Swiss gamble as Elneny purchase barely dents cash reserves

Elneny explains Fabian Schar connection to his Arsenal move

Firstly, we know Mohamed Elneny is not Swiss, but he was bought from a Swiss club, and that allows us to segue beautifully into another wonderful deconstruction of the Arsenal finances from the brilliant Swiss Ramble.

Arsenal released financial results for the 6 months ending November 30th last week, and it showed that things are very healthy with significant cash reserves.

Some key points from the Swiss Ramble analysis, which you can read here, are below:

  • The current cash balance of £159m should increase to £225-250m by the time the annual accounts are presented in May.
  • Arsenal have more cash than any other club in world football.
  • At the end of the 2013/14 season, they actually held 40% of the entire Premier League cash balances.
  • Not all of the cash balance represents a transfer fund.
  • However … we can say with some conviction that Arsenal should have around £100 million to spend in the summer on improving the squad.
  • Arsenal have been spending more in the transfer market in the past few seasons … they have the third highest net spend in the Premier League over the past three seasons.
  • Arsenal have the seventh highest revenue in the world, based on 2014/15 annual accounts, having overtaken Chelsea last season … but still lie some £100m behind Real Madrid and Barcelona.
  • Arsenal are left behind on commercial revenue, but this is being addressed.
  • Arsenal enjoy the highest match day income in the world.
  • Arsenal’s debt has come down significantly from the £411 million peak in 2008, it is still a heavy burden, requiring an annual payment of around £19 million, covering interest and repayment of the principal.

All in all, fascinating reading, please read the full thing here and follow @SwissRamble on Twitter for the best football related financial analysis you’ll find anywhere.

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