Alexis: I can’t get no sleep


Alexis Sanchez says that when he doesn’t score for Arsenal, it wrecks his head, and when he gets home after games he just can’t get to sleep.

This season, that’s a lot of sleepless nights for the Chilean international, but on the plus side some extra playtime for his dogs. Because when you’re sad, dogs cheer you up, or at least sit there and let you hug them until they go ‘Er, this is a bit uncomfortable now … BALL!’, before running off to get a ball. Or a stick. Or a shoe.

Speaking to the official site, Alexis spoke about his desire to make his mark in every game.

“I always want to improve and give my absolute all to the team,” he said.

“The truth is that … when I don’t score goals I feel like I’ve failed the team and I feel guilty.

“I go home, can’t sleep and I just think I have to play better.”

He shouldn’t feel guilty, but to make sure he should score loads of goals between now and the end of the season just to make up for it.

Simple really.

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