Yaya Sanogo joins Charlton on loan


Yet more transfer madness on this most excitingly epic of transfer deadline days – the big news is that Yaya Sanogo has joined Charlton Athletic on loan.

It’s the second loan spell of the season for the 23 year old after a rather unsuccessful move to Ajax was cut short by agreement between the two clubs. He made just 4 appearances for Frank de Boer’s side, and now has a chance to play for a team who desperately need him to be better than that.

The Addicks lie second from bottom of the Championship, and are ensconced in a relegation battle. Sanogo has yet to score a league goal in English football, so they’re looking to him as a fairly unlikely saviour, but good luck to him there all the same.

The Frenchman has an FA Cup winner’s medal from 2014 when his introduction in the final against Hull confused the shite out of them, and for that we’ll always be grateful.

He follows in the footsteps of previous loaness Alex Song and Francis Coquelin who returned from The Valley like new men.

Hopefully Sanogo can return as former Brazilian legend Romario. Thanks Charlton!

Pic via cafc.co.uk


    • CAFC look like they’re more in need of a decent photographer than a striker. Mate, it’s called focus, lighting, etc.

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  1. If he can’t get games at Charlton, any question marks over his career may be swapped for a guillotine. I still sort of hold out hopes that he makes it though.

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    • Uh, wasn’t Coq having trouble getting games before we brought him back from Charlton? It might be a bit early to write him off just yet. I think that the guys who experienced big growth spurts take a while to stop looking like two year old colts with appendages flying everywhere. I just hope Yaya can stay healthy, otherwise there will be no progress.

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      • Not exactly the same though, is it.
        Coq had a successful loan spell for Lorient, before his disastrous spell at Freiburg (where fans simple go on gossip, rather than the fact he was used as an attacking left winger). He then went on a short loan to Charlton, where he was obviously their better player.

        Sanogo, meanwhile flopped at Palace, and his loan and performance at Ajax was so profoundly bad he regularly hit the headlines, with comments from academy players and Frank’s brother as to how bad he was.

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        • Didn’t know about the academy player comments. That’s not good.

          No, not exactly the same. Still you give him no benefit of doubt, whatsoever, do you?

          The “flop” at Palace was due I think to repetitive injuries (makes him a real Gunner, no?). I saw him taken off in the first half against Newcastle in February with a hammy. He had just returned from injury, I believe.

          It would not be surprising to learn that breaking into a system at Ajax where the kids have been together since be would be a problem on levels other than football. Not having learned the Ajax way could have made even the football issues difficult. It could have been a couple of tough steps too far. I’m clear that we will not be comparing him with either Suarez or Ibra, two who went late to Ajax and prospered.

          Still hoping for the best, he really is just beginning to grow into his body.

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    • Not according to Ronald de Boer who announced back in October that he couldn’t find an iota of talent in Sanogo to work with. Straightforward, the Dutch.

      Whether you trust his judgement is up to you, but he (and brother Frank and Ajax’s youth development generally) have a pretty good record. Though I remember Wenger once saying in a press conference, ‘I can assure you Sanogo will be a very great player’, I suspect he wasn’t really that sure and was just reacting huffily to being questioned by the media about why he hadn’t significantly strengthened the squad. Seems quite likely he trusts the De Boers’ opinion otherwise Sanogo wouldn’t be going to Charlton.

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    • Genuinely don’t know what Arsene saw in him, he didn’t have a sniff at Ajax, and if he cant make it in the Dutch league, and all of their coaches basically said he was totally garbage.. you have to wonder what the hell we were thinking in signing him.

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      • I hate to be Captain Hindsight and all that, but at this point, it must be noted that we sold Afobe (a year younger) mainly due to Sanogo coming in.

        That’s Afobe now playing for PL Bournemouth.

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      • Basically he saw a player that had been the best player in some youth tournaments (U19s I think) where he outshone his team mates like Pogba.
        One day Sanogo MAY make the big step up like Pogba has but we aren’t in a position to hold onto him for a ‘MAY’ make the step player of his age now.

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  2. Still stuns me to this day that this dude led our forward line against Bayern. Seriously that was some suicidal decision-making.

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  3. He was captain of the seriously good French U21 side. It is despicable how people are belitling him. It didn’t turn out for the best for him, but he has the talent to make it, despite what a lot of regular smartasses on here have to say.

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    • Actually, he might be a very good player in a different position….defensive midfielder with size, strength and with some technique? He is an excellent athlete with strength, agility, and decent pace (albeit nothing special for a forward). I think as a defensive midfielder he could potentially be very good. Am I crazy?

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    • He bullied defenders and confused the shit out of them – unfortunately his team mates as well – but I liked that in him. Very good to watch.

      Also scored an excellent goal at Everton (which was incorrectly ruled as offside).

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    • That was before. I must admit i was excited when we signed him as i thought he was a great prospect and was HIGHLY rated back in the day. However, he has suffered alot of injuries and at such a young age, it has affected him ALOT.
      Wenger was wrong to build up such expectation on him instead of buying a damn striker.

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  4. Dutch football really puts a high value on technical ability and Yaya has none of that going for him, maybe throwing his weight around in the Championship will suit him better. It’s bizarre to think this is a guy who started for us in a champions league tie against Bayern Munich two seasons ago…

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  5. Good luck to him. Maybe Charlton can work their magic on him like they did with Coq and Song.
    Also, any news on Nwakali and Chukwueze?
    I also have another question regarding Chukwueze:
    How much wood would Chukwueze chuck if Chukwueze could chuck wood?

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  6. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Have you spoken to Alexis about this mate? You need to talk to him, express your concerns, listen to him, record what he says and report on here. Until you do that, all is speculation and if you are scared as a result, that is paranoia. Alexis ain’t going nowhere if you ask me

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      • Surely hope he isn’t. But past experiences show something different. It’s true that we don’t have to sell now but if a player wants to leave then there’s nothing we can do. Wining the title this season is a must otherwise he might be leaving.

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        • So your past experience shows something different from your current experience which shows you something different yet you seem to think your past experience Will happen again in your current experience. Get your Arse out of the past and your head out of the future. It’s really affecting your present.

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        • Nobody wants to leave arsenal. Remember, this is not Liverpool. This is a club Messi wanted to play for. Yes we had to sell before and underpay players. Some money grabbing mercenary cunts left for that. That situation is no more. As today, I can assure you if wenger wants to sign any player, I mean any player and the selling club agrees on the fees they will come. Trust me.

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  7. Why have they signed him? Have they had a clean bill of health all year and are sick of the medical team sitting about doing fuck all?? The guy is a waste of space. I’ve not got a problem with not being good enough to play for arsenal but the guy is injured 11 months a year too. Pointless.

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  8. I might be the only person along with Arsene who sees his talent. He’s always in good positions to score (though admittedly he doesn’t) but that shows he got an eye for goal. He’s also has a prolific record at U21 level..Yaya was one of the better player at the U23 World Cup. Plus Arsenal got him on a free, we have nothing to lose really if it doesn’t work out.

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  9. Glad Blogs at least gave him some credit for changing the FA CUP final vs Hull. His substitution really did turn the game in our favor as his contribution compared to Podolski’s was indeed quite confusing for the Hull players.
    I hope this guy can find his scoring boots at Charlton but Like most, I’m not too hopeful. A striker needs goals and he has been lacking in that department.
    I wish the lad well and hope he proves everyone wrong.

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  10. I fear that we’re taking the piss now, not even Charlton can sort this one out. Sorry Yaya, I’m sure you’re a lovely man. Perhaps we should have sent Theo there for a little re-tuning instead.

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  11. Perhaps Wenger just likes to recreate the history of club. Starting around the Woolwich area as mediocre then coming to Highbury to become great.

    Let’s hope so.

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