Cech and Koscielny to miss North London derby


Arsenal’s misery in losing 2-1 to Swansea this evening was compounded by the loss of Petr Cech in injury time to what appeared to be a hamstring injury.

The keeper went forward for a late corner to try and help his team get an equaliser, but as it was cleared he pulled a muscle as he raced back to his own goal.

How typically Arsenal. Be so rubbish to require one of your best players to risk something that ends up in an injury.

On top of that, Laurent Koscielny – who missed tonight’s game because of a ‘tight calf’ will also miss the trip to White Hart Lane.

To make it even worse, tonight’s goalscorer, Joel Campbell, probably won’t be picked for ‘recklessly, and without forethought, playing well and scoring and doing good things with the football’.

We simply can’t have that kind of thing going on at this club.


    • Lions sleep for up to 20 hours a day.

      Giraffes can lick their ears.

      There are only two days in your life that aren’t 24 hours long.

      When you wear a tshirt inside out, the whole universe is wearing it except you.

      Stressed backwards spells dessert.

      1/7 of your life has been a Wednesday.

      You’ve known you’re parents all of your life yet you’ve only existed for a fraction of theirs (most cases)

      Everything in the universe is either Santi Cazorla or not Santi Cazorla

      Ahh it was all going so well

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      • I can’t tell you how much I love “Everything in the universe is either Santi Cazorla or not Santi Cazorla.”

        He’s the true leader of the team. He runs the football match and despite his size Cazorla’s presence adds defensive nous. My favorite player and our most sorely missed.

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          • Or they become increasingly better and more important in fans’ eyes, the longer they are out of the team.

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      • “When you wear a tshirt inside out, the whole universe is wearing it except you.”

        man, this blew my mind. hopefully that would leave me not thinking of anything about arsenal for some time.

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    • Thanks mate, will definitely do that. It’s just the beginning of next season that I’m worried of, we’ll all be fooled into thinking the season offers new hopes, and we go again down the same fucking road we have 10 seasons going. Without fail. Kroenke will care of fuck all, Wenger will still be there, football will be naive per usual, we’ll be fooled by the board and Arsene on how there is no quality in the market, and yet the stadium remains full. All good and well for the shareholders then.

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    • Yes I’ve been trying this ever since seeing last night’s result. A bit of perspective. There are definitely more important things to worry about.

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  1. It really doesnt seem like there is any long term plan in place to get back to the heights the team was at a decade ago. Wenger can say it was an unlucky defeat all he wants but the fact is the same type of defeats happen time and time again, year after year. That surely cannot be attributed to luck. We really should be doing better with the quality of players in this squad.

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  2. First time in my lifetime going to their place as the underdogs, sorry state of affairs we are in. They could end our season, hoping that we can produce some kind of performance and a decent enough result to go with it.

    Such a shame that a to see a season that looked for so long to be so promising turn so shit. Anyway, we’re still just about in with a shout at the title, but I’ve lost pretty much all hope I had.

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  3. How are we actually still in contention to win this league? it seems like we have been a few points off the top for months. Is nobody winning any matches? Its bizarre. Anyway, no doubt we will finish fourth

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  4. United are going to catch up to us at this rate. They were 12 points behind us 4 days ago and now it’s just 6.

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    • In fairness when was the last time we beat them at the lane in the league? Actually when was the last time we beat them in the league at all?

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      • Two season ago when Rosicky scored his legendary 69mph strike. We won 1-0 and Wojciech took his infamous selfie. We beat them twice in the League and once in the Cup.

        Typing that made me realise how long two football seasons feel…

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  5. I´m an avid reader of Arseblog and Arseblog News, but this is my first ever comment on the website. Ironic when it comes at a time when I´m actually lost for words. I´m still in disbelief, despite it being so frustratingly predictable. I just wanted to ask if anyone knows how to get over today´s loss? Because I´m clutching for straws here.

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    • You could feel sad or angry but I suggest laughter to come to terms with the predictable mediocrity this side inevitably delivers after lulling you into a false sense of misplaced optimism season after season.

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    • I like the approach Blogs is taking, post something on the site that kind of gets it off your chest, and then just go do something else.

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    • as fucked up as it is, we’re still ahead of man city money bags, man utd, liverpool and chelsea. think about that for a second. we’re (somehow) only 6 points off the leaders, and 3 points off the scum who we can catch this weekend (that’s obviously going to be difficult). there are some positives despite today’s catastrophe.

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    • Single malt whisky? I’d join you but I gave it up for Lent. Maybe I should have given up football instead.

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  6. PLEASE boycott the next home game my mighty Gooners.

    Only a half empty stadium could piss off the sponsors/tv, shame the board, the gimp with ranch and the manager to finally force him to step down.

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  7. “To make it even worse, tonight’s goalscorer, Joel Campbell, probably won’t be picked for ‘recklessly, and without forethought, playing well and scoring and doing good things with the football’.

    I can see the protest now. The placards screaming ” now now, down with that sort of thing… “

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  8. With this defense, it doesn’t really matter who’s in goal. No goalkeeper can do shit if your defense grants the opposition free big chances and that’s exactly what our defense is doing at the moment. Given the confidence of this team and Ospina in goal, I guess we will play it safe in the NLD in order to secure our trophy. Fourth place trophy that is.

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    • A man reckons we will finish fourth but a man also thinks that we’ll miss out on CL next year because a man believes Chelsea will win the CL or United will win the Europa because that’s the luck we’re stuck with

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      • If United or Liverpool win the Europa League, we will still make it to the CL if we finish fourth. It is only if Chelsea win UCL when we will have a problem.

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  9. We need some Scott Bakula and a Quantum fuc,in Leap. Who says ‘enough’, at our club? That’s what scares me. Not deflated anymore, more vacuum packed.

    If they can’t be arse’d, neither can i.

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  10. I am very sorry to say this and from the bottom of my heart I do respect wenger for what he has done for the club but unfortunately his time is up. The players don’t seem motivated enough to play. The best thing he can do for the club is to start talking to De boer and Dennis on succeeding him coz they look like the most realistic candidates now for the job

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  11. What we should also do is Cash out Cech since he wussed out on that corner… and bring back Fabulouski! Any manager worth a crap knew he/Cech was washed up and scared to get smacked in the head again. I hope Wenger calls em out in public, maybe holds a team meeting on the pitch. You can’t build up a bunch of losers until you squeeze out every ounce of belief and confidence they have. That’s how it’s done! Lets get every fan at the next game to carry in a bag of dog turds and throw em at the players…my ex boss shoved a turd in my face once…made me the best employee and I loved him for it! COYG!

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    • Cech washed up??? And afraid of ‘being smacked in the head’? I know we’re all in pain mate, but you’re being a moron here.

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  12. clearly the end of arsene’s era.. he does not have what it needs to make us win the league anymore.. i know it’s sad but we have to accept the truth..

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  13. Sounds like mental injury. They can’t take it anymore. Cech was supposed to give us 15 extra points…not with Wenger in charge.

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  14. United won against us with kids. Swansea won against us with 6 changes. We should not be moaning about 2 first team players missing, no matter how important they are. But wait, the common denominator in those miracle victories was Arsenal! Screw it, we’re fucked.

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  15. If Cech pulled a hamstring he could be out for a month or so depending upon how bad it is. Even our goalie can be hit by the dreaded muscular injury that will so often turn into a season long spell on the sidelines for an Arsenal player.

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  16. I will also be missing the North London Derby. It’s only going to end one way and there’s just no way I’m putting myself through it after that excuse for a performance tonight.

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  17. Like it even matters, we’d find some way to fuck it up no matter what.

    Probably we will win the derby on saturday then lose our next three games, gifting the title to spurs despite beating them. That would definitely be the most arsenal thing to do.

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  18. Campbell’s treatment is baffling really. First he goes around the world on loan tour. When he comes back, he is given absolutely no chance until all the players on the right are either knackered or completely out of form even though he has done much more than all of these players.

    He made the side look balanced today and as soon as he is substituted, we cease to control the game and make the chances. In the end, we were playing one midfielder who was trying to feed four strikers. It can work once but not always.

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  19. Wenger out now…no point delaying the inevitable.so why wait until the season is over..which it is..and lets see what this team can do without wenger in charge…and guage at the end of the season..

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  20. Poor Alexis. Just 1 of those shots had gone in and ya think his confidence would rise and he would go on to lift Arsenal to the title. But no, he hits the post and the crossbar. He cant get a break!

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  21. This season has been so shitty it depresses me and honestly I’m going to stop watching football because I cannot bare to watch Tottenham shit Spurs finish above us at the end of the season. #FML

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  22. To say the least Spurs will be up for it. Will we?

    Sorry but don’t agree with people saying Flamini is shambolic.

    Rammini had their poor moments (against Liverpool) but they held firm against Stoke, Soton and Bournemouth where we at least kept clean sheets.

    So what’s the difference between Flamini playing and Coquelin? We have lost both last two games with Coquelin starting. Is it all because of Ramsey?

    We had little protection at times in front of the back 4 today as last game against United. When Ozil lost the ball from a punt from Cech, there should be a midfielder in front of the back 4 but therew asn’t and they sliced through us.

    Worse, like last game there was no one tracking runners coming through the middle.

    Blame Flammini all you want but his pointing actually helped. He wasn’t going to get there without losing the man he was marking but at least he was acting as a sort of early warning system.

    Last two games we have had no direction in the middle.

    Yes, we miss Santi and someone who can hold the ball/distribute from deep or a Diaby or Jack who can carry it through feet but at very least, we should have the basics down defending.

    Fact is no one wants to mention the elephant in the room.

    yes Wenger is poor at times tactically. He gets away mainly because he is good in the market.

    But frankly, its not taking Camobell off that’s the problem, its giving some prpoer direction from the gaffer to shut the midfield down and play with some maturity.

    We were ahead in the game but got carried away trying to impress and neglected the basics.

    Play like this against Spurs and we are up for complete humiliation.

    Are the players bothered. Wenger needs to get tough with them. Don’t invent any excuses because even without spending, we are looking at Leicester and Spurs ahead of us. they’ve spent less than us last summer!!!!

    What’s our excuse?

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    • Jesus fucking Christ, lay of the Flamini stuff, it’s a straw man argument, I have not seen a single post about Flamini.

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  23. I have no clue what Wenger does outside the pitch. Clearly it isn’t working. And for all he has done for the club, he is tarnishing his own name at the expense of us, fans. Painful to watch this crap unfold at every opportunity possible. Let’s just hope we don’t get thrashed in the weekend because we got unlucky -.- Spurs fought from 1 goal down against the swans. If that didn’t run through any of our players’ minds during the game, I’m sure the NLD is gonna be a drape affair with no fight or even a slight tackle, to make them make mistakes. Wait a min, we have been the ones pressed into mistakes. So tired of Wenger’s lame excuses..

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  24. Knowing our luck world war III will break out before the next season starts and we’ll have to sit with an ostrich sized yolk on our faces for 5 years before football can commence again..

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  25. It will be the biggest miracle in the world if we don’t lose at Spurs.
    4th place trophy awaits!! even that isn’t guaranteed with the way Manure keeps moving up the table.

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  26. Is it too early to raise a glass to Leicester…………… if you cant raise your game for Swansea what hope in hell have we got for Totteringham…. There could be a movement of the north London shadow…. but we could still retain the 4th place trophy….. sighs…………..

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  27. The last thing I want is Spuds winning a goddamned thing and I’m sure I’ll be up for it when it comes, but as for right now I simply don’t give a fuck.

    The rotation has been moronic this year, so, sure, why not let injuries take over that job.

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  28. But there are two problems with Wenger leaving–one is a fuckwit board and the other is a give-a-shit owner. I can just see these clowns bringing in “Arry Redknapp to replace Arsene.

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  29. Ospina will do a Bellerin remember this post.

    Petr Cech was not having the best of games anyway.

    Wenger struggles with team selection when he a lot of options.

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  30. Joel Campbell sidelined because he looked like he was going to score the last time he played. hahaha

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  31. The team have three on the bounce of games now cech plus kosc miss big game v spurs at the lane oi hearts felt but second v third in prem an away fixture missing key figures from the teams game surely gunners we have mid and strike force defence need extra cover very gd goal jol last night very unlucky it was a foul from and to routledge equaliser the woodwork hit a number of times watch the game again formation

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  32. with the continous shambolic display by this arsenal team, i am forced to take a break from all footballing activities. Here i come, LA LAKERS

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  33. Well done Arsenal. You’d think they might have tried a little bit seeing as Tottenham away is a huge game for the fans. But no, its yet another spineless defeat. Did we even have a shot on target? I can’t remember one. Now we are struggling to make the top four while the scum are top. I’m off to shoot myself.

    (Writing this now as I won’t want to look at the internet on Saturday afternoon)

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  34. Our league title started slipping from the Liverpool game. Since then we haven’t had the same confidence. Other teams can sense that. Wenger has to be made accountable. No excuses for losing to a depleted ManU and Swansea. Seriously the entire club (Manager and the players) need to take a long hard look at themselves. It should strike them that they represent millions of fans (truly millions worldwide) and turn up thinking about our emotions and their own professional pride.

    Rant over…Can we do the Totts and get back to winning ways. COYG!

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