Alexis: I can’t get no sleep


Alexis Sanchez says that when he doesn’t score for Arsenal, it wrecks his head, and when he gets home after games he just can’t get to sleep.

This season, that’s a lot of sleepless nights for the Chilean international, but on the plus side some extra playtime for his dogs. Because when you’re sad, dogs cheer you up, or at least sit there and let you hug them until they go ‘Er, this is a bit uncomfortable now … BALL!’, before running off to get a ball. Or a stick. Or a shoe.

Speaking to the official site, Alexis spoke about his desire to make his mark in every game.

“I always want to improve and give my absolute all to the team,” he said.

“The truth is that … when I don’t score goals I feel like I’ve failed the team and I feel guilty.

“I go home, can’t sleep and I just think I have to play better.”

He shouldn’t feel guilty, but to make sure he should score loads of goals between now and the end of the season just to make up for it.

Simple really.


  1. That right there, shows the difference in mentality between Alexis and other members of this team. Alexis strives for more, and that is why he storms off after games, because he knows that the required extra 5-10% in effort and desire makes all the difference in a season like this.

    I am hoping for a more calm and constructed approach by our team, we must not think about the circumstances and how the pressure is on us, but be clever and intense in our play.

    Will be interesting to see how we respond if we get back in the title race, the pressure will be very large, and hopefully we show the required bottle for it.

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  2. There was a young man named Alexis, who’s built like a Bladerunner Nexus, he can score with his toes, his shoulder and nose, and even his solar plexus

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  3. There is a young man named Sanchez
    Who doesnt like life on the benchez.
    So he trained much much harder by dancing lambada and now he gets all the hot wenchez.
    Its ok ive got me coat already

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    • To the man named alexis from chile
      You’re great, your insomnia, it’s silly
      When you can’t get to sleep
      Give up counting sheep
      And go smoke a billy

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  4. Alexis should realize scoring goals isn’t the only way to influence a game. He should cross more balls in to the box. Try and get more assists. If he brings out his inner Hleb, he would be more unpredictable ergo more lethal.

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    • Bring back Hleb, best dribbler since Messi or other than Messi or something.

      Anyway he was great at going last people.

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  5. faithless reference flies over the head of young arseblog news audience

    *weeps at fact that he won’t even get called on as emergency keeper at his age*

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  6. It feels like a while since he unnecessarily exposed his thighs or maybe I’ve not been paying close enough attention. Come on Alexis, get your thighs out for the lads!

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  7. Lol…No need for the coat man, You did well really. Like sanchez,at least no one can fault you for not trying?.

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  8. His dip in form saw us miss winning the league. Walcott, Ramsey, Ox are too unproductive and Giroud unreliable at crucial times. Walcott and Giroud already gave up on league and talking about winning FA cup three times in a row. They brim over of winning mentality.

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    • It was an interview after an FA Cup match. And the next match is an FA Cup match. How strange that players are talking about the FA Cup.

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  9. He Scores when he wants..He scores when he waaants Alexis Sanchez, he scores when he wants..
    I want a new song to be made for Alexis.
    He deserves one at least to motivate him, when he is down.
    He is a great guy and a great player..

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  10. I’ve heard how hard he works in training. Always wanting to improve on his game. He hasn’t been the same since he’s come back from injury.

    His goal at Sp?rs will give him some confidence. His celebration showed that he really needed it. A real weight lifted from his shoulders.

    Great to see a smile on his face. I hope he plays on Sunday and grabs a goal. And of course a hat-trick at Barcelona.


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  11. We will need him to fire in the goals again.

    Start with Watford on the weekend please. It may come down to goal differential should we by some chance peg back Spurs and more importantly Leicester’s 8 point lead.

    Giroud and Walcott also need to build from the Hull win and start to knock them in.

    As I had mentioned, we have been a bit rushed with finishing. Hopefully the goals scored will put a bit more composure to our work ahead of goal.

    The Flamini_Elneny foundation has been surprisingly effective. Against Barca though we may need to shut down with Flamini-Coquelin. Which may mean the wide men in two of Walcott or Campbell or Alexis will be extremely important in pairing up with the likely front man in Giroud (or Welbeck later for pace)

    Ozil will need the fowards to be very efficient when he turns the ball over and tries to find an outlet up top.

    I suspect Alexis and Campbell get the nod on the flanks but you never know. If Theo starts to score them, there may even be temptation to stick him at the apex because we will spend most of the time on the back foot at the Nou Camp.

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  12. Such self-inflicted pressure could be counter productive atimes. It can create a vicious cycle – fail to score – sleepless night – try too much and make mistakes – fail to score – more sleepless nights.
    It’s better to just relax and keep it simple – the public message from Arsene to Ramsey sometime ago springs to mind.
    I think Ox is kind of in the same situation. It affects productivity in any industry; football more so.

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  13. The only reason he is not scoring is that he is not getting into scoring positions. I think the world of Arsene and his coaching team but for the life of me can’t understand why they can’t see Alexis playing so deep and always has to play infront of the ball or as a play maker. I remember we had to play him as a striker because of injurys last season and he got most of his goals then. He needs to play on the shoulderof the last man. Not always but so varing so that he isnt always doubled and tripled on on the wings.

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  14. if every team player like Sanchez and Rambo gave 110% the fans would be more tolerant you cant knock a trier for the team we would certainly not loose so many

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  15. Off-topic: Look at Sperms playing to lose in the 1st leg of the EL. Watch as they cry at the end of the season, having won nothing.

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  16. What the fuck is this guy going to do when he can’t play football anymore? Take his maniacal passion into stamp collecting?

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    • I think it is depressing that a team would rather rest their players for a game against Aston Villa than take a competition seriously that could lead to silverware and a place in the Champions League, but then again, all fans of PL teams have been conditioned into thinking getting into the Champions League so that clubs can make “loadsamoney” is more important than actually winning stuff.

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  17. Alexis is the man, he s got the spirit but he holds onto the ball for too long and forgets he plays with ten other players. He need s to release passes and save himself some energy, football is a team work.

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