paper we should have.
    I’ve been an ardent Wenger supporter and think the haters were too rash when he guided us to a new stafium and still kept us in the top 4but last summer I thought we really had a chance of properly challenging. When we only bought Chec it worried me as I thought along with many that we needed a top class striker, a back up DM and maybe defensive cover if he didn’t like what he was seeing in training.
    I like Giroud but he’s a second striker
    Walcott has proved to be way too inconsistent, as has Chamberlain.
    Time to get ruthless Arsene with some of this lot or its time to stand aside
    Enough of this foattering to deceive.
    It’s a sick joke

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  79. That was a disgrace. Gabriel is a liability who makes stupid mistakes in every game he plays, he should be sold in the summer and replaced by someone who can defend. Theo seems to think that floating around like a lost fart and scoring two goals in 22 matches is OK. He also needs to be sold in the summer. I feel sorry for the guys out there who were trying, you can’t win with nine men, a lost fart and a liability. What has Joel done wrong now that he doesn’t get a look in? He always puts a shift in, even when he’s not at his best he tries his best and I’d far rather see him than Walcott. The team selection was apalling, was Bellerin supposed to be the whole right side on his own? Angry and disappointed now, this was a fuck-up too far and Arsene was totally responsible.

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  80. I just hope those overpaid pansies are fucking embarassed after that shitstorm as they drive home in their range rovers and bmw’s to their nice little mansions.

    It’s great that we have a team we can always rely on …… to screw up the title challenge in February, sure AW choses the team but he wasn’t on the pitch for ninety minutes.

    Cue the pre taped *apologetic soundbite* tomorrow on the Arsenal website.

    Please just drop Theo for the rest of the fucking season, bench Alexis and Ramsey, serious doubts about Gabriel and pray for a miracle when we play the spuds next week because it is very likely we will lose and that will be that this year.

    You do understand don’t you Arsenal players, if the spuds win the title we will NEVER hear the last of it.

    Let’s just win the FA cup somehow and then I think time for change at the top and a clear out of the team …

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  81. It was a big game and we were awful. 3 – 2 was frankly a bit flattering for us.
    Very few positives, Gabriel struggled, Walcott anonymous, Sanchez poor and I thought our Midfield were tactically poor (there were huge gaps in Midfield) We made Uniteds team of youngsters look like world beaters.

    Massive games this week against Swansea and Spurs, if we want to give ourselves a chance of winning the prem then both are now must wins.

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  82. A weak and pathetic display against the worst United side in the last 25 years.

    We have no bollocks. The same slack approach as we’ve seen over and over again. No bite in the middle of the park, sell Walcott – simply not good enough, and at the back we were woeful. We’ve been pretty shit at the back all season for me. Without cech many more goals would have been conceded.

    Lost patience with them now and if liecester or Spurs go on and win it Wenger has to go, as much as I love him. Is he now actually holding us back though?

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  83. i dont know, have been fans of Arsene, but now, i think, i just think, he needs to go, or in other words, he need to get the fuck off the Arsenal managerial post.

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  84. Lifelong Arsenal fan here. We have no right to win any game, but the performances we see each week are shocking. Sanchez is a marked man. Ozil needs players with a brain around him so he can perform. Cazorla is deeply missed by the aforementioned and Coquelin. Yet the manager believes in the current squad – same input, same output!

    As it stands, this team is absolutely terrible, the tactics are diabolical. Typical February breakdown!

    Everytime we trail in a game we do the same thing – Pass backwards/sideways, weak tackling if any, zero press, constant risky ball hogging – due to a paucity of options. We rarely shoot.

    Nothing will change – We are a 4th placed club fact. Tottenham or Leicester will win the league because nobody else wants it enough.

    Tottenham will BEAT us. We can’t even win ugly against an equally poor Man Utd team full of teenagers.

    If our best players were to leave it’s understandable, we do not want to win anything. I ask, why would any world class player want to join Arsenal, why?

    March Fixtures – Based on current performances:
    Swansea (H) EPL – Narrow win
    Tottenham (A) EPL – Not hungry enough for the win – Loss
    Hull (A) FAC – Decided by penalties – either way
    West Brom (H) EPL – Narrow win
    Barcelona (A) ECC – Foregone conclusion – Loss
    Everton (A) EPL – Not hungry enough for the win – Loss

    This frustration will continue into the next season, I’m certain of that. #FFS AFC

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  85. Poor selection of Gabriel straight in from injury.I think Per is far more solid in these games where are not plying a high line. He stays in now until the end of the season.

    Walcott likewise. Danny up the middle if Giroud needed a rest and Joel on the right until Santi comes back and then bang Ramsey out there. He has many qualities but I don’t think he will ever be a midfielder who can dictate tempo from the middle.

    Let settle on our team and for fucks sake give it a go!

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  86. It’s almost as thought the team talk was something like “listen we don’t have to try very hard today because these guys aren’t very good, now I want you to go out there and act as vague and tepid as you can, this will be our secret weapon” I’ve backed Arsene time and again but when he says after the game, let’s not go overboard (about the inexperience of Man U) they spent a lot of money on their mid-field – does he not get the irony of that ?? We don’t buy players to win the league, we buy players to just be there or thereabouts and that has to change if we are ever gonna list that trophy again.

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  87. Wenger needs to leave. We need a manager that brings spirit and attitude into the team, not those constant excuses. Also sell ramsey and walcott. Ramsey is slow and not strong enough nor technically good enough to play on the midfield for arsenal. I know he has endurance and runs around on the pithc but lets be realistic. walcott is…well you know. This hurts even more because the team has had chances after chance to get on top but we will watch spurs win it this season.

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  88. So for the first United goal, Walcott losses the ball and stood behind watching United go on and score. This guy is awful and should never be seen near Arsenal bench again, let alone starting a game for us.

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  89. If Theo Walcott actually has a football brain, I wish he’d upgrade it from “moron” version. The lad is fookin thick.

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  90. Sanogo scored thrice for Charlton.
    Wenger finds his saviour.
    ***** mic drop followed by digging a hole deep enough to live in forever

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  91. I’m smiling when reading on Arseblog about Özil “mishit”. Yes, it wasn’t the purest of hit, but at least it entered… something the so so loved and over-rated Sanchez can’t do anymore.

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  92. Well that was a pile of shite. No fight at all. It, the title, was there on a plate and we decided not to take it. It really is embarrassing now ffs

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  93. Wtf was that CB selection? What gave wenger the impression that Gabriel and Kos are a functional partnership? And Bellerin needs some competition and guidance. What he has achieved is a miracle but he is still a kid.

    LvG was on deathbed. Bloody hell. I bet we go to Shite hart lane and play for a draw.

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  94. Today I am ashamed of my team. They simply did not turn up. That was close to our best XI against the worst Manchester United side in 40 years, who had 14 players injured. And we didn’t turn up.

    Just like Monaco. Just like Zagreb. Just like Olympiakos. Every single player walked around that pitch like the game was won before it started. We put in Welbeck and Walcott for pace, and never used it. Did either of them make one single, solitary penetrating run? No. Two of Manchester’s back line were in the book by twenty minutes. Did we ever run at them? No, not once. We are supposedly a team built on quick and incivisive ball movement, with 1-2s at speed and options everywhere. But did anyone show for the ball today? No, no-one did. Did anyone show any skill today? No. Was there any combination passing today? No.

    It was fucking shocking, the lack of effort and the lack of desire that my team showed today. Eleven players who each earn more in a day than I do in a year, and they DIDN’T FUCKING TRY. Absolutely disgraceful. We’re going to be roasted in the pressed today and tomorrow, and we fucking deserve to be. In 45 years of being a Gooner, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more depressing, disjointed, apathetic match than I did today. And I’ve seen some really bad ones. Fuck me, that was bad.

    Yep. Today I am ashamed of my team.

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  95. its okay! the manager is clearly blind to his own clear weaknesses. he still insists on this team having commitment and desire. tbh now there is nothing more offensive to us fans than rolling out that shit every time! there is clearly no character or commitment or desire in this team

    time to go im afraid, your now just damaging the memories of what you did do

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  96. Nothing like a bad loss for the ole advertised revebue s, eh bloggs? The fucking amazing Leicester win generated half as many comments at this point after the game.

    That being said as defining a moment as Danny’s goal against Leicester was supposed to be, the real defining moment was today. Did we blow the league today? I think it’s more than the points, its the hopelessness in the play. We’ve been, frankly, shit for a while now.

    Assuming united and Chelsea get their shit together next season, which they absolutely will, and city with pep and even more fucking spending all round, we’re going to need to improve the squad greatly just to stand still.

    I’m surprised to read about the Ox in the papers. But if Wenger is to tie a bow in his legacy he’s going to have to get pretty fucking ruthless. I don’t know what Theo brings to the team anymore. 26? 27? A senior player with a decade experience playing for this team and what is required. And he dribbles the ball straight into the feet of an opposition player, and seconds later it’s a goal. I mean, like, not turned into trouble, ran out space. He got the ball, he turned, he ran about 10 yards straight into another player. My patience with this player has gone for good.

    Search out my posts. I’m a hopeless optimistic who desperately wants to believe in our players. Theo is not good enough to be an attacker for this club if it is to threaten to match a reasonable fans expectations. Giroud probably isn’t either, although he’s done an exceptional job for us in his time here, we got what he and Theo and Flamini are capable of, beating spurs to 4th and not much more.

    You know what is preoccupations me currently, can we strengthen enough, and soon enough, to keep Ozil at the club. While the game was being played on Wednesday, barca passed the balls in rings around him while he tried to press on his own , and he glanced around at the arsenal players near him, then just stood with his arms out, looking at Wenger on the bench as if yo say ‘well? What the fuck are we meant to be doing?”. And it was scary, seeing your star player, one of the only two world class players on your team (cech)looking so fucking pissed off and in dispair. And again today he just looked so unimpeded with what was happening around him. And he had a fucking right to be. Assist #18 and another goal, scrappy as it was it was his awareness and anticipation that put it in the net. He’s a world class player and he’s been surrounded by shit performances for months now. And players that he probably knows aren’t going to help him win things, cause he can probably see they’re not good enough. And they aren’t.

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  97. Absolutely embarased by that and youd have to look pretty hard to find any positives. No amount of analysis will instill a winning mentality into that lot. Can only hope others fuck up (highly unlikely) for us to have any chance now. Onwards and upwards I guess.

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  98. I’m not one for singling out players in a performance like this as plenty were to blame but as a general point i’m starting to wonder how Walcott has been at the club ten years and never really kicked on beyond hope that he will become the finished article. He is a nice lad but nice does not win you titles. Worryingly Ox seems to be showing a very similar trajectory.

    Back to today i don’t really have much to say other than how very predictable it all felt. In truth we havent really been playing well since before xmas and unless we manage a final push of wins for the remainder then sadly we will forfeit our best chance to win the title in a very long time

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    • You are right, when you think about it we haven’t played really well for some time now. Even some of the wins we haven’t actually played like we can.

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  99. How many of us would have taken 5points off top spot with 11 games to go? I would have done. Ignore the rest. Yes today was bitterly disappointing but a win on Wednesday and again at the Lane and we’re on course.

    Keep the faith and only apportion blame to players & manager in May.

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    • I wouldn’t be worried if we actually played football. Right now I don’t know what the heck we are doing on the field.

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  100. As far as I’m concerned, Walcott shouldn’t be near a football again, let alone arsenal. The fans have to suffer one indignity after another. How many young debutants would create records, all against arsenal? You have goalkeepers playing like supermen against us. And now you have kids scoring doubles against us.

    We went there expecting they would just roll over for us, we were so complacent and took things for granted. Wenger saying this is always a big fixture was not reflected by the player’s performance.

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  101. Shameful display by the team today, and we knocked ourselves out of the title race not just today, but back in November and back in January with those poor, inept runs. We still have a lot to play for: pride (to beat and finish above Spurs), position (2nd or 3rd?), and posterity (FA Cup threepeat), so on to the next match. We need to regain control of the midfield, which is where everything good in our game originates. I think an Elneny-Coquelin partnership will give us the ball-winning platform to control the opposition better, and though he is no Cazorla Elneny is still an upgrade as a holding midfielder over Ramsey. Ramsey can be very effective on the right wing, but we need the middle of the park back. Elneny looks to be a decent reader of the game, so if he and Coquelin can work well together to turn the ball over to us Elneny has the passing skills to get our transition back up and running. We’ve been getting decimated in the middle by everyone and his little 18-year-old brother, and we need to shore it up. Good things will follow, even if they are, it seems, too late.

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  102. It is down to psychology for me. How can we lose from a UTD teenagers and Chelsea worst team?!? We just don’t have it any more. The ingredient that makes you champion. Is it breakfast for champs, is it lunch or something…whatever it is, we don’t have it. Don’t get me wrong, i am supporting the team for 20 years now, but the struggle is real. I know the other side, and just can not understand and apprehend how we can do the same over and over and over. Other teams are weak…YES this is our year…look at them…and then NO why should we not be poor as well. We can buy some lovely players to be sure that we suck in the best way possible. This is not a team. There is not collective in this, there is nothing. A void of no believe. It is not possible to the the same over and over again. I might not be sober now, but those guys are not the answer. When teams like this can beat us, what is the point going to the CL where you are not going to win. Be the top 4 team. Don’t get me wrong, but i was used to something else. And like a child i am missing my little lollipop. It’s been a some time that we are not playing well now. And there is not any obvious reason. Look at the other teams…there is some reason. I cannot see any with our team, and this is not because i am a fan…sorry guys long post and not much of a sens…but it hurts.

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  103. It was a disgrace. I am tired and sick of poetry. I want blood, I want titles. Did you see Atletico yesterday with Real Madrid?! Now that looked like a team that want something; not us. Maybe it’s time for a real predator on the bench

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  104. The question is what happened to wenger. He obviously knows how to spot and develop talent. Yet, he leaves Walcott on for an hour when it’s obvious the player is struggling. He has put his faith in an average Ramsey, Walcott, the ox, and the rest of this British group. He has trouble finding a great center back to partner with kos and he allowed his most recent teams to be poached of the best players despite the club being owned by two billionaires. He used to refuse to accept defeats. A defeat like this, or the defeat to Southampton, or the inability to beat stoke away for years and years would’ve motivated the man to get better and stronger players who could dominate. After Ramseys injury at stoke the old wenger would’ve demanded that they never lose to stoke again. Now a draw away is a good result. It’s puzzling.

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  105. Again, different year same old Arsenal. It wouldn’t shock me if they come back next week and beat Spuds just to give the fans some hope again…

    How can you get beat by a thing called Ashford and whatever the hell those subs were. It it were any of the powers leading the EPL this year i would say their titles chances were over. Still even though it’s the Foxes at top they would have to muck what’s left of the season royally to allow Arsenal to get past them.

    Arsenal have had a lot a lot of failures since their last EPL title far more than success, not winning the league this year may just be the worst.

    Someday something will change.

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  106. Bollocks to it, I’m staying optimistic. We’ll start with a win against Swansea and go on a mad run, win the double, lose heroically against Barcelona and win the hearts of the nation……am pretty drunk though!

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  107. How many clubs can stick with an under-acheiving manager for 12 years? Are the fans of Arsenal FC getting value for their passion and devotion to the club? Can Arsenal ever win a league title with AW in charge? Does he seriously still has what it takes to do so? Would another year of AW be a wise/stupid move? Is there anything the fans of AFC can do about the situation of their beloved club?

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  108. We keep barca from scoring of 70 minutes , why fuck with that defence, we rarely give goals away from crosses when bfg plays and kos. Plays better. And bfg passes out of defence well and makes s threat From our set pieces

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  109. Our tactic today as get the ball to ozil who will turn and play defence splits balls to Theo to run on to and Danny and alexis. We did not manage it once all day . As ozil got fouled or more often schneiderlain was marking him too tight to make a play. So ozil went and played up top as a false number 9 ahead of Theo to get away from schneiderlain , this was obviously useless to our game plan and left Ramsey alone in midfield. Tactics need to change when not working

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  110. I have supported Arsene for as long as hes been at the club but this display was among the most unacceptable and it is down to him. I am surprised by the player ratings, i think there were passengers in that team today who deserve no credit, jo score, or less – they made us worse.

    I also have to wonder what some players need to do to get the nod. No-one making any decent runs for vast spells in the game, cannot keep hold of the ball, patently tired but we wait for the last half an hour before we change anything.

    Lee Dixon apparantly tweeted something at half time to the effect of: ‘this is it, the season is the next 45minutes, right here, right now. Man up’

    And thats spot on. We needed the team to play with the veracity and fight that any in the away section would have if they were lucky enough to be able to play. But we were just a bunch of nicey nicey little boys without the strength of character and grit enough to refuse to lose this game.

    He title is over and it looks to me like Spurs will do it. They have by far the best form and easy games left. I only hope the players and manager start learning football from the school of theo, because they’re going to need to find somewhere to hide while in plain view.

    I am utterly disappointed with what was the most lily-livered, insipid performance, I have seen in a long, long time. Something needs to change at the club, and for the first time, i think id be okay with it if Arsene was to leave.

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  111. There’s a short term and a long term to consider here. Short term is the remaining games in the season and the long term is thereafter.

    In the short term, our consistent best XI has to play. Per should be at centre back. He is calm and reassuring at CB and, despite his shortcomings, a better option than Gabriel. Sanchez should be dropped or switched to the right. He comes in from the left every single time and it’s become hopelessly predictable. At least on the right he could go either way! Next, Giroud has to start up top. Until Cazorla or Wilshere are fit, we lack the technical quality in the middle to play the way we want to. The ball has to go wide every time at the moment because Ramsey and Coq (or Elneny or Flam…) aren’t able to control, turn and travel with the ball, or pick an incisive pass. We’re being squeezed and can’t go long. Giroud up top means we can go long and get people around him. At the moment, we only score off set plays or hopeful crosses anyway, so let’s play to our (very few) strengths. Play Welbeck or Joel wide in the other slot – they give you everything, which is 100% more than Walcott. Probably not enough in that XI to make up the gap, but it gives us our best chance in games, in my view.

    Long term, Wenger should, but won’t, leave at the end of the season. The man is a legend of the club and English football, but the time has come to change. It’s actually become boring and I’d gladly take the risk of it all going to pot next season with someone else trying new and different things. There are no more excuses. Even a cup win, great as it would be, would feel a hollow silver lining to a very shitty cloud of a season.

    Sorry for the length of the post – venting!

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  112. I think I’m going to sit out the rest of the season. I’ve never witnessed a team that makes it this difficult to support. We have zero reason NOT to win the league this year but we are incapable of success. We wilt in the face of pressure. We lack any killer instinct. It’s unbelievably frustrating.

    I have vehemently supported Wenger for many years, always saying that we need to be patient and wait for the right time. Well, this is the right time and he is failing badly. Chelsea, Manu, and City are all struggling badly this year, but they are all making changes to ensure their failings are short-lived. At this rate, they will all win the league again before we do.

    It’s time we get pissed off and demand real change!!!

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