Coquelin: I’m soooo soooo sorry


Francis Coquelin has apologised for the red card he received against Sp*rs at White Hart Lane today.

The midfielder picked up a second yellow card for a foul on mouth-breather Haary Kane, but he says he feels really bad at what happened.

“I’m really sorry to the club, to the team and all the fans,” he said.

“I actually thought I could get the ball when I slide tackled. That is why I went for it. I touched him and the ref gave me the second yellow.

“But at the end of the day, it’s a good point and hopefully it will be an important point for the title.”

Arseblog News feeling is that it was very, very, very, very stupid indeed. But hey, we’ve all been stupid at some point in our lives.

Next time though, put Kane in the stands.

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Theo Walcott's touch map
Theo Walcott's touch map

Laughed more than I’d care to mention at the Father Ted reference


In hindsight, I wish he fucking went through Kane like a freight train, and took him out the game completely..

If you’re going to get sent off… might as well properly dish it out.


Frank Kelly RIP.


Maybe another loan spell at Charlton would be good for him


I doubt it. At the end of the day he’ll still be dead.


Fekking funny!


More Coq up than Coq succour today.


All coq no tackle


Looking forward to seeing Elneny step up to the plate in Le Coq’s absence. He’s looked good in the few games we’ve seen so far.

Andy G

Presumably Coquelin will only be suspended for the Hull game – a game he probably would’ve been rested for, anyway. But still, I agree it’ll be great to see more of Elneny.


He’s still learning. Hopefully he grows from this. On a positive note, I don’t know if it’s a 1 or 2 games ban but the cup ties should take care of it.


I don’t care, he has been one of our hardest working players this season. Yeah it was dumb, but he went on to break his legs, and that is some consolation.

In all honesty, he has been great this season, fuck it, let him have this one. We often look shit without him, and that says a lot.


He is an Arsenal man. That is all we need to know.

Finsbury Park Gooner

Well said Sir. I’m up for giving him a pass. Yes it was dumb, but our Coq has been solid as a rock all season and I for one don’t want to see him go soft.

Gudang Pelor

Could not agree more. Everybody makes mistakes. It’s not like he lose us the championship. It was gone when we bottled it versus ManU u21.


Coq has been’s so bad how the fans reacted for one mistake he did in this season.


What a horrible feeling that must be, his learning curve took a very steep incline today.

Steve Bould looks like he’s going to one-bomb him.


Would be nice if Eric Dier was apologising for his stupid second yellow to his fans as well.

Oh well.


Now that we looking like struggling to be in top 4, we will go on a good run, may be even come close to top followed by the usual top 4 trophy.
Sanchez will leave and may be even Ozil.
I would just like AW to leave on his own with the left over dignity he has.
I hope he does it out of his lobe for the club at least.
This team is in his image has been for quite some time now and clearly not good enough.
Off late he even manages to make good players play shit.
Rant over..
(back from pub and one of mates is a spud supporter)


Don’t post when you are beered up.
We have shit on Spurs & really ruined their day.
Still in title hunt.
Last 16 of CL.
Still in FA Cup.
AW may wind us up sometimes but overall we have everything to thank him for.
Did I mention 2 FA Cup Wins in 2 seasons?


In the title hunt…. pft.
In the CL till Tuesday
FA cup…. Well isn’t that fucking great.
Wenger was great for the first 10 years of his tenure. He’s now holding us back.
We might scrape 4th again. Great season. Rinse repeat.
Wenger out!

Gudang Pelor

Was’nt really convinced about this wenger out demand. But after manu loss, that’s the last straw, I think it’s time for AW to move on. Not necessarily out of the club, I would love time be given position in the board or as director of football, or the sort.


Not saying I’m against a new manager, but who?

Third Plebeian

I don’t think we’re in title hunt at all. Leicester need to collapse (no signs) and we need to win every single remaining game. The chances of both those things happening at the same time are ridiculously small.


Leicester City F.C vs West Ham United F.C.
Leicester City F.C. vs Swansea City A.F.C.
Manchester United F.C. vs Leicester City F.C.
Leicester City F.C vs Everton F.C
Chelsea F.C. vs Leicester City F.C.

Their last 5 games.. Not so easy run-in right? 🙂

I think we will have Chelsea to thank for in the end. Remember guys those cunts aren’t a bad team.. and the fact that City,Spurs and Leicester are yet to play them means they will have a huge say in title race..


Thanks but don’t worry. I can hold my alcohol pretty well
..everything you listed, how many do you think we can realistically go and win, none, except may be FA, is the answer.
Even if we do it won’t be because we played great but due to others playing shit.
There are no signs of progression.
Now when we have thec required resources available that is not acceptable.
Last 16 of CL my arse.


I am arseblog’s biggest fan, but last week he turned on Wenger and I found it a bit sad. He’s entitled to his opinion and I respect it. I LOVE ARSEBLOG – I read it every day, and have done for 10 years, and I know Andrew would welcome respectful criticism as there is too much slagging off in the wake of defeats and bad results. He was so angry and upset, you know he is probably the biggest Arsenal fan in the world. But he kind of glossed over how Man City, Manchester United and Chelsea are below us, and it’s as if only we are the ones who are fucking up this season. Those teams had shitloads more investment than us. Yeah they won the title in the last few years but still. Leicester is a FREAK and not the norm, you can’t compare that (or any other team or result this season) against our form as it’s all one-offs, but he did a lot. And then I see your comment and contrast it with Andrew’s comments and also all fans raging emotional comments after the last few games.

People think football is an exact science – you add a bit of this and a bit of that and then voila you have a perfect formula. Looking at Man U and Chelsea and so on facing NO CHAMPIONS LEAGUE at all, in a world full of other awesome teams it’s so hard to compete against, I still love Wenger and want him at the club until he retires.


Of course you can compare Leicester. It’s not a one off, they’ve played 29 games now so it’s a 29 off and they’ve done it with 10 Bob and sixpence so Wenger can’t use his ‘sowwy no money’ excuse whilst charging us the highest ticket prices in Europe.

We don’t have ‘everything to thank Wenger for’ he should be thanking me for having spent thousands turning up to matches that he can’t motivate his team for. He should go.

I’m not sure you can see on TV how awful we were in the first half. But at the stadium it was clear once again that the team was sent out without a plan. Ramsey was meant to be on the right but literally spent no time there leaving Bellerin to deal with Rose and Eriksen by himself. There was random pressing welbeck and el neny hich is just a waste of energy if no one else follows.

Sanchez is praised for his work rate but he never tracks his full back.

Ozil is by far our best player and the only player I ‘love’ but for fucks sake man up. Jump for a header or show some strength you Ponce.

Easy tiger

Dont be to sure utd wount get 4th on our expence? What then?


Arsetronomy (nice one by the way), i donno about all your other points but

1) Leicester’s season being freakish …doesnt hold true. they have been consistently playing well all season.

2) Wenger needs to get better personnel. Still comes down to him. He gives the nod to it all in the end.

3) You havent mentioned the shit that Stan Kroenke’s getting us into. And to think that all of us were so glad Usmanov didnt take over. Who knew he’d have some sway into making us like his other mediocre teams.

4) In the end, it is football, say what you want. Players need to go frikin play on the pitch. It isn’t an exact science but it is a game with very simple objectives. And people look at the attitude on the pitch.


We were just angry with the way we lost at Old Trafford.


No, we are angry with the way Wenger has failed to strengthen the team adequately to challenge for the title. Leicester’s success has simply exposed his incompetence.


That’s the thing isn’t it?

Manu, City, Chelsea Tottenham have made significant investments each with varied levels of success, whilst Arsenal despite it’s vast resources have made less investments compared to the aforementioned.

spending doesn’t guarantee success but with a club well run such as ours, coming out of a bleak period why not blow through our resource get the right guys for the team and get the club to where it belonged?

I imagine any top club after paying off its debts, balance accounts and even have £150 million would have been bursting its neck to win the league again.

There remains an undeniable reluctance to take this club to where it belonged stemming from the clubs hierarchy (board) to the signings made.

George the Gooner

What a Coq.


Nice to know our Coq can bend and admit to his shortcomings


It’s too late now to say sorry


Cliff Bastin

Well the Coq usually slides in on time.


Who is this man “Cowi” that you speak of?


Yeah replied to the wrong post…:-(


If this was Ramsey instead of Cowi dare i say we would all be going nuts demanding him to be sold in the summer etc


Too late now. Cunt.


Wrong part of anatomy.

Have to respect his standing up to this.


You are mean mister


It’s very difficult to make a point once your Coq has got over-excited, so actually well done lads!


Tough crowd today…that was one of my best! 🙁

Easy tiger

Agreed on both 🙂


I really like coq(ulin) but I was ready to hit him when the first goal went in, and ready to kill him when the second went in. That we equalised means I think a Steve Boulder scolding may be enough but maybe he’s not the messiah after all. By no means the only one though. Would have been an ok result considering the circumstances were we not so desperate for a win


Of course he’s sorry. He obviously didn’t intend to get carded. Show me an aggressive DM who’s never had a red card. The key is using this experience to develop his on-field judgment in high-pressure games. Onward & upward. He still has my full support.

On another note, bit depressed at how juvenile comments here can be at times. Sometimes seems like it’s just a bunch of teenagers coming here!

He is Well Beck Now!

He will be back stronger and better. No more quasms. Lets win it guys!

Third Plebeian

No use trying to tell Coq not to have quasms.


Elneny showed Ramsey how to play CM against a high press team. Not hating on Ramsey, btw. I think he’s a fantastic player, but he dwells on the ball a bit too much. Once he becomes more decisive with his passing, he will be unbelievable. For now, Elneny starts.


Dont kid yourself,Ramsey will never be unbelievable


Am I the only one who thinks he should not have been sent off. That plonker KH dipped his toes into Le Coq and fell over- The Coq was all flat on the ground with no studs showing. Oliver then wet on to ignore two blatant red card situations. No wonder we have a bad statistic with Oliver on the pitch


You have a point but also you can argue that with 1 yellow already, you shouldn’t give the opposition players any excuse to get you sent off unless it’s one of those game saving fouls that you must make.

lula da gilberto

Heh though Father Jack as dm wouldnt be so bad


apart from him being dead of course…


… Really, this winds me up so much, we have all but won this game, then he just decides that a completely unnecessary tackle on the sideline is vital, so goes in and obviously fucks it up, now he says he’s sorry, but read between the lines, this is not even full interview, that is not all he said, but arseblog tries to make coquelin look good, so he omits half the interview.

Feels like coquelin is laughing at fans by saying, at the end of the day this was a good point for club and vital for title race, I mean seriously, which title? The forth place trophy?

Excuse me arseblog but have the balls to bash a player that made two stupid mistakes that cost us a victory rather than brown nosing.


What, do you think because you want to ‘bash’ a player that means Blogs has to?


What on Earth are you on about?

I think a professional would call this “misdirected anger.”

bims lay

agree..and a layman would call it “completely missed the plot”

George Gunner

Too late to say sorry.The destruction/damage had been done. If Wenger aint careful he could not even finish 3rd/4th with MU /WH coming strong.
As for the game when Kane scored,where was the marking. Nobody closed him down like Dier did when Ramsey had aclear sight of goal.
The bg is a lumbering giant and the sooner he the better for Arsenal.
I believe 8 points is too big a gap. Ranieri is too pragmatic compared to Wenger to throw
away such a lead though nothing is impossible.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia
Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

For Kane goal, you cannot prevent every shot at your goal in a game. But,for Alderwhatever goal, it was criminal defending from our part. For that goal, we do not deserve winning the league, period.

George Gunner

I say time’s up for Wenger despite the draw. I doubt the gunners under Wenger
can ever win the epl. The epl is more physical compared to the other leagues.
That’s why the days when RF can dominate is history.


I feel sorry for the 8 points we’re behind Leicester… I hope PL teams suddenly stop running like headless chickens and defend as an unit against Leicester. If everyone does that, they will drop points.


I get where you are coming from but at the end of the day teams are always gonna be tight about their defending when facing the “big teams” than when facing Leicester.

it’s just a mental thing but that said kudoz to Leicester for punching way waaay above their waist.


His sending off was harsh – there were three spuds around him for the first yellow, trying to hack him to the ground, whilst he was trying to stay up. The ref should’ve awarded a free kick when he fell down, not a yellow card.

I liked Alexis’ push on Spudela who was trying to knock him about, even though he got a yellow card, it showed he was fired up, as he later showed with the goal, and the spud deserved it!

Yorkshire Gunner

He was going to fall down until he realised he was on top of the linesman.


Mouth breather. 😂


Apology accepted.

But you’re wrong Francis, we’re not in the title fight anymore. We’re in CL spot fight.


Had it been Flamini there would be plenty of complains about recklessness and knowing better

Such is the double standards

Since Coquelin has come back to start we have lost two games and he has been sent off

As I recalled people were complaining about a lack of balance against Stoke and Seton but we kept clean sheets in those draws featuring everyone’s hated player Flamini

I’m not saying Flamini is as good as Coquelin or Coquelin isn’t good but clearly many people are rooted to their own lack of objectivity

Soft Centre …we have slipped 7 goals in last 3 games but apparently there is only a mythical soft Centre when Flamini plays

Go figure


Ugh I hate those twats’ stadium. When the red came out and those mongrels gestured to Francis my blood boiled so much I forgot about the red card. It amazes me that my telly is still in one piece after all these years!

Mistakes were made – apology accepted. Let’s get cracking with the rest of the 9 games.

Quite gutted Watford didn’t nab a point last night. At the same time, couldn’t really say that Leicester were playing gob smacking football. It’s 9 games for everyone and it’s theirs to loose.

PS – When is the next interlul? 23/24 March?
PSS – What do you think of tittenham?

Coffee + Transfers with Wenger
Coffee + Transfers with Wenger

Spurs = cunts
Spurs supporters = stupid cunts

Red side

Bloody hate the Wenger out brigade ! And bring in who ?????the only thing he is responsible for is allowing the player to play freely like vieira said that’s the best thing about him and the worst . He does nt make giroud miss sitters he doesn’t make Walcott play shit or is responsible for Wilshire s glass ankle players them selves let the manager and the fans down

Dan Hunter

Let’s keep Arsene until he dies – fuck that, when he is buried we can dig up his grave and put his rotting corpse on the sidelines – that would scare the shit out of opposition – it would look like this – comment image


Cost us 2 points. Unforgiven at present.


Yeah, next time you pick a card take the bugger out. Make it worth it.

bims lay

hear hear!…if he’s taken kane out for the next few weeks, might have ended up being a hero

gunnerfan ov palace

A gd cheeky goal from ramsey but soon as coq was sent off hairy kanes side scores even one disallowed weak spots were spotted when coq went but 10 man arsenal drew with two gd spells from bellerin and sanchez


I think we are cross with Coq because he didn’t really crucify the Mouth breather on the pitch like he should have been.

This same mouth breather (who should have been nursing a broken groin) went on to score.

So anyway you look at it Coq is to be blamed, even Arsene privately in his mind knows this. The death stare he gave him assured me of this.


One silly red card does not a bad Coq make. He’s the kind of guy who will never let this happen again I’m sure because it’s obvious how much he cares.


Can’t particularly understand the need to apologise. Where does it end? Should Flamini have apologised for Barcelona’s penalty?


Alexis talked about the lack of belief in the team and this red card is an example of exactly that. If you believe that the defense behind you can deal with any crosses, and/or if you believe that one goal will not beat you, then you don’t go sliding in on someone along the sideline 40 yards away from goal when you are up 1-0.